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Yeonmi Park’s Long Road Retold

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In her new book, “In Order To Live”, Yeonmi Park describes the struggles she and her mother went through fleeing to freedom. Park was born in North Korea, a country known for inhumane treatment of its citizens. However at a tender age of 13, something happened that would change the course of her life. This is what she narrates in her latest book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom”.

She starts off by giving a brief history of her family life before October 2007, more of which you can see on Facebook. She writes that she was born to a family of civil servants and lived a pretty privileged life unlike most of her fellow citizens. However, in early October 2007, her father was arrested and charged with smuggling metal to China.

This event marked a turning point in her life, and she’s hit back at the government ever since. With the father in prison and branded the family of a convict, her mother understood the only solution then was to run. The only place in mind was China especially being residents of Hyesan, a city near the border of North Korea and China.

The government, however, understood the living conditions of its citizens would force them to immigrate to neighboring countries. It had therefore, deployed guards along the borders with a shoot on sight order for these Emigrants. This compromised her crossing to China and had to cross through the river border.

On the other side of the border, Park and her mother met up with human traffickers, an ordeal she never would have imagined. To save her parents, she had to become the mistress to an individual who promised her father’s release.

She goes on to narrate that when her father joined them in China, he was taken ill and diagnosed with colon cancer. He died and was buried in China. Faced with this loss, Park and her mother had to be on the move again. They crossed the Gobi desert in the dead of the night and then went through Mongolia to South Korea where she is currently going with her studies.

At only 21 years of age, Park is currently a human rights activist for people of North Korea but based in South Korea. She joins hundreds of exiled North Koreans in the South branded as defectors who are constantly fighting against the dictatorship of the North Korean government.

This is a story of undying hope that she continuously shares at world forums about change and human rights. This includes the recently concluded One Young World convection. She has also written articles for different world newspapers such as the Washington Post and The Guardian on issues concerning human rights. Buy the book on Amazon before its release.

The Motivational Tweets, Speeches and Writings of Vijay Eswaran

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Everything that Vijay Eswaran does seems to be linked to motivating other people. He no longer has anything to prove in the business world. He has made millions and he has been able to become one of the richest businessman men in all of Malaysia. He is a positive force that manages to build a lot of different spiritual road maps for people that are on a quest for greatness. He motivates through his tweets, speeches and writings. He is a CEO that leads his own company, but he influences millions of people all over the world.

I have seen many of his tweets and there is a half and half split between what Vijay Eswaran tweets about. He will tweet about business matters and conferences, but this is just half of his online presence in social media. On the other side he has motivating people by tweeting about the things that will allow him to inspire others. I have received many motivational tweets from him during my typical workday. I have been inspired to follow him because he is one of the most positive people on Twitter. I am astounded that someone as wealthy as Vijay Eswaran would take the time to give tidbits of knowledge to those up and coming entrepreneurs. This is a small portion of his giving spirit where he gives back with inspiring quotes. Some of the quotes are passed on from other wise men, but many of these thought provoking quotes are original statements from Vijay Eswaran. That makes it essential to follow him on Twitter because I know that I may not see these particular quotes surface anywhere else.

Over the years I have witnessed the way that Vijay Eswaran has grown. He has become this powerful leader that still gets the work done with a gentle spirit. This is incredible because there are so many people that are considered stern in the business world. It has often taught that an effect leader is one that is stern. This just has not proven to be the case with Vijay Eswaran. He has proven that you can have a gentle spirit and still inspire a massive crowd. His writings have also been something that inspires a lot of people that don’t even know about his QNet company. He has taken the time to help people stay inspired by sharing his own stories. This is one of the most effective ways to reach people that may be trying to start a business. Most people remember the failures. Few people are going to remember someone that did not have any hardships in their rise to success. Eswaran has had failures and he has commented on hardships. Vijay Eswaran is a well known businessman and executive.

