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Charles Koch Launches New Grass Roots Program to Combat Poverty and Social Issues

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Billionaire Charles Koch is creating a non-profit as part of the Koch network that will help to revitalize citizens by offering better education to those living poverty. The new organization is aptly named Stand Together and is focused on giving tools to the underprivileged that will help them pull themselves out of poverty.

At the moment Stand Together is still in its starting phase, but the goal has been set high for the program with plans to raise as much as $15 million in just this year. Top officials said that the new program will be the pioneer of ‘venture philanthropy’ which will show the best way to help strengthen America using the very ideals that Americans hold dear.

Executive director of Stand Together, Evan Feinberg, stated that the program is designed to help people by actually solving problems that exist in their lives instead of just tossing money at them that often gets misdirected or only helps short term. According to Feinberg, the group is not going to fight policy, but instead create partnerships with local private groups where they see social problems that need addressed such as recidivism and gang violence.

Charles Koch has a large network of philanthropy groups and is known for donating to many colleges and universities to help support the his free enterprise economics views. He believes that you can only help people via education on how they can better their own lives. He is also a well-known outspoken billionaire who along with his brother, managed to turn his dad’s oil refinery into the second largest privately owned business in the US. Today Koch Industries is involved in many markets and owns several large brands including Quilted Northern.

Internally many people have been working for the past year on pulling Stand Together into an organization, but the group will make its first public appeal this week at a winter seminar held every year for Koch donors. The website for Stand Together will also launch this week.

It already has its first venture, a partnership with black conservative Bob Woodson who works with grass roots leaders in his position as CEO and president for the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. In the past Woodson has worked with both President George W. Bush and Paul Ryan the House Speaker.

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Keith Mann Helps Young People Realize their Dreams

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There’s no doubt that the United States and many other countries in the world were built with the entrepreneurial spirit, in addition to ingenuity and hard work.

However, though many young people, (especially those from disadvantaged neighborhoods), dream of starting their own businesses one day, they don’t realistically think it will be happen for them. If anything, they think they might be able to have a small business as a side job or something. Many don’t even begin to dream that they can build a career in business; and maybe one day branch out and start their own corporations.

However, even though young people might not see the possibilities before them, people who have already succeeded in the business world understand that the opportunities are there. In addition, people who have already achieved success often want to help others reach the dreams they themselves once aspired to. They also know that without guidance and access to the right opportunities at the right time, it might not be possible for young people to get very far.

Who is Keith Mann?

Keith Mann has been in the Executive Search industry for over 15 years and founded Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners’ focus has, over time, evolved into a firm that provides Executive Search services for alternative investment firms across the US, Asia and Europe. Mann has become an expert in hiring and staffing strategy along with Hedge Fund Compensation, making him the perfect candidate for the work.

In addition, because of Mann’s lifetime of business experience, he understands how important it is for a young person to get a good education if he or she wants to build a long-term, successful career in business. Though there are opportunities throughout industries worldwide, hiring managers rarely consider candidates who don’t have a college education; and it’s hard to successfully branch out on your own without some genuine experience working with a top firm.

Mann’s commitment to education eventually led him to offer a $5000 scholarship to one graduating senior every year. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is earmarked annually for students who graduate from one of the Uncommon High Schools. Uncommon Schools Nonprofit Charity Organization has 44 schools, (grades K-12), located throughout New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

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Avi Weisfogel: Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea affects many people all over the world. It’s a disorder that affects your sleep and can lead to other problems such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, fatigue and many other issues. It happens when your airway closes due to relaxed or weak muscles. It happens when you’re trying to sleep, preventing you from ever dropping into the REM stage of sleep. Most patients complain that they wake up feeling tired and often with headaches. When they’re not getting the proper oxygen that your body and brain need to function, they wake up from a restless night of sleep instead of a restful night of sleep. There are many devices that can be used to treat sleep apnea. Some physician will prescribe a CPAP, BiPAP or a VPAP machine, depending on their sleep study results. Some patients only need an oral device to correct their sleep apnea instead of a machine.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the nation’s top sleep apnea doctors who specializes in oral appliances. He is the founder and owner of a company called Dental Sleep Masters. The company is based out of New Jersey. He has many years of experience in dental background and sleep medicine. He has studied sleep treatments and disorders for many years, and has focused many of his studies on helping those with the disorder. Old Bridge Dental Care was his practice for over 15 years where he began to study sleep disorders and how oral devices can help correct the disorder. In 2012 he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and began to educate other dentists around the world about sleep apnea and what to recognize when they see their dental patients. The doctors were able to take his class and become certified to carry the oral appliances in their office, as well as fit the patient’s for it. With his research and knowledgeable findings, he has proven to be an outstanding physician in the world of sleep apnea. Watch Avi’s education YouTube video below.

