Founder of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani Succeeds in Real Estate

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Ranked as the fourth richest Arab on earth by Forbes 2018 rankings, Hussain SajwanI is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties, a real estate development company. On the Forbes 2017 Global list, DAMAC Properties was ranked as the first.

Background information

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner was born around 1952/1953 in the United Arabs Emirates. He obtained a scholarship to study in the US. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He first worked as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, a branch of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). He then started his own business after a short while and began a catering venture in 1982.

The Catering Business

The catering business has grown into a market leader called Global Logistics Services. It manages over 200 projects and serves over 150,000 meals in a day in various markets across the Middle East, CIS, and Africa.

DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani launched his first property development project, in 1996, building hotels in Dubai. In 2002 he founded DAMAC Properties. DAMAC broke ground on several huge luxury estate projects in Dubai between 2002 and 2005. It quickly became an essential part of Dubai’s thriving reputation as an international hot spot and architectural marvel. DAMAC went global in 2005 with developments in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Unfortunately, the global real estate market fell in 2008, and DAMAC almost went down with it. Luckily, Hussain Sajwani Sajwani had seen it coming, and through his ingenious leadership, they managed to withstand those tumultuous times, return to their previous stature and ultimately surpass it. DAMAC built many luxury properties in Dubai and late 2013, it listed on the London Stock Exchange. This made it the first Middle Eastern company to do so.


DAMAC has increased in global profile for glamorous residence with the building of two massive gated communities: DAMAC Hills and Akoya Oxygen. A Trump-branded golf course stands out at DAMAC Hills with a second scheduled to open to open sometime this year.

The Outline

According to Bloomberg, DAMAC is presently redeveloping Oman’s Port Sultan Qaboos waterfront and building in the Maldives a resort. It is partnering with famous brands such as Bugatti. They are working on several properties in Jordan, Qatar and the U.K.

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is an active philanthropist who as given to many charitable organizations including the Emirates Red Crescent. He wrote a check for AED 2,000,000 for an initiative founded by the Ruler of Dubai. (Source: Facebook)

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Juan”OG” Perez Spends Big-Time On His 50th Thanks To Jay Z

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Juan”OG” Perez Spends Big-time On His 50th Thanks To Jay Z

Jay Z, America’s hip hop supremo who is known for showing birthday love to his close friends and business partners recently spent approximately $113,000 to celebrate the birthday of Juan “OG” Perez, his business partner and close friend. Juan “OG” Perez joined click of icon hip hop star’s friends who have been treated lavishly by the rapper in the past.

Jay Z, OG Perez together with Desiree Perez, OG Perez’s wife went to Midtown where their extravagant night started. They dined at the world-class Zuma restaurant, the opulent Japanese restaurant that served delicious cuisine ranging from steak, lobster, to sushi. The dinner costed a whopping $13,000.

Thereafter, the group then went to a restaurant-nightclub located in Inwood They splurged another $9,000 on liquor. Sources revealed that Jay kept ordering D’USSE, a drink that is normally regarded as a preserve of mega-mogul heads. OG Perez together with the rapper and other friends of the duo concluded the birthday night at Playroom Nightclub. Here, sources reveal they ordered more than 40 bottles of expensive champagne, which was valued at approximately $91,000. Upon taking the first few rounds, the entire group spilt and OG Perez and Jay Z together with four other pals remained at Playroom Nightclub, where they ordered other drinks bringing the total bill to $74,000. OG Perez and the rapper were later spotted giving out bottles of champagne to other revellers at the night club.

While asked why he splurged such amounts of money on OG Perez 50th birthday, the rapper said their friendship started several decades ago, and thus nothing could make him not to help OG Perez celebrate his 50th birthday in style.


Juan “OG” Perez and Jay Z first meet in 1996 through an introduction by Kareem Burke, the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. With such a great friendship, it is no surprise the rapper had to splurge on his buddy.

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Atlanta’s Successful Infertility Doctor, Jim Toner

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Jim Toner is an accomplished endocrinologist with many years of expertise in his medical career. An endocrinologist is merely a medical practitioner specialized in fertility and reproduction.

On graduation from high school, Jim Toner joined St. Joseph’s College based in Philadelphia and attained a bachelor’s in psychology. He later attended the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine where he went through a medical scientists training initiative.

He earned his Ph.D. from the same institution in 1985. After graduation, he went to Jones Institute and pursued his Residential Fellowship and was later approved as a medical doctor.

He is specialized in fertility and infertility in his patients. He kicked off his medical career in the same field at the Jones Institute situated in Norfolk. While working here, Tim was enriched with the profound experience that propelled him in his medical career.

