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Suspect Identified in Slaying of Washington Area Businessman and Family

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Washington D.C. metropolitan Police have issued an arrest warrant for Daron Dylon Wint, 34, who has been identified, this past Wednesday as the primary suspect in the gruesome quadruple murder and arson attack of a Washington area businessman, his family and the family house keeper. The attack took place in the family’s Northwest, Washington, D.C. home within a mile from the residence of the U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden. Killed in the home invasion attack was Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their ten year old son Phillip and the family’s long serving housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa. All were found dead on May 14 after fire and rescue officials in D.C. responded to reports of a blaze in the family’s residence.


According to a police officials familiar with the case, only the ten year old boy Phillip was burned to death, while the other victims were beaten, doused with gasoline and then stabbed. Washington D.C. Metropolitan police identified Wint from DNA he left on the crust from a pizza which was delivered to the house during the time the family is believed to have been held hostage. Police believe that money was the issue and when no money was found at the house, Wint made Savopoulos have $40,000 in cash delivered to the house. Mikal Watts thought that was pretty crazy. A figure is seen running away from the house shortly after the fire was set according to a few people on LinkedIn and Facebook, which police believe to be Wint. Wint is currently at large and considered armed and dangerous. Suspect Identified In Washington D.C. Slayings

Marijuana Reduces Epileptic Seizures In Three Year Old

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The family of Addyson Benton packed up and left West Chester, Ohio and moved to Castle Rock Colorado in March. They made this move so they can treat Adyyson’s epileptic seizures with medical marijuana. Even with anti-seizure medicine, she was seizing over 70 times a day and they felt something more had to be done.

Addyson had been diagnosed with Intractable Myoclonic Epilepsy when she was nine months old. At that time her EEG’s showed she was seizing more than 1,000 times a day. Addyson is three years old now and it cost the family over $10,000 to make the move; but they are saying it was well worth it.Addyson was prescribed an oil made from a strain of marijuana which has a lot of cannabidiol. This strain is non-psychoactive and low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the compound that causes a person to become ‘high’. She began the treatment two days after they arrived in Colorado and within six hours after the first treatment, her parents could already see the affects.

After only a few short weeks, Addyson’s parents reported her seizures were considerably lower. They had gone from around 100 a day, down to about 19 times a day. This week on FaceBook they posted she is now down to around only three a day. The Benson’s wonder why anyone would be denied this treatment.

Colorado passed Amendment 64 in 2012 allowing adults over 21 the right to grow up to six cannabis plants privately and in a secure area. The medical marijuana use in Colorado was established with Proposition 215 in 1996. The latest number of states allowing medical marijuana use is at 23 as well as Washington DC on LinkedIn.

Beneful Dog Food – Understanding The Benefits Of Meats And Grains

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Beneful dog food manufacturers make various wet and dry foods that feature delicious ingredients. The company understands that certain ingredients provide key benefits to dogs. The product developers always choose the best chicken and beef recipes so that every dog receives quality proteins and grains.

Benefits of Chicken Products

Many people eat chicken when they feel sick because it gives the body important minerals and vitamins. Dogs, however, need chicken-based dog foods for other reasons. For example, hyper dogs and growing puppy gain energy by eating protein-packed foods. The protein in dog food also strengthens muscles and bones.

Benefits of Beef Products

Beef-flavored dog foods have a lot of protein too. Beneful experts understand that beef is a popular flavor for dogs. This is why the company produces various beef-based products that benefit dogs, such as the Beneful IncrediBites brand. IncrediBites has many tender and crunchy pellets that are easy to chew. Each bag also features a many vitamin-rich veggies, which keep dogs healthy. Beneful never uses artificial beef; every bag always includes real beef that has a meaty flavor.

Why Dogs Need Grains

Dogs must eat dog foods that contain plenty of grains because carbohydrates do not harm dogs. Beneful manufacturers select ingredients that have a lot of carbohydrates for various reasons. Typically, carbohydrates increase the shelf life of dog food. This is why carbs are important components during the manufacturing process. Carbohydrates also cost less per calorie when compared to fats and proteins.