It’s important to make sure that your sleep apnea gets treated appropriately and you get the necessary medical attention needed. If you have sleep apnea and you find the correction action taken to help you get a good night’s rest sleep, you will notice a huge difference in your health and energy. It may be hard to get used to at first, but with multiple attempted efforts and determination; you can ensure that your physician will get the necessary treatment that you need. It’s good to take action soon than later so that you’re not wreaking the havoc later on in life. If you are a sleep apnea patient, and choose to travel, talk with your physician about the benefits of a portable CPAP machine.

Avi is a known philanthropist and recently launched  a GoFundMe campaign benefiting Operation Smile. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign here!

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Finding A Handyman Is Easy With Handy

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Finding someone to clean up around your house or fix a leak in that plumbing is easier than ever before. If you have a smartphone you can use your Handy App to help get the handyman to your home with just a few clicks. House cleaning services, plumbers or any type of handyman is available with the touch of a button or the swipe of the app. You could think of this service like the Uber of handy work. Just like Uber, Handy is able to take your payments, schedule the service you want and get that handyman, plumber or house cleaner out to see you. Handy is based out of New York and has around fifty employees and a few thousand service people who are ready to help you get things done. The process is easy to use for both the clients and service provider too.

When you use Handy, here is what happens, First you enter you zip code. The next thing you do is fill in information like which rooms you want cleaned. The time you would like the service to start and end, next you get a price quote. They even include the taxes and any tip in that quote. If you want to move forward with the order, your card is charged and the process begins. This is many benefits for both the client and the service provider too. As a customer you do not have to worry about leaving behind a small truckload of cash for the service professional to pick up. As a service provider you don’t have to worry about being underpaid or waiting to make change or anything else. It is a win – win for everyone.

The thing to remember about using Handy is that they offer convenience and great service. No more unreliable cleaning agencies. Just a simple app that engages the service of some of the top professionals. By matching these service providers and the people who need service, Handy has created a perfect situation backed with a money back guarantee.

Regardless of when you need it or which service you need, Handy can help you get it with ease and you will enjoy the process. Your leaks will be fixed, your hard work will be taken care of by a professional and your home will be cleaned by someone who you can trust. What could be easier?

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Leveraging On Distressed Equity Markets By Leading Hedge Funds Institutions

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Many hedge funds organizations have been established over decades ago and they are growing in reap and bounds by exploiting there experience in the credit and equity markets to make the most in terms of profits. One of the most established hedge fund organization is the Highland capital management situated in Dallas. Highlands Capital Management prides itself for being one of the key financial solution providers for over 20 years with a vast experience in alternative credit and equity investment solutions. The organization provides alternative strategies to its esteemed customers to ensure that all their needs are put into considerations.

Highland Capital Management focuses mostly on Collateralized Loan obligation solutions (CLOs), mutual fund, separate accounts, distressed and special situations private equity. Most of the hedge funds leverage on betting against currencies which are increasingly losing in terms of exchange rates and capitalize on the situation to make good profits. For instance the Chinese economy currency; Yuan is being exploiting by major hedge funds such as Crescat Capital where they bet on its failure and make millions out of the betting. Highland Capital Management has a wide scope of customers and is differentiated by the different solutions they are seeking and nature or their size. They include endowments, corporations, financial institutions foundations and public pension plans.
Highlands Capital management was co- founded by James Dondero who is also the President. Jim has an illustrious experience in the credit and equity markets which has been vital in the growth and expansion of Highland Capital. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with dual majors in Accounting and finance and began his career at Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. He has also worked at American Express, GIC, American Banknote and MGM. His experience made Highland Capital become the first hedge funds institution to offer Collateralized Loans Obligations (CLOs) services. Under his watch the organization has also become one of the most renowned retail investors in the world by providing high quality services to its clients and ensuring that the services derive the intended purpose by the client.
Jim has won several awards over the course of his career and is a renowned philanthropist who has supported several initiatives especially in the education sector, advocating for public initiatives and helping the elderly persons.
Most hedge funds leverage on loans turbulence in most developed economies. The firms reap big sums of monies when the credit crisis is being experienced, before the situation is arrested and restored to parity. Betting against failing currencies has been a new way of creating profits as customers would book loans that have dropped in value and sell them at a loss when the market meets redemption. The situation is currently experienced in China.


MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Have A Lifelong Love Of The Art

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Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator who is seen as the best in the world today. He is a talented entertainer who has dedicated his career to the music of Michael Jackson, but Sergio harbors a lifelong love of Michael’s career. Sergio is not an opportunist who choose an entertainer that seemed interesting. Sergio Cortes is someone who grew up knowing that she should carry on the legacy of the king of pop. This article explains Sergio’s lifelong love of MJ as told by Dino Online.

