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Jeremy Goldstein: A man devoted to his Profession:

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*Who is Jeremy Goldstein:

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney at law that handles cases involving Executive Compensation matters. Jeremy Goldstein was previously employed by Wachtell & Lipton. However, Mr. Goldstein made the decision in June 2017 to leave Wachtell & Lipton and go into business for himself.

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein now has his own law firm appropriately titled Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. Jeremy Goldstein wants to establish a boutique type law firm that focuses upon Executive Compensation issues.

Jeremy Goldstein is well aware it may take time to establish his own practice but he is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Jeremy Golstein had a great deal of success during his tenure at Watchell & Lipton. He established new client relationships and worked extremely hard to resolve compensation issues for his clients. The firm was happy to have had Jeremy Goldstein join their firm and of course they were sorry too see him go.

Jeremy Goldstein was named on more than one occasion one of the “Rising Star” attorneys while at Watchell & Lipton. He received great recognition and was well respected as part of the Watchell & Lipton team.

Many feel that Mr. Goldstein will make a success of his new business. Jeremy Goldstein seems to have the drive and ambition required for success. He is not a quitter and he knows what it takes to make it to the top.

*Educational Training/ Charitable Organizations:

Jeremy Goldstein received his law degree from the New York School of Law. In addition, Goldstein also has an MS degree from the University of Chicago.

Jeremy Goldstein is currently involved with various boards and charitable organizations. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein is currently the director of “Fountain House”.

Fountain House is an organization devoted to helping those suffering from mental illness. Helping those with mental illness is something that is close to Jeremy Goldstein’s heart.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

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Eric Pulier, an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and visionary, has worked hard over the years to achieve greatness. Pulier graduated high school in 1984, from Teaneck High School. He then went on to Harvard University and received Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature four years later. A talented programmer since elementary school, Pulier always had this desire to bring about a positive change to the world.

He created his first small technology business during high school, and this is when people started to notice his many talents. After graduating Harvard, Pulier did not wait long to start a company called People Doing Things. This company was driven to provide advancements in technology, specifically for hospitals and schools. After a short while, he founded and co-founded multiple companies, comprising of MediaPlatform, U.S. Media Interactive and Akana.

Making an Impact

After several early projects, before the end of the century, Pulier had the great privilege to finish the presidential technology exhibit. The Presidential Inaugural committee selected him in 1997, and the exhibit was named “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” Pulier was the perfect guy for the job, considering his commitment and love of technology.

With all the success Pulier experiencing, he felt that it was his duty to give back to the people. He directs the bulk of his charitable contributions to help youth struggling from serious illnesses. He went a step forward and created an online resource, called Starbright World. The purpose of this program is to provide an environment that unites these kids and allow them to safely interact online. Whenever we are afflicted with something unfortunate, we sometimes feel alone, and Pulier helped these kids feel like others understand what they go through every day to learn more: click here.

Eric Pulier is still taking massive action, with his latest business named vAtomic Systems, which he started in 2017. This business is meant to organize and monitor digital products, with the goal of making it easier to trade online. As expected, Pulier is continuing his charitable contributions, while residing in Los Angeles with his four children.

Rocketship Education: The Next Step in Modern Education

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Rocketship is a California based charter operator. It started its first elementary institution in 2007. Its difference from other schools is that it combines two forms of teaching. It uses both the traditional teaching approach and online computer based approach to delivering quality and competent education to the students. Together with the strong initial strong test scores it delivers, Rocketship gained national attention. The use of online platforms helps to reduce the administration costs. Initially, the online delivery of information would have needed employment of a messenger.

In 2013, the D.C Public Charter school requested that the government should allow more schools to be opened by Rocketship within the district. However, opponents have disputed and argued that these schools will provide unnecessary competition to the schools that have initially been using the traditional elementary system. Regional Rocketship director, Jacque Patterson, has implied that their major objective to open a fair and credible intake admission of a student from any D.C. However, special focus and advantage will be given to students from the Ward8 neighborhood.

