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Teaching the Kabbalah

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Kabbalah-ism, the classical Hebrew school of mysticism, is enjoying a rebirth in modern culture as its teachings spread to the general populace all over the world.
Approaches to learning Kabbalah typically fall into three categories:

* Theoretical, which is focused on understanding life through the paths and correspondences within the Kabbalist Tree of Life, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and much more.
* Spiritual, which dwells on concepts such as angels, souls, and meditation to develop personal spiritual growth.
* Magical: From the medieval age right up through the present many students of the Kabbalah have seen it as an arcane system for not only understanding, but manipulating, the physical world.

However, understanding the Kabbalah is less about finding personal fulfillment than it is about abandoning ego. “Kabbalah” translates as “that which is received”. Appreciating the Kabbalah means being receptive to ideas that all of the material world, including ourselves, flows from the Divine. The Tree of Life is essentially the blueprint for Creation, and study of the Kabbalah makes us more receptive to such energies. We come to see that matter is the product of the spirit. Grasping this allows us to better experience the Divine around us.

The Kabbalah Centre based out of Los Angeles is the largest organization in the world dedicated to bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to people around the globe. It dates to the original Kabbalah school established in Jerusalem in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. These teachings were taken to America by his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein, who passed on leadership of the school in 1969 to Rav Phillip Berg.

That school became the Kabbalah Centre, still under the directorship of the Berg family. It now directs over 50 Kabbalah schools around the world, with over 5,000 regular students. Instruction is based on the Zohar, the classic 14th-century text which built on secret traditions discovered through study of the Torah (Old Testament).

The Real Estate Market Is Changing In NYC

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The big news is that the NYC real estate market is changing fast. Certainly, the face of the typical luxury property purchaser has changed dramatically over the last few years. The face is younger and belongs to a purchaser that is probably under 30 years old. They are eager to purchase their first home in the heart of NYC. The new luxury purchaser is more interested in high tech living with the usual high tech toys and accessories that make their life just a little more comfortable. Let’s examine this a little further.

Typical Locations
NYC real estate agents agree that location is very important to the younger luxury buyer. Typically, they want to live in the middle of all the action. They would prefer to live walking distance to the nearest restaurants, bars, and shopping. For example, the hot spots in NYC real estate are the Manhattan area. The fact is that a large number of the new luxury purchasers are entrepreneurs that work out of a home office. Certainly, they prefer an office equipped with the latest high tech tools to communicate with people across the city or across the world.

Preferred Homes
NYC real estate agents find that the younger buyer prefers a luxury home with the high ceilings and spacious rooms to display their art work. The typical purchaser looks for an apartment or condominium with a balcony to view the city while they sip their morning coffee or to sit and entertain their guest.

About Town Real Estate
NYC real estate is moving fast. More and more people are moving to the city daily, and looking for that perfect luxury apartment, condominium, or town house. Of course, new arrivals could look for a new luxury home independently, but the best course of action is to hire a Town Real Estate professional to find that perfect luxury home. Their staff is experienced and knowledgeable about NYC. Town Real Estate is an industry leader and provides customized top quality service to their clients.

How To Pick Lip Balm For Each Season Of The Year

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Each season of the year comes with different challenges for your lips. That’s why it’s important to pick a lip balm product that works well for each season. Here are some tips on picking out lip balm for each season of the year.

In the summer you want to pick lip balm that has sunscreen protection. This is because summer is the highest chance of sunburns. You want to protect your lips from burning. Make sure that your lip balm has SPF in it so that you don’t have to deal with painful lips.

In the fall you should still worry about a lip balm with SPF but it’s not as important. You might want to find some of the great scents that come with fall such as pumpkin pie and apple. Lip balm brands usually come out with these scents during the fall.

In the winter it’s very important to keep your lips moisturized. You want to make sure that you buy a product that has Jojoba oil or Shea Butter. Both of these products are great at moisturizing and softening your lips. It is also important to have these ingredients because the winter is the season that is harshest on your lips.

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