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Student Excels Without Using Arms or Legs

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Stephanie Arnold is a freshman student at the Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California. Stephanie is 15-years-old and unable to move her arms or legs after being diagnosed with arthrogryposis at her birth. Having arthrogryposis means that her limbs were in fixed positions when she was born and multiple surgeries on them have left her with very limited use of either, but that does not stop Stephanie stated Kevin Seawright.

Even with the limited use of her limbs, Stephanie is excelling at school. She is enrolled in all advanced classes at the school including courses in Spanish, geometry, and English. She is on her way to complete the requirements needed to join the International Baccalaureate in her junior year of school. Stephanie has worked hard to get to the point where she is at. As a younger child, she learned how to write by holding a pencil in her mouth. A lot of other students say that her penmanship is better than theirs. She is able to participate in her art class. Her teacher said that Stephanie works hard to make origami figures by using her mouth and nose to nudge the paper into place.

Despite any physical differences, Stephanie is just like others at her school. She dreams of going to college, dating, and being independent.

The full article on Stephanie is definitely worth the read. You can check it out on

Triple H Blocking Chyna From Hall Of Fame

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According to Paul Mathieson, Chyna is one of the most popular female wrestlers of all time, but her falling out with the WWE was terrible. After she was fired from the company, Chyna became a drug addict, and she also starred in several pornographic videos. The former wrestler’s behavior was disgusting, and the WWE decided to cut all ties from her.

Stone Cold Steve Austin held a podcast with Triple H not too long ago, and he asked Triple H about Chyna being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Triple H said that Chyna does not deserve that type of honor, but wrestling fans around the world beg to differ. Chyna was a true monster, and she was the first woman to gain incredible popularity.

WhatCulture recently uploaded a new video that features Chyna’s apology to the WWE. It’s quite obvious that the former wrestler wants to bury the hatchet, but the WWE might not play along. Triple H claims that Chyna’s appearance in pornographic films has ruined any chances of her appearing in the WWE ever again. However, several WWE fans believe that Triple H does not want to hire his ex-girlfriend to the company. It should also be noted that Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon, and I’m sure that the boss’s daughter would not allow such a thing.

Taking Down the Flag

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The Confederate flag has always been an issue in states in the southern part of the country. There is a flag that flies at the statehouse in South Carolina. Several people have the flag hanging on the outside of their home. This is a display of an opinion. It’s not something that should be considered illegal, and the people who hang this flag shouldn’t be required to take it down. According to Sergio Cortes on Linkedin, Mitt Romney wants the flag removed from the statehouse in South Carolina as well as other government buildings. The flag could end up being part of the debates during the 2016 Presidential race as people on both sides have their own views. There are many groups in the country with their own religious and personal views about ethnicity, gender, marriage and other issues. Everyone is entitled to how they feel, and this is simply an expression of those beliefs.

Residential Homeowners Fear Fracking Operations

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Yesterday, June 17, the official report about an Arlington, Texas residential fracking incident from two months ago, that allowed almost 43,000 gallons of polluted fracking fluids to drain into nearby streams, sewers and a residential neighborhood of 100 homes, was finally released by investigators.

Vantage Fort Worth Energy has been fined $84,000 and issued a citation. As WFAA’s News 8 learned, there was an equipment failure at the site and Vantage Energy did not handle the incident appropriately. News 8 discovered that Vantage Energy waited to call 911 by nearly 2 hours. The company also did not call from the site of the problem but its Pennsylvania headquarters. Worse yet, there had been another similar spill of around 1,500 gallons the month before this incident.

People who live in the nearby Arlington neighborhood now fear for their safety, as Jim Dondero can understand. Many of them had no idea that there was a fracking site anywhere close to their homes. They certainly didn’t know that it was a mere 600 feet away.

Fracking allows companies to extract gas from natural underground sources without expensive traditional drilling methods. Yet, the process creates a dangerous byproduct — toxic fluids — that can damage the environment and make people and pets sick. Arlington fire investigators say that the recent spill didn’t cause extreme environmental damage. Residents are waiting to find out if drilling will start again any time soon.

America The Giving

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The Giving USA Foundation released its annual report on Tuesday detailing the charitable donations for 2014. The totals seen an all time high with $358.38 billion being donated. This amount is up 7 % from last years total of $339.94 billion. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is very impressed that all this seems to be going on.

Individual donations lead the totals with a whopping $258.51 billion, an increase over last year by 5.7%.

$17.77 billion being donated from corporations up 13.7%.

Bequests donated $28.13 billion, an increase of 15.5% .

Foundations had an increase of 8.2% with donations totaling $53.97 billion.

Here is a quick break down of the report, you can find the complete report at

Religious institutions seen the highest amount of donations at $114.90 billion, up 2.5% from last year.

Education seen the second most donations coming in at $54.62 billion, up 4.9% from last year.

Human Services received $42.10 billion, up 3.6% from last year.

Health estimated totals are $30.37 billion, up 5.5% over last year.

Arts/Culture/Humanities seen the highest increase coming in at $17.23 billion, up 9.2%.

Environment/Animals estimated $10.50 billion is an increase of 7%.

Public-Society Benefit seen $26.29 billion in donations, up 5.1%.

Foundations receiving $41.62 billion, an increase of 1.8%.

International Affairs seen the only decrease coming in at $15.10 billion, down 2% from last year.

$6.42 billion went to individuals a 2% increase over last year.