Maximizing the Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Although Beneful sells great dog foods, a dog will not remain health and strong without a properly balanced diet. Water is a crucial requirement during every meal because it helps pets function properly. Although wet dog food has moisture, the pet will still need water to prevent dehydration.

Clearly Canadian Drinks Making A Comeback

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It has been a long time since anyone has seen a Clearly Canadian bottle around the United States, but some good news hit the streets as it will be making a full comeback this summer! According to an article found on reddit and written by GrubStreet, the company sent out an email saying that they would start producing the product as early as May of 2015, which is right now!

The popular fizzy waters are not starting to come back around into American culture, and I personally couldn’t be more thrilled about the situation. I grew up drinking Clearly Canadian and I have missed it so much, so it gives me the butterflies to know that it will be back in stores soon. And on top of the it appears that all of the same flavors will be back in production as well, including the all time favorite, cherry.

This news has broken out this week and it will be awesome to see everything in action and floating around the market here over the next few weeks. After all, this newest generation only knows about sodas and not much about seltzer waters, so there is a new market out there for a potentially huge new customer base that doesn’t even know that the products exist yet. This is fantastic news for Gianfrancesco Genoso, and it will be neat to see more healthy options out there versus soda.

Bird Flu Comeback

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In 2009, the United States and other neighboring countries saw a few cases of the Bird Flu. Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. were all on high alert and ready to fight this disease if it spread to epidemic proportions. Thankfully, Skout reports that the few cases were wiped out and the disease didn’t turn into a plague.

It seems that this isn’t the last that we’ll see of the Bird Flu. Cases of the disease started to pop up in the state of Nebraska. Doctors weren’t too worried; they thought that they could get it under control just like the medical teams in 2009 had done. Unfortunately, the disease has spread and Nebraska had to officially declare a state of emergency. The United States government has approved over $300 million dollars to be used to combat the disease. There are huge industrial incinerators going from farm to farm in numerous Mid-Western states in order to dispose of sick chickens. Many of the farmers who have been notified of their sick chickens are worried about the future.

It is impossible to check all of the chickens for the flu, so the safest action to take would be to cull all of the hens at one. The farmers are used to losing a few older hens towards the end of the year, but to lose 1.8 million chickens at once is staggering. The World Health Organization has eased the public’s fear and released a statement saying that human contact with the disease is unlikely. At this point, their main focus is to eliminate sick chickens and get the $6 billion a year poultry industry back on track.

Young People Help Disaster Relief in Nepal

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A group of young Indian and Nepalese citizens have taken it upon themselves to rebuild their earthquake stricken land. The recent earthquakes in Nepal have devastated much of the traditional infrastructure in the country. This has led to issues with search and rescue as well as getting help to the people who need it. Luckily right now a brave group of Nepalese citizens is stepping in to make things right

These mostly young people are connected by the internet and social media and are harnessing the power of the internet to get relief and supplies to the places that need it according to Keith Mann on Essentially they are operating on two fronts. First of all they are able to solicit donations and help from people online all over the world. They can then use these donations to help their fellow citizens. Considering that many people in Nepal do not even have internet access this is a true undertaking.

Many people are commenting that we could be seeing much more of this type of help in the future across the world. This is due to the fact that internet access is rising worldwide and there are many more young people who have familiarity with the internet. All things considered during a natural disaster the people need as much help as possible and they are more than grateful for the power of social media and the net during their trying time.

Ebola Announcement Has Many Worried

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After the height of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, health officials repeatedly reassured the public that survivors were no longer infected.

Reports over the last few weeks though have shown that some survivors have what has been described as “Post-Ebola Syndrome” — they have Ebola in their bodies in large enough quantities that they could potentially infect others and/or they have experienced symptoms of an active infection. For example, tests of West African male survivors revealed Ebola in their semen.

