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High-octane, Austin-born Lobbyist to the Rich and Powerful

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Andrea McWilliams is an Austin-based lobbyist and philanthropist. She is co-founder of the Texas-based consulting firm, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband, Dean. For her work within the agency, McWilliams was rated by the Austin Business Journal as being the number one lobbyist in Texas during the year 2009. In addition to her work crafting policy within the legislative arena, Andrea McWilliams has also served on the boards of over 10 non-profit organizations including, Texas Lyceum, Mexi–Arte Museum, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Austin Children in Crisis, Pioneer Farms, and many others. McWilliams is a native-Austinite, having been raised only a short distance from the Texas Capitol. Her father’s restaurant businesses, a hamburger place on Congress Avenue and later a cafeteria near the Texas Workforce Commission, always kept her in proximity with the political culture of Austin. She began working as a junior staffer at the Austin Capitol at the age of twenty and was subsequently granted the title of Chief of Staff the following year. Her political dexterity has been reported on by CNN, NPR, USA Today, and the BBC. In addition to her role as an influential lobbyist, Andrea McWilliams has wielded her authority in the sphere of public fundraising. Rooted in her own battle with cancer, Andrea McWilliams has helped to raise millions of dollars to aid cancer prevention within central Texas. During 2014, Austin’s Seton Breast Cancer Center named their screening room after McWilliams. During her career, Andrea has received the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist designation, the “Austin Under 40” Award, and has been featured in the Austin American-Statesman as a part of the “Glossy 8” list. Andrea McWilliams currently resides in the historic Enfield district of Austin with her husband and three children.


Troy McQuagge Receives Recognition as the CEO of the Year

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The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge has been named as the Gold Winner in the Prestigious One Planet Awards. Mr. McQuagge obtained top position in the CEO of the year category. The global premier awards program exists to honor business and professional excellence in all the industries from all parts of the world. All the companies from any part of the globe, either profit or not-for-profit, and of all sizes, including new startups may offer their candidacy and more information click here.

Upon joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, Mr. McQuagge exhibited the determination of bringing positive transformation to the company. His very first focus was to rebuild its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He experienced tremendous success in re-equipping the distribution agency, something that significantly contributed to his appointment as the CEO and President of the USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2014. Under his leadership, the group has experienced novel growth, profits and other types of success amidst the highly competitive market for individual health insurance.

While responding to the news regarding his win, Mr. Troy McQuagge confirmed that it is indeed an honor to receive peer recognition in the industry the company operates. However, he quickly added that the award belongs to every member of USHEALTH Group Inc. According to Mr. McQuagge, the award is a testimony of the firm’s continuous commitment to offer practical solutions as far as ensuring the affordability of health care is concerned. The news explaining Mr. McQuagge win was published on PRWEB.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. He became a member of the United Insurance Companies Inc.’s Student Insurance Division in 1995, and two years later, he became the president of UGA – an insurance agency of UICI. The fact that he steered the agency in the right direction became evident thanks to the numerous single-year sales records.

In 2006, UICI was acquired by private equity investors leading to a change in its corporate name to HealthMarkets. At the “new” company, Mr. Troy McQuagge was given the responsibility of leading all the sales and marketing efforts of the firm’s self-employed group. While serving as the HealthMarket’s president, the company’s agency marketing group recorded annual premium sales of more than $1 billion. Due to this achievement, AMG was recognized by Selling Power Magazine, as well as Stevie Awards as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year and follow on his Twitter.

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Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime

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 Lime Crime is line of makeup and beauty products. It was launched in October of 2008 by Doe Deere. Deere created Lime Crime to feature bright, neon, or unsual colors after she realized that there was not a lot of brightly colored makeup on the market. Lime Crime’s beauty products are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Lime Crime has launched two different lines of lipstick: one called Unicorn Lipstick, and a line of liquid lipstick, called Velvetins. Recently, Lime Crime launched a line of hair dye, called Unicorn Hair Dye.


Unicorn Hair Dye is a line of semi-permament hair dye and comes in a variety of bright colors, which fits perfectly into the ongoing trend of Lime Crime. There are two types of dye: full coverage dye and tint dye. The difference between the two is that full coverage dye has more pigment and creates a more vivid look, while tint dye will produce more of a pastel color. Unicorn hair dye is semi-permanent, meaning that it will gradually wash out over time. Just like it’s makeup counterparts, Unicorn Hair Dye is certified 100% vegan and cruelty free.


Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere, has been a lover of makeup and beauty for as long as she can remember. She believes that makeup is a form of self-expression and freedom. She believes that beauty is not defined by looks or nature, but by what feels right in the moment. Her continuously growing success with Lime Crime proves that people all around the world feel the same.


How Does Troy McQuagge Distinguish Himself As A CEO?