Useful information on a businesswoman

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There have been efforts from the government and NGOs to advocate for the rights of women globally. This includes the participation of women in the economic systems for equitable development. Today such engagements have brought a lot of changes in the business world as women are becoming more engaged in entrepreneurial activities. Any woman who wishes to become a successful businesswoman, she should know a few things.

Susan McGalla is a business consultant to many customers on management, branding, operation efficiency, marketing and much more. She was brought up by parents who at all times encouraged her to present her ideas in a better way regardless of the audience. She has been comfortable working with both men and women. This is what shaped her success. She studied at Mount Union College where she received her BA and later started her career at Joseph Horne Company. Later in 1994, she started working with the American Eagle Outfitters. This company was dominated by the male with no women on the management board or any other executive position.

Good results in any undertaking will come when the executive management has received quality training and mentorship. The people operating a company should know the current trends in the market and possible ways to adjust their operations to suit such trends. For instance, financial risk management, advertising and handling market competition.

Compliance with the state restrictions is an important aspect of business. Any successful businesswoman seeks to fulfill the requirements of the law. The products of a company should match up with what the government stipulates. It is not uncommon to find goods impounded because the producer has contravened the law.

Open-mindedness is an aspect that allows a business to open up to new challenges and redefine its strategic position in the industry. Reviews and suggestions from fellow businesswomen can help one become successful. Listening to what clients say about the products, reveals the position of a company and what needs to be done to enhance customer satisfaction.

Results of an investment may not be attainable within a day. It takes courage, patience and perseverance for one to realize tangible outcomes of a business. A businesswoman should be able to keep track of whatever she does. She should document all the expenses, stock, workers performance, proceeds and losses. In the long run, she will be able to identify her flaws and look for ways to fix them.

It is never unreasonable to seek advice from others. Before initiating sensitive reforms, a businesswoman should seek advice from other executives within the company, customers and business advisers. This way, she will have a better road map.

Women and business is a current trend globally. Women are becoming more engaged in many activities regardless of basis of gender. However, to become a better businesswoman, one needs to get adequate training, courage and support from the community. It is unreasonable not to engage in any activity just because it is thought to be of the other gender.

Citadel LLC – Building an Effective Team

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For Kenneth Griffin‘s Citadel LLC, it is the best team in place that has made it a successful company. The employee cohesiveness and ability to get their work done have been paramount in bringing awards and recognitions for Citadel in the investment industry. Team management has never been an afterthought for Citadel. The current climate for projects within this company means stress-less situations, often due to adequate planning. Many teams are handed a scope of work, time frame that are clearly defined and organized. Hence execution of these projects are easier for the teams working for this company. The teams are given chance to understand the factors fully and have their input into the planning phase. In essence, the importance of the team relationship is clearly understood in the working environment of Citadel.

The foremost steps in establishing a good relationship with teams for management has always been listening to their reviews. Citadel management makes sure that the team feedback is obtained on time and input is given for the plan’s progress. The mandated dates are dealt with meticulously and plans are centered on the team’s ability to complete the deliverables. The intended goals are achieved by following strategic techniques, activity sequencing and time estimation as well. Once the team has initial input regarding plans and goals, care is taken to see that the management is getting feedback on a regular basis and that the needed encouragement is given to the team. This also means consistently checking in with the resources and learning what the team needs to complete their tasks.

Based on these responses and reviews from teams, the management digs up more information about what issues or risks they may encounter in the future. Constructive questioning here involves more than casual conversation. Meetings are held, several questions are used, issues are identified and follow-up solutions are suggested. These techniques are helpful in creating a collaborative atmosphere within the team as well as between the team and management. There will be times when the results are better than suggested solutions. This positive outcome also breeds effective teamwork and encourages other teams to be competitive with one another.

