How Eric Pullier’s Book Understanding Enterprise SOA Can Reshape Businesses

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The rapid advances in the field of technology often make it overwhelming for the everyday business owner to comprehend and keep up with. At the same time in order for someone to be successful in business they must have an understanding of existing software and programs. With the gigantic amount of information available it makes it difficult to decide where to begin. What materials are best for understanding this concept? Luckily, a book written by Eric Pulier called Understanding Enterprise SOA bridges the world of technology and business.


Readers learn how to streamline business practices with the application of service-oriented architecture, or SOA, and are given the key to creating and implementing a successful operation. Pulier outlines and teaches this process using a combination of real life examples and easy to comprehend techniques.


This book is written in a clear, easy to grasp format that will guide business owners to a newer understanding of the interdependency between a successful business and stellar customer service with the use of software services. It delves into every day scenarios where diverse companies integrate the latest in SOA technology to produce impressive results.


A trailblazer in the field of informatics, Eric Pulier has created a resource that helps bridge the gap between software and business. He is the CEO of SOA Software, and has worked alongside major companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Toyota. Understanding Enterprise SOA summarizes his knowledge and experience in a manner that can easily be applied to any business.


The Internet, technological innovations, and a highly competitive business market are all factors that influence the success or failure of business. Eric Pulier’s book can be considered a groundbreaking instruction manual that will help business owners understand and master service oriented architecture.


How Stephen Rotella’s Mortgage Banking Expertise is Beneficial to StoneCastle Cash Management

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Stephen Rotella is a mortgage-banking executive who currently serves as the CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management. The company excels in delivering insured cash solutions to institutional investors. StoneCastle also relies on its partners, Charlesbank Capital Partners and CIBC, for productivity in service delivery. As the CEO of an SEC-certified company, Rotella ensures that StoneCastle’s cash solutions are availed to RIAs, brokerages, and trusts.


Career Background


Before joining StoneCastle’s leadership team, Stephen Rotella headed Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation as the president. He was also the CEO of Chase Home Finance as well as the VP of JP Morgan Chase. At JP Morgan, he was in charge of the company’s Community Development Group. WWI Holdings Corporation also employed him as its COO for four years. His work involved overseeing the commercial, mortgage, and retail lines of business of WMM Holdings Corporation. Rotella also worked in WMI’s Home Loans Division as the acting head for four months. Chase Home Finance benefited from his mortgage banking expertise when he served as COO.


Stephen Rotella is also known for his effective leadership when Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company hired him as the executive VP of servicing. Besides the servicing department, Rotella also worked as the senior VP of Marketing, Finance, and Product Development at Chase for five years. He attributed his success at the company from the experience he got while working in systems consulting, mutual fund, and retail brokerage industries. Consumer Mortgage Coalition also recorded tremendous growth under Rotella’s leadership as the president.


Executive Board Roles


As the chairperson and Director of BalletMet, Joseph Rotella provided strategic planning insights to the Columbus-based company. Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company’s board also appointed him as the chairman of its Housing Advisory Council. The council targets underserved clients in the mortgage banking industry. Rotella also seats at Mortgage Bankers Association’s board of directors as a member. He had membership post in the Vericrest Financial advisory council and the Consumer Mortgage Coalition. Rotella’s successful mortgage banking career can be attributed to the economics degree he acquired from Stony Brook-based New York University in 1975. Later in 1978, he attended the Albany-based New York State University for an MBA in finance and information systems.


How Mike Baur facilitates the growth of Startups

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Mike Baur is Swiss entrepreneur, who founded Swiss Startup Factory. He has been serving in the banking industry for more than 20 years, and this has allowed him to gain experience in the field. His company has been dedicated to supporting the growth of startups that deal with technology. The enterprise is currently located in Zurich, Switzerland, and it has been on the market since 2014. It has been dedicated to offering funds and motivation to the new innovative businesses from the time that they are established until they maneuver into the corporate world. He has invested a lot of resources in innovative enterprises that are owned by the youth in Switzerland, and therefore, he understands more about startups. Mike was first hired as an intern in a private bank and some of the organizations that he has worked for include Clariden and Sallfort.


Swiss Startup Factory is regarded as a top innovative enterprise that operates in the country. It has facilitated the growth of many creative ideas into profitable businesses that maneuver in the corporate world. The firm examines many ideas and determines the ones that can make significant returns. It coaches, motivates, and provides funding to businesses so that they can accomplish their objectives. Swiss Startup Factory has assisted many innovations to develop into leading corporations in various markets.


Mike has been raising funds by reaching out to private investors who would like to support emerging technology-based businesses. The company primarily depends on money from business leaders, and it is the first business of its kind that has been created in Switzerland. Baur was able to develop good relationships with various people for the two decades that he was in the banking sector, and this has enabled him to access funds easily. The private investors assist the Swiss Startup Factory’s clients by offering them everything that they would need for them to penetrate the international markets. The firm runs a three-month acceleration program that helps the startups to be successful.


