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The Amazingly Versatile Business Organization And Technology Expert Shaygan Kheradpir

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Business and technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir is an incredible talent. His ability to solve many of the problems that have plagued well-known businesses has earned him the reputation as a real difference maker. The son of a doctor that specialized in ear, nose, and throat ailments, Kheradpir is often called in to heal businesses of their ills. Those companies have included Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. Kheradpir is respected because he always gets the job done.

Shaygan Kheradpir has an international background. Born in London, raised in Iran, and educated in Switzerland and the United States, he has shown that language and culture is not a barrier to business success. After earning a bachelors, masters, and PhD from Cornell University in electrical engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir on houzz has taken the business world by storm. He has been able to help every company with which he has worked to develop and deploy new technology, streamline their operations, and increase their bottom line.

Right out of college he took a job with Verizon. While holding the position of CIO/CTO, he led a 7,000 person technical team which supported Verizon’s IT systems and developed and deployed FiOS, Iobi, Verizon One and a host of other new products. Kheradpir also improved the way the company used its IT assets, increased the automation of its systems, was president of its e-business section, increased outsourcing to India, and negotiated with Verizon’s vendors to reduce the company’s spending by 30 percent during his 11 years there.

Kheradpir left Verizon and was hired as Chief Operating Officer of Barclays in 2011. During his two years there he had a meaningful impact on the company. He helped with the creation of Barclays’ Pingit mobile money system along with its Transform program. That led Barclays to promote Kheradpir and name him their Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Kheradpir had such an important impact on the company that they made him the first technology executive to become a part of the Barclays executive team in the global retail and business bank’s history.

In 2014 Shaygan Kheradpir became Juniper Networks’ Chief Executive Officer. While he only stayed with the company until November of that year, the impact he had on the firm was profound and far reaching. His key role was to create an Integrated Operating Plan. The plan enabled Juniper Networks to allay the concerns of the company’s most vocal investors. The most important components of the plan were to buy back stock, reduce operating expenses, and increase the size of the dividends that investors received. Kheradpir has since cut ties with the company and in 2015 he became CEO of Coriant.

Shaygan Kheradpir has also shared his skills, vision, and expertise with a number of other organizations. He was a member of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology’s board from 2010 until 2013. Many people call the organization the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology. Kheradpir is also a long-time member of the prestigious engineering council at Cornell University.

Madison Street Capital Investors Feel An Element Of Safety In Bonds

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The stock market took a beating recently, but it has made a major comeback, according to Anthony Marsala, the chief operating officer of the Chicago-based investment firm Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital wears several investment hats. Company executives are financial advisors, as well as merger and acquisition specialists. Madison Street Capital also arranges appropriate financing, and they create investment structures for clients that optimize earning potential.

A number of smart investors moved their money from stocks to bonds when the market took a nose dive and that was an excellent move in the short-term, according to Mr. Marsala. Marsala said that when the stock market did recover the bond market did not drop, and that says a lot about the investors that are enjoying the safety of the bond market. Even though the S&P 500 gained 100 points in a couple of days, bond investors didn’t budge. Mr. Marsala said in 2014, those same investors would have move back to the stock market in a flash, but there is too much fear in the market for that to happen in 2015. The bond market is sending investors a message, and Marsala thinks they should listen. The message is stocks are high risks in the short term, and there is safety in bonds.

But the strong bond market is not just a side-effect of the stock market. The disappointing unemployment number played a role it bond strength and so did the news that the Feds were not raising interest rates. Smart investors like Mr. Marsala know now is not the time to go running back to the stock market even though it is running strong.

Madison Street Capital bond investors are the smartest investors in the world, according to Mr. Marsala. Marsala says that because those investors invest more money and are more focused on their financial objectives. He thinks a number of stock market investors don’t focus on the big picture for the most part.

Analyzing market trends like the stock and bond variations that are occurring is just one of the services Madison Street Capital provides. The international investment firm has a diversified portfolio that includes assets all over the world. CEO Charles Botchway thinks investors should be looking at Mexico and India if they want to dabble in the risky emerging market investment world. Botchway also thinks there are opportunities for mergers and acquisitions in those markets and Madison Street Capital is studying those opportunities.