Tim was also involved in leadership roles at the Jones Institute; he served as the director of the Third Party Reproductive Program and a member of the board of directors of the Fellowship Program.

In the year 2000, Dr. Tim Joner joined the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Nevertheless, he retained his position as the director of the Third Party Reproduction Program. His commitment and passion for medicine have made him the great doctor he is today.

His extensive research in medicine especially infertility has made him a prominent and highly reputable infertility practitioner. He has written and published over 21 chapters, 80 articles and 100 abstracts.

All these articles contain vital information concerning fertility health. Most of them have been used by other doctors in enhancing their work. With over 20 years spent in medicine, Jim has gained extensive experience and skills in the career.

He is renowned for his research and works on ovarian reserve and its effect on infertility. He is held in high regard by both his patients and medical colleagues. Jim has been recognized in significant awards for his exceptional work. He has won the First Prize Paper award many times.

According to, Jim Toner’s degree in psychology has been an invaluable tool for him in his career. It helps him connect and relate to his patients at a personal level. In fact, most of them come to the facility depressed due to their miscarriages or infertility.

However, the good doctor takes them through the whole process mentally. This makes him one of the best infertility doctors in Atlanta. Dr. Jim Toner is highly dedicated and committed to contributing to fertility medicine.

The patients who have been treated or serviced by him talk and praise him for his experience, quality of service delivery and hospitality. He indeed hopes to many who had lost their faith in childbirth. For more info, checkout Dr. Toner on Facebook.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Strongly Advocating for Immigrants Rights

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Veteran newspapermen Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by a group of law enforcement officers. Michael Lacey was preparing for his marriage celebrations before the FBI invaded his home and arrested him.

At the same time, a group of other FBI officers invaded the home of his business partner, Jim Larkin in Paradise Valley and arrested Larkin. In 1970, the two veterans founded the Phoenix New Times.

Lacey was the executive editor of the newspaper while Larkin was in charge of advertisements. The newspaper developed and attracted many readers by covering both political and social issues in the community. It emerged as one of the best alternative newspapers in the country. In 2012, they sold the newspaper to Village Voice Media (VVM) in a deal that allowed them to retain online listings at Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Facebook

In an attempt to provide news as well as analysis about the First Amendment concerns they established Front Page Confidential website. The county government that ordered for their arrest also destroyed the website and interfered with the freedom of the press. Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were going to plead not guilty to all the charges against them.

The two partners were not to be detained and the pretrial services asserted that they were to be released at their own recognizance. According to Paul Cambria, the defense attorney for Michael Lacey, the direct censorship of by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was a scheme to take the website down. The government actions of closing down the website were unconstitutional.

The wife of Senator John McCain, Cindy, was interviewed about this matter and she seemed to have some prior information about the raid. Cindy McCain is a member of the Arizona Governor’s Human Trafficking Council where she voluntarily serves as the co-chairperson. She had information that the offices of Backpage had been raided by the FBI and the law enforcement officers also had closed the website.

The illegal detainment of Lacey and Larkin was ordered by Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona. Joe Arpaio commonly known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” is well known for his reputation of aggressively dealing with illegal immigrants.

Maricopa County in Arizona has a high population of Latinos and Hispanic people who migrated into the United States from Mexico and other Latino countries. In an attempt to curb illegal immigration, Arpaio resorted to violating the civil rights of immigrants to achieve his objective of curbing illegal immigration.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the Maricopa County for arresting and detaining them illegally. The law battle came to an end in 2012 when the court ordered Maricopa County to settle the lawsuit by paying the duo 3.75 million U.S dollars. Lacey and Larkin used the money to establish the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The organization offers grants to organizations fighting for the rights of immigrants throughout Arizona. Moreover, the duo is returning to journalism after launching the Front Page Confidential website. This website is meant to address the threats facing free speech and the First Amendment.

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SoftBank Group Corp Acquires Fortress Investments Group at 3.3 Billion

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SoftBank Group Corp., SBG is now the sole owners of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company spent close to $3.3 billion in full payment for their purchases in cash. SoftBank Group Corp. is now entirely in charge of all the shares of Fortress inclusive of all their different headquarters. Before the acquisition, the two companies had drafted various agreements about the transactions and different conditions that they buyers had to meet. The company will even be handing over their shareholders to SoftBank Group Corp. They also presented them with all their receipts for different regulations that governed their operations.

Following the acquisition, outstanding shares that belong to Fortress Class A will now have a value of $8.08 for every stock. The new management will now continue with such similar operations according to transaction procedures written in a Definitive Proxy by Fortress. They also have the opportunity to access other documents such as Merger Agreements.

