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The Growth of Organo Gold

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The coffee industry is a booming industry that has been a world sold product for over 500 years. Coffee is a special product that not only has a bitter taste to it upon consumption, but can also be used in many different ways. Coffee can be consumed for desert, breakfast, it can be consumed at any temperature, flavor, or even texture. With the coffee industry easily accessible to countries all around the world, it comes at no surprise that billions of people have made this their go to beverage during all points in the day. With the exponential growth of coffee products, more and more companies are finding new ways in order to fit themselves in this extremely competitive market.

One company in particular is called Organo Gold which has created a coffee product on the premise of promoting healthy living all around the world. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is a Filipino businessman and has strong knowledge and experience of the multilevel marketing industry. With Bernardo Chua’s experience and intelligence, Organo Gold was even featured as the key note sponsor for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather match in 2015. Bernardo Chua built this company because of not only his love for coffee, but also for the chance to present his secret ingredient that has improved the lives of millions around the world.

This secret ingredient that Mr. Chua is fond of using is an ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma. Ganoderma has been used for thousands of years to heal ailments when other medicine does not work. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to not only relieve stress and anxiety, but also to promote weight loss and to improve the sleep cycle. All of this is accomplished by the fact that Ganoderma increases the oxygen levels within the body.

Bernardo Chua, with the knowledge of how special his secret ingredient is, he created the first organically grown Organo Gold plantation in North America. This was done not only to eliminate transactions costs, but to also make the herb easily accessible around the world. In recent news, Organo Gold’s success has stressed as far as Turkey. Turkey marks Organo Gold’s official involvement with almost 40 different countries around the world. The new branch in Turkey is a milestone for the company because it will now provide the company with a direct link between Asia as well as Europe.  Be sure to follow Bernardo Chua on Facebook, to keep informed about Organo products, and healthy news.

Billionaire George Soros Proposes A Groundbreaking Strategy For Managing Europe’s Refugee Crisis

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The European Union was created to harmonize the political and economic relationships on between and among nations throughout Western Europe. With the world becoming more connected than it has ever been any political strategist could see the benefits that could be gained from nations with small or waning amounts of political and economic power in comparison to rising powers like the United States and China teaming up to amass their political capital. Like any other political partnership the European Union is an experiment. What remains to be seen is how well that experiment will endure given the political challenges that the future could come in the future. One of the challenges that the European Union is grappling with in the present the refugee crisis that has been created by the civil war that has been raging in Syria.

American billionaire George Soros has been a frequent commentator on the refugee crisis that the European Union is facing. In Market Watch on, Soros aptly noted that the difficulties that Europe could experience as they attempt to absorb and deal with the flow of people fleeing violence in Syria could have been made much easier had the European Union come together to develop what he calls a “common asylum policy.” If one of the purposes of the European Union is to harmonize relations among member states then it is not an unreasonable suggestion for Brussels to have called for the establishment of a policy that dictates how the EU will holistically deal with an influx of refugees. According to George Soros the lack of a common refugee policy has led to needless panic among stakeholders that are critical to solving the problem: law enforcement, refugees and citizens of EU countries.

Soros put forth a multi-pronged strategy in Market Watch that the European Union could implement as it seeks to deal with the impact of the migration that was caused by the Syrian Civil War. Soros’ six-part strategy on involves having the European Union allow a minimum of one million refugees to cross and remain behind its borders. The rest of the strategy includes giving financial support to three countries that harbor Syrian refugees, the development of an umbrella European agency to harmonize asylum issues in the EU, working to ensure that refugees no longer have to make treacherous journeys across the ocean by guaranteeing them safe passage to Europe, creating international guidelines for appropriate conduct regarding asylum seekers and mobilization of civil society and business to sponsor migrants.

George Soros is an American billionaire with an extensive background in philanthropy. Soros made his fortune through his work in the financial services and investment sector. In 2015 George Soros was said to be worth a reported $26 billion. George Soros has used his considerable wealth to develop a network of foundations known as the Open Society Foundations. They reflect Soros’ belief in the notion that societies should be open or have government accountability and respect for human rights. George Soros started his philanthropic organization in 1979 and has written often about financial issues and the ways they intersect with global politics.

Education Reform Heads The Concerns Of Dick And Betsy DeVos

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I have always made sure to keep in touch with the latest developments regarding school reforms and the people who are driving this important area of concern for many parents and philanthropists. Education is the cornerstone of a modern, successful society, which policy maker Charles Finn reveals President Lyndon B. Johnson believed was the most important area available to end poverty. Finn is just one policy maker and philanthropist interviewed for an article I read published by the Philanthropy Round Table about how private individuals are affecting education policy across the U.S.

