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NuoDB Develops New Cloud Technology

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One of the most useful and productive tech enhancements over the past decade has been the development of cloud-based technology. Today, millions of individual and companies are able to use cloud storage systems to manage their databases. This helps to reduce the physical needs for large servers and can also make systems more accessible for people across the world. Today, one of the leading cloud service providers is

NuoDB is a company in the database industry that is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was founded nearly 10 years ago and has quickly grown to be one of the most reputable developers of cloud technology in the industry. They have received a range of professional recognitions and have a large group of corporate clients that include Kodiak, the UAE Exchange, and Alfa Systems.

What helps to make NuoDB such a large member of the industry is the fact that they stay ahead of technology. Today, they are considered an elastic database that is available for cloud-based applications. The benefit of their system is that they database system can actually become more efficient when new databases and systems are added to the cloud. This can be very encouraging to clients that are looking to incorporate the technology.

Amicus Therapeutics – Recovery and Expansion

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Amicus Therapeutics is a young company which was created at the beginning of 2002. It is based in the city of Cranbury, New Jersey, and its industry is biopharmaceutics. The company currently has more than a hundred people in its workforce. The leader of the Amicus Therapeutics is Mr. John F. Crowley who is at the position of the chief executive officer (CEO). Mr. John F. Crowley has been the chief executive officer of Amicus Pharmaceuticals since the year of 2005. Five years later in 2010, Mr. John Crowly assumed the post of Chairman of the Board succeeding Mr. Donald Hayden, Jr.

Amicus Therapeutics has a focus on lysosomal storage disorders which is a collective term for a number of rare and orphan diseases. Amicus Therapeutics develops products through a system that vastly depends on the platform of CHART® – Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy. This platform concentrates on the development of enzyme replacement therapies.

Over the years the company of Amicus Therapeutics has expanded through therapy development and acquisitions as well. The company indeed picked up the pace and was recognized a few years ago in 2014. It was noted for supposedly having one of broadest of portfolios in the industry regarding small molecule pharmacological chaperones. Amicus Therapeutics has been collaborating with some other companies such as Shire, JCR Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. Some of the partnerships lasted up to three years.

The acquisition of Amicus Therapeutics started up in 2013. That year was a winning one for Amicus Therapeutics as it acquired one of its competitors – Callidus Biopharma. That allowed Amicus Therapeutics to become a proprietor of the treatment for the Pompe Disease which is based on an enzyme replacement therapy. In September 2015, another acquisition followed. Amicus Therapeutics bought Scioderm for nearly a billion dollars as well as stock. That expanded Amicus Therapeutics and provided a clearer way ahead.

Amicus Therapeutics currently has a few medications on the market. The company mostly focuses on research. It expanded and set up another study site inSan Diego in 2008. The work was going smoothly up until the year, but after a while, the company was back on its feet and better than ever.

The largest and the most powerful online activist around the world, Avaaz

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Launched in January 2007, Avaaz is a civic organization located in the United States of America. The group was formed to promote global activism on various issues that include human rights, climate change, corruption, conflict, poverty and animal rights. According to the Guardian, the organization received praises as the largest and the most powerful online activist around the world.

Two different groups founded Avaaz. The first group is known as Res Publica; it is a community of professionals in the public sector that are devoted to promoting democracy, good governance, and civic virtue. The other group is called MoveOn which is a non-profit public policy advocacy group in America.

A team of campaigners manages global campaigns undertaken by Avaaz organization. The countries they operate in is over 30 in number, including the United Kingdom, Brazil India, and Lebanon. The mode of communication between the members comprises of emails, videos as well as online public petitions.

Each member of the team give a suggestion for the campaign and supplemented by specialists who provide guidance on the way forward. The moment a given a proposal is taken up as containing potential, they carry out emails for testing to over 10,000 members of Avaaz. Once the emails get enough response, they run the campaigns through every member of Avaaz.

The mission of Avaaz is to close the gap that exists in between the world we have and the world which the majority of people want everywhere. As a matter of fact, Avaaz claims to bring together practical idealists from around the world.

Practically, Avaaz mostly sustains causes that are considered progressive. For example calling for global action are a result of climate change, improving the support of international refugees as well as challenging Monsanto. Also, Avaaz helped the development of a no-fly zone over Libya which resulted in intervention by the military.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

The Teachings Of The Kabbalah Movement

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The Kabbalah International Center is a non-profit organization that was developed by Philip Berg in 1965. The organization has tutors from different ethnic backgrounds who offer guidance, counseling, and training to its global student community. Rav Yehuda Ashlag initially established the Kabbalah International Center in 1922. Back then, it was known as the Yeshiva Kol Yehuda. After the death of Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Rav Yehuda Brandwein succeeded him. Rav Yehuda Brandwein then passed the responsibility of continuing the legacy to Kabbalist Rav Berg. Click Here for Kabbalah News.