#1: Sergio Grew Up With Michael’s Music

Sergio grew up loving the music of Michael Jackson, and he developed an affinity for the music that cannot be replicated at any other time in someone’s life. Growing up listening to and watch Michael Jackson made Sergio instantly intrigued by this performer. His passion for the art was born at a young age, but it is a passion that he never lost as he grew up.

#2: Sergio Had His Chance To Be Michael

Sergio has always looked a bit like Michael, and he has used that appearance to his advantage. Sergio has dressed up like Michael since he was a teenager, and he has turned heads because he looks so much like Michael Jackson. The uncanny similarity is something that Sergio loves, and he uses it to give his guests a better concert experience. People who come to see Sergio perform will start to wonder if they are looking at Michael Jackson in the flesh.

#3: Sergio Gives Performances All Year

Sergio has turned his passion for the music and dance of Michael Jackson into a career, and he carries that passion to every concert. His concerts feature all the music made famous by Michael Jackson, and Sergio does dance moves by Michael. He dresses just like Michael, and he even has the look down to a science. Anyone who attends Sergio’s concerts can see the passion come through because he truly loves what he does.

The career of Sergio Cortes is a unique look at what passion can do when someone has talent. Sergio is a brilliant singer and dancer who has used the music and dance of Michael Jackson to carry on a legacy started in the 70s. Michael was one of the most popular entertainers of all time, but his music and dance will not die as long as Sergio Cortes is still performing.

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Soros Bearish on Trump

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When one of the wealthiest people speak, regardless of their political leanings, people tend to listen. Such has been the case with George Soros who used an interview with Bloomberg TV while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the semi-retired billionaire investor spoke out on a litany of political and economic issues.

One of Soros main targets was the leading Republican candidate for the US presidency, and fellow billionaire Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has often made remarks supporting closing the borders to Arab or Muslim immigrants and that are disparaging of gun control. Some of these remarks Soros likens to an ISIS recruitment program that leaves ISIS will no alternatives other than terrorism. ISIS will not survive for much longer in Soros’ opinion believing them not able to stand against the Iraqi and Syrian governments as they win back territory.

Soros is listed by Forbes as being the fourteenth wealthy individual with some $24.5 billion in assets. Trump, by comparison, has $4.4 billion and is 121th on the Forbes 500 list. Soros has used his position to fund and promote a number of liberal candidates and programs. While himself an immigrant from Hungary after the Second world War, Soros studied in England before coming to the United States where he began his investment career in New York City with the F.M. Meyer and Wertheim & Company firm. A large majority of Soros wealth came from his 1992 “breaking” the Bank of England.

By virtue of his immigrant status, Soros has been a statesman for the “stateless people”. In discussing the recent mass immigration of peoples from Syria into Europe, Soros said he was confident that the migrants could be integrated into Germany and the other affected European nations.

While most of the harsh words were directed at Trump, Ted Cruz, another Republican candidate was also targeted by Soros. In the general election, Soros said that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic contender, would win a landslide victory.

Soros also levied criticism against the Federal Reserve bank for its delayed rising of interest rates, saying it was too late to make any real impact on the US economy. On the other hand, the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, still has the opportunity to make a potent stimulus and praised the ECB for resisting embark on a round of easing measures. Turning to China, Soros believes that that country’s economy will not collapse, but rather be in for a hard landing.

For the US investor, Soros recommends against buying stocks, but to sell if possible. He has entered into the new year shorting the S&P 500 index, and long on U.S. treasury notes. Soros suggested that investors brace for weaker-than-expected growth and the threat of deflation as the year progresses.

Learn More About Brad Reifler’s Accomplishments

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Brad Reifler launched the Forefront Capital Management Corporation, and he also performs his duties in the company as the chief executive officer. He also executes his duties as the director of Forefront Advisory. The primary function of the Capital Management Company is to provide forex and advisory services to clients and traders in general. At the Forefront Advisory, he has served as the head of the company since 2011.

Reifler is an astute business person. Wikipedia shows that he studied at Bowdoin College and managed to graduate with a degree in economics and political science. His first company, Reifler Trading firm, was launched just a short while after he graduated from college. The primary activity of the company was to specialize in worldwide derivatives. The company’s performance was good, and it managed to purchase Refco in 2000.

Reifler has been the director of Pali Capital since 1995, and he managed to be the top most person in the company for more than 13years. His exemplary managerial and supervisory skills led the company to great success since it was able to rake in huge profits every year. The company expanded greatly, opening branches in United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Currently, the company has more than 200 workers worldwide.

Reifler serves on various advisory and company boards, all of which listed on CrunchBase. He is the trustee of the Millbrook School and the head of Finance Committee in the institution. He has worked as the chief executive director of Foresight Research Solutions, Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, and the European American Investment Bank.

