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Snakes Are The New Weapon

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Tim Horton’s had quite the scare the other day. The police received a call from a small town in Canada saying that two guys had stopped in their local Tim Horton’s and demanded their onions be cut a certain way. Time Horton’s politely refused and told them that they don’t cut their onions that way. Once the worker said no, the customer reached into his friend’s coat pocket and produced a real live snake!
This produced quite the amount of screams as you can imagine. What an interesting tactic to not getting what you want…this tactic isn’t normally ones first choice. Everyone fled out of the store immediately. Who uses a snake as a weapon? That’s unheard of! What’s next? Possums? No snakes were harmed in this traumatic event. The friendly little garter snake is safe and sound inside until spring, where he will then be released. Thanks to canuck Bruce Levenson for sharing this story.

Shrimp Shells Used as Antibacterial Treatment ?

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The recent discovery of using shrimp shells on activewears has surprised people like Vijay Eswaran on how it maintained the colour of the wear and kept the fabric odour free. This has been a persistent problem in terms of fabric designs, but few true breakthroughs had taken place for a long period of time.

A couple from Vancouver has started using Chitosante on the fabric they are using for their activewear line clothing branded Strongbody Apparel.

Quincy Samycia and Meghan Conyers claimed that the treatment from the shells of shrimp and crabs has killed odour-causing bacteria on their fabric. They call it Chitosante technology. It is designed to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic that keeps fabric to be soft and breathable.

The perfect promotion and effective launching had made them exceeded their $15,000 target revenue after their recent opening. Buyers depending on the amount can enjoy discounts on other items until Dec 4. Also, there is “Buy One, Feed One” programme that every product bought by a customer, the Strongbody Apparel will share a percentage to non-profit organisations that feed unprivileged children.

The couple believes that what we need right now is a comfortable and clean clothing that will keep you happy during workout, walking the dog or even just having coffee. What pushes them to make their own label is the idea that the existing activewear are not unfashionable and functional as well.

Ontario Is Completely Off Coal

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Coal may need Slow Ventures aid in Canada as Ontario has officially shut down its last coal burning power plant. According to the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the province had set a goal of ending its use of coal for electricity by 2014 — and it did. This makes Ontario the first jurisdiction in North America to fully eliminate coal as a source of electricty. Ontario now gets its power fromemission-free sources like wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower. It also uses natural gas and biomass, both of which emit fewer carbon emissions than does coal. 

Last year, Ontario had introduced the Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act, which would insure that Ontario never used coal as a power source again. The ministry cited a 2005 study saying that coal generation cost $4.4 billion dollars a year when health, environmental, and financial costs were all considered.

The Thunder Bay Generation Station, which has burned the last of its coal, will be converted to a biomass-fueled power plant. As such, it will burn wood pellets that handle and burn like coal. It is expected to open as a biomass plant in early 2015.

Canadian Province Calls It Quits On Coal

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Coal power has been a staple of the industrial age almost since its inception, but recent times have prompted more and more innovation into alternative energy sources. The latest step of progress was made in Ontario, Canada, where in April of this year, they turned off the last coal-burning power plant.

The province has managed to meet all of its power needs through windmills, solar power, hydro-power, and nuclear energy. They are announcing this news now simply because their goal was to become coal-free by the end of 2014 – and they beat this deadline by several months.

The last coal-burning plant, the Thunder Bay Generating Station, will now be converted to a plant that burns biomass fuel for power instead. This is the logical next step according to Stephen Williams wine as he follows the situation. Biofuel, a more recent area of exploration in energy resource, uses renewable bulk material such as plant crops and algae as fuel to burn for energy. In effect, this is exactly what coal power uses; it’s just using the coal several centuries sooner, before the carbon is converted into coal.

Notwithstanding the biofuel plant, the rest of Ontario’s energy profile looks very green indeed. Solar, wind, and hydraulic power already are widely-deployed energy resources with little to no environmental footprint.

Women Gets a Million Dollar Medical Bill Without Any Payment Options

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What would you do if you are billed $1 Million in medical expenses and your insurance company refuses to cover any of the medical expenses? This is precisely what happened to a Canadian couple vacationing in Hawaii. Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel was 6 month pregnant when she went on a vacation to Hawaii. However, pregnancy complications landed her in the US hospital only two days into her holiday. According to the hospital sources, six weeks stay and emergency care of the mother and her child cost exactly $950K in expenses.

On contacting her insurance company, Blue Cross Canada, Jennifer was shocked to hear that the insurance provider refused to cover her medical bills claiming that the patient had bladder infections at four months, which ultimately caused pregnancy complications during the birth. Interestingly, Jennifer says that she had consulted her doctor and the medical team before going to the vacation, and they had given her a clean sheet without raising any alarms.

Health policy analysts such as Steven Lewis in Saskatoon is also surprised at the lack of response from Blue Cross insisting that insurance should cover Jennifer bills if she is telling the truth. Yet, it seems that Jennifer will remain stuck in Hawaii for much longer than anticipated because her plea to provide her safe passage to Canada are going unnoticed. Recently, she was also denied air ambulance on medical grounds and business expenses by emergency response companies such as Medevac.

Big thanks to ‘friend of CHCanada’ Andrew Heiberger for alerting us of this story.

