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Canada Remains Skeptical of Iranian Deal

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All the words in the world do not mean anything when the person saying them cannot be trusted. It is this mentality as to why many in the world will remain skeptical that Iran will fulfill its commitment to only use nuclear technology for its country’s energy needs. Canada is the most recent country that is joining majorities of world powers that is taking a “wait and see” approach to the deal brokered last month that would lift sanctions on Iran and allow them to legal develops nuclear technology. However, for those sanctions to be lifted, Iran’s nuclear programs will come under major scrutiny from the International Atomic Energy Agency sanctioned by the United Nations.

Most people like Gianfrancesco Genoso will remember the IAEA from before the most recent Iraq war. They were the agency that could not verify whether former leader Sadaam Hussein and the Iraqi government had disposed of their nuclear material or were hiding it from the inspectors. After that debacle it is hard to believe they would be trusted to verify anything, and as far as the Iranians are concerned this will probably become a never ending struggle to prove themselves. As for Canada it has promised to keep their sanctions in place as long as it takes to verify Iran’s commitment to the world. It has also decided to give $3 million to the IAEA as funding to oversee the implementation of the nuclear deal.

Plane Crash Cause Still Unknown

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Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the Germanwings crash the morning of Tuesday, March 24, that resulted in the loss of 150 people — 6 crew members and 144 passengers — who were traveling from Barcelona in Spain to Düsseldorf in Germany.

At present, the only thing investigators know for certain is that there was an issue involving the pilots and the cockpit door just prior to the crash stated jamie garcia dias. A salvaged voice recording indicates one pilot left the cockpit and then couldn’t re-enter because the door was locked and the other pilot wouldn’t open it. The pilot outside of the cockpit then attempted to smash in the door.

Theories about the reason for the crash include the possibility that the plane suddenly lost altitude, perhaps because of a technical issue, fire or explosion, and the pilot could not unlock the door because he was attempting to prevent the crash. The pilot might also have been unconscious because of a sudden drop in cabin pressure.

Terrorist action has not been ruled out. The gradual descent seems to indicate human intervention even as French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve reassured the public that terrorism wasn’t a “likely hypothesis” at that point in the investigation.

Canadian Television Viewers Can Choose Their Own Cable and Satellite Channels

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Cable and Satellite companies in the United States were put on notice by a ruling in Canada that allows viewers to pick television channels they actually watch. Canadians will be able to drop all those channels that they don’t watch, but pay for by March, 2016. There will also be a local channel price cap of about $19.70 a month.

Subscribers will also be able to add more channels using a “pick and pay” system or a small package group. The Canadian ruling will make TV watching affordable once again in Canada. The cable and satellite companies in the U.S. say packaged channels or “bundles” save consumers money because they have more choices at a lower per-channel cost. Consumer groups say television packages and bundles are marketing ploys that bring in more revenue.

Bundling channels has nothing to do with lower costs. Gianfrancesco Genoso even says that the U.S. companies say channels that are left to lie or die by their programming alone will not survive. Job will be lost, and television channel variety will suffer. Advocates say if channels can’t make it on their own its because consumers don’t like their programming. Its up to them to change it. It’s not the consumer’s job to support them.

Girl Poisons Mother Over iPhone

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What’s the worst thing you’ve done to get back at your parents after they took your cell phone away? I’m certain it’s not as bad as what this 12 year old Colorado girl did to her mother after she took away her iPhone. In early March, the girl made her mother a smoothie with a secret ingredient. As the mother consumed the smoothie she was certain she detected an odor of bleach. She got sick shortly after she drank the beverage. Giving her daughter the benefit of the doubt, she had assumed her daughter just had not properly rinsed the glass before making the drink said Jason Halpern

Later that week, the mother smelled the bleach odor again. This time it was coming for a carafe full of water she kept in her bedroom. With two incidents in nearly a week, the mother confronted her daughter. According the to the police report, during the confrontation the daughter confirmed that she was trying to kill her because she took away her iPhone.
The mother was taken to the Boulder Community Hospital for medical treatment and soon after contacted authorities about her daughters attempt at poisoning her. The 12 year old girl was immediately detained and is being held at the Boulder County Juvenile Center with two counts of attempted first-degree murder.
I guess she wasn’t considering what would happen if she ever got caught. Now she’s being detained and is still without her beloved iPhone. Poor planning on her part.


Canada’s Largest Grocery Store To Sell Ugly Food For Cheap

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The largest grocery store retailer in Canada has found a new and creative way to reduce the amount of food waste, and also to improve their sales at the same time. They have decided to start selling “ugly” food at a much lower cost to give the customers the chance to not spend so much on their grocery bill and to help their food not get wastes as much. As many would assume, grocery stores have to throw away a lot of food on a daily basis if it is perishable because not everything sells, which means that un-aesthetically pleasing food has even a lesser chance of being used.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ThinkProgress.Org, the store which is doing this is Loblaws and they started this campaign called “No Name Naturally Imperfect” which will encourage people to buy the food that isn’t quite as pretty as the rest. It is no doubt that this is a good idea, because not only will people get more for their money but the store will have less loss on their products and be able to help out the planet even more. AnastasiaDate reassured consumers should be proud to shop at a retailer like this one who thinks ahead and wants to do something good, and this is the best way of going about that as it will take place all over the country of Canada.

