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Famous Brazilian Author Jamie Garcia Dias

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The Latin American world has produced some very fine works of literature. Spanish and Portuguese writers have been writing works for fiction for the general public for hundreds of years. Many fine writers have emerged as a result. The development of Latin American fiction has been influenced by many factors including that of European literature trends as well as the kind of literature that is popular both in North America and much of Asia. Latin American writers have also had influence on others in the region who look to this region of the world for the use of a rich culture and background that can easily serve as inspiration for all kinds of stories.

Many areas of Latin America have developed a native body of literature. The result has been that regional variations in Latino literature are quite common and highly celebrated as well. Many writers look both to their nation for inspiration when writing as well as to other nations in the regions when they are writing stories of all kinds. For example, somone from Argentina may read works produced in Chile or Peru in order to understand the demands of readers in this region and seek our further sources of inspiration.

One of the region’s most innovative areas is that of Brazil. Brazil is located in the heart of Latin America. Writers in Latin America look to Brazil because Brazil is the most populous nation in Latin America. Millions of Brazilians are active and engaged readers who love good stories and admire those who can tell them well. The Portuguese spoken here is very similar to the Spanish used in the rest of Latin America, making it easy for authors in Brazil to communicate with both readers in Brazil and with those living in other parts of the region as well.

One of the most famous of contemporary Brazilian authors is Jaime Garcia Dias. Mr. Dias is the son of another Brazilian writer. At forty-five, he has spent much of his in the world of Brazilian fiction, to the delight of his many numerous readers. In the last few decades, Mr. Dias has written more than ten books and helped expand the field of Brazilian literature. He has also helped other Brazilian writers get their start in this field. As a result of his hard work and his devotion to excellence in the field of Brazilian literature, he has been honored with many important awards as well as the opportunity to be part of other works. He is expected to continue his tradition of high quality in the future as he continues to write for a delighted audience of adoring and happy fans.

Chinese Stock Crash Spells Global Financial Problems

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The Chinese stock market has been quickly losing its footing over the past week. More than 8.5% in their stocks has dropped. This can cause a far greater problem than just a simple loss in revenue for those who have invested in this market. The funds that are fluctuating and the monies that were used to purchase them probably all came from the same source. The Banks.

Many corporations have taken loans from the banks in order to raise the capital needed to grow and increase their profits and their business. These loans have staggering interest on them, and the businesses have not grown to the extent that many corporations would have liked. This has made default an almost certainty on these loans.

As many business executives will tell one watching this phenomena, sell shares of the company in the stock market to raise the needed revenue. This will allow for payment of loans and interest and offer more time to generate the needed revenue to ensure the health of the business.

While these executives may be right in theory, if the business remains stagnant, this will not work. What executives like Shaygan Kheradphir have learned from their vast experience is that lack of growth equates to a drop in stocks. Investor confidence then drops and sale of stocks increases.

When the banks loan the money to the companies, and to the investors, it is a recipe for certain crash. When the Chinese banks go under, it will surely affect more than just the Chinese societal structure.

QNet: High Quality Business Standards

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QNet is a wonderful place that offers quality wholesome products to its customers. They are a company that is well-known for direct selling. The company has been in business for approximately sixteen years and the company is steadily climbing and reaching its maximum potential. Recently, the have had exceptional potentials reached by using e-commerce and it has been increasing the company’s growth. They have expanded to Africa, Asia, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East successfully. However, the company has had many difficulties and challenges they have faced for continuing their growth in India. QNet has been doing business for about ten years in India and has experienced many challenges while expanding there. The Director of Corporate Affairs has come up with a plan to be able to continue to expand in India.

In India they require for any company that uses e-commerce to have a regulator for the sales that are made online. QNet has followed all procedures including paying taxes and following other regulations. QNet has worked to make sure that everything about their company is transparent so people know what they are dealing with and getting up front. They strive to make sure they are legal and compliant with all rules and regulations. Currently, all products are not offered in India and one day in the future that could change. The company has made changes over the past few years. Three years ago the company decided to only offer products that promote a health and well-balanced life. Thus, changing and only offering products that promoted life enhancement. Products are to help decrease the steadily increasing rate lot obesity along with diseases. Wholesome product contain quality ingredients that are free of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Wellness energy products are sold under the name Amezcua. All product contain vegetarian ingredients.