Among’st those I read about were many people who have made their fortunes in private enterprise and business throughout the U.S. and have decided to give something back to the community they live in; one such individual is venture capitalist John Kirtley who had little interest in politics or philanthropy before deciding education was an area he wished to concern himself with.

Betsy DeVos also makes an appearance on the list of impressive philanthropists and discusses her commitment to the area of education reform with her husband Dick; the DeVos family have fought through major setbacks to keep on trying to force through reforms that would aid those in need who wished to attend the best available schools in a way I found very impressive. Dick and Betsy DeVos began by sponsoring individual students to attend fee paying schools and saw their desire to help low income students spread to taking an interest in overall education reform at a political level.

Dick DeVos eventually stood for election to the Michigan School Board as he attempted to gain influence over the futures of the children within his home state, all this spread from a few visits to a local religion based school in Grand Rapids. DeVos hoped to bring his own skills to the area of school reform which has led to him amassing a fortune of more than $5 billion, according to Wikipedia.

Dick DeVos has been one of the most vocal philanthropists in the U.S. when it comes to politics and school reform, particularly after he stood for election as the Governor of his home state of Michigan. I enjoyed discovering more about how Dick and Betsy DeVos have looked to aid low income families in getting the best possible education for their children as Dick is himself a product of the public school system in Michigan.

Fabletics Is A Growing Company

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Fabletics is becoming an increasingly common seller of clothing to women. It also is certainly a uniquely designed business. The founder of it is Kate Hudson, a very well known celebrity.

The company has two very skilled businessmen as co founders by the names of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The company offers a “clothing of the month” club that is attractive to many customers. In fact, most customers get their clothing through this online clothing club. Additionally, there are stores that are operated by Fabletics –

They have stores that are located in New Jersey, Washington D.C., Ohio, California, and Missouri. Business has been quite good at these stores, but this is only a small portion of the business that the company does. Fabletics is a growing company, and they are going to have more stores open in the future. The company has started a new clothing line that is expected to sell very well.

Their new clothing line includes a lot of types of swimwear, which is expected to be very popular. These clothing items are certainly aimed at summertime. The way the clothing is designed gives it a very bright and attractive appearance.

In addition to being bright and attractive, they also feature tropical and tribal patterns. It also is quite affordable, because it is part of their clothing of the month club. The clothing of the month club is a mere $49.95 each month. This gives you access to a wide range of clothing items, including the new swimwear. In addition to the new swimwear, Fabletics is launching other new clothing goods for women according to

This new clothing line is likely to increase the popularity of their clothing of the month club. It also will likely improve the success of the stores that Fabletics operates. The Coupon Lady reporter says when Fabletics begins to open new stores, this new clothing line will likely help to boost business.

As time goes on, the new stores and the new clothing line is expected to make Fabletics into a larger and even more successful company. In their Facebook page a posts says that while Fabletics has already been successful, they are planning to become an even bigger clothing enterprise.

Why Queens of Drama is A Must-Watch

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Good films have the power to enthrall, entertain and help relieve stress at the end of a stressful working day. Queens of Drama fits the bill as far the three qualities of a worthy film are concerned. The reality TV show basically revolves around the lives of six former A-list film starts, who are trying to make a comeback in showbiz. The all-female cast reckons that producing their own TV show is the surest way to recapture their lost glory.

The Plot

This reality show features some of the most renowned names in Hollywood. These are Vanessa Marcil from hit-movies “90210” and “Vegas”, Chrystee Pharris who played a showcasing role in “Passions” and Hunter Tylo, who had an outstanding 25-year role in “The Bold and The Beautiful”. Crystal Hunt from “Guiding Light” and Lindsay Hartley, who starred in “Days of Our Lives” also plays a key role.

Because the women want to form a video production company, they come to an agreement that they need an influential figure to help them gain a foothold in the competitive industry. This makes them turn to Donna Mills, who is deemed to have that higher profile and clout in the movie world. Donna played a starring role in “Knots Landing”. Her role as a superior figure makes her come out as a nonsensical character in Queens of Drama.

Donna’s dictatorial tendencies however play to her disadvantage when she brings in Joan Collins without the other women’s approval. They conspire to throw her out in a web of drama filled episodes, which are full of deceit, betrayal and catfights. Ultimately, it comes out an exciting and suspense-filled show, which is a must-watch for all movie fanatics.

A Synopsis on Crystal Hunt

Hunt is an accomplished actress, entrepreneur and film producer. She has been in the limelight for virtually all her life. In Queens of Drama, she comes out as a witty, comical and strong willed persona. Her ability to stay true to what she believes is the right thing earns her admiration and contempt in equal measure from her fellow actresses. Her knack to stir up controversy also keeps viewers glued to their screens. She thus emerges as the most important member of the cast, and is in high demand for interviews.