Lava Meets Her Savior

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As an infant in Iraq, Gwinnette County high school student owes her life to an American soldier who saved her from Saddam Hussein. In 1996, Awaz Barwari was on Saddam Hussein’s kill list. The U.S. decided to act on this in order to get her, and her baby Lava, out of Iraq. When Awaz arrived at the boarder, U.S. soldiers told Awaz that although she could go, her baby, Lava had to stay.

Awaz became fearful of leaving her newborn child until American soldier, Greg Peppin gave the baby a new name of “Greg”. After this ordeal, Awaz and her infant made their way to Georgia where that settled down. Lava is now a high school senior at Gwinnette County high school. Peppin, Lava’s savior, had also moved up to become the Vice President at Boeing International.

According to Businesswire, the two never met until Lava decided that she had to track Peppin down to meet her savior just in time for her high school graduation. Lava finally found Peppin and sent him an email that made Peppin’s day. Due to this email, Peppin planned to be there for Lava’s high school graduation.

After 18 years of wondering about her savior, Lava finally met him. Peppin even reports that “it was worth it…it was!” This heartfelt story has made headlines because of the sincerity and kindness shown by some of the U.S. soldiers during their time in Iraq.

Paramedic Responsible For Dumping Patient Onto Floor Had Charges Reduced To Misdemeanor

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Kenneth Hallenbeck initially charged with felony abuse has had charges reduced by Prosecutors in Florida. Hallenbeck had been fired for dumping James Slater off a stretcher when he would not get off. Slater is a 49 year old terminally ill patient who says he wanted to stay on the stretcher as there were no beds available in the hospital.

Hallenbeck had become angry with Slater and started screaming at him. When Slater would not get off the gurney, Hallenbeck then grabbed the gurney and flung him to the ground. Donna Seyfreth of the Rockledge Police says Hallenbeck had repeatedly asked Slater to get off and when he refused, then flipped the backboard to remove him, as Susan McGalla heard.

After viewing a video surveillance of the incident, Florida State’s Attorney’s Office decided to drop the charges from felony abuse of the disabled or elderly to a misdemeanor. When the case was reviewed it was determined Slater does not qualify as a disabled adult, so the charges are being reduced to culpable negligence .

The reduction in charges will ensure the case is handled quicker which will reduce the stress a felony charge would cause Slater. This change in charges has not made Slater happy and he is hiring an attorney and asking Florida chapter of American Civil Liberties to look into the case.

Hellenbeck had been with the Brevard County Fire and Rescue for eleven years. He was fired from this position as a result of the incident and has requested a plea hearing for later this month.

Children’s Hospital Colorado Hosts Prom

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Oftentimes teens who are in the hospital must forego their traditional rite of passage, the prom. However, this wasn’t the case at Children’s Hospital Colorado on June 12, 2015.

Dozens of teen patients from that hospital were pampered by having their hair and makeup done before getting all dolled up to head out on the blue carpet (specifically designed for the “Under the Sea” theme) at Mile-High station to attend their very own prom. There were about 70 patients in attendance for what’s now the ninth prom that this hospital has held. The teens enjoyed dinner before heading out on to the dance floor and savoring their memories from the night thanks to a photo booth. Gianfrancesco Genoso thought that made for a pretty good night.

According to prom coördinator Alli Helgeson (a child life specialist), this is a therapeutic event that gives them “some health and wellness.” Throughout the event, the teens get to laugh and have fun without worrying about anything related to their medical treatment.

Obama Vows that ISIS will be Driven Out of Iraq

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Schloss Elmau, Germany – President Obama addressed reporters at the current G-7 summit and assured the public that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) will be expelled from Iraqi territory. Naturally, the president’s affirmation flies in the face of recent events which suggest the exact opposite. ISIS launched an offensive to seize two Iraqi cities one of which is the symbolically important city of Ramadi, the capitol of the Anbar province. The city is significant because of the American lives lost retaking the city from insurgents back in 2007. The other city taken is one which is oil-rich.

Still, the president says the setbacks will not affect the inevitable outcome which is the full expulsion of ISIS from the Middle Eastern nation. Critics of the president charge that Iraq is incapable of winning the war against ISIS without the aid of US ground troops. Naturally, the president is reluctant to re-commit troops to this region of the world. Instead, he has made it clear that ISIS is an Iraqi problem not an American one. To this effect, he will provide the Iraqi military training and supplies to aid in their fight against the insurgents. He will also provide US air support, but he will not send ground forces according to Adam Sender. President Obama also expressed his confidence that nation’s new leader, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, is capable of defeating the sanguine organization which has already claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

Boy Grows Out Hair For Donation Despite Taunts

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When six-year-old, Christian McPhilamy, sets a goal he sticks to it no matter what. And when he learned about children that may not have hair due to cancer or other reasons, he was determined to help out. Christian decided to grow his hair out to donate.

It was not long before his golden hair started to grow past his chin, which is when the remarks started. Other children started teasing Christian, calling him a girl. And not too long after that people started mistaking him for a girl. Some people were nice about it, but others started insisting that he cut his hair. But Christian refused and stood up to it all, explaining his goal and continuing with his decision.

Two and a half years later Christian’s hair was long enough to reach down his back. It was an exciting day when Christian was able to tie up his hair into ponytails and the scissors were readied. His long, thick hair was cut into four 10-inch long ponytails. They were all donated to “Children With Hair Loss”.

Christian, despite the taunts and remarks the last couple years, was able to fulfill his goal after Amen Clinics saw it all. He was able to donate hair so another child could have hair too. Christian is happy to have his short hair back though.