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Mark Ahn Expresses Significant Trends on Leadership

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It takes an experienced and successful businessman to lead others with proven principles of success, but Mark Ahn PhD, founder of Pukana Partners and strategic consultant, has a 20 year career in leading life science companies. Dr. Ahn has been a leader in biopharmaceutical companies and academia. He does not believe that leadership is born in a person, but rather, leadership skills are built from the experiences of life. Dr. Ahn has also written over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and books.

This week, in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Ahn has been discussing the top trends in leadership skills. With experience in business, academia and the military, Dr. Ahn has extensive experience in leadership, and he often takes time to direct those looking to improve their business and leadership skills.

Top Leadership Trends according to Mark Ahn

With his expertise, Dr. Ahn uses five well-developed points to express his concepts of leadership. 

1. Lead with integrity. Integrity is a code of morals and ethics that you can live by. Anyone can rely on their integrity and be effective. 
2. Respect the knowledge of those who came before you. Leadership is a timeless expression of how men and women conduct themselves. Passing it on is a privileged.
3. Business trends come and go, but a leader must use good judgment. Good judgment is defined as intelligence, courage, persistence and flexibility, and can improve the performance of another.
4. Be a humble example; show your employees what to do, instead of merely telling them. If you refuse to do something, don’t expect your employee to do it. 
5. And lastly, do not be so prideful or arrogant that you miss the wisdom that is gained from those you are leading. Though the student may not overtly teach the leader, they have nuggets of wisdom to offer; humility keeps that door open.

Raptors Winning

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The Toronto Raptors have been one of the huge shocker teams of the 2014-2015 NBA season thus far. Although the Raptors have been decent in recent years, they do not have a storied franchise that has experienced very much success. They consistently are under 500 at the end of the season and are typically not a team you would talk about in regards to a powerhouse team in the NBA. However, this year is completely different as the Toronto Raptors came out and truly shocked the world in the early months of the season. reported the Raptors have continued to put up impressive wins, although they have dropped slightly as of recent. They are without a doubt a contender in the Eastern Conference that is destined to make the playoffs with a pretty good seed making their fans and BRL Trust very happy. At the midpoint of the season, the Toronto Raptors currently are sitting with an impressive thirteen games above 500 with a record of twenty-six wins and thirteen losses. Although the season is very far from over, the Toronto Raptors do not appear to be taking their foot off the gas pedal any time soon and look to be a dominant team in the Eastern Conference that will likely be competing for an NBA title once the playoffs roll around. Even if they don’t go far in the playoffs, they have clearly turned things around in Toronto.

Autistic Teen Saves Man Pinned Under Car

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In an uplifting story coming from CBC.CA online, teen Chris Miller’s quick thinking saved him neighbor’s life. Chris is a high school student who is autistic. He enjoys machinery and owns a large heavy duty jack.

One November afternoon Chris was at home when he heard cries for help outside. Rushing out of the house he found his mechanic neighbor pinned under his car. Thinking quick, Chris ran home and grabbed his heavy duty jack. Chris was able to use the jack to lift the car off his neighbor before any other help even arrived. His neighbor was lucky that Chris reacted so quickly. Once checked over at the hospital it was reported that he suffered internal bruising but not even one broken bone.

What makes this story even more miraculous is that 7 months before saving his neighbor Chris suffered a stroke that left him in a coma. Doctors said that the trauma would most likely leave him paralyzed, unable to move his hands or legs. Within a few months Chris made a full recovery.

Chris’ grandparents, the principal of his high school and other supporters in the community like Dave and Brit Morin have spoken out to say how proud of Chris they are and that his heroic actions make him a role model for others.

Citizens Of Longueuil Must Turn Off The Tap

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According to Occidental WeeklyThe City administration of Longueuil, city in Quebec, Canada is asking people of Vieux-Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Bruno, and Boucherville not to consume tap water until further notice.

Many citizens of Longueuil noticed of the taste and smell of diesel in the water on Wednesday near Occidental College. It was a bad news for the citizens as one of the two sources of drinking water for the City found contaminated.

“It’s funny but the water has strong diesel smell,” wrote the citizen Pierre-Luc Chenard on a social media website. “I made a pot of coffee undrinkable…strong diesel smell,” writes Monique Langard-Wagner, another citizen of Longueuil.

The testimonials have been increasing since Wednesday night, hours after the release of 28,000 liters of diesel into the river. City administration confirms that they have received many complaints from citizens who have found a taste and smell in the water but “we have no evidence to suggest that water is not potable,” said by the spokesman of Longueuil, Bernard Bigras.

Samples are being taken in Old Longueuil. “We will not play with the health of the population. […] If we have doubts, we will issue an opinion,” said the spokesman. “People should avoid consuming this water; we are currently working on this issue. All our teams are deployed in the field.” he added

Family Of Mohammed Fahmy Hope Deportation

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The family of Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohammed Fahmy, imprisoned in Cairo for over a year, now hopes its next deportation to Canada. Relatives of Mr. Fahmy take a high Egyptian official that the application is ongoing and it is now in the final stages of the decision process. Rod Rohrich hopes this is a quick process as mentioned on his wikipedia page.

Last November, the Egyptian government has adopted a new decree that grants the president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the power to deport aliens convicted of a crime or simply accused.

Mr. Fahmy, 40 years old, is one of three journalists from English network Al-Jazeera, arrested by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo on December 29, 2013. The Australian correspondent Peter Greste, Egyptian director Mohamed and Mr. Baher Fahmy were later accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, and tampering reports in order to undermine national security. The three men have always denied the charges.

