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Halifax Police Save Baby Seal

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Around 12:30am last night in Halifax a police officer was notified by a woman that a young lost seal had made its way through town and got stuck underneath a parked vehicle. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the police officers were on foot patrol and they helped the seal get out from the under car and took it to the water. According to LinkedIn, it then swam away safely without any injuries or harm.

It is always so heartwarming to hear stories that involve police officers and animals, because it is just nice to hear about something different than crimes and people going after each other. Police officers are there for more than just to fight bad guys, but to help the good guys as well. Halifax is one of those cities that is fairly close to the water from any point of the city, so it is understandable how a curious little seal would get lost. Even though it is known that seals can last for a period of time without being in the water, they definitely need to be in the ocean to survive. It goes without saying that the seal would have been in some big trouble if it wasn’t for the officers that helped it out. After all, building a relationship with the animals on our planet is a good thing, as people don’t give them enough credit.

Drake Suspected Behind The Chris Brown Ban From Canada

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Chris Brown recently headed to Canada to perform at two concerts, which were sold out. The concerts were part of his “Between The Sheets” tour, which features Tyga and Trey Songz, but Chris Brown was not able to attend. Drake & Chris. When Chris went to enter into Canada, he was turned away, due to his past criminal actions. The criminal history of Chris Brown, stems all the way back when he was physically abusive to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Although he was told that he was banned from the country, because of his criminal past, many believe this is not the case.

Some believe that Drake, who is a native of Canada, pulled some strings, in order to have a Chris Brown banned from his country. Although it’s not been proven that Drake had anything to do with the Chris Brown ban, many are speculating that Drake is behind everything. Drake and Chris Brown have been at each other’s throats, ever since Chris found out that Drake and Rihanna had been speaking. Rihanna dated Drake for a brief period of time, but Chris believes that the two cheated with each other, while Chris was with Rihanna.

Drake and Chris have been going at it for years, and his latest ban from Canada, will not change the hate two have for each other said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. There are other tour dates scheduled for Chris Brown, but they are outside of Canada.

Invest with BRL Trust

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Founded in 2005 as an excellent loan management company, BRL Trust has since worked its way up and become a broad range investment management company. Considered the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil, according to the Anbima ranking, they offer direct access to all corners of the Brazilian investment market. Their main areas of business within the company reside in fiduciary services, funds administration, funds custody, asset management and asset underwriting.

With clientele both local and international, you can rest assured that the experienced team at BRL Trust has the knowledge and expertise needed when seeking to invest in the Brazilian market. Using the SCA, an asset control system, they manage and watch the movement and regulation of over 300 companies in multiple sectors, alongside a portfolio of over 20,000 customers. The number of clients speaks for itself, they have the professionalism needed to make wise investment choices in the Brazilian market.

Along with project financial loans and investment, BRL Trust is also authorized by the Securities Commission to act as a manager of investment funds. The team at BRL Trust has used there know-how to accumulate, with 99 funds under the administration of NAV, approximately R$ 18.25 billion. This kind of success comes with years of experience and careful planning, which are important characteristics of an investment company. With patience and a keen eye, they can turn any investment or loan into a profitable choice for the local or international entrepreneur.

Brazil itself is highly interested in international investors, and has many opportunities in every sector, all of which BRL Trust is very knowledgeable in. The Brazilian market can be very volatile and having a locally based team to manage any investments, whether they be in real estate or companies, is highly valuable and worthwhile. Remember, they have over 300 companies to their name across a multitude of sectors within the Brazilian market, they know which events will have a positive effect on the outcome of an investment.

BRL Trust is capable of handling any transaction that may take place in the Brazilian marketplace. They can provide factual and current information on all potential investment options, along with how much would be needed to reap a sizable profit from the venture. With this information in mind, contact the prepared and knowledgeable team at BRL Trust to begin investing in the many opportunities present within the Brazilian market today. For more information on BRL Trust, you can visit here.