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There are quite a few CEOs around the world who are collecting their paychecks every year without doing much, but Troy McQuagge is one who is making his company better every year, and he was recently honored at the World CEO Awards. The honor that he was given for the work that he has done to ensure that the USHealth Group is a growing and strong insurance company. The work that he has done in his industry is difficult to match, and this article explains how he is ensuring the world of insurance must catch up with the USHealth Group.


#1: How Did He Start His Career?


Troy came to the USHealth Group to ensure that the company could grow, and he was tasked with giving the company a focus that it did not have in the past. He started by ensuring that the firm was focusing on customer care. He wants all the people who have insurance through the company to be comfortable, and he wants them to know that they are welcome to contact the firm at any time. They sell family policies, but the company has a number of large group accounts that they are known for.


#2: How Does Group Insurance Work At USHealth Group?


Group insurance is the largest part of the business of USHealth Group’s business, and they are partnering with companies every day to build new plans that will serve employees. The employees that are searching for care may contact the company for help, and they will find it much easier to use the company’s services simply because they are responsive. The take the insurance from their employer, and the company will create a number of plans that will work for everyone involved. They offer more than one choice, and the customer will make their final decision.


#4: Why Is Troy The Perfect CEO For USHelath Group?


The USHealth Group is a large firm that has a long track record of service to customers, and they are giving something that others cannot. They have one of the largest customer care departments in the world, and they have built the department to ensure that it is a place where all customers may feel comfortable. Anyone who has questions about their policy may contact the firm, and Troy believes more than anything in reaching out their customers.


Troy’s career at the USHealth Group is one that has ensured there are many happy people who are using their plans every day. They have expanded their services to everyone who needs it, and they are continuing to expand after Troy has won this major award for all that he has done. His legacy will be the growth of an insurance giant.





Beneful Dog Food Collection Found At Target

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Target has a good selection of dog food to pick from. One of the brands you may recognize on the shelf is Beneful. The variety that can be found ranges from dry kibble, canned food, to treats.Beneful dry dog food is very popular. Target carries a wide selection including the original, healthy weight, playful life, incredibites, and healthy puppy. The Beneful originals 3.5 pound bag will cost $5.99, the 15.5 pound bag costs $13.99, and the 31.1 pound bag is $26.99. Target carries those three sizes for the healthy weight formula as well. The playful life only comes in the 15.5 pound bag for $13.99. Healthy puppy is only available in two sizes, 6.3 pounds for $9.79 and 15.5 pounds for $13.99. For the smaller breeds, Incredibites comes in a 3.5 pound bag for $5.99 and a 15.5 pound bag for $12.99.

Target also carries some of the canned food. Incredibites wet food comes in a variety pack containing 12 cans and 3 flavors your dog will love. Each can is 3 ounces and the pack costs $7.49. Beneful prepared meals are 10 ounce food cans for the larger dogs. Target carries a variety pack that contains 3 flavors and 6 cans for the low price of $10.59. The Beneful Medleys Sampler Pack has 12 3 ounce cans provided in 3 different flavors for the price of $7.49.

When your pup needs a treat, Beneful has that covered as well. From tender to crunchy, your dog will find a favorite flavor. Their Baked Delights come in fun shapes and the price varies from flavor and shape. Beneful also makes dental treats to help control plaque and bad breath with the Healthy Smile line. Again, the price varies by size. Beneful also has new treats, Break-N-Bites that come in tender and crunchy. They are great for training and cost $6.99 per bag.When looking for Beneful to cover your dog food and treat needs, Target has a great selection for a good price.

When You Need a Fast Loan

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If you operate a small or medium-sized business, the chances are that from time to time you may encounter problems with funding for operating expenses. You might just squeak by with payroll sometimes. This can happen in fluctuating markets and unstable times and more information click here.

So if you own equities and that happens to your business, the chances are that you have thought about using your equities first as collateral for a loan. Rather than liquidating them and using the proceeds, you wonder if a loan against those equities as collateral is possible

Of course it is possible. If you go to a conventional lender, they will tell you to draw up a business proposal and disclose what the loan is for. Then they will offer to use your equities for a loan if the government lets them. They are allowed to lend only so much of their reserves as collateral for equities. Then, the interest rate will be very high on a very low loan-to-value ratio.

That is where Equities First comes in. They are a private company, so no one is going to tell them whether they can lend money or not. They will lend up to 80% of the value of your equities. They will do so at a much, much lower interest rate than the conventional lenders. They will not ask you the purpose of the loan. If you have the equities they will lend the money without asking any questions.

If you are thinking about an equity loan, see Equities First US, first! There is a reason they have that name and contact the equities.

Thor Halvorssen Is A True Supporter Of Human Rights

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Born and raised in Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen is a longtime supporter of human rights. A film producer and founder and president of the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen is well-known for his freedom-fighting efforts worldwide.

Coming from a politically oriented family, Thor was already campaigning for human rights as an adolescent. After each of his parents experienced negative political situations, he decided to devote his energies full-time to promoting human rights and freeing political prisoners.