In his bio Brad Reifler is also the founder of Forefront Income Trust. The purpose of the trust fund was to make available an alternative method of investment to the middle class. The persons in this category are provided with an opportunity of investing a minimum of $2500. The product is not related to the stock exchange in any way; hence, people normally have a nice chance of diversifying their portfolio.

These kinds of investments are usually high risk. To safeguard the interests of the investors, the Forefront Income Trust makes available the necessary structures to mitigate the effects of such risks. Brad Reifler has a team of highly qualified individuals at his disposal who offer excellent services to the clients.  He’s also renown for providing investment advice to agencies like Reuters.  Otherwise you can follow him on Twitter for up to date investment advice.

The U.S Breweries Industry as Analyzed by Marcio Alaor

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In the U.S., craft brewers are expanding their space in the market, and as a result, large industry players have made huge investment by acquiring small breweries, says Marcio Alaor, executive of Brazilian Banco BMG. Last year, Constellation Brands group made an investment of $1 billion after acquiring a brand in California, Ballast Point. Additionally, in September, Heineken invested in acquiring 50 percent of Lagunitas, a craft brewery considered as the largest among those in the small industry sector. The company has distribution network across the United States, as explained by Alaor.
Marcio Alaor of BMG also noted that another major transaction, Anheuser-Busch InBev, which acquired a number of small breweries across the U.S. like Chicago based Goose Island Brewery, Elysian Brewing in Seattle, and New York based Blue Point Brewing. In his take, Marcio Alaor believes the small breweries emerged will less ambitions, although people are willing to pay additional cash for more tasty, full-bodied liquor. According to the latest research, craft breweries are believed to command 10 percent of the U.S. market, which is about $100 billion annually, which is 18 percent increase from the data collected the previous year, explained Marcio Alaor.
The executive of BMG believes that the data shows how powerful the craft industries are against the belief that the entire beer industry is underperforming. In fact, the Brewers Association has reported future growth of the industry, where small businesses are expected to command 20 percent of the market share by the year 2020, points Alaor. The Brewers Association classifies a craft brewery as a company that only attains a production of six million barrels, with not more that 25 percent in the control of large breweries. The executive of BMG reports that dominant companies have decreased in number in the last few years because of the multimillion-dollar acquisitions and mergers.
Marcio Alaor informs that a major merger between SABMiller, a British brewer and AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world will be concluded and Newco will be formed. Newco is expected to have a production capacity of about 30 percent of the entire beer consumed in the world in more than 80 countries. In addition, the company will have 225,000 people working in all its branches as elaborated by Marcio Alaor of BMG.
Marcio Alaor is recognized in Brazil for playing critical role of supporting rural areas especially his own homeland. The executive of Banco BMG has initiated a number of projects in Santo Antonio do Monte. He was honored by residents and leaders of this region for helping them achieve great dreams in their lives. In fact, he is considered as someone who is deeply committed to his roots.

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The Success of Organo Gold

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Coffee is an exponentially growing industry that has been a popular product among societies around the world for thousands of years. Coffee is a unique product that is presently able to be manipulated in such as way to be created into the preferable texture, taste, as well as temperature. Coffee is currently a culturally consumed beverage that has the effects of energizing each individual during those early mornings and during those long hours working. Now with this billion dollar industry exponentially growing, new companies are finding their own niches that can make their coffee more likable on behalf of the consumer. One prime example of this is that of Organo Gold.

Organo Gold was created in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is a well renowned businessman that has extensive experience within the multilevel marketing industry. Mr. Chua created Organo Gold with the overall intent of promoting healthy living throughout the world. His current international reputation has helped to do so in an effective manner.

Organo Gold has found success through its special product that Bernardo Chua has made sure to educate the public about. This secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. Mr. Chua is proud to say on Facebook that Organo Gold has the first Organically grown Ganoderma plantation in North America that is being cared for by experts.

Ganoderma is a fungus that has special properties that energizes as well as relaxes those who consume it. Organo Gold has been successfully able to transform this wood-like fungus into a fine powder through a natural process that is then combined with a number of Organo Gold’s products. These products include hot cocoa, tea, as well as delicious coffee.

Organo Gold has the overall mission of spreading education around the world about the importance of healthy living. Organo Gold is located in 35 different countries and has opened its doors to anyone around the world who loves the product. The leadership team at Organo Gold is made up of those who constantly demonstrate excellence, integrity, as well as leadership.

Mr. Chua is the current CEO of the brand and has plans to develop the company even further and into more countries. What makes this brand a special brand is the fact that Organo Gold enables anyone to work for the company with no experience necessary. All one requires is a love for Organo Gold products.  Who ever thought healthy coffee would be a real invention?