Canadians Might Be Able To Ice Skate To Work In The Future

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What could be better than getting some exercise while going to work? While many people all over the world like to bike, roller blade, run, or even skateboard to their jobs each day a new suggestion has been opened in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Due to their harsh and long winters, it has been suggested that the city create a “Freezeway” which would allow people to get to ice skate to work, which Imaging advantage thought would be pretty cool.

Basically, the pathway would be a iced over walkway that could be used for both activities depending on the season of course. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the designer, Matt Gibbs, proposed turning certain bike paths and extending them in order to allow the Freezeway to be in motion. That way new paths don’t have to be created and it could provide lots of entertainment and exercise for citizens to get to work each day.

Not only would this be both fun and exciting, but it could be essentially helpful to our planet as well since more skating to work means less using cars, and less exhaust in the air. In addition to that, it would also help many Canadians save some money on gas and they would get to travel at a speed potentially just as fast. What a great idea, I hope that Americans and other countries take note of this notion to implement more fun in the commute to work during the winter.

Organo Gold Recognized For Excellence

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The Organo Gold brand and Bernardo Chua were awarded Bayan honors recently in Manila, and Mr. Chua was able to make it to the ceremony even on such short notice. PR Newswire first noted that this award was given, and they spent some time talking about how the Organo Gold brand is one of the oldest organic coffees in the world.

Mr. Chua was making organic coffee in the fields of The Philippines long before most people know what organic products were. He was working very hard to give people the best product possible, but he only saw the company as one that would make coffee. Over the years, he became more and more interested in the supplements that were used in the worlds of Chinese medicine. He was a visionary in his field, and his company started producing these supplements for the people of Asia.

His company is not well known outside of Asia, but his company has become one of the best in the world simply because of his pursuit of excellence. This is a fine time for many people around the world to take a look at Mr. Chua, the company he started and the healthy products he makes.

Canadian Beef Contains Mad Cow Disease

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Just when you though it was safe to enjoy a thick steak again, mad cow disease pops back up in the news. One cow in Alberta, Canada was found to have the bovine disease this past week and a full-on investigation has been launched to discover how this cow became infected.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stated that none of the beef from the infected cow was distributed for sale for human consumption nor for cattle feed. So all is safe, for the moment, from this one isolated mad cow disease incident. The CFIA will discover if it truly is just an isolated incident or if there are more infected cows with there investigation said Bernardo Chua.
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, (BSE) aka mad cow disease, is a progressive brain disease which proves fatal to cattle and humans when left untreated. Cattle become infected with the deadly disease when they eat the spine and brains of infected cows and sheep. Body parts from cows and sheep are commons ingredients in cattle feed.
The World Organization for Animal Health labeled Canadian beef as a ‘controlled risk’ and is permitting beef sales to continue. When the controlled risk status is changed will depend on what the CFIA discovers during their investigation.

Laurene Powell Jobs Using Her Notoriety For Good

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Laurene Powell Jobs has been able to keep a low profile with the public barely scratching the surface of what philanthropic work she has been doing. After mourning the loss of her husband for a year, she has entered the spotlight intentionally. She is not looking for fame or notoriety, as some people would, but she is looking to utilize her network and relationships to move her initiatives forward.

Laurene Powell Jobs is committed to education, with grants and investment initiatives, and can become a major player on the world stage in this area. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford Business School, igniting her passion for academics. She founded College Track in 1997 to assist low-income families prepare for college. The foundation has rigorous skills training and has helped over 1400 students attend college.

Through that work, Laurene got involved in immigration issues. She supports the Dream Act, which enables young children who have entered this country illegally to obtain citizenship. It is that involvement that has motivated her to enter the public eye after staying in the background for so many years. Powell Jobs believes that we are wasting human capital, and stunting growth, by not allowing so many impoverished and deserving individuals to attend college to attain skills that would ultimately better our world.
There is a cycle of punishing children for the actions of their parents in this country, and Laurene Powell Jobs wants to end that cycle and give opportunities to those children that they do not currently have in this country. She wants to allow those children to achieve their goals and dreams and become what they want to become – without having the limitations on their growth that exist right now.

