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Wengie’s gift wrapping ideas

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Wengie has a number of examples on how to create a unique looking gift wrapped package including using a Dixey cup, markers and gift stamps, and a potato. A Dixey cup can be used to gift a small present such as jewelry, candy, or a small bottle of perfume. Begin by cutting off the rim of a Dixey cup and then obtaining some glitter tape. Take the glitter tape and line the rim with a couple of lines of the tape. Place the gift into the cup and then use a hole punch to create a hole for the gift tag. Use a piece of yarn or string and tie it to a gift tag for an original looking gift package.


Try a gift package that looks like one just removed it from the mailbox for an original look. Wrap your gift in brown paper which once can pull from an ordinary paper sack. Use multiple color Sharpie pens to outline the package in blue and red squares to create a first class mail look. Add a return address label as well as the senders address to the package. Add four or five postage stamps and one will have a gift that appears to be pulled right out of the mail. Make shift stamps can be created to design a gift package. Cut up a potato into a square, triangle, and semi-circle shape. Takes the potato stamps and dab them into an ink pad and stamp the package. Wengie uses the triangle and semi-circle potato stamps to make ice cream cones as a designer idea on her gift packages.

 José Borghi is one of the most influential advertisers in Brazil

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Jose Borgi is one of the most influential business entities in Brazil. According to him, his business was developed with the hope of becoming a better individual in this environment. For this reason, he worked extra hard to become the man he wanted to become in future. As a matter of fact, his career was determined when he was still in high school. During this time, his sister invited her to watch an advertisement exhibition at the company she was working. For this reason, Jose Borgi went off to attend the exhibition, when he looked at the marvelous things done in the arena, he knew what he wanted to do in life. For this reason, he worked hard to attain a certification to enable him to join the advertisement college in the country.

While in college, he purposed to learn all it takes to become a better advertiser. For this reason, the business grew to become better in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. His hard work resulted into his graduation with the highest honors in the industry. For this reason, business became better in a manner that cannot be paralleled in the industry. During that time, the advertisement arena was snot filled with many people. For this reason, business was running normally. He secured himself a job at a local advertisement company in the country. While he was working at the company, he felt a need to work for himself. He worked for over three years and saved enough money to commence his practice. During this time, he found out that the money he had was limited. However, he never gave up his long-term idea to become an icon in business. For this reason, he went on and became a better person in this field.

Jose Borgi started the Mollen Lowe Advertising Agency in Brazil. During the first years of the company’s operations, it developed its better business management capabilities. For this reason, they went and founded a company that could become a better capability in the industry. The Mollen Lowe Advertising Agency grew to become one of the most respected businesses in the country. for more.

Troy McQuagge: The Super CEO

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Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur with a success story to tell to all people around the world. As a CEO of the USHealth Company, he has made it to the big leagues and now enjoys what he has worked for as one of the most celebrated CEOs of recent times.He has of recent been in the limelight for being awarded due to his work as an executive. This makes him someone to be entrusted with the leadership of such a huge group as USHealth.

The History of Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge began working professionally in the year 1983 when he joined Allstate Insurance Company. He later left that one and went to work for the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc.He was named the President of the insurance agency UGA in the year 1997 after two years of working in that company. After many years of working there, the company was acquired by private investors in the year 2006.This led to the re-branding of this company, and it became HealthMarkets. It was at this time that McQuagge was charged with the task of heading the marketing and sales departments. This was in the company’s self-employed groups.

Success And Awards

He was serving as the president in 2007 when the group was able to reach the $1 billion dollars mark in terms of the yearly premium sales. They were able to clinch the Insurance Sales Organization of The Year title awarded to them by the Selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards which puts them ahead of their competitors.

Alma Mater

He was able to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. That was in the year 1983. So far he has been in the industry for over three decades.

The CEO Of The Year

He is now the President and Chief Executive Officer of USHealth, and he was able to win the Gold CEO of the year award that was given to him by the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence. This is the group that honors excellence in leadership, excellence in business and success in various fields.


Jeffry Schneider – A True Renaissance Man

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Ascendant Capital is an innovative and groundbreaking Investment firm that has its roots in Austin, TX focusing on alternative investments and asset management. The mastermind behind this incredibly successful firm is none other than Jeffry Schneider. After years working for a variety of highly prestigious firms includes Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Axiom Capital Management he founded Ascendant Capital in 2009 and in the past 8 years has firmly established the firm as a leader in the industry.

It’s astounding success stems from Jeffry Schneider’s modern approach to investing that centers around education and diversification of funds through a variety of industries including real estate, tech companies and auto dealerships. Along with the help of his hand picked team, Ascendant Capital has raised over a billion dollars and is now projected to raise 6 billion over the next 12 months.