Unique Skout Tips For Online Dating

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For people who have just been introduced to online dating via Skout, it is enough to say that following the Skout blog is probably the best thing they can do. Beginners should also remember that Skout is a dating app for building long term relationships with people – romantic or otherwise. As such, the rules of Skout are slightly different from other dating apps where romantic relationships are the priority. People who have been dating for a while and are comfortable with the basics of online dating love Skout for its simplicity. Skout has a lot to offer to people in terms of online dating. Here are some tips to follow –

Know What The Other Person Wants – It is easy to know the other person’s “type” after going through their extensive Skout profile on skoutorganic. It reveals a lot about what they look for in a friend or partner. It can also be a great tool for knowing who to interact with and who to give a pass. Fabricating your personality to seem desirable to someone is never a great idea because it causes problems down the road. Instead, Skouters should try to connect with people who are looking for someone like them instead of pretending to be someone they are not.

Teasing/Sarcasm Should Be Used Carefully – Sarcasm and light teasing can be extremely attractive for the right people but online, there are no ways to read facial expressions and understand someone’s body language. There are only the words they type. That’s why teasing should be used after much care because many a times, people tend to take offence to things that are said to them jokingly. This doesn’t mean that people have to be formal with each other but the line between teasing and insulting is quite thin and it should be treated with caution.

Creepiness Isn’t Attractive – Any Skouter would confirm that getting back to back messages, especially the ones that seem too eager and stalker-like are extremely off-putting. No one wants to be friends with a stalker and people would run as far away as possible from a person who seems like one. Some things that give the impression of a creep are – constant messaging, sending phone number as the opening message, and pressurizing someone to reveal personal details even after repeated denials.

The Profile Picture Is Everything – A bad profile picture is a deal breaker. A good one, on the other hand, is guaranteed to give people a chance to a first conversation with someone they like. There are some obvious rules of a profile pic on Skout – choose the best picture. A few not-so-obvious rules include one amazing one – choose a picture that is candid. Smiling pictures are great and smiling heartily, with teeth, is recommended because it gives the impression of an open personality. Outdoor pictures are also amazing where people can be seen having fun.

Skout can be extremely fun and fulfilling when it is used in the right way and the abovementioned tips would help with that.

Secret To The Success of John Textor

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John Textor is a California-based entrepreneur in the film and visual media and his name is not new to people in the industry. He has crossed the boundaries of the world and made it a shrinking place with his innovation. Almost all of his projects have been hailed in the industry as groundbreaking. So, what is the secret behind the success of John Textor?

Thinking Outside The Box – This might sound cliched but innovation is everything in the visual media industry. John Textor has continuously pushed the boundaries and has come up with projects that have made everyone stop in their tracks and take notice. He has done this by thinking outside the box but still honoring tradition. For instance, when he brought Michael Jackson back in a posthumous show, he knew that the fans of the King of Pop would love everything to be as natural and realistic as possible. He finished the project keeping a hint of nostalgia in the background and this balance between innovation and tradition has led to his success.

Creative Assignments – John Textor is a firm believer of the fact that people should love their jobs in order to be efficient at what they do. This is why he only works on projects that interest him the most. He is extremely passionate about his work and only okays something when he puts himself in the shoes of his audience. He has achieved this level of success by loving everything his does and this also allows him to put his heart and soul into his projects. From the “Pirates of the Caribbean” to his latest ventures, he has enjoyed working in visual media.

Having Fun – No matter how much a person likes their job, they need some time off to keep loving it. This is why John Textor is a strong believer in relaxing and not being too much of a workaholic. He regularly spends time with his friends and family, takes holidays, and finds the time to pursue his hobbies. His travels also inspire creativity in him which he translates into his projects.

Benjamin Button is one of his most famous characters and John Textor did such a great work on this character with his team that a lot of people are unaware that it wasn’t a real actor playing the part of the older looking Button in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

How Does The Skout Travel Feature Help Adventurers?

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Skout is an image-based social media application where users can meet new friends, flirt with new companions and find assistance while traveling. The new travel feature is a welcome part of the Skout app for those who prefer to travel without plans. Skout’s large social network assists travelers every day, and this article explains how the travel feature works while someone is on the road.