Mr. Baur’s competence has been facilitated by his education. He currently holds an MBA and an executive MBA, which he was awarded at the University of Rochester and the University of Bern. Mike’s career as a banking professional was successful. He rose through the ranks, and he was a board member of one of the top private banks in Switzerland. Baur has made personal investments on the startups, and he fully understands how to make them prosperous.


Kabbalah Centre and the Modern World

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While we are living in this modern world, there are many questions that we keep on asking, and we may not have the right answers. These questions are genuine because one would wonder why many things are happening in our lives. One would wonder why hunger and people are killing each other instead of loving one another. Also, you may not achieve all you have wanted in life because of the many things that are blocking your way. Watch video .

Seeking knowledge

Human beings have from the past looked for ways to ensure that they are living comfortably in this life. It is because of the needs of man that he is searching for the way to avert these problems that surround us in life. One would wonder whether there are practical ways to solve these problems. There are ways to address these challenges and those who discovered it had kept it a secret for million years. Rav Yehuda is responsible for spreading the knowledge which has helped a lot of people up to this point.

Solving problems of Life

It is essential for people to acquire knowledge that can assist them in solving problems that they face in life. Kabbalah Centre has teachers who have dedicated their lives to ensure that the learners can gain wisdom and knowledge that will help them in solving these problems we face in our lives. Many people have tried to establish a system of problem-solving, but they have not succeeded, but Kabbalah Centre is offering solutions that are practical in life.

Getting what you Desire

As human beings, we have many desires and most of them we are not able to fulfill. We live lives that are not according to what we wish. However, with Kabbalah, you can live a life that you have always desired. Here you will get wisdom that will help you to achieve great things that you have always wanted, but you failed.Kabbalah Centre on Facebook .

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The Accomplishments of Margaret Gill as the Head of Memorial University Medical Centre

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Margaret Gill has been serving as the boss of Memorial Health since 2005. Gill is skilled in management, leadership, finance, and clinical research. Memorial University Medical Centre is an academic health center with a 604-bed capacity. This facility serves counties in South California and southeast Georgia. Gill has an MBA from the prominent Saint Leo University. She is also a proud graduate of Florida State University.

Gill’s career history

She began working at this organization as the CFO, but she later became the chief operating officer. In 2011, Gill secured the president position at the company. Before joining Memorial University Medical Centre, Gill worked at Tenet South Florida Health System as a chief financial officer for five years. While working at Tenet, she managed health centers in Miami, Hialeah, and Gables, Florida. She was named the outstanding CFO three years in a row. At Memorial University Medical Centre, Gill is in charge of supervising the senior executive officers.

Gill launches the Pathways to Excellence project

Mid last year, Maggie Gill realized that Memorial University Medical Centre (MUMC) was not making sufficient revenue. In light of these shortcomings, she unveiled Pathways to Excellence, an initiative aimed at investing over $20 million in the hospital. These funds are expected to reflect in 6 to 18 months and help with the planning for future projects. She also unveiled the management team that will be working with Pathways to Excellence to retool the hospital’s healthcare system.

Gill plans to exit Memorial Health

Early this year, Gill announced his plan to exit Memorial University Medical Centre to pursue other professional opportunities. According to Harry Haslam, one of the hospital’s board members, Gill did not disclose when she plans to leave. When Gill became the president of this organization in 2011, she oversaw the restructuring of the hospital, which resulted in increased profits. Throughout her tenure at this facility, she facilitated negotiations with Novant Health, an MUMC’s partner. Gill plans to gradually hand over her office to her predecessor and stick around as long as the board needs her to.

White Shark Media Provides Excellent Advertising Service

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If you are in need of quick traffic to your site, pay per click is your clear choice. It is imperative to enlist the services of a well established advertising agency.


White Shark Media is regarded as one of the most trusted advertising agency in the industry. This reputable firm has a team of qualified and certified Adwords PPC specialists and comes recommended in the advertising arena. The team at this agency has great expertise in various aspects of advertising, and can show you step by step, how to achieve excellent results with your campaigns.


Keyword research is the most essential component of developing a solid Pay Per Click campaign. There are keyword generators that prove valuable in getting you started when extracting keywords for your campaigns. Keyword expressions are the foundation for an effective PPC campaign.


Pay-Per-Click channels are one of the most effective sources for generating traffic to your website or offers. If your site needs a web traffic boost, an excellent Pay Per Click campaign is the best way to obtain the outcomes you desire.


White Shark Media has catered to businesses for years and is an outstanding provider of PPC campaign management. Numerous businesses around the globe have benefited immensely from the top notch solutions provided by this highly renowned company.


Correctly carried out and handled, Pay Per Click advertising and marketing has the potential to produce a profitable return on your investment. A PPC specialist at White Shark Media will review your existing PPC account to determine the things you can do to quickly improve your outcomes.


Their first evaluation is complimentary, and you will certainly learn a great deal regarding Pay Per Click advertising as well as ways to create enhanced sales and income with this marketing system.