The common stocks that Fortress offers to the general public will soon exit the list of the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, the acquisition will lead to the transfer of financial results from Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank Group. These financial statements will now reflect in the business performance of the new management.

However, Fortress Investment Group will continue with its other operations as an independent subsidiary of SoftBank. The company will put up their head offices in New York. The corporate leaders at Fortress such as Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Pete Briger will continue to steer the branch in their standard positions of leadership. The reason why SoftBank resolved to this strategy is that they want to keep building the business models, business culture, excellent leadership and even their brands instead of eroding the foundation of Fortress.

The SoftBank Group will continue to provide Information Revolution with heightened technology to their clients across the globe. The company also has branches which specialise in offering telecommunications, intelligent robotics, internet services, Internet of Things, clean energy technology needs and much more. The firm also has an affiliate, the SoftBank Vision Fund. With this, they get to fuel investments all over the world for various businesses and technological ventures. Their first trial had a capital commitment of more than USD 93 billion.

Similarly, SoftBank will keep thriving in global investments just like Fortress Investment Group LLC. Fortress left a record of $36.1 billion as the total value of their assets hence making them the best company in the industry. The company has a notable performance in managing investments in real estate, private and public capital equities and much more. Some of the staff in their leadership team includes Peter Lionel Briger Jr who serves with Wesley R Edens as the Chairmen, Randal Alan Nardone who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. David Nichols Brooks as the Secretary, Vice President and General Counsel of the firm, The treasurer, Daniel Neal Bass and Gordon E Runte as the Managing Director and the other leaders are confident that SoftBank will carry on with their excellent work.  Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Milan Kordestani: Determined And Persistent Even At 19

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Milan Kordestani is many things, including

  • a writer
  • an athlete
  • a business owner
  • a college student

Even though Milan wears many pants at only 19 years old, he excels at everything he does.

This is because he has a passion for all that he does.

Born in Stanford, California in the year 1999, Milan relocated to London, England in 2009 after his parents divorced.

He moved back to California in 2017 where he finished high school at Sacred Heart Preparatory.

A student at Colorado College, Milan works for the Huffington Post, writing articles on the topics of mental health, politics, and agriculture.

When he isn’t writing, he is working hard on his farm, Milan Farms.

Milan Farms is a completely organic farm that grows saffron, mint, and eggs.

Proud to say that he humanely raises cage-free chickens, Milan sells his eggs to buyers all over the west coast.

He sells his saffron and mint all over the world, however, allowing Milan Farms to be an international business.

Even though he is only 19, Milan is very diligent when it comes to finding better, innovative ways to run his business.

For instance, he is currently experimenting with growing his saffron hydroponically.

He is seeing success while in these experimentation stages but wants to conduct a bit more research on the process before allowing 100% of his saffron to be completely grown on microfiber sponges.

When the young entrepreneur isn’t writing for the Huffington Post or working his growing business, he is atop a horse.

Milan has been riding horses since the age of 10. His first experience on a horse, however, was less than stellar because the horse went wild and threw him off.

Instead of becoming frightened or crying, however, Milan chased the horse, caught up with it, and climbed right back on it.

He was determined to ride the horse.

In an interview that his father, Omid Kordestani, was asked to do, Omid brags on his son, calling Milan’s determination and persistence “surprising.”

The encounter with the horse, however, would only be the world’s first glimpse into how determined Milan Kordestani could be.

Equities First Holdings in Australia.

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In response to the scarcity of financier companies in the market, Christy Jr. decided to start an organization which will act as an alternative source of finance to the business peoples and investors; He called the company Equity First Holdings (EFH). EFH began its activities in Indianapolis, Indiana in the year 2002. Christy worked in another finance company where he acquired the necessary knowledge which he used to start and run the company.Equities first holdings Provide loan to its clients which comes with low-interest rates; thus they encourage individuals investors and business peoples to come in search of their assistance.

Since the beginning of the company, they have been able to complete over 700 transactions which are worthy of more than $1.4 billion. The company has been expanding their services to other parts of the world opening offices in more than five countries including China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and others.In Australia, the leading company office is in Sydney, but they also run other two satellite offices in Melbourne and Perth. Equities First Holdings announced an agreement where they will work together with an Australian company called Environmental Clean Technologies Limited where they will be providing funds for major projects of the company in India.

