Why Peter Briger will take Fortress Group to the Next Level

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Peter Briger serves as a chairman and principal of Fortress Company. He went to Princeton University and graduated with a degree in Business administration. He went ahead for Masters in Business Administration at Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. In 2002, he was appointed as the management committee, and later he became the members of the board of directors in 2006.

He was elected as co-chairman of the board of directors in August 2009. During his tenure as chairman of Fortress Group, he has created a Fortress Credit Business that comprises about 300 people. The business mainly concentrates on illiquid credit investments and undervalued assets.

Before joining Fortress group as a member, he had spent over 15 years at a Goldman company. He partnered with Goldman Company in 1996. During his time in Goldman, he sat in various committees such as Japan Executive Committee, Global Control Committee and Asian Management committee.

Apart from Fortress Group, He also works at Tipping Point in San Francisco. Tipping Point is a non-business organization that comprises of low-income earners. He is also responsible in chartering many schools to students who are yet to graduate. He is among the alumni advisory board which was started in 2015. The main core of the body is to foster entrepreneurship.

Peter Briger has US citizenship, but he stays in New York, the northern region of America. In 2013, members from Well Fargo Group visited Fortress Group to discuss matters concerning Bitcoins. Peter Briger was at the forefront talking about how Bitcoin advancement is a gold mine because it is a less expensive way of transferring money to various countries.

Peter Briger has become a reputable leader and a committed professional throughout his career life in investments and financial services. He has a network of connections form five different organizations located in different areas. This is the main reason why he reaches to many communities at large. He ensures that he works hard and ensures that he delivers his services to maintain good rapport with clients. He is al so a philanthropist. He takes part in many charitable organizations and events. He has contributed to an organization called Silicon Valley Council that raises funds which goes to children worldwide. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group


Who is Jacob Gottlieb?

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Jacob Gottlieb is the former Chief Investment Officer of a company known as Visium Asset management- this was before its collapse in 2016. Gottlieb was not involved in the collapse of the company. Some forces beyond his control were the reason the company closed business. He is the only executive of the collapsed company who has maintained integrity and proved innocence. However, many people may not have known him were it not for the collapse of the business. So, who is Jacob Gottlieb? We shall look at his personal contributions in the financial sector and his role as a hedge fund manager in the Wall Street.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was born by parents who were professionals in diverse fields. While his father was a professor in economics, his mother was a pediatrician. As he grew up, he was determined to follow these two fields at the same time. He wanted to be an economist and a doctor. As his life would later play out, he went to a career that utilized expertise from both fields.

Jacob Gottlieb showed brilliance in investments from a young age. Due to influence from his father, he had grasped matters of economics and would analyze investment option with great accuracy. At grade 7, he won a school investment challenge. When he joined the university, he pursued two degrees. He joined Brown University for an economics degree and later New York University medical school.

Jacob would later lose interest in working in the medical field alone; he wanted to explore opportunities in the financial sector, he moved to the Wall Street where he started managing assets in medical companies. He worked with several companies which gave him experience and wealth to start his own business. He started Visium Asset Management alongside other partners.


How Hussain Sajwan made it

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Born from a humble middle-class family in Dubai, Hussain Sajwan had a vision and determination to make it in life. His father owned a small watch shop while his mother was a hawker selling fabric to other ladies in their neighbourhood. At a tender age, Hussain Sajwan knew the value of hard work by assisting his father in their family-owned business. His father was a visionary, and as Sajwan came of age, he was taken to the University of Washington, where he studied economics and Industrial engineering.

He wanted to get a white-collar job and work on an hourly basis, and that was why he got a job at Gasco organization, an Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Affiliate.

After working for some time, he saw the need to start a catering firm. He aimed to give the best quality and experience of modern day food. Hussain Sajwan later moved to Dubai where he opened a chain of restaurants due to the booming number of the people in his country. After staying in operation for some time, he noted the need to build luxury houses, and he pursued it.

Boom! Thus the birth of DAMAC Properties in 2002. The firm is one of its kind and specializes in luxury property not only in the Middle East but also around the world. DAMAC owner has partnered with the Trump Organization in various projects. The well-known one is two Trump branded golf courses in Dubai. The state of the art golf courses is one of the properties developed by DAMAC property.