Much more than just a man with a head for business, Jeffry also promotes a healthy a well-rounded lifestyle to his employees. In this, he leads in example having competed in a number of Iron man competitions around the World over the years. He is also an advocate of a healthy diet and is outspoken in its effects upon the body and brain. In addition to his focus on holistic health he has a passion for travel and is often drawn to remote destinations such as Thailand, Saint Crux and Budapest.

A true Renaissance man, Jeffry Schneider is not only a leader in the Investment industry but also sets the standard for personal lifestyle and customer relations.

Betsy Devos showed her Dislike for President Trump’s Reversal of the Transgender Bathroom Issue

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Betsy Devos is America’s Education Secretary for the Trump Administration. She has recently showed her dislike for the President’s reversal of federal regulations concerning transgender bathroom use. On February 23, 2017; President Trump passed legislation that did away with the Obama’s Administration guidelines for allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their identifiable gender.

Many people came out to oppose Trump’s decision. Betsy Devos is one of those persons. Devos reasons for opposing trump had to do with her attitude towards transgender people. The Republican Education Secretary does not want to see more transgender people suffer because of their lifestyle choices. The reversal of Obama’s legislation upset millions of people around the country because they honestly believe this is a setback regarding this issue.

Devos showed firm opposition to Trump’s decision. Even though the president chose Devos to serve as the Secretary of Education for his administration; she did not agree with his stance. As a matter of fact, Devos was asked to resign if she did not stop opposing the president. Ultimately, the Education Secretary realized that it would be in her best interest to go along with Trump’s decision.

Betsy Devos is a business woman and a philanthropist. Her husband and she were the leading investors for Neurocore. This is a neurocognitive redevelopment group. She is involved within many leading philanthropic causes and they include The Prince Foundation, Acton Institute, the Kennedy Center and the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which is a foundation designed to help families and society within key areas of society.

Devos is a busy woman and her position at the White House is keeping her schedule extremely full. Trump’s decision about the transgender bathroom issue also impacts Devos’s job. Since the transgender bathroom issue is primarily directed toward people within the education field; Devos is paying very close attention to it.

She does not want the transgender population to feel like they have been let down. The secretary’s hands are tied and their is very little she can do if she wants to remain in her position.

Under the Obama Administration, many schools around the U.S. had to allow transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding with their gender choice based off of nondiscrimination laws. These laws were formed as a part of the Civil Rights that people enjoy within the U.S.

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The Trump Administration stated that these laws were not devised with the primary role that states and local school districts input. Attorney General Jeff Sessions wanted to move swiftly to end this legislation because he knew that if he didn’t; the U.S. court system could have delayed this process by years.

Sessions has been a staunch critic of lesbian, gay and transgender rights. Devos has been more a liberal supporter these groups. Sessions and Devos even butted head over this decision. Once again, Devos had no choice but to relent her position on the matter or suffer the consequences. Right now, Trump’s actions is causing protest and reaction among many American organizations, groups and people all over the U.S.

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Thor Halvorssen on the Ladies in White

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As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen takes great pride in putting on his Oslo Freedom Forum each year. This meeting allows journalists from around the world to hear stories from human rights supporters. One of the things that he is most proud of is the presentation of the Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent each year. In 2013, the award was presented to The Ladies in White from Cuba. This group continues to fight to get their message heard about conditions in their homeland.

This group was founded in 2003 by family members of people being held by the repressive Fidel Castro regime. Most of those in jail were arrested during Cuba’s Black Spring for collaborating with foreign journalists and for illegal organization. Each Sunday, the women attend mass together dressed in white. They walk the streets of the city after services. White was chosen because it symbolizes peace. The ladies have been punched. They have had hot tar thrown on them. Yet, they continue to try to get their message out.

More than 50 of the Ladies in White were arrested just hours before President Barack Obama came to Cuba. Berta Soler was arrested eight times during the month that Obama visited. In all, the Cuban government arrested 1,416 protesters during March 2016. The government also arrested at least 1,100 protesters during each month leading up to the president’s meeting with Raul Castro.

Human rights advocates in Cuba say that another contributing factor is that Easter was celebrated during this period. People are not free in Cuba to practice their faith. Maikel Armenteros Orama and Osney Quintana García were arrested just for displaying an anti-government sign.

Human rights advocates say that there continues to be many problems in Cuba. They say that while the government has largely stopped using long-term imprisonments as a way to hush them, they are arrested more frequently now. Many have been arrested for writing or saying things against the government. The government often will not let international monitors in to see supporters held in prison.

Thor Halvorssen says that he hopes that United States lawmakers will continue to examine the situation closely before normalizing ties with the country. for more.