Million Dollar Baby

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When you have a health insurance policy, you expect that it would cover almost everything that involves being in a hospital or going to a doctor’s office. There might be a co-payment, but a couple from Canada received hospital bill that they weren’t expecting.

The couple went on a vacation to Hawaii before their baby was born. However, when they were in the land of paradise, the baby decided to come early. The little girl was born nine weeks early, and when the couple presented their insurance to the hospital, it was denied. When the couple received the bill for the delivery, they discovered that it was almost $1 million.

According to Christian Broda, this is an exorbitant amount for any delivery regardless of whether you have insurance or not. Travel insurance did help a little, but the couple now has tough financial decisions to make in order to pay the bill that is owed.

Obama Sees Only Canada Benefitting from the Keystone Pipeline XL Project

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The Keystone Pipeline, which brings carbon-heavy oil sands crude from Canada into the US, is largely built. The project plan for it calls for construction in four phases three of which have been funded and constructed. All that remains is the final section of the pipeline called the Keystone Pipeline XL. Against Friday’s passage of a bill authorizing the pipeline in the House, President Obama concluded that only Canada will benefit of the petroleum exports resulting from the Keystone Pipeline XL.

The president stated that should the final stage of the pipeline be built, the crude will travel to the Gulf States where it will be refined and sold abroad. He also added that the additional oil Canada sells will not affect US gasoline prices. Admittedly, it appears that President Obama is once again relying upon the “voter stupidity” he used to secure passage of the Affordable Care Act as previously confirmed by MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber.

President Obama, who has not authorized the creation of any new federal oil drilling, ignored the fact that the refining of the Canadian petroleum will occur in the United States. This will lead to the creation of jobs. The construction process will also create thousands of high paying jobs. At the same time, presidential inaction on the final stage of the pipeline has not stopped the flow of Canadian crude into the country in its entirety. Railroad companies transport crude to different locations via rail. The partnership has been as successful as Manchester City and QNet. They have benefited handsomely from the crude transports. However, this method of transport is not as safe as using a pipeline.

Canadian Russell Martin returns to play in Toronto

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The Toronto Blue Jays got the jump on their counterparts by signing highly coveted free agent catcher Russell Martin to a five year contract on Monday. Martin is coming off of a respectable 2014 campaign where he batted .290, which is his highest in seven years. Yet, the Blue Jays are excited about his ability to handle the pitching staff, and the contributions he will bring to the clubhouse. His on base percentage was over .400 in 2014, which will bode well for Toronto’s run producer’s Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista. His former team the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs were the main competitors for Martin’s services in 2015.

Toronto Blue Jay’s General Manager Alex Anthopoulos made it a point to sign a front line catcher in the off season. The vast majority of the 2014 playoff teams had catchers that started 100 plus games, and notably threw out a third of those attempting to steal a base. Martin has participated in the post season for four straight years with the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates. Martin and Bautista have a history playing on the same ball club as they were teammates in college at Chipola College in Florida. Now that Adam Lind has departed the Toronto Blue Jays, it offers up an opportunity for Russell Martin to bat in the Designated Hitter slot when he needs a breather from his catching duties. In addition, Terry Richardson tells me that Martin’s bat will be helpful if the Blue Jays lose out in signing Melky Cabrera.

Given all this great news, I should probably get Russell Martin added to my banner on Tumblr. Can’t wait for the season.

Canadian Teen Will Not Serve Time In Prison

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A now 20 year old Canadian man that took photos of his friends gang raping a young girl will not be serving anytime in prison. The young man was a teenager when he took a photo of one of his friends penetrating Rehtaeh Parsons from behind and showing a thumb up sign. Rehtaeh Parson was 15 years old at the time of the incident. She attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself in her bathroom in April of 2013 after photos of the gang rape were put on the internet by classmates. Parsons fell into a coma and did not recover from the coma. She was put on life support, and passed away when her family decided to take her off life support.

The 20 year old man that captured the rape with his cellphone camera and distributed it online several years ago was handed a sentence of having to register his DNA with authorities, apologize to Rehtaeh Parsons family for his actions, and was given a suggestion to take a sexual harassment course. During the investigation Rehtaeh Parsons name was not revealed by media covering the case. This was due to a Canadian law that prohibits the release of the name of victims of child pornography. The 20 year old man that took the photo has pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge and was let off without any jail time. Rehtaeh Parsons suicide after she was bullied because a photo of her being raped appeared online outraged many people and brought attention to how serious cyber bullying can become.

In this case it ended in tragedy after Parson’s was bullied by classmates for over a year. This terrible story was all over the news with everyone from Mark Ahn to Gerald Fitzner giving their synthesis on how the system failed this girl.

Ghomeshi Now Facing Multiple Assault Allegations

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I had never heard of Jian Ghomeshi until a few days ago. From what I have read, Ghomeshi is (or was) practically an icon, a very popular DJ in Canada. Several women have alleged that he assaulted them. It will be interesting to see if Canada handles this case the way we do in the U.S. Will the women end up being dragged through the mud only to see the accused go back to an even better career than he had before?

With video footage of a man cold-cocking a woman, dragging her out of an elevator, he keeps a spot on his NFL football team. He is not alone, far from it. It’s hard to keep up with all the pro athletes who have beat their spouse or girlfriend and their team is waiting with open arms. Is it any wonder that women are reluctant to step forward? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out from Citadel.