Additionally, elmawkefalarabi.com mentioned that  the DAMAC owner attributes his success to his “go get attitude.” Ever since he was young, he had taken part in is assisting his father in running the family business. He got all the necessary skills while he was young. The DAMAC owner is considered as one of the most successful property developers in not only in the Middle East but in Europe as well. He is further looking forward to expanding globally.

Additionally, he is a family man and has four children. He gets inspiration from his children and wife.

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Traveling with Surf Air

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1. Meadowood Spa in Napa Valley
The Meadowood Spa is Napa Valley is one of the best destinations in Southern California. It is one of the best luxury destinations to visit throughout all of California. Here, you will experience the uniqueness of Napa Valley with all of the wines the destination has to offer. With a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor, 85% of the reviews rated the property with an “excellent score”. The Meadowwood Spa and Hotel feature multiple recreational activities such as croquet, tennis, and a golf course. Here, you will also be able to hike trails, swim, and experience the Forbes 5 star spa that the hotel has to offer. In the end, the resort is one of the best throughout the wine country.

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2. Bacara Resort and Spa, Santa Barbara
The Ritz-Carlton in Santa Barbara offers an enjoyable and luxurious spa. The spa offers a redwood sauna, an adult only swimming pool, a rooftop terrace, and a steam room. This resort just screams honeymoon or even a great place to take the wife to for vacation. Not to mention that the resort is right on the Pacific Ocean! How cool is that? You will be able to watch a beautiful sunset while relaxing in the spa. The resort also offers multiple tennis courts, a restaurant, and even a wine tasting room. In the end, the long beach that this resort has to offer seals the deal for me. The Pacific Ocean is absolutely beautiful and this resort allows you to take advantage of this.

Overall, traveling and experiencing new places should be fun, especially when they are so luxurious. These two resorts have been at the top of the list for a while now and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In the end, the offer what other resorts cannot.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Is a Satire of America

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A satire is supposed to be a little crazy. It is highly metaphorical in that many aspects of the story have a deeper meaning, one that usually focuses on current events. In some cases such references have to be decoded, it is not obvious to the reader at first, and in other cases they are simply put and very forward. Sean Penn decided to go with forward in his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“, which is apparently a satire.


The book certainly contains the absurdity of a satire, and definitely has the rich and colorful character of a satire. But as Bob Honey has a semblance of a plot it is hard to distinguish story for ranting in certain parts. Penn writes in a chaotic form of prose, that is very stylistic and different, but also kind of confusing. It is definitely an interesting read with many golden little nuggets to discover. Not nuggets of truth mind you, though it certainly has plenty of those, but nuggets of pleasurable passages that are fun to read.

The book is centered on titular character Bob Honey who works as an assassin for the government. He is tasked with killing old people to make the environment better with less the population. Before his assassin career Bob was a septic tank salesmen and holds a slew of other jobs as well. The narrative form is episodic as it follows his crazy exploits, and focuses on his efforts to connect with other people.


It is almost as though Penn is saying a unique personality can no longer fit in with the conformity of political correctness. The book definitely has a lot to say, especially about president Trump, who makes an appearance as Mr. Landlord. In fact Honey fires off a blistering letter to this character/real person at the end of the book. The letter is scathing, but so is the poem that follows it.


What has got many critics talking is the epilogue poem Penn writes after the end of his book. The poem scathes many current events, not even disguising them with a satirist pseudonym. It attacks the media, focus on current events like school shootings, and scathes #MeToo. This is something many have taken exceptions to, though Penn is unapologetic. According to Penn the book makes a moral statement, and is left up to the reader’s interpretation. Like any good satire is supposed to be.

Jason Hope: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Who Is Determined to Find a Cure for Aging

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Aging is an occurrence in a human body which has widely been accepted as natural. Aging affects everyone despite his income, geographical location, race, or living habits. As one is aging, he loses some ability to person some functions he performed while young and the skin starts to become wrinkled and rigid.

Aging comes with some unwanted characteristics such as diseases. Some of the illnesses can significantly lead to deterioration of one’s quality of life, in extreme cases, there can be the loss of life. Some of these diseases include cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Research has been carried out on these diseases, but much focus is on how to cope with the illnesses rather than the cause of them. Therefore, recent studies have commenced with the aim of finding the cause of these diseases, which is aging.

