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TMS Health Solutions – Addressing Mental Health Issues with Compassion

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Living with depression is a sad reality for many people all over the world. TMS Health Solutions provides help to affected individuals through psychiatric treatment and therapy. TMS Health Solutions is composed of a highly-qualified team of psychiatrists.

TMS Health Solutions is the vision of Richard Bermudes. He also functions as the Chief Medical Officer of this medical center. He created this psychiatry treatment center in 2007 with the aim of treating patients in clinical settings. The institution remains updated with newer treatment innovations and offers the best possible therapy for its patients. This group also prioritizes academic research and conducts education initiatives about depression for the community. Brad Hummel, a leader in health supervision for over two decades, occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer at TMS Health Solutions.

The primary focus of TMS health Solutions pivots around depression that is refractory to drugs or medicines. They offer Transcranial Magnetic Solutions (TMS) therapy towards this purpose. This involves carefully positioning magnets on different locations of the brain to activate these areas. This helps in depression and other psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorders. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the treatment. The advantages of TMS treatment is that it does not involve medicines with potential side effects and is a nonsurgical option as well.

Apart from TMS therapy, TMS Health Solutions provides a wide array of solutions to psychiatric illnesses especially depression. These include psychotherapy or counseling, drug treatment or pharmaceutical approach to treatment and electroconvulsive therapy which involves giving controlled seizures to the neural components.

TMS Health Solutions has branches in the Sacramento and at TMS therapy Union Square, San Francisco. The TMS Health Solution has centers in Roseville, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, Burlingame and San Francisco. The institute aims to expand to a further 25 locations all over the country. Treatment at TMS Health Solutions is covered by insurance, which makes it cost-effective for patients. Their therapy includes coverage by large firms such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California and others. TMS therapy UnionSquare, SF is conveniently placed adjacent to the University of California San Francisco’s psychiatric treatment center and serves as a hub for clinical management of patients.

TMS Health Solutions is making a difference to the lives of those affected by mental diseases and disorders. Mental illness takes a considerable toll on the lives of sufferers, and a little help goes a long way in transformation and rehabilitation of patients lives.

Making Money with the Help of Market America

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Making money from the comforts of home can be a lot more difficult than you might think. Not only do you need something reliable, but you need a job from home that is going to bring in the amount of money that you both want and need. Unfortunately, a lot of at-home jobs don’t offer stability to those who are involved and because of this, people are forced to work outside of the home despite not being able to. If you’re a busy mom or someone with a disability who cannot leave the house, working for a company like Market America is a wonderful start to a lifelong career.

Market America works by allowing you to choose a product you’re going to be selling to the public from your very own site. To begin your journey with Market America, you’ll visit their site, create an account and choose a product that you want to sell. Market America’s products are put through very strict quality assurance testing, so you can feel good about the products you’re selling to the public. Once you choose the product you’d like to sell from Market America, you will purchase a website package and sell the items of your choosing. The beauty about Market America is that you are acting like the middle man and will have nothing to do with purchasing the items or shipping them out to your customers. All of this is done by the company’s team and you are solely responsible for creating, maintaining your site and selling products.

Not only will you be able to do all of this work from the comfort of home, but you can bring in quite a pretty penny in the process. In fact, many people working for this company have brought in thousands of dollars and have been able to supplement or even replace their prior income. This is an essential company to choose when you need a reliable at-home job that won’t cause you to spend hours a day on a computer or on the phone with clients who are buying your online products.

Eli Gershkovitch’s impact on Canada’s craft beer industry

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The majority of Canadians are just as passionate about their beer as they are about maple syrup and socialized health care. But Canadians are picky and want only the exceptional when it comes to the popular leisure drink – and thus Canadian craft beers are prominent in bars, taverns, and restaurants, and one of the more popular craft beer brewery is Eli ‘s Canadian craft beer brewery, Steamworks Craft Beer.

Once just a dream, Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Craft Beer came about after Eli finished law school and began practicing as an attorney. Even then Eli had a passion as well as the taste for designing his own craft beers. To be clear, a craft beer is a beer that comes from a craft beer brewery – and a craft beer brewery is one that is local, independently-owned, and independently-operated.

Eli Gershkovitch is an attorney who practices law, a CEO of a Canadian craft brewery (Steamworks), a pilot who owns two personal planes, a driver who has his pick of an impressive gaggle of vintage classics. While he practiced law he often encountered issues between clients and prohibitive liquor laws. Gershkovitch consequently began dreaming up his own