Another step in building a strong team is to utilize the meeting and future sessions appropriately. These are supposed to be a foundation for a solid management and many companies have followed this step just like Citadel. The meetings and successive discussions have been a great way to solidify Citadel teams and build a foundation for future dealings. All things here are discussed to either improve them or avoid recurrence of issues. The goal of these discussions is to become better at executing tasks rather than discussing failures. Establishing ground rules for teams in more important than anything and Citadel has been able to accomplish this task successfully. The effective strategies are used and viewed as a team-building exercise at this company.

Eric Pulier and Computer Sciences Corporation: A Great Part in the Sum of the Whole

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Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is an American company that provides approximately 90,000 jobs throughout 70 countries. Just four years after its opening in 1959, CSC became the largest software company in the United States. They were writing system software for every major US computer manufacturer. They secured their position as a service provider in the US public sector by building a relationship with the federal government. CSC worked with the United States Department of Defense, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.

The corporation was named in the American Stock Exchange list, Forbes Global 2000 list, Software Magazine’s list of the world’s largest software and service providers, and Fortune 500 Company list. CSC strives to continue as a frontrunner in technology associated solutions and services. Still, CSC maintains a humble identity as they pursue a consistent bettering of their standards in a forever changing market.

CSC’s straightforward attitude and global community values are reflected in their well-deserved CEO Eric Pulier. Pulier served as Vice President of Cloud at CSC which has affectedly increased productivity and lowered expenses. He began programming computers in elementary school, going on to graduate with honors from Harvard where he studied English and computer science. VAR Business named him 1 of 30 e-Visionaries.

Pulier excels as an entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, public speaker, writer, and founder of over 15 companies. He’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for these establishments, some of which include Desktone, SOA Software, Media Platform, and Akana. He’s the founding donor of the ACE Foundation and XPRIZE Foundation, which research how software can accommodate the solutions to the world’s most intractable problems. The “Campaign for Free College Tuition” and Clinton Global Initiative are among others that have benefited from Pulier’s financial and personal contributions.

Through his affinity for technology, Pulier has aided disadvantaged communities and disabled children around the world. He’s been honored in Africa for the influence his efforts have had on its health care system. He also created the first program to teach people with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease as well as served on the board of The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for kids with chronic illnesses. Additionally, he worked with Starbright World, a social network that connects sick children so that they may communicate their similar hardships.
Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

Pulier was selected to build the “Bridge to the 21st Century” which commemorated Bill Clinton’s and Ale Gore’s inauguration. The exhibit featured categories such as healthcare, education, entertainment, community, family, government, space exploration, and environment to show the influence of technology on the future. Pulier’s other endeavors have shown how these prospects are important to him and the corporation he represents.

BRL Trust investment stands out in the investment market

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The firm BRL investment trust is a sovereign corporation and does not have a relationship with any financial organization. The company is the leader in the market and acts as a trustee of private liability securities and is part of almost 800 transactions with a sum of R 4.5 billion dollars in a collection. The company is a pioneering firm that gives its clients the best attention and resource for their investment finances. The BRL coordinates with the management of investment funds for them to come up with solutions that help their investors.

The firm was founded in 2005 and started its business in providing trust services in personal loans. At the final period of the year in business, BRL TRUST investment had developed to above 100 loans in which acted as prime trust, leading to fast development in the years to come. With rising demand from clients, BRL Trust initiated new business fields like administration, management, accounting, bookkeeping investment finances and custody, all the time overseeing the full separation of activities.

The firm being only ten years old, it has already recognized as one of the most paramount and trusted companies in financial services, with highest quality services offered by the most specialized experts in a commercial bazaar.

In the present day, the company is most preferred than its competitors for the reason that they improve moral matters in every condition and also getting this moral values to a discussion table. They as well see the significance of the needs of a client and the interest of the national lawful system. The objectives of the company are to cater to the needs of their customers in a protected, apparent and well-organized way.

Following the world cup occasion in 2014 which took place in Brazil, BRL Trust achieved international interest when it become a loan official for the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo.The area acquired many fans in the whole world for the first game of the contest world of FIFA. The process of maintaining the stadium was done in an ideal condition and within the set time.