Berg is the Director of the Center, alongside his wife Karen and their two sons, Michael and Yehuda. The headquarters of the Kabbalah International Center are in Los Angeles. The offices were opened in 1984. There are other branches in Milan, Warsaw, London, Toronto, Manhattan, Moscow, Caracas, Berlin, and Mexico City. The teachings of the Kabbalah are based on the Zohar. It is the central sacred text of the Kabbalistic wisdom. The Zohar decodes the mysteries and explains the universal spiritual system that is described in the Bible. The Guardian News for Kabbalah Centre :

The Kabbalah Center’s teachings are based on practical methods that don’t emphasize on the knowledge of Jewish and Hebrew texts as prerequisites. Kabbalahism believes in the existence and coexistence of different religions in the world. It views that the various religions that are present are an indication of the particular branches of universal wisdom. The Kabbalah views itself as a supplement to the already existing religions, rather than as an alternative.

The Kabbalah teaches that every human being should be concerned with how they relate to God’s nature, rather than God Himself. The Kabbalah teaches its student community that God is beyond human understanding and comprehension. However, the nature of God can be understood, and it is known as the Light.

The Kabbalah International Center believes that astrology has always been a part of Judaism. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies as a means of divining information about terrestrial events and human affairs. The Kabbalah movement believes that cosmic forces influence everything, and learning how to understand them is treasured. for more.

Life Line Screening Gives Tips On Maintaining A Better Health

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Preventive health care has come a long way. Life Line Screening is a company that offers preventive health services. The type of services they offer are finger-stick blood tests, EKG, and ultrasound. The tests they perform covers various health conditions like liver issues, heart conditions, internal organ issues, and so much more. The services are affordable and confidential.

Tips for improving healthcare service can also help make positive changes in a patient’s life. Stress is a number one cause of so many health related conditions. Chronic stress can weigh on a person’s health until their health begins to fail them. By reducing the chronic stress in a person’s day to day schedule, it can reduce their blood pressure, improve sleep conditions and the quality of sleep they receive, and cause their overall health to get better.

There are ways to reduce stress. Try meditating. Get in a quiet place and just sit back and relax. Life Line Screening let go of the things that trouble you. If meditation isn’t for you then you can try soaking in a hot bath. Or go out and do something fun. All these suggestions can help lower your stress levels.

Exercise is another way to improving your health. By doing at least 30 minutes a day, your cardiovascular health improve. Blood flow increases to every area of the body. Oxygen levels rise. This is important because we survive with oxygen. When oxygen is running low, it causes a whole host of symptoms. Exercise also increases the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol.

To gain a better handle on your health, it is always best to write down symptoms you may be experiencing before you go to your doctor’s visit. By doing this, you will be able to cover everything that needs to be covered at your doctor’s visit. Often times we forget everything we want to ask the doctor. Which is why it is best to make health company a list before your appointment time.

Life Line is a great program that millions of people utilize. Their in-depth testing gives patients insight on their current health status so that treatments can begin as early as possible.

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How Brian Bonar Developed The Experience To Help Companies Grow And Profit

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Brian Bonar has been a highly successful executive in the finance industry for almost 30 years. He serves as the top executive at two San Diego firms, Dalrada Financial Corp. and Trucept Inc. At Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. At Trucept he is CEO, Treasurer, Secretary, CFO, and Director filling in all of the major roles at this company.Dalrada Financial is a company that financial services to small and medium-sized companies across the nation. He offer insurance products as well as employee benefits packages. He also offers his expertises in marketing and business management. Trucept is a similar company which focuses more on temporary staffing solutions and the outsourcing departments.

During a period in the 1990’s Brian Bonar was the CEO of Imaging Technology Corporation. This company was one of the biggest color management software and service organization in the field of digital imaging hardware. Under his leadership, the company was able to transition into a marketing organization after he made a strategic acquisition that allowed his company to develop new marketing opportunities. He has also worked for another printing and marketing company, Adaptec Inc. Another printing company he worked for was QMC for which he was their Executive Director of Engineering.As a native of Scotland, Brian Bonar attended Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK, earning his bachelor’s degree. He also holds both a master’s degree and a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering which he earned at Staffordshire University. While in the United Kingdom he joined IBM Limited where he was in charge of motherboard acquisitions.

Brian Bonar’s extensive experience in different industries has enabled him to help a large variety of companies use his services in order to succeed. He has helped companies both improve their sales and marketing efforts but also expand into new market opportunities. His ability to provide outsourcing services has enabled companies to focus on their core competency areas while he and his team manage their business affairs through outsourcing and HR functions.