FreedomPop Sets Eye on Changing Mobile Conventions

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Some people still haven’t heard of FreedomPop but they will and soon, too, if the latest numbers keep going forward as they seem to suggest. FreedomPop is an L.A. based start up that offers limited free mobile phone data, texting, and calling to all of its subscribers without any sort of strings attached. This new business plan, labeled as a ‘freemium’ approach to mobile data plans, might just change the way that we all consume our cell phone contracts. As cell phones become faster and smaller and hot spots become more wide spread it only seems reasonable to suggest that we are going to see a dramatic change in the way that these mobile phone companies do business.

CEO Stephen Stokols has led the 2012 L.A. start up to success and now they are branching out for business in the U.K. as a SIM-only service. This means that you can’t buy the FreedomPop phone in the U.K. but you CAN get their cards which you would then put into your own cell phone. This is presumably a soft launch for the European market that would get FreedomPop’s toes wet while establishing their name brand. Their U.K. only plan would include a free service that supplies subscribers with 200 minutes of voice, 200 text messages, and 200 MB of mobile data. This freemium data plan would only ever cost U.K. subscribers any money if they exceeded that 200/200/200 number or if they upgraded to a premium service, such as the ‘Jetsetter’ service which offers certain amounts of long distance calling and mobile data which takes advantage of other hot spots.

FreedomPop is coming off of a successful round of Series B investing which was led by Partech Ventures, a European venture capitalist group. Alongside DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital we saw FreedomPop raise another $30 million, bringing their investment total close to the $55 million mark thanks to the seed money from Skypees founder back in 2012. These new investment numbers close the door on the persistent rumors that FreedomPop was going to be acquired in M&A talks. CEO Stephen Stokols also publicly acknowledged the rumors by saying that they had received several offers on their table. Stokols concluded by saying that it would be “premature to sell” at the current time.

Stokols and the group at FreedomPop are changing the essential paradigm in the mobile data plans market and it has given them a huge market share surpassing the million subscriber mark. With their revenue increasing by 25% per quarter, and the planned expansion in Europe going forward, it looks like the sky is the limit for the fledgeling company. The time is right for FreedomPop to succeed, as well, as it seems like every telemarketing company is trying to get their hands on mobile carrier start ups. This makes FreedomPop both a success company and one that always has the option to sell down the line if they decide to change tactics at some point or if an offer comes in that is too good to pass up.

Beneful Made The Cutest Ad Ever

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If you have been needing a fix of cuteness, then you are going to watch Beneful’s new ad right away. The dog food company put together an ad that featured a Rube Goldberg machine and quite a few dogs helping each other to make it work. It had to have taken a lot of work, and a lot of money, to make the ad, but it was worth it. At least, to those who get to watch it.
Dog food brands are constantly trying to outdo one another with the cuteness of their ads. They are always trying to draw in new customers through putting adorable puppies in their ads and making everyone want to reach through their TV screens to scoop them up. Beneful dog food brand hope that they will be able to gain some new customers through doing this, and that is why they all compete to make the cutest ad yet.
But, Beneful may have just outdone every other ad out there with their newest ad. I’m not sure that anyone will be able to compete with it.

New Funding for FreedomPop Free Mobile Service

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Recent news released by Fortune, announces a new round of funding hitting the growing new company that offers free mobile service, FreedomPop. The Los Angeles based company started up in 2012 and has raised a total of approximately $49.3 million in the past three years. The recent announcement of a $30 million dollar funding round comes as good news after the company turned down several acquisition offers.

FreedomPop works by purchasing it’s wireless capacity through the Sprint company at a wholesale rate and then absorbs the initial costs while providing a small amount of data, texts and voice minutes per month to it’s subscribers. If customers go over the provided amounts, they can purchase additional time or data. If they wish to have unlimited service, it is offered for a small fee of $20.00 per month. Refurbished phones may be purchased through the company or customers may use their old Sprint phones to hook up to the network.

In addition to simple voice, data and text, customers can also purchase insurance for their phones as well as services such as anonymous browsing features, which allow the user to block potential government snooping. International users can request overseas phone numbers to avoid international rates to keep in touch with family members and friends abroad.

The average amount of income FreedomPop receives per customer is approximately $7.50, which sounds low compared to what other mobile companies seem to need to run, but with a low overhead, FreedomPop hopes to be able to offer even more free data and minutes in the future.