Research has been labor and capital intensive hence the need for donors. These demands have led philanthropist such as Jason Hope has come to the aid of the study. Hope, who also doubles an entrepreneur in Arizona, has had interest in combating aging. He has been committed to funding organizations that are researching on how to slow aging.

The SENS Foundation, a charitable organization that gives access to people to technology that slows, has greatly benefited from Jason Hope donations. On December 2010, Hope announced that he was donating $500,000 while at an event called Breakthrough Philanthropy at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.

The SENS Foundation has over the years made ground-breaking research on aging and diseases accompanying aging. In the fight against aging, the foundation has used biotechnology to develop techniques. The foundation is dedicated to educating people on aging so that they can change their perceptions and beliefs on aging. Hope was impressed by the work that the foundation was carrying out when giving his first donation.

Jason Hope has also been helpful in mobilizing other people to be more generous towards causes that help to improve the quality of human life. Hope notes that being philanthropic does not have to be determined by the level of one’s income, what matters is the inner urge to make a positive impact in life. He advises that those whose may not know of an organization to support to seek advice from friends or family members. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry

Heather Russell: Chief Legal Officer and Executive VP at TransUnion

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Heather Russell is a highly accomplished legal executive officer who has more than two decade’s experience. She also has expertise in data security and privacy, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, consumer financial services and FinTech.

As the new chief legal officer and executive vice president at TransUnion, Heather is in charge of all the legal matters of this company, government relations, consumer privacy functions, and corporate compliance and governance of TransUnion, as well as its subsidiaries. She will be reporting to the President and CEO of the company, Jim Peck and she will be serving in the Executive committee of this organization.

Her expertise and skills are highly appreciated by his fellow leaders such as Peck, who feel that Heather is a reliable addition to the company’s leadership team in executing and providing innovative information solutions that will benefit customers, global economies, and other consumers.

TransUnion is a leading information solutions provider which offers essential services that help organizations in making better and more informed solutions. Consumers also gain easy access to their products and services. Russell will, therefore, be of great financial assistance to this company.

Before joining TransUnion, Russell was working with the Buckley Sandler, LLP law firm. Her primary responsibilities in this firm were FinTech practices, financial institutions regulations, and supervision. She was a former employee at Fifth Third Bank where she was the executive VP, corporate secretary, and chief legal officer before joining Buckley Sandler.

Heather Russell has worked with many other organizations where she gained a lot of experience in law. She holds a JD honors from Washington College of Law and a BA from William and Mary College. She will be replacing John Blenke who plans to retire before the end of this year. Connect with Heather Russell on Facebook.

Helpful source for you to read: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html

A look at the meticulous growth of The Fortress Investment Group.

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The Fortress investment group holds over sixty-five dollars in investments and has been listed on the New York stock exchange since 2007. During the launch of its IPO at the time it was underwritten by Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. Since its listing, the Fortress Investment group has seen tremendous growth, having invested and diversified its portfolio to meet the current market at its apex. Peter Briger is the current Co-Chairman, president, principal, and Co-CEO as of 2017. This is quite the responsibility keeping in mind the number of assets under the direct management of Fortress. Peter Briger is also listed as one of the most influential business minds in the country. After graduating in ’86 with a B.A., his credentials earned him a job at Goldman Sachs, where he would work for 15 years.

This fifteen years were filled with opportunity after opportunity to grow his career culminating in him making partner. He was credited with begin part of the special group founded in 1997 that to date remains one of the most profitable and successful. He left Goldman Sachs & Co in 2002 and proceeded to Fortress investment group. The Fortress investment Group has come to be known as a specialist in asset-based investing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, operations management, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions and the capital markets. This portfolio is backed up by the quality of staff and talent that seats on Fortress investment board of directors as well as the entire management team. The founders Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman had a shared vision of establishing an investment vehicle that would gradually grow assets under management in a steady manner and give shareholders a consistent return on investment.

The group was able to achieve this by growing its portfolio from the initial four hundred million when it began to around three and a half billion dollars within the first five years of its existence. This would mark the seriousness with which fortress intended to grow its portfolio and by 2007 it had grown to 32.6 billion dollars. Fortress found very niche investments too, for example the acquisition of AIG’s American General Financial Services in 2010, which would go on to become Springleaf Financial Services. The value of this acquisition gained more than twenty-seven times its value eventually hitting the 3.5 billion mark. This was a real turning point as the following year, Fortress opened headquarters in Shanghai and Singapore.