#1: Finding A Place To Stay

Young people an college students love traveling, but the youngest of all travelers are not flush with cash that will make traveling simple. Skout’s travel feature allows users to meet people who can offer a room or place to stay. The hostel lifestyle has been turned on its head by the Skout on, and the travel features in Skout help people find places to stay that cost little or nothing every night. Staying in someone’s home is much safer than staying in a hostel, and users will new friends in every stop along their route.

#2: Creating Personal Tours

Travelers without an itinerary can use their Skout friends to create tours of local attractions without spending money. A new friend will show travelers around the area, and a new friend may be the same person who offers a place to stay at night. Personal tours are more exciting than tours that are worth several hundred dollars, and personal tours are more memorable when taken with a new friend.

#3: Travel Recommendations

Travel recommendations from locals are more reliable than anything a travel could read in a guide. Local friends met on Skout will help their traveling companions find fun things to do. The locals know which places to go, and the locals know when to go to their favorite locations. A travel who wants to save time will do much better under the care of a local met on Skout.

#4: Transportation

Travelers who land in foreign countries often need a ride to their next destination, and there are many friends on Skout who have their own vehicles. Catching a ride with a new friend on Skout is much cheaper than hailing a taxi, and a bis ticket is more expensive than riding in the car with a new friend from Skout. Travelers who want to cut down on their travel costs will find new transportation options in every city through their Skout friends.

#5: Keep Your Pen Pals

Travelers who make friends on the road can keep up with their new friends using the Skout app. Skout wanted their app to work much like a modern system for pen pals, and the system itself makes much more sense than sending a letter or an email. Every user on Skout is able to communicate with their friends at any time, and a traveler with new friends all over the world can keep in touch with a touch of the screen.

The Skout application turns travel into a simple task with their new travel features. Finding help overseas is simple using Skout, and new friends made abroad become friends for life.

Bruce Levenson: An NBA Team Owner and Businessman

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Earlier this year, in April, the Atlanta Hawks were sold to entrepreneur Antony Ressler for approximately $850 million. The previous principal owner, Bruce Levenson, put the basketball team on the market in January. To handle the process of the sale, the Hawks hired two companies for assistance: Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports.

Bruce Levenson, as a businessman and as someone who used to own an NBA team, is a philanthropist as well. As previously mentioned, he jointly owned the Atlanta Hawks before recently selling the team in 2015. The Hawks primarily play in the Philips Arena, in Atlanta, Georgia. This indoor arena serves many purposes, opening in 1999. The Phillips Arena replaced the Omni Coliseum. Levenson was also an active member of the NBA Governors, serving as the Hawks’ Governor. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up very close to where he was born, just over the line of Maryland. He attended undergrad at Washington University before returning closer to home to attend law school at American University.

In 1977, prior to jointly owning the Hawks, Levenson co-founded United Communications Group. Started this company on a very small basis in his apartment, Levenson began with publishing a newsletter on the developments of the oil industry. Levenson acquired different newsletters and created oil price databases for people to be able to use to track the varying price of oil. United Communications Group is currently a privately held company specializing in data, news and analysis for several business sectors. Some of these include healthcare, mortgage, technology, telecommunications and energy.

While growing his company, Levenson of joined a group of businessmen who together owned both the Atlanta Hawks team and the Phillips Arena. The purchase of this business also included the ice hockey team, the Atlanta Thrashers, but the businessmen ended up selling the NHL team.

In 2012, Levenson hired a general manager for the Atlanta Hawks. He chose Danny Ferry and also named him the president of the operations of the team. Before working for the Hawks, Ferry was a member of the basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he also acted as the general manager. He had also held an important position with the San Antonio Spurs earlier in his career.

In 2014, Levenson announced his plans to the public to sell his share of the ownership group. Outside of the NBA, Levenson is involved with philanthropy. He has been an active participant in many organizations like the Community Foundation in Washington and a foundation called the Hoop Dreams Foundation.

Growing up Jewish, Levenson is now a founding donor to the Holocaust Museum. He funds the Museum’s program called “Bringing the Lessons Home,” which teaches inner city children about the Holocaust, while also training them to work at the museum in the future. Levenson supports several other Jewish causes like Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.

In 2013, Levenson was one of 100 American Jews who wrote to Benjamin Netanyahu, trying to get him to work with John Kerry to create sensible initiatives that are consistent with the need to keep Israel secure.