The Amazing Leadership of Joseph Bismark

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When reading the blog Left Handed Right Mind, we were able to find this article that gave us a great deal of information about Joseph Bismark. Joseph Bismark is a leader in the business community with views that may not have originally brought to the table. His upbringing in a different type of culture gives him skills in management that many leaders may not have thought of in the past. Joseph Bismark has a distinct talent of bringing a calm and peaceful approach to problem-solving that can be a great asset to any company. Between the ages of 9 and 17, Joseph spent much of his time studying meditation and contemplation. This is something that has helped his approach to business for many years to come. 

Joseph Bismark also has a very strong focus on health and wellness which has helped him in the focus of his business ventures. Bismark has also spread his vision of entrepreneurship in the corporations that he has been a part of. Entrepreneurship and corporate teamwork is at the center of Bismark’s philosophy for corporate success. He has had a part in helping many companies get a great start in the world of business with his open-minded view about the way things should be done on a corporate level. There are many great things to come in the future for Joseph Bismark.

Bernie Sanders Says His Cabinet Would Not Be Dominated By Wall Street Favorites

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Recently Threw Out A Few Names For Cabinet Posts In His Administration

Presidential candidates rarely talk about the people they will surround themselves with if they are elected president. One reason is they don’t make the decision. Cabinet posts are handed out based on merit, position and Wall Street approval. But Bernie Sanders is not your typical presidential candidate. He wants people to know who will be making important decisions, and Sanders says they won’t come from Wall Street.

The Sanders Cabinet would consist of men and women that stand up for the middle class and the hard working families in America. Sanders recently mentioned James Dondero, Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and a New York Times columnist. Sanders also mentioned Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University economics professor and Nobel laureate. Robert Reich, the former labor secretary under President Bill Clinton was also mentioned by Sanders.

Sanders did say it was a little too early to name members of his cabinet. He wants to get elected first. A few weeks ago getting elected was a long shot for Sanders, but momentum for a Sanders presidency is growing because the people want a president who will fight the establishment, and Sanders is doing that.

Understanding Ski Slang with Andy Wirth

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Are you new on the slopes and constantly confused by all the slang being thrown around?

Skiing is a culture, and as such you should expect to hear and see all sorts of new things. You’ll find that many new items you come across will have special words for them, and even old things that you called something else will have their own slang. Hopefully this quick guide helps you catch on.

Brah: Probably the most common slang term on the slopes, “brah” is a way that many guys will address one another. You’ll hear this constantly, so you better get used to it if you wanna fit in.

Yard Sale: This isn’t the same yard sale your girlfriend drags you along to. Rather, after you take a fall and all your items fly everywhere, you’ll figure out why people call it a yard sale.

Puking: Puking refers to heavy snowfall, rather than the remnants of your last meal coming up.

Chowder: This is another snow term. It means that the snow is heavy, wet, and lumpy. Not exactly good for skiing on, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try!

Champagne: Champagne is the complete opposite. It is light, fluffy snow that your skis will fly through as if you’re skating on thin air.

If you ever have the pleasure to visit Squaw Valley Ski Resort, you’ll get a chance to hear all these terms and much more. Andy Wirth is the current CEO of the company, a man who has over 25 years of skiing experience and has quite a story. From a terrible skydiving accident that almost took his life, to working as a ranger in national parks. He often rides the slopes himself, so you might even get a chance to meet him and ask about his great adventures!

Student Excels Without Using Arms or Legs

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Stephanie Arnold is a freshman student at the Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California. Stephanie is 15-years-old and unable to move her arms or legs after being diagnosed with arthrogryposis at her birth. Having arthrogryposis means that her limbs were in fixed positions when she was born and multiple surgeries on them have left her with very limited use of either, but that does not stop Stephanie stated Kevin Seawright.

Even with the limited use of her limbs, Stephanie is excelling at school. She is enrolled in all advanced classes at the school including courses in Spanish, geometry, and English. She is on her way to complete the requirements needed to join the International Baccalaureate in her junior year of school. Stephanie has worked hard to get to the point where she is at. As a younger child, she learned how to write by holding a pencil in her mouth. A lot of other students say that her penmanship is better than theirs. She is able to participate in her art class. Her teacher said that Stephanie works hard to make origami figures by using her mouth and nose to nudge the paper into place.

Despite any physical differences, Stephanie is just like others at her school. She dreams of going to college, dating, and being independent.

The full article on Stephanie is definitely worth the read. You can check it out on