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Avaaz – A Global Voice For Change

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Have you ever felt helpless to effect our world in a positive way? Avaaz, meaning ‘voice’ translated from Persian, is an organization founded by Ricken Patel in 2007. Mr. Patel, after spending years in the field witnessing first hand how activism can help the world, decided that activists needed a platform to orchestrate movements and bring people with ideas together. He created and currently directs Avaaz – an online network where activists can become involved with global campaigns for change. Avaaz implements its goal of providing a forum for people to affect change within important sociological issues such as climate control, corruption, civil unrest, and animal rights, by utilizing the most current technology. Currently their web platform is broadcast in 15 different languages; helping to bring change to all corners of the globe by uniting practical ideologists together online.

Avaaz gives individuals the opportunity to bring important issues to the public’s attention and to gain other people’s reactions to these issues by allowing its supporters to start petitions right on their website. Avaaz currently lists its supporters at over 44 million worldwide in 194 different countries. To this date, they report an astounding 339 million actions taken by their members across the world. With these numbers, Avaaz has proven that it’s voice for change is highly influential.

Avaaz also utilizes member influence to choose which actions have the most unwavering support at any given time. Members are asked to complete polls to tally reinforcement for one movement or another. In this way, Avaaz gives much control to its millions of members across the globe. Never before have individuals with passion for issues they believe in, had such a platform to reach others with similar mindsets. Avaaz continues everyday to bring change and balance to the world riddled with injustice and nonacceptance.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

End Citizens United Got $4 Million and Targeted a Further $35 Million for the Midterms

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End Citizens United refers to a political action committee that is fully focused on ridding off big money from the U.S. politics. It also set out to raised a huge amount of money in order to finance its noble efforts. The exercise bore fruit as it had managed to raise around $4 million during the first quarter of 2017. The PAC is also targeting to raise an additional $35 million before the Congress midterm elections slated for 2018. This amount is expected to be higher than the one the PAC used in 2016 during the election, which was $25 million. Of the 100,000 people who contributed the funds, 40,000 of them were donating for the first time ever. This was revealed by Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director at the PAC. The leaders at the group held that the PAC aimed at electing congress leaders who were reform champions in the area of campaign-finance.


Average Contribution


Tiffany Muller, added that the average contribution that the PAC got this year was $12. Ms. Muller revealed that a majority of the donors were those who felt that the system was rigged against them and only the persons with the fattest checks got their say. Tiffany added that these people fought back against the system via making the contributions. In addition, the win by President Trump against Hillary Clinton late last year made the Democrats furious and ready to fight back through such initiatives.


Congressional Campaign Donations


End Citizens United had earlier on encouraged its members and friends to contribute $500,000, which was to be used in the campaigns of Democrat Jon Ossoff. The Democrat was a first time candidate running for a political office and despite his young age of 30, he managed to pool $4 million to use in his campaigns for the special election that took place on April 18. The special election was necessitated by the seat falling vacant due to the exit of Tom Price, the Health and Human Services secretary. Muller stated that the PAC was still reviewing the candidates it would back in 2018. However, it confirmed that it would assist Senators John Tester (Montana) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio) in defending their seats come 2018.


About End Citizens United


In 2010, a game-changing ruling in the world of politics was delivered by The Supreme Court. The case was premised on the idea that corporations were just like people as well as the spending of huge money by wealthy people and special interest groups during the U.S. elections. In a nutshell, the group is opposed to the presence of big money spending in the U.S. elections as this allows elections to be bought. The group is wholly focused on stopping this ideal by sponsoring pro-reform candidates in their campaigns in order to ensure they are elected.




The Powerful Differences Avaaz Has Made Throughout The World

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There are organizations fighting to help with global issues such as human rights, animal rights, climate change, world conflicts, poverty and corruption. One of these is a civic organization based in the United States called Avaaz. They are an online network and according to the Guardian, Avaaz is the largest in the world and the most powerful. The name Avaaz is the translation of a Persian word meaning song or voice. There are many languages that have a similar form of this word and this is why it was chosen.

Res Publica is the co-founder of Avaaz and they consist of a community of professionals from the public sector. They are working on achieving their goals of the promotion of civic virtue, good governance and a deliberative democracy. The other co-founder of Avaaz is the Service Employees International Union. Avaaz does not accept donations from corporations or contributions exceeding $5,000. They are funded by their members and have currently raised in excess of $20 million.

Avaaz makes global differences with the use of campaigns. Members from more than thirty countries work together using petitions, emails, advertisements, rallies, sit-ins, telephone calls and when necessary media stunts. The chosen campaigns are decided upon by the members and this is often done with a member poll by email. Avaaz unites idealists from all over the world to try to lessen the distance between the world we are currently living in and the world most individuals want.

The causes supported by Avaaz are progressive. They call for action on serious issues including giving refugees more support, challenging Monsanto, and finding a way to deal with climate change. A good example was in 2009 during the protests in Iran due to the presidential election. Avaaz had internet proxy servers set up so protestors were able to upload videos onto the internet.