Bruce Levenson Contribution to NBA Team

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Bruce Levenson according to, a former NBA team owner is an American businessman and philanthropist. Levenson attended Washington University and later graduated
from the law school which he pursued at American University. He was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC and a co-founder United Communications Group.He is currently on the Board of Directors for the publicly traded Tech Target, which is an Information Technology media company. He was an adviser for BIA Digital Partners and served on the Board of Directors for Association of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers. Levenson is an active participant in various philanthropic organizations which include; Community Foundation in Washington, Hoop Dreams Foundation, U.S Holocaust Museum, Seed Foundation and Seeds of Peace. He has also served as president of Washington chapter known as I Have a Dream Foundation.

Levenson supports various Jewish causes which include Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation, and BBYO. In April 2013, He was listed among the top 100 prominent American Jews who sent a letter to Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu urging him to work with Secretary of State John Kerry closely in order to devise more pragmatic initiatives that will be consistent with Israel’s security needs. That move would ensure Israel’s readiness to make territorial sacrifices for the sake of peace.

Back in October, Bruce Levenson hired Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to do the selling of the Atlanta Hawks to Philips Arena of which they made a profit by twenty seven percent though by overselling. The Hawk bankers may have dissuaded other bidders hence leaving some money on the table.Bruce Levenson and Gearon purchased the NHL Thrashers and the Hawk in the year 2004 for two hundred and fifty million dollar together their operational rights. In the year 2011, they sold the NHL Thrashers at one hundred and seventy million dollars.

Hawk was considered having lengthy playoffs after it clinched top position in the Eastern conference. Ressler made his comment saying that he felt honored having been chosen to be the steward of the hawks. He said that he respected the decision that was made by the National basket association adding that he wished the Hawks success in their playoffs. Ressler is said to have wished to buy the Los Angeles clippers but his request was canceled by his group saying that they were not willing to go for the offer.

Michael Georan announced his will to sell his share which covered a significant part in Hawk. In the year 2014,Levenson accompanied the Hawk to US together with his wife Karen Boyarsky. Hawk managed to win the franchise record sixty games which made them to appear at the top seed though they were ranked seventeenth considering their attendance per game. National television and other local televisions deals will come together and help the financial situation in franchise. This will lead to more owners to attract more investment from more than five hundred companies which might be fortunate to be successful. Levenson is currently being involved in banking of an investment firm to help sell the team.

The Inspiration Behind The Aspire

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Boraie Development has introduced The Aspire luxury apartments. The 17 story apartments are within close proximity to the New Brunswick Train Station, which makes it is easy for people to access Manhattan and Philadelphia easily. The 238 housing developments including two bedroom, one bedroom and studio apartments are making New Brunswick hit the headlines for the right reasons.
The finished units have a splendid view of the town with some units having balconies and private patios. Every housing unit has wall-to-wall carpeting in all the bedrooms. Other facilities that give The Aspire a competitive advantage are the enormous windows and floors that are made of hardwood. The gourmet kitchens are not devoid of stainless steel appliances, washers and dryers, quartz counter tops and custom made cabinets. The baths have been designed with a lot of care in terms of exquisite finishing luxury, armed with designer fixtures, porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles made of ceramic surrounding the shower and tubs.
In addition, the units have high speed internet, gas powered heating system and cable television. The social butterflies are not left out. A roof deck is well equipped with an electric barbecue. A luxury lounging area has a pool table, a dining table that fits 12 people, catering kitchen and a number of flat screen televisions. A management, on site crew and a 24-hour door attendant, serves the complex.
Fitness lovers are fully catered for with the residential gym is full of state of the art equipment that can be accessed at anytime. The charges of using the gym are included in the rent. Bikers have their indoor bike storage area. There is a service elevator that connects the parking area to the lobby. The central location of The Aspire makes it accessible to schools, restaurants, hospitals, theaters and other social recreational areas.
The Aspire project has brought the Boraie Development LLC firm in the spotlight. Boraie Development is a family run business that has been in the forefront of changing and developing New Jersey. Having been a key player in the New Jersey real estate, the firm has developed New Brunswick and other major areas within New Jersey. Boraie Development also acts as a real estate firm that handles retail, commercial and residential properties. The firm has managed to change the landscape of New Jersey through innovative products
The company dabbles in refurbishing of buildings and turning them into high-end properties. When the Boraie Development was established, New Jersey was insecure with many rundown and dilapidated buildings but the corporation saw potential in New Jersey and set out to buy, redevelop and resell the properties. Other services offered by the company include maintenance, leasing and accounting services. The entity offers its different functions with the view of enhancing the lives of the people living in New Jersey.