Peter Briger Stands Tall While Working With Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm and has been a trendsetter in the industry from the moment of its inception. Never was this fact more evident than in 2007 when the company when its initial public offering made it the first publicly traded large-scale firm concentrating on private equity management listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fortress today is a global investment firm that operates globally and is in control of over $43 billion while providing services for 1,750 clients. Fortress has made its headquarters in the city of New York and employs more than 900 people.

Fortress achieved another historic first in 2017, ten year after becoming the first publicly traded private equity firm on NYSE. This time, the company became the first alternative investment firm to be purchased by another company.

The purchase of Fortress by Softbank Group Corporation was executed at a price tag of $3.3 billion and allowed the leadership of Fortress to remain intact. Softbank which is a Japanese business organization that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan also allowed Fortress to maintain its headquarters in New York City.

Softbank is looking to leverage its acquisition of Fortress to put itself in a position to be a leader in the still-developing industry of information technology. Softbank has added Fortress to a portfolio that already includes advanced telecommunication, the Internet of things, clean energy technology, and other tech endeavors.

Fortress Investment Group boasts of an impressive group of principals responsible for the operation of the company. These three men are Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, who both work out of New York, and Peter Briger, based in the city of San Francisco.

Peter Briger worked for 15 years with Goldman, Sachs, including time spent as a partner with the firm, before joining the ranks of Fortress in 2002. Briger is responsible for the operation of the credit decision at Fortress and is a member of the Forbes 400, a list that recognizes the efforts of global business professionals.

Peter Briger received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University before going on to the Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University to earn an MBA.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise Briger gained during his tenure at Goldman, Sachs has served him well while working with Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger has been listed in the past on the Forbes Billionaire List.

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Robert Deignan Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

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Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for over 20 years that attributing to his expertise and vast knowledge in that filed. He graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a B.S. in Business Management. Since all his dream and desires were to become a successful business person and worked hard to fulfill his dream. Being driven by his passion, he ventured into technology business and be committed to serving his customers better.

For this reason, he worked at Fanlink and later as the Executive Vice President at iS3 Inc. which is a software company. The iS3 Inc. offer services in various technological needs to the customers, and it is from there that Robert Deignan gained skills and experience that he incorporated into ATS Digital Services, LLC where he is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. The ATS Company is well equipped since it offers all the services about the technological issues.

Robert Deignan hired employees that are well conversant with technology to provide services that align with the demands and expectations of the clients. The ATS Company is reputable and reliable due to the quality of solutions that it renders to people and Robert has enabled it to stand out as an outstanding company. Due to its incredible technological services, it is imperative that you get to consider this company for all the services pertaining to your tablet and any other technology system. The staff members serving at ATS Digital company handles all the clients’ issues well and in the right manner to get the job accomplished right.

It is imperative to understand that technology is dynamic and ATS Digital Company keeps updating its systems so that it can fit the desires of the customers. Thus, as a customer to ATS, you will have an assurance of getting satisfactory services that will make you happy. Robert Deignan Company is leading in the technology market and most preferred by the clients for its reliable and reputable services. Besides his career life, he has some personal interests as well. He likes most boat riding and fishing, and during his free time, Robert spent his time in Florida.

Vinod Gupta: Entrepreneurship Pursuits

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Vinod Gupta is one of the self-made successful people in the business world today. He was born in 1946 in India. He is a proud entrepreneur and business who has influenced various companies on success. Vinod was a chief executive officer of InfoGroup under which he acquired multiple companies in the information technology sector. Vinod Gupta is currently CEO of Everest Group.


Everest Group is an investment firm that provides capital for the sake of database technology startups as well as developing those businesses that are struggling in the market world. Their focus and emphasis are on information technology for improving businesses. Vinod Gupta is proud of being counted among the individuals who have earnestly provided employment opportunities to underserved communities. His hiring practices have made him mentioned by Bill Clinton who is the former president of United States. Vinod has a significant commitment towards extensive resource provided through some charitable organizations as well as funding various schools in entire India. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.


Vinod Gupta is a graduate of the University of Nebraska. After graduating, he was an employee at Commodore Corporation that was in charge of manufacturing the mobile homes. As he shares in an interview, this is where Vinod’s entire idea of InfoGroup and Everest Group originated. While at Commodore Corporation, Vinod Gupta was involved in the role of an analyst in marketing research. He was given the responsibility of consolidating a list of mobile home dealers that were within the United States. Vinod Gupta did not hesitate. While doing his tasks, Vinod discovered that it was challenging to get such a list. See This Page for more information.


That is when he thought about time-saving advantages for businesses that would require such records. He quickly began creating a database and invested in doing direct mail marketing on the target businesses that would need such a list. After compiling that list, he began receiving orders from a different company. That is how the American Business Information was birthed.


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