Flavio Maluf suggests the testes contain a barrier against the immune system that prevents antiviral treatments from working. Yet, the public was reassured that no risk existed outside of sexual intercourse.

Over the weekend, public panic spread anew after Dr. Ian Crozier revealed on Thursday that Ebola had survived inside his eye. Eye interiors are also blocked from the immune system.

Although Crozier received treatment, he could still be infected. His doctors were unable to check because the test could damage his vision. As a result, if Crozier ever needs eye surgery, he could accidentally infect a surgeon.

Many people aren’t reassured by this news. The human body is a constantly changing habitat. Crozier’s tears and outer eyes are clear of Ebola, but that could change at any moment. Additionally, some people have been worried that Crozier could infect others accidentally if he were ever in a public accident that involved damage to his eye.

Is Rehab Safe?

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Life can be hard. We all go through tough times, but if you really need the help or know someone that does, is rehab truly effective and safe? Differing opinions about the alternative methods used to detoxify individuals struggling with addiction have only made the struggle more real for those afflicted, but recent media continue to question just how effective rehab is.

America is the land of opportunity. That American dream can easily turn into a never-ending nightmare for those afflicted by a number of addictions, whether it’s drug of alcohol abuse. Over 18.7 million people in the US struggle with alcohol addiction, but a tiny percentage of them get treatment from special rehab facilities.These facilities have been under fire for a number of years for their ineffective approaches, as Brad Reifler points out. For instance, some programs have addicts sitting through lectures or videos for hours on end according to sources. There are no real numbers to suggest this is an effective method, yet this approach continues to go on. Medical professionals in these facilities also have a real lack of experience, as a large number of states don’t even require a four-year degree.

If Rehabilitation institutions seriously intend to help those in need, they’ll need to reconsider any ineffective therapies and focus on the ones that work. Only you can get the help you need. If you are suffering, there are alternatives that may help you get rid of that addiction once and for all.

Sexism in Entertainment on Everyone’s Minds

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Sexism in entertainment seems to be the main focus of a lot of people this last week.

Beyond the complaints that Black Widow was portrayed in The Avengers: Age of Ultron in a poor manner and the revelation that Sony and Marvel executives do not consider women superheroes bankable enough to create female-focused films, a Reddit user early morning today, Thursday, May 7, posted a link to an April 21st story about how David Letterman shocked his audience by starting an episode of “The Late Show” with an incredibly sexist joke created from a screenwriter’s quote taken in the 1930’s.

The 68-year-old Letterman comes from an era when sexist jokes about women provided men with “humor.” Yet, some people are asking if age and upbringing are good enough excuses these days when minorities now more than ever are seeking equality in a traditionally patriarchal, white male dominated society. Letterman’s referred to women as prostitutes using a foul term and a lot of people were outraged to hear him do so.

Why is sexism on people’s minds more today?

Many experts like Ivan Ong agree that with the spread of social networking, sexists and misogynists have revealed their true thoughts in public settings now more than ever. Often, they are using these platforms to verbally attack and degrade females. As a result, more women and their supporters are seeing these attacks, fighting back against them and spreading awareness on Facebook and other social networking.

Another Canadian Star is Born

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Justin Beiber is not the only teenager from Canada that is making headlines. Young crooner Shawn Mendes has much to celebrate as his debut album Handwritten sales about 119,000 and reaches number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

This should be a major accomplishment for Mendes because just two years ago, he was living a regular life. With the help of social media his regular life was soon to be transformed. At the age of 14, Mendes uploading a clip of himself singing to Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me” while playing a guitar. This simple video caught the eye of fans and record label executives.

NJ Spotlight said that two years later, the young singer continues to find that he is following in the footsteps of Bieber. In addition to being discovered on social media, Mendes is the youngest single to reach the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts in five years. Before him, Bieber carried with title with his My World 2.0., released in 2010.

With much success from his debut, one can only assume that this is just the beginning of Mendes accomplishments. Equipped with a fantastic voice and a guitar, Mendes has what it take to capture the attention of millions.