Advertising with the Use of Phone Books

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Noticias shows us that phone books used to be one of the most effective ways to advertise. Many large companies used to advertise in the yellow pages. The listings often included a number where the company could be reached in case there was a need for one of the services that was being offered. In phone books, there were also spaces for white page listings. Since the white pages came after the yellow pages, they cost less than the yellow pages. Companies made healthy profits from phone book advertising when phone books were very common. While there are phone books still being made, companies could still profit from that medium.

Even with phone book advertising, the company has to be creative in order to present the selling points of the company, the business, the products and the services being offered. Time constraints often make it hard for companies to advertise their product. Also, companies may stay away from having their own advertising division due to it not being very practical. They instead look at hiring professional advertisers to do the work. They look at the biggest companies that have a great traffic and choose their advertiser based on their credentials, experience and examples of their work.

Among the advertisers that have been most utilized is Claudio Loureiro Heads. Heads Propaganda is full of people that are passionate about advertising for a company. Claudio Loureiro is especially passionate about spreading awareness not just about the product itself, but the way it works and how excited people are to use the product. He knows how to translate that excitement to the phone book. He uses the best imagery he could use and makes sure that it is optimized for the phone book so that the customer can be excited for the product. He not only does the work for yellow page listing, but also for white page listings.

Phone books are still a viable source of advertising, but with the advancement of mobile phones, tablets, mobile internet and other forms of media, they are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Less people are using phone books and more are using and relying on mobile phone apps and Internet ads in order to get information on the products that are available and coming up. In this case, people are coming up with ways to advertise for those users. With each technological advancement, advertisements become more creative.

Bruce Levenson No Longer Owner of the Atlanta Hawks

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Owning a professional sports team is a time consuming activity. It requires a considerable amount of money, time and energy to do so. It is why most teams are either owned by a group of people or why the owner of the team brings in a CEO, manager and other professionals who can handle the daily operations of the team and simply go to the owner for approval of different moves, transactions and activities to take place inside of the stadium or arena. However, for individuals who are successful with the owning of the team, it can prove profitable and exciting. Now, most executives do not purchase teams to become profitable necessarily. While making money is desirable, not all franchises make money. Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, did make a considerable amount of money, especially with the recent sale of the team. Now, while he no longer owns the team, he did have a rather successful run, especially of late, with managing the team and improving upon its performance.

Buying Professional Teams

When Bruce Levenson according to purchased the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, he didn’t just by the NBA team but he also purchased the Atlanta Thrashers, the city’s NHL affiliate. Both teams played in the same arena, so the purchase also came packed with the sports arena. Bruce purchased everything for around a quarter of a billion dollars in total. For two different sports teams and an arena, this is a favorable purchase. Now, Atlanta is not seen as a major market. It is more of a middle-tier market. The Atlanta metro area is one of the larger metros in the country (when looking at just the city itself, Atlanta is one of the smallest cities to have major professional teams located there). However, outside of the metro area, there is not a large following for Atlanta teams. Teams based out of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and other larger cities and larger states can boast a major market and have a built in following. Bruce had to essentially create a following, which is exactly what he did.

Selling the Team

While he did create a larger demand for the Hawks (he sold off the Thrashers several years earlier), he decided that he wanted to focus specifically on other business related jobs and requirements. So, over the past offseason, he did sell the team. However, he made a substantial amount of money with the team’s sale. While he purchased the two professional teams and the arena for a quarter of a billion dollars, he sold the Hawks alone for around $850 million with the area. When combined with the sale of the Thrashers a few years prior, the total sale figures are higher than $1 billion, which netted Bruce Levenson over $750 million between when he purchased the team and when he sold the teams. This is just off of the purchase and sale as well. He did make money over the course of owning the team as well.