SoapOperaNetwork says the Emmy-nominated actress is most renowned for playing the role of a distressed daughter in “Guiding Light”, a soap opera which ran for three years between 2003 and 2008. Apart from acting, Hunt ran a fashionable boutique in Clearwater, Florida. She is also a budding producer with one feature film “Talbot County” under her belt.  Follow her on the official Crystal Hunt Facebook page.

William Skelley Has Arrived As A Next Generation Of Real Estate Leader

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William Skelley has made it to an elite position in the group, Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. He is the founder and CEO of a prominent leading business in real estate, iFunding. The group had its first annual dinner in New York City earlier this year. The elite group, Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, consists of those only that have been given a specific invite to join. It includes people such as Michael Stoler who is the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital. There are also other individuals from some of the leading real estate firms in the world. Companies like Carlyle Group; Bank of America; and Merrill Lynch are all represented in the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.

As mentioned, it was William Skelley’s role in iFunding that landed him in such a prominent group. iFunding is a crowdfunding platform for real estate. They facilitate debt for real estate such as multi-family residences; condos; resorts; hotels; apartment towers; single-family homes; retail real estate and much more. This company gives investors that are accredited a means of investing for as little as $5,000. They do not help put a deal together and then exit. iFunding sees a deal through its entire lifespan. They work with multi-project set-ups and related offices to insure funding for projects. iFunding is also very proud of their flexible terms with financing for real estate developers.

William Skelley has an extensive professional career before he founded iFunding. Understanding his past helps to understand how he was able to create such an amazing company. When JOBS Act Title II was passed, William Skelley was a huge supporter. This is what led him to iFunding. However, prior to launching such a successful company he began by obtaining his degree from both Harvard Business School and Hobart College. He then worked for companies such as General Electric and Olympus. Skelley also served as an adviser to multiple start-up companies. He then worked for Rose Park Advisors. One of his professors from Harvard had founded this company, and he served as a principal. He then continued on to found an investment bank that underwrote an impressive $2 billion dollars in real estate investments and transactions. Their Twitter shows how he was able to acquire millions of dollars in financing through this business. He now oversees all of the business development that takes place at iFunding. So far, iFunding has done over 40 real estate deals and with a total value of at least $250 million. has further information about iFunding.

Stack the Odds in your Favor with a Little Extra Effort

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Often, people will try to rank others by the odds that they will make it in life. If the odds are stacked against someone, they become discouraged and tend to put a cap on their success whether knowingly or unknowingly. However, the truth is that nobody has the right to determine another person’s success.

1980 Winter Olympics

In the 1980 winter Olympics, held in Lake Placid, the ice hockey team from USA beat the odds by overcoming their soviet opponents in their semifinal match. Before the game, the odds were greatly stacked against the team with a 10-1 odds that they will win. What this essentially meant was that, out of a possible ten games, the USA team would only win one.

However, team coach Herb Brooks did not accept defeat so easily. Instead, he put his team through a rigorous and unorthodox training program. He realized that the definition of stupidity is to do the same thing twice and expect different results. Come match day, he asked the team to put on their winning mindset and go win their one out of ten games. Sure enough, the team overcame the Soviets and went on to win the gold medal in the finals by beating Finland.


Winning blackjack requires one to play with the odds and use them in their favor. However, the odds can go both ways and just as easily as one could win, so could they lose.

Weather Forecast

The VTA Publications blog suggests most people do not realize that the weather forecasts are often wrong a whopping sixty percent of the time. However, even with a 3-2 odds that the weather is right, people still follow the forecasts diligently. Verily is better to do something extraordinary and win, than make an average attempt and stack the odds against you.

VTA Publications is a private limited company that was established in 2012. The company serves thousands of loyal customers from around the globe through its refreshing and innovative distance learning courses. It specifically publishes non-fictional works and organizes events that cater to specialist genres. The company’s mission is to provide all its customers with digital and physical, cutting edge information. It has a special focus in economics and finance.

The company currently has one active director and is solely owned by Geraldine Roberts. It has no reported subsidiaries or parent company and is based in the United Kingdom. The company is interested in sourcing for the best experts in different respective fields. This allows the pooling of experience and tradecrafts leading to the production of simple-to-use products.  There are plenty of outlets that make it easy to find out more about VTA Publications.

How Bright Do The Colors Get At Lime Crime?

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Lime Crime is a make up line that was started by Doe Deere to sort of fill in the gaps where she could not find the makeup colors she wanted, but it has become a statement brand that people are using because they want to wear nothing but really brash colors. Women who want to find the most brash color possible will be able to get one when they come to Lime Crime, and they do not have to stand at a counter to get it.