PSI Pay Versus Other Types of Cryptocurrencies

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Let’s talk global payment systems, such as PSI-Pay, since the inception of Bitcoin there’s has been an incessant demand for convenient and secure alternatives to traditional banking. The interest in cryptocurrency and other electronic payment systems is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. This is due to a rise in media attention. It seems that the media loves to cover cryptocurrencies; which has helped change the way digital wallets, e-coins and virtual money are regarded.

Comparing Electronic Money and Bitcoins

When a performing currency is overused, people will seek other ways to pay for goods and services. Cash money and credit cards have been used to the point of redundancy. Bitcoins entered the market in 2009. The emergence of this type of virtual currency hasn’t been without its share of bumps. There have been rapid increases and dramatic declines in Bitcoins core value as a traded commodity. However, this hasn’t dampered the interest in digital currency as the wave of the future. If anything Bitcoin has allowed for further development of e-money. E-money is the monetary equivalent of cash. It can be substituted for cash, anywhere payment is sought. However, unlike cash transactions, the receipt is stored, rather than dispensed at checkout.

There are various differences between Bitcoin transactions and electronic currency (e-money). E money is regulated, much like the Federal Reserve does the dollar. A central bank handles and processes the flow of transactions through customer accounts. With Bitcoins, customers must fund their accounts with linked credit cards or a traditional bank account. E-money accounts allows users to pay for online purchases through a downloaded application (app). Cash never changes hand and the flow never stops moving.

Bitcoin on the other hand, relies on a network of users, referred to as peers. This integrated system of peer-to-peer transactions doesn’t have a regulating authority. Because the money isn’t guaranteed or backed by cash reserves, the value of Bitcoin goes in up and down cycles, in response to user demand.


Keeping onto another electronic currency provider, PSI Pay reported a record year in 2015. PSI Pay is regulated by Fin Tech. Fin Tech is a UK governing body, which insures the cash value of PSI transactions. In 2015, PSI-Pay increased volume in the major categories of business growth and income revenue. This announcement came after the company also recorded phenomenal expansion for calendar year, 2014.

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Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group’s Existence.

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Fortress Investment Group is a management organization that is based in New York, United States of America. The firm was established in the year 1998. It was founded by Randal Nardone who’s also the current principal of the organization. However, he is assisted with other two principals. It was established as a private equity Organization. Since then, the firm has been a trendsetter. This claim was highlighted in a 2007 initial Public offering. During that period, Fortress Investment Group was the first private equity organization to become a publicly traded company in the New York Stock exchange (NYSE).Currently, Fortress Investment is a diversified global investment organization that has $43 billion of property under its control and over 1,750 clients. Other assets that Fortress Investment deals with include permanent capital vehicles, private equity, and hedge funds.

Fortress investment has ‘strong risk-adjusted returns’ type of strategy for all long-term investors. The firm has employed over 900 employees. The people that are heading the company are Wes Edens and Randal Nardone who are based in New York City. Peter Briger is also one of the founders and is based in San Francisco.The organization’s asset-based investments that are via credit funds and private equity comprise of a wide diversity of assets. These include finance vehicles, real estate and capital. All these assets make long-term cash flow for the group. Fortress Investment Group is significantly experienced in financing, pricing and managing both financial and physical assets.In the field of operation management, the company has created massive tools that extract value from the complex investments that it makes.

Fortress Investment has so far excelled in assessing operational, structural and other strategic facts in the field while still supervising its portfolio. During last two decades that the organization has been in existence, it has managed to develop extensive expertise in supervising acquisitions and mergers. The group’s employees are fully aware and possess deep relationships with a wide range of the corporate stakeholder’s, corporate board members and management professionals. With all this experience, the organization has become a specialist in capital markets. The firm has significant expertise in safeguarding capital financing via equity and debt markets. Fortress Investment Group has had a long track record of managing their portfolio of organizations. This has offered the firm a significant deal of institutional knowledge regarding a wide assortment of industries. The organization’s employees possess substantial knowledge of the sector-specific issues.