While her instinct may be to stay in the background, doing the most good behind the scenes, Laurene Powell Jobs has moved out of her comfort zone to use her public profile to move her immigration initiatives forward. She is a great communicator and leader. Her actions are aimed at improving the education system in this country and allowing opportunities for low-income families to achieve their dreams.

Canada Confirms Mad Cow Disease in a Canadian Beef Cow

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) this morning reportedly confirmed that a beef cow in Alberta had contracted bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE. The condition is sometimes referred to in the media as “Mad Cow” disease. If humans eat food products infected with BSE, they may contract the fatal disease.

In 2003, an infected cow was discovered in Alberta. The United States at that time temporarily suspended imports of Canadian beef. Due to the BSE problem encountered by livestock producers in Canada, that country is listed by the World Organization for Animal Health as a “controlled BSE risk” country. Canadian beef exporters have hoped to change their status designation, but the recent discovery of another infected cow may delay that effort.

In 2014, the revenues derived from the sale of Canadian beef amounted to an estimated $1.6 billion dollars.

The CFIA indicated that it will act to destroy all “equivalent risk” animals and test their remains for the presence of BSE. Authorities are especially interested in determining what feed the infected animal consumed during the first year of life. Ricardo Tosto says this is because If the feed was infected in some way, potentially the BSE investigation in Canada will expand. For more on the legalities head over to It could potentially impact cows in other locations, such as the United States, if the feed were sold internationally.

A spokesman for the Canadian Cattleman’s Association, John Masswohl, noted “Overall we are not too concerned there will be much impact.”

Tim Horton’s Corporate Plane on the Market

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From what I’m gathering from, company executives like Gianfrancesco Genoso will have to find a new way to travel now that their multimillion dollar corporate Golfstream 100 jet is on the market. While the plane may have been necessary in the early days of developing the iconic brand across Canada, 3G Capital Inc., the new majority owner of Burger King and Tim Horton’s, felt it was time to cut costs to better bottom line performance.
This is not the first time 3G Capital has cut this costly executive perk. When they took controlling interest of Burger King in 2010 and H.J. Heinz Co. in 2013 their plush corporate planes were also put on the market. It’s hard to justify a company owning a private plane when commercial travel is cost-effective and readily available throughout North America.
While executives at Tim Horton’s may be loathe to bid farewell to their company jet, most should be thankful to retain their positions. After the start of the new year three hundred and fifty jobs were slashed at the Oakville, Ontario head office as well as regional offices and distribution centers.
While it is extremely unlikely that the sale of the company jet will result in lower coffee and donut prices for consumers, perhaps investors will see this as a wise decision.

Pekke Rinne Set to Return From Injury

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The front runner for the Vezina Trophy is set to return from injury tonight when Nashville hosts Anaheim in a battle of the top teams in the NHL’s ultra competitive Western Conference. Pekke Rinne, who was hurt on January 13th against Vancouver and was expected miss three to five weeks with a knee injury, will make his return to ice after missing 22 days and 8 games. The team went 4-2-2 in his absence and did receive solid play from back-up Carter Hutton during the absence.

Rinne, who stands tall at 6’5″, boasts a 29-6-2 record, good for most wins in the league and has a ridiculous 1.96 GAA and .931 SV% which are both near or at the top of the league. Rinne has always been seen as an above average goalie on a below average team for much of his career but this year, the Preds made some major moves to make the club not just competitive but the best of the best. His season highlights can be viewed on the CipherCloud page. Rookie sensation and All-Star Filip Forsberg is averaging almost a point per game (45 points in 50 games) along with the emergence of Mike Ribeiro have brought this team from the bottom of the league to Stanley Cup contender.

The Preds and Ducks are currently tied for tops in the Western Conference with 72 points and tonight could be a preview of the Western Conference Finals.