The school plan is to establish a preschool at the facility. It also has plans to run up to fourth grade. Employment of teachers in the facility has well been put under as the initiative of both the principal and the parents. This is an excellent idea of involving the parents in the management committee. The principal shortlists the candidates who are interested in working as teachers. They then organize for an interview that is conducted by one parent, both or even more.

The administration has also planned to set aside a room that will act as a cyber or computer laboratory. The major difference is that there will be no charging of funds to access the internet at this point. These rooms are to be used by parents as they come to pick up their children. The parents who may require submitting job applications or CV’s may make use of these room at no cost. The best way to make people of a community rebuild, revitalize, and start buying from the community itself is by setting up a school. For a majority of the school parents, this is the first time they have been actively involved in their children’s schooling.


Todd Lubar, Real Estate Investor in Bethesda, Maryland

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Todd Lubar serves as the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments and President at TDL Global Ventures. Todd is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. In fact, he is ranked as the top twenty-five originators in the mortgage sector for the past several years in the country. Apart from real estate, Mr. Lubar has also worked in other industries such as construction, mortgage banking, and the entertainment industry. Between 2007 and 2008, there were significant changes in the mortgage industry and this led Todd to get involved in other lines of business. Lubar became involved in the recycling business of Scrap metal which resulted in the company being traded in the market place publicly.

Todd Lubar Work and Education Background

Todd has also held positions at Legacy Financial Group where he assisted the Maryland office to grow to a unit production of approximately 100 million dollars annually in loan volume. Furthermore, his involvement in more than 7000 transactions has enabled him to make an analysis of loan scenarios and make decisions based on market conditions. He was also a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned the conservative model of mortgage banking. Afterwards, he moved onto Charter Funding where he held the Snr. Vice President position and continued to focus on helping those in need. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Todd Lubar kick started his career in 1995 and aimed at progressing in the finance and real estate career. Over the years, Todd has established strong relationships with insurance agents, financial planners, real estate agents, and CPA finalists who serve as incredible sources for his business referrals. In 2003, Todd opened one of the largest mortgage companies that are privately held in the United States known as Charter Funding. This affiliation enabled Todd’s business to expand and get access to a wealth of programs and products. Todd holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication from Syracuse University.

Todd hails from Bethesda Maryland and loves to spend time with his beautiful wife and two children. Todd Lubar aims at becoming a better person and adding value to all the people he comes in contact with.

Looking into the Life and Career of Anthony Petrello

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In the oil industry, prominence an expertise are topics that cannot be addressed without mentioning the name Nabors Limited. Tony, as he is referred to by those who are familiar with him, is the current chief executive officer of this leader in the oil industry. Nabors limited which was established in the year 1968 has registered tremendous growth. It is the head in the provision of gas and geothermal operations across the United States of America. The excellence it has achieved as a result of the innovation in its services.

Anthony Petrello earned this position out of hard work. He joined the organization in the year 1991. In the very year, he was given the position of director of the board. He rose up the leadership ladders to become the chief operating officer. He held this position for ten years before being promoted to the office of the deputy chairperson in the year 2003. Anthony Petrello first held the position of president and CEO of Nabors in the year 2012. As the CEO, Anthony Petrello is mandated to oversee all the operations of the company. He also is responsible for providing strategic planning initiatives.

Anthony Petrello has played a significant role in scaling the success of Nabors. Before joining the organization, he had worked in several other companies. He, for instance, worked for 12 years at the Baker and McKenzie law firm. While here, he handled issues regarding corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. After high school. Anthony Petrello enrolled at the Harvard University for his degree in law. He later undertook an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Yale in the following: click here.

Apart from his career life, Anthony Petrello is benevolent. He is a member of the board at Texas Children Home and has donated funds to this hospital. He strongly advocates for research to help children with Neurological disorders. He is a resident of Houston, Texas.