Skout Introducing New Ways to Be Social

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The mobile world is seeing new developments from the creators of Skout, a social networking as well as dating app that helps users interact based on their current locations. Since being released on the mobile scene, the Skout app has been used by millions to meet and interact with other people and has become one of the world’s biggest social networking apps. Skout operates by using its users’ locations to connect them with other Skout users in their radius. The app also offers a traveling service, Skout Travel, which allows users to meet and interact with new people in an area while traveling.

The Skout app continues to grow and offer additional services to users to better help them connect with people. In addition to helping users meet strangers in any area, Skout offers a specialty service called Nixter, an app revolving around night life for party goers. Nixter lets users find exciting events in their area, buy tickets to events, view guest lists and also request special VIP services for events. It allows users to combine their mobile life with real life experiences all through one simple app that connects them with real events happening in their city.

Skout also offers a unique and fun new way for users to interact through its app Fuse, a tool that allows people to begin group conversations on the go. The app is similar to the likes of Snapchat, users can begin a conversation with people in their address book, and other people in the group have a certain amount of time to respond before the conversation disappears. Once one conversation ends, users can move on to another. It gives people a fun new platform to interact and play socially through a simple and clean app.

Since launching, Skout has connected more than 500 million people through its social networking app in 180 countries. It continues to grow every day as its forward thinking developers stay on top of social trends and create new features to allow people to connect with more ease and success than ever before.

No Ones Steals Tires This Time in Canada

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There are many individuals who fear for their businesses. They install great security systems and huge locks to fortify their businesses when they are closed. The story of a store getting robbed is an all too common tale for small business owners who just want to make a living with their retail store. The story of theft was not the case however in a Canadian community where a tire store was left unlocked and apparently open. There were many individuals who came into the store and saw no one there, but instead of stealing anything, they just walked right back out the door.

The Toronto Sun reports that the owners were pre occupied with a last minute customer, and they forgot to lock the doors or turn on the security system. According to Susan McGala, they even forgot to flip their open sign to closed. There were 5 individuals who were seen coming into the store after hours, but they did not take a single thing. They simply walked in the door, then walked right back out again. There was even one individual who flipped the open sign to closed when he realized that no one was there to assist him. It is great to see a community where individuals are so trusting and honest. It is very rare that something like this would happen, but it is a very heartwarming thing to see in this community.

TSN Issues Apology For Airing Inappropriate Tweet

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The Sports Network, (TSN), based in Toronto, Ontario, responded to erroneous information that was broadcast over the air on TSN. 

A public apology was made by the network to Toronto Maple Leafs Captain, Dion Phaneuf, as well as his wife, also teammate, Forward Joffrey Lupul, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert. Over the air remarks about the individuals resulted from an utterly false Tweet (statement) from social media site, Twitter. The show broadcast the remarks live that were published Anthony Adragna, on Monday evening, prior to the National Hockey League trading deadline.

The legal firm of Gall Legge Grant & Munroe LLP, representing Phaneuf, Lupul and Cuthbert released a statement mandating that TSN issue an immediate apology with the threat of legal response. TSN responded by issuing an over the air apology, that was read by SportsCentre host, James Duthie, and posted the apology on the TSN Network’s website.

The apology issued, made fact that protocols to insure such occurrence were never to happen, were violated and that there was no reason for the false contentions indicated in the tweet. The network, apologized to all individuals targeted in the tweet without any reservation and is sorry for any shame and embarrassment brought upon these individuals.

The Sporting Network, (TSN) is the Canadian counter top the ESPN, the sports and entertainment network broadcast in the United States. TSN is available throughout Canada on major satellite providers and local cable systems.

Halifax Police Save Baby Seal

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Around 12:30am last night in Halifax a police officer was notified by a woman that a young lost seal had made its way through town and got stuck underneath a parked vehicle. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the police officers were on foot patrol and they helped the seal get out from the under car and took it to the water. According to LinkedIn, it then swam away safely without any injuries or harm.

It is always so heartwarming to hear stories that involve police officers and animals, because it is just nice to hear about something different than crimes and people going after each other. Police officers are there for more than just to fight bad guys, but to help the good guys as well. Halifax is one of those cities that is fairly close to the water from any point of the city, so it is understandable how a curious little seal would get lost. Even though it is known that seals can last for a period of time without being in the water, they definitely need to be in the ocean to survive. It goes without saying that the seal would have been in some big trouble if it wasn’t for the officers that helped it out. After all, building a relationship with the animals on our planet is a good thing, as people don’t give them enough credit.

Drake Suspected Behind The Chris Brown Ban From Canada

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Chris Brown recently headed to Canada to perform at two concerts, which were sold out. The concerts were part of his “Between The Sheets” tour, which features Tyga and Trey Songz, but Chris Brown was not able to attend. Drake & Chris. When Chris went to enter into Canada, he was turned away, due to his past criminal actions. The criminal history of Chris Brown, stems all the way back when he was physically abusive to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Although he was told that he was banned from the country, because of his criminal past, many believe this is not the case.

Some believe that Drake, who is a native of Canada, pulled some strings, in order to have a Chris Brown banned from his country. Although it’s not been proven that Drake had anything to do with the Chris Brown ban, many are speculating that Drake is behind everything. Drake and Chris Brown have been at each other’s throats, ever since Chris found out that Drake and Rihanna had been speaking. Rihanna dated Drake for a brief period of time, but Chris believes that the two cheated with each other, while Chris was with Rihanna.

Drake and Chris have been going at it for years, and his latest ban from Canada, will not change the hate two have for each other said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. There are other tour dates scheduled for Chris Brown, but they are outside of Canada.