With politically volatile situations occurring all over the world, the dozen staff members at the Human Rights Foundation consistently have plenty of work to do. Under Thor Halvorssen’s leadership, the organization has worked diligently to undo a host of political wrongdoings, especially in Latin America. Due to the efforts of the Human Rights Foundation, more than half a dozen prisoners of conscience have regained their freedom.

Thor Halvorssen is also the founder and CEO of the annual Oslo Freedom Forum event that is held in Oslo, Norway. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, a broad spectrum of human rights activists and notable public figures come together to discuss and act upon various issues. This event is highly regarded by people across the globe.

Although he frequently deals with negative political situations on a global level, Thor Halvorssen remains an upbeat individual who truly loves people. Thor at Facebook .

In his quest to eliminate political oppression and tyranny, Thor Halvorssen remains politically neutral himself. This human rights activist stands up to all dictators, no matter what their political affiliations may be. for more.

Understanding The Litigation Process Through Karl Heideck

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In the human race, people differ in various things as they are brought up in different regions and with different people. For those individuals who have an interest in law, not all of them are interested in becoming a litigator. Litigation involves a process where defendants or plaintiffs are represented in court trails, or other procedures undertake before the tribunal trials. These procedures include pleadings, investigations, trials, pre-trials and discovery. During these proceedings, a litigator must be present to oversee how everything is being conducted. For those individuals who are not aware that litigators do exist, they confuse them with trail lawyers due to the fact that the two can exchange roles in some cases.

A trial lawyer can oversee a litigation process while a litigation lawyer can still become a trial lawyer. Regardless of this, it’s hard to become both a trial lawyer and litigation lawyer as one needs to specify in one specialty. What makes the litigation process accessible is the fact that litigators are well paid which happens after the litigator has been able to build a name his/herself. Through gaining the right amount of experience, one becomes better and can begin building his/her clientele base.

Understanding The Litigation Process Through Karl Heideck

One litigator who has been able to establish and enjoy his career is Karl Heideck who is based in Philadelphia. Through gaining the right amount of education and experience, Karl Heideck has become successful and build a solid reputation in the litigation career. Before he had the opportunity of becoming successful, Karl had to gain theoretical knowledge in various institutions. He was a student at Swarthmore College where he majored in English and Literature before heading to Temple University to attain his JD in law. After graduation, Heideck began his career journey at Conrad O’Brien law firm as an associate before he decided to join Pepper Hamilton. After working at Pepper Hamilton for a while, Karl joined Grant & Eisenhofer where he currently works. He believes through this; he gets a chance of practicing law and serving justice.

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The Top Black Female Comedians

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Three well known black female comedians are Queen Latifa, Wanda Owens, and Whoopi Goldberg. Queen Latifa, born Dana Elaine Owens, is an actor, singer, producer and comedian. Queen Latifa’s first well-known role was in the 1990’s comedy sitcom, In Living Color. In 1993, she won a Grammy for a hit single. She went on to star in popular movies, such as Chicago, Beauty Shop, and Hairspray. Wanda Sykes was first recognized for her work as a writer on The Chris Rock Show, which earned her an Emmy in 2003.

Then in 2004, she was named as a People Entertainment Magazine Funniest People of the Year. She is more recently known for her role as Barb on the primetime TV show, The Adventures of Old Christine. Whoopi Goldberg, born Caryn Elaine Johnson, s the second black woman to win an Oscar in acting from the Academy Awards. Having acted in several movies and producing TV shows, she is now a moderator on the popular daytime show, and has voiced quite a few black cartoons, The View. All three women are extremely talented and capable.

The Winning Blueprint of Anesthesiology Success

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Anesthesiology is one of life’s most practical services. Without this powerful medication, medical procedures would literally become nightmares. Anesthesia aids the body by calming it down. This allows medical personnel to perform the required treatments for giving the patients the best possible outcome. There is one place that does this better than most and it’s known as Capital Anesthesiology Association and it is revolutionizing the industry with it’s extraordinary services. CAA is in a class of it’s own and it has super succeeded all expectations.

CAA has grown dramatically since it’s inception back in 1973. With up to 80 physicians and 130 certified registered nurses, this is one of the largest independent practices in the nation whom specialize in the art of anesthesiology. Many of the field’s finest clinical professionals grace the hallways on a daily basis. Certain Level 1 Trauma Centers, High Acuity Hospitals, and Ambulatory Surgical Centers all benefit from these high quality services.

This means for patients is that they’ll receive the very best of care in the most comfortable environments.The administrative staff matches the brilliance of the clinical staff as well. These highly trained professionals can and will support all clients/patients through the billing process. No more frustration from having to deal with insurance carriers here, which allow patients the opportunity to rest and recuperate. Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the top of the apex thanks to it’s progressive movements and positive way of thinking.