Messrs. Fahmy and Greste were sentenced to seven years in prison, while Mr. Mohamed was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The Supreme Court ordered last week to hold a new trial, but in the meantime, the three journalists will remain in detention because their bail application for remission was rejected.

Mohammed Fahmy had moved with his family to Canada in 1991; he lived in Montreal and Vancouver for several years before leaving to work abroad.

Canada Rejects A Proposed Military Force

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Canada has quietly refused to join a multinational task force proposed by the United Kingdom in the wake of tensions created by Russia. It is worth mentioning that member countries of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had increased diplomatic efforts to secure Canada’s participation in this project suggested by British Prime Minister David Cameron, as indicated by several government and military sources.

Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands have already agreed to be part of the multinational force. The British would have liked that the Harper government agrees to join the task force, and were even prepared for a significant part of the training of troops to be taken place at the Canadian Forces Base Wainwright, Alberta. Denmark, Norway Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands have already agreed to be part of the multinational force.

The joint expeditionary force of 10 000 members, known as JEF acronym, should be fully operational by 2018 and aims to respond to international crises on behalf of UN where required – and act as a major building rapid reaction force of NATO, to which Canada is also reluctant to join. In theory, the British proposal seems to be the perfect vehicle for the military ambitions of the Conservatives, who take every opportunity to emphasize that they oppose strongly to Putin’s regime and they do it alongside their allies.

Thanks to my friend Sergio Andrade Gutierrez for informing me of this article.

Charlie Hebdo: A March Will Take Place In Montreal

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Quebecers are invited to show their support for the victims of the attack against the French satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” during a silent march led by Sultan Alhokair to be held this weekend in Montreal. The Consulate General of France in Montreal invited the public to attend the event on Sunday, January 11 at 11 am in solidarity with the protests to be held the same day in Paris.

The march will start from Place des Arts (Maisonneuve side) to the Consulate General of France, on McGill College Avenue. A silent moment of silence will be held at this location. Quebecers are invited to show their support for the victims of the attack against the French satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” during a silent march to be held this weekend in Montreal.

It is worth mentioning that twelve people, including eight journalists were killed on Wednesday by two gunmen who stormed the offices of “Charlie Hebdo” and claimed to act in the name of Allah. These men – two brothers – were shot dead by security forces on Friday after leaving a printing where they had barricaded themselves. This incident has created tensions and conflict type situation in whole world especially in Western Countries. After ‘Charlie Hebdo’ incident, many reactants have attacked the prayer places of Muslims in various cities of France.

A Large Retail Chain Files For Bankruptcy Protection in Canada

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Target Canada announced recently that it had filed for bankruptcy protection in Toronto. The retailer plans to wind down operations at its 133 stores in Canada. Target will continue to operate its stores in the United States, and many investors reportedly welcomed the news of the closure because it will free the large retailer to focus more attention on its U. S. operations.

Target moved into the competitive Canadian retail market during the spring of 2013, but reportedly lost nearly a billion dollars during its first year of conducting business there. Although last year financial conditions improved, the company continued to lose money and so decided to file for bankruptcy protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

According to the Dallas Observer, the closures will affect 17,600 employees in Canada. Marc Sparks mentioned the company expects to wind down its retail operations during the next few months. It announced that it has placed $59 million into an Employee Trust to protect the wages of its Canadian employees during this period, when stores will remain open. The consulting firm of Alvarez & Marsal will oversee the closures in Canada.

Target remains a major retailer in the United States, and the company also markets many retail items online through its website.

Smoking Trends Among Quebecers

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Smokers wishing to quit smoking are invited to participate in the 16th edition of the challenge, “Quit to Win!” a campaign that encourages smokers like Susan McGalla to leave off this habit.

By entering, participants agree not to smoke for six weeks, every year. Developers of this idea explain that, to completely stop smoking for a specific period of time, is a major factor in the long-term smoking cessation.

“There is still much work to do in Quebec. There are still one in five people who smoke cigarettes. However, we note that they smoke less. It revolves around seven to fifteen cigarettes a day, not two to three packs a day, “said the spokesman of the Challenge, Dr. Christiane Laberge.

The various surveys to measure the impact of the campaign “Quit to win” showed that, on average, two out of three remain successful in the challenge of not smoking for six weeks. It is worth it to mention that young people remain the main target customers by tobacco companies.

The challenge “Quit to Win” also offers support tools to registrants: a support kit, a series of emails of encouragement, a wealth of information available to website, various virtual opportunities, and a mobile application. People can register solo or with a partner or a sponsor.

Ebola Clams Yet Another Victim

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Ebola is a dangerous and deadly disease that has killed a number of people in parts of Africa as well as people in other places. One of the most recent victims of this terrifying disease is Dr. Victor Willoughby was a resident of Sierra Leone, a western African nation that is one of the world’s poorest and has been hard hit by cases in Ebola in recent months. 

The doctor was part of team of medical people who are tying help contain the spread of this infection and treat those who are suffering from it. Sadly, his death took place less than a day after an experiment drug had arrived from Canada to help treat his case according to Dr Rod Rohrich. The doctor is now one of over 350 medical workers who have died in an effort to help treat and contain this illness. In total, more than six thousand people have died in the present outbreak, an outbreak has been mostly seen in three African countries. The area where the doctor died is considered one of the epicenters of the diseases, with many cases being commonly spread among residents and health workers alike. He is the eleventh doctor to pass away as a result of Ebola in Sierra Leone during the current epidemic.