The brand is sold all online through stores like DollsKill, and Lime Crime has a huge presence on Amazon, and it is a great place to shop for women who want to experiment with colors without spending all their time out of the house. Going shopping for makeup is really hard, but now people can get over that by making sure that they are going to shop online. Lime Crime has a pretty big catalog, and they are expanding the options every year to see how much they can fit in. There are a lot of women who are trying to make sure that they have the perfect colors, and there are other women that need a lot more from Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is making products that appeal to women who are not the normal clientele for other brands. There are not very many vegan products on the market, and Lime Crime is creating colors that any woman would want with the velvetines already being vegan. More products will be vegan in the future, and it is much easier for women to find what they need just by going to one website. Women can have their makeup shipped to them pretty easily, and the prices are really good.

Women get to wear the bright colors they want, and every woman gets to have a chance to feel sexy when she wears some Lime Crime. Instagram shows the colors are really rich, and they offer a look that a lot of women cannot get any other way. These colors are perfect for all women who live on the edge, and Lime is going to keep making those colors so that women feel beautiful.

Get The Best Reorganization Services From Madison Street Capital

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Liquidity crisis and great recessions sometimes happen unavoidably majorly due to external economic factors and internal economic factors. Such factors may lead to sinking of a company especially if the company does not have a valid recovery strategy or less no idea on how to recover from recessions. Madison Street Capital Advisors are there to help both the startup firms and the already established mid- sized companies in recovering, and restoring stable business operations without destroying the already existing relationship between the firm and its creditors. Such complicated matters like reorganizations on are the strengths of Madison Street Capital, professional experts.

Madison Street Capital services are available all tie for mid-sized companies that are already established and those starting up. Their experience in management of the crisis is outstanding; they will help a firm recover well enough from external shocks through providing effective strategies of realignment, recoveries, proper restructuring of loan status and also workouts. Such complicated procedures require third party intervention in a firm before it goes to the drains. Entrusting the recovery process to a globally known firm will do great to a firm and even save the firm from losses.

Madison Street Capital Advisors are seasonal professionals who are present in the whole life of a company from initial startup to middle progress until they develop to corporations and assist them in partnerships and mergers. Madison Street Capital advisers are not only in Chicago Illinois but also in Africa, Asia, and North America. They have specialties in giving strategic financial opinions on and giving legit financial advice in all id sized firms and corporations. The firm is known to be the world’s most successful mid-size investment banking firms. They’re able to connect complements especially great buyers to great sellers. Also, connect finances like commercial banks, hedge funds and private equities to the upcoming mid-sized firms for credit support.

Madison Street Capital founded in 2011 has extensive experience in the hedge fund industry too. They are able to analyze the status of a hedge fund and advise accordingly on which way to go in the stock market. The firm also helps companies in restructuring leadership and management if there is no positive progress coming through. The firm has also diversified to advising a variety of companies mostly those in their mid-sized level despite the major focus whether corporate, financial, service industry or manufacture industry. To Madison, the greatest thing that can happen to a developing company is having a trusted third party who can help in financial advice before committing to high transactions.

The Reign of Ricardo Guimaraes as the Head of Banco BMG Bank

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Sir Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is a critical figure in the banking industry. He has established the innovations of many credit offers including the pioneering the consigned credit as a personal credit alternative that comes attracts a cheaper interest. According to news, Sir Guimaraes recently received a diploma honor as an appreciation of his great deals in the capital market.


Sir de Castro presided the honoring ceremony. Castro stated how he was impressed by the successful reign of Ricardo, who once served as Club Atletico Mineiro president. He served as the chairperson of this football club for five consecutive years. According to the publication, Castro also mentioned the award of the Grand Collar merit to Sir Ricardo. See here to read more of the achievements attained by Guimaraes.



  1. Flavio Guimaraes nurtured Ricardo in a positive manner and taught him how to carry out deals in the capital market. Guimaraes possesses diverse talents and hard work, factors that keep him performing remarkably in the field. Guimaraes became the head of this bank in 2004 and pioneered inventions of great deals such as consigned credit and partnership with the Itau bank, to offer his clients payroll loans.



Guimaraes has been providing support to the Brazil residents in a more appealing manner. Sir Ricardo Supervises the offering of loans and credits to their esteemed clients at a reasonable returns interest. Guimaraes also attracts the interest of consumer by offering sponsorship agreements with football and volleyball clubs. He offers allowance disbursements and playing kits that bear the logo of Banco BMG bank. Guimaraes stated that the scenario would help advertise bank to the general public and create awareness on the focus of the bank in the sports industry.


Guimaraes achievements have been aided by the close association he holds with his working staff. Open this to learn more.


Guimaraes also highly focuses on the future of Banco BMG bank. He has recently been concentrating and making commercial agreements with banks that offer payroll loans options. Payroll loans act as the unique central service provided by Banco BMG bank. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, the reduction of the type of credit shares in the market ought to be reduced by seventy percent to increase the range of services offered by the bank and create competition in the stocks market.