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Wengie’s gift wrapping ideas

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Wengie has a number of examples on how to create a unique looking gift wrapped package including using a Dixey cup, markers and gift stamps, and a potato. A Dixey cup can be used to gift a small present such as jewelry, candy, or a small bottle of perfume. Begin by cutting off the rim of a Dixey cup and then obtaining some glitter tape. Take the glitter tape and line the rim with a couple of lines of the tape. Place the gift into the cup and then use a hole punch to create a hole for the gift tag. Use a piece of yarn or string and tie it to a gift tag for an original looking gift package.


Try a gift package that looks like one just removed it from the mailbox for an original look. Wrap your gift in brown paper which once can pull from an ordinary paper sack. Use multiple color Sharpie pens to outline the package in blue and red squares to create a first class mail look. Add a return address label as well as the senders address to the package. Add four or five postage stamps and one will have a gift that appears to be pulled right out of the mail. Make shift stamps can be created to design a gift package. Cut up a potato into a square, triangle, and semi-circle shape. Takes the potato stamps and dab them into an ink pad and stamp the package. Wengie uses the triangle and semi-circle potato stamps to make ice cream cones as a designer idea on her gift packages.

 José Borghi is one of the most influential advertisers in Brazil

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Jose Borgi is one of the most influential business entities in Brazil. According to him, his business was developed with the hope of becoming a better individual in this environment. For this reason, he worked extra hard to become the man he wanted to become in future. As a matter of fact, his career was determined when he was still in high school. During this time, his sister invited her to watch an advertisement exhibition at the company she was working. For this reason, Jose Borgi went off to attend the exhibition, when he looked at the marvelous things done in the arena, he knew what he wanted to do in life. For this reason, he worked hard to attain a certification to enable him to join the advertisement college in the country.

While in college, he purposed to learn all it takes to become a better advertiser. For this reason, the business grew to become better in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. His hard work resulted into his graduation with the highest honors in the industry. For this reason, business became better in a manner that cannot be paralleled in the industry. During that time, the advertisement arena was snot filled with many people. For this reason, business was running normally. He secured himself a job at a local advertisement company in the country. While he was working at the company, he felt a need to work for himself. He worked for over three years and saved enough money to commence his practice. During this time, he found out that the money he had was limited. However, he never gave up his long-term idea to become an icon in business. For this reason, he went on and became a better person in this field.

Jose Borgi started the Mollen Lowe Advertising Agency in Brazil. During the first years of the company’s operations, it developed its better business management capabilities. For this reason, they went and founded a company that could become a better capability in the industry. The Mollen Lowe Advertising Agency grew to become one of the most respected businesses in the country. for more.

Troy McQuagge: The Super CEO

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Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur with a success story to tell to all people around the world. As a CEO of the USHealth Company, he has made it to the big leagues and now enjoys what he has worked for as one of the most celebrated CEOs of recent times.He has of recent been in the limelight for being awarded due to his work as an executive. This makes him someone to be entrusted with the leadership of such a huge group as USHealth.

The History of Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge began working professionally in the year 1983 when he joined Allstate Insurance Company. He later left that one and went to work for the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc.He was named the President of the insurance agency UGA in the year 1997 after two years of working in that company. After many years of working there, the company was acquired by private investors in the year 2006.This led to the re-branding of this company, and it became HealthMarkets. It was at this time that McQuagge was charged with the task of heading the marketing and sales departments. This was in the company’s self-employed groups.

Success And Awards

He was serving as the president in 2007 when the group was able to reach the $1 billion dollars mark in terms of the yearly premium sales. They were able to clinch the Insurance Sales Organization of The Year title awarded to them by the Selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards which puts them ahead of their competitors.

Alma Mater

He was able to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. That was in the year 1983. So far he has been in the industry for over three decades.

The CEO Of The Year

He is now the President and Chief Executive Officer of USHealth, and he was able to win the Gold CEO of the year award that was given to him by the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence. This is the group that honors excellence in leadership, excellence in business and success in various fields.


Jeffry Schneider – A True Renaissance Man

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Ascendant Capital is an innovative and groundbreaking Investment firm that has its roots in Austin, TX focusing on alternative investments and asset management. The mastermind behind this incredibly successful firm is none other than Jeffry Schneider. After years working for a variety of highly prestigious firms includes Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Axiom Capital Management he founded Ascendant Capital in 2009 and in the past 8 years has firmly established the firm as a leader in the industry.

It’s astounding success stems from Jeffry Schneider’s modern approach to investing that centers around education and diversification of funds through a variety of industries including real estate, tech companies and auto dealerships. Along with the help of his hand picked team, Ascendant Capital has raised over a billion dollars and is now projected to raise 6 billion over the next 12 months.

Much more than just a man with a head for business, Jeffry also promotes a healthy a well-rounded lifestyle to his employees. In this, he leads in example having competed in a number of Iron man competitions around the World over the years. He is also an advocate of a healthy diet and is outspoken in its effects upon the body and brain. In addition to his focus on holistic health he has a passion for travel and is often drawn to remote destinations such as Thailand, Saint Crux and Budapest.

A true Renaissance man, Jeffry Schneider is not only a leader in the Investment industry but also sets the standard for personal lifestyle and customer relations.