By Brazil hosting the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the BRL Trust is sure of developing and good outcome in the years to come. Together with this event, investment firms like BRL Trust demonstrate an increasing growth because Brazil is going to be amongst the top 10 in the international economy of the global market. Check out BRL Trust on LinkedIn.

Brazilian companies that have amalgamated with the BRL Trust have by now started to experience good results of this joint venture because of the intensity of wellbeing for both investors and firms. Therefore, the BRL Trust assists the future development of economy for one of the best states in the world.

QNET: Offering Diverse Products And Employment Opportunities

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QNET is a multilevel marketing company founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. From its headquarters in Hong Kong the company runs a series of e-commerce websites through which they sell a range of products for home care, personal care, weight management, energy, nutrition, fashion, and luxury. The company is a subsidiary of the QI Group. The company recruits thousands of independent representatives that sell the products using multi-level marketing and direct sales techniques. The company has exploded across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The company’s sales technique is simple. The independent representatives market the products to consumers and are paid based on the amount they sell. They also recruit other sales representatives and get a percentage of their sales as well. This makes the sales representatives willing to work hard to sell the products and sign up new independent representatives. Many sales representatives see themselves as independent business owners. QNET is embraced by many people in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa because not only does it provide products to which they may otherwise not have access, the company also provides jobs for the chronically unemployed.

QNET has offices and franchises in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, and Côte d’Ivoire. Initially the company was called GoldQuest and specialized in selling numismatic coins. In 2002 it began offering deals on vacations and travel. QNET also began offering watches, health, energy, and nutritional products. By 2007 they had acquired Hawaii-based vegetarian health food chain Down To Earth and vegetarian resort Prana Resorts and Spa.

The company’s sales grew 70% between 2007 and 2012. By 2013 QNET was working to open an office in Russia as the company continued to grow by leaps and bounds. People throughout Asia and Africa embraced the company and the products and employment opportunities it offered. They loved the fact they could make money not only on their sales, but the sales of the people they recruit as well. The independent representatives can monitor their sales and the sales of the people they recruit through a tracking center. The process is fast, easy, and very lucrative. Qnet’s

What To Include And What To Leave Out Of A Wikipedia Article

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Such a great website that is full of useful content and information, Wikipedia seems to have endless topics available. The best part is that Wikipedia writers for hire from all over the world can edit and create pages for Wikipedia. There is a format to follow and only certain topics will be accepted, but this is a great opportunity to get ‘published’. There are some things you will want to include in your Wikipedia article and there are some things to leave out. But once you get the hang of the process you will be churning out articles in no time.

Don’t Promote
When you write, you want to make sure that your tone does not come across too promotional. You don’t want to sound bias towards either side of your topic. Remember, you are simply trying to share information. You are not trying to make either side sound better. Let your readers decide what they like and support. You can include negative information, but do so in a very straightforward and simple way. If you do have an opinion to communicate it should be someone else’s and it should be from an esteemed source.

Always Site Your Source
When you write, make sure you include all of the sources you have used for your article. Wikipedia is not promoting personal opinion but rather is just sharing information with the world. Valid sources include reputable websites, encyclopedias, books, magazines, studies and so on.

Utilize Help From Others
If you have not written many Wikipedia articles, or if this is your first work, you will want to contract the help of other writers and editors. This will ensure that your writing sounds professional. Also, another set of eyes will ensure that you followed all Wikipedia protocol. There are volunteer editors that are more than willing to help and more than credible to use.

Writing for Wikipedia can be a great learning experience. It teaches you how to write for a very different outlet. You have to learn to work with a certain set format and you have to site your sources. Wikipedia provides help from writers and editors if need be, so do not forget to utilize help if you need it.

QNet: A Unique Perspective on Business

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QNet offers more than just amazing wellness products, but they also provide a fresh and much needed perspective on business. Business leaders and co founders Vijay Esweran and Joseph Bismark take business to the next level by integrating their Ghandian core values. This is evident in their business and product utilization and philosophy. Vijay and Joseph want their customers and employees to evolve by being the best that they can be. Needless to say, their caring natures have won them a lot of respect in the business world and have served as an example for up and coming entrepreneurs.


QNet (Twitter)
was established in the 1990’s. Since then, they’ve become one of Asia’s leading companies. They do business all over the world and have many offices. They motivate others to share in their success by starting their own businesses with QNet. They are devoted to their customers and employees through their values, also known as the RHYTHM Foundation, where Joseph Bismark spends a lot of his time. They’re a part of the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia and have won numerous business awards, one such award being the Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards for the best team. Qnet donates a lot to charities like the Footprints mentoring program. They also help out with national emergencies. Their charity tack record comes as surprise considering Vijay and Joseph are well known philanthropists.


Their goals are to increase the longevity and wellness of their customers. They work with your body, rather than against it, and they do this through some of their amazing and innovative products that suit the needs of everyone from every lifestyle and walk of life. Their products serve the diverse needs of the clientele. These include lifestyle needs like watches and jewelry as well as vacations ans getaways. Wellness items are one of their biggest focuses. One such item is the LifeQuode berry Xtreme refreshing tea, which eliminates toxins from the body. Another amazing product is the Physio Radiance Replenish system which helps users maintain the health and youth of their skin.

The Super Lawyer, Dan Newlin

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Attorney Dan Newlin is the founding partner of Dan Newlin and Partners law firm based in Orlando, Florida. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners is a super lawyer firm; a rating only achieved by only a few based on high achievement and recognition by fellow lawyers. Dan Newlin commenced his career at the age of 20, working in law enforcement for the Indiana Police Department and the New Chicago police department. He also worked for the New Indiana Fire Department. He later joined the Orange County Sherriff office in Orlando, FL serving for ten years and progressed to be a Sherriff’s Detective. He worked on various police work ranging from narcotics work, auto theft and worked in the Fugitive Division arresting a myriad offugitives. He later in, 1997 joined Florida State College of Law and obtained a degree in Law in 2000.

For many years, Attorney Dan Newlin had managed to assist several people during the time when he was a law enforcer.

As a lawyer, he has helped several clients recover more than a hundred million dollars in cases involving victims of accidents and injuries. Newlin has significantly grown to a well-established and a highly recognized law firm from a small office. The law firm serves the whole of Illinois and the Florida. His team has grown to include 18 high profile attorneys and over seventy staffs.

Attorney Newlin began his law firm in Orlando and is also licensed to practice in Illinois and Chicago where he holds offices which provide superb legal services.Newlin has termed his practice as being dedicated to injury and accident cases, medical malpractice and wrongful death. Recently his firm has also began providing services to people wrongly charged with committing criminal offenses.

Dan Newlin dream project, a significant initiative of attorney Newlin searches for creative ways to link with medical and charity institutions in bringing a smile on the faces of children undergoing tragedy. He brought world champion Evander Holyfield to Arnold Palmer Hospital for children to inspire kids fighting cancer problem. According to Newlin, Holyfield’s poor background and subsequent rise to World Champion serves to motivate the kids who are experiencing painful situations.

In Florida, most families turn to Newlin to assist them with cases of accidents that sometimes lead to severe injuries like brain injuries, hearing and quadriplegia through accidents. Dan Newlin has offered assistance to each of these families and the cases handled with the highest level of precision and competence from the start to the end. Dan Newlin is an exceptional personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Dan Newlin, together with his staff handle cases of all sizes and magnitude and not just the complicated situations, ensuring that the clients receive the maximum compensation that they deserve. Dan Newlin is a highly skilled professional lawyer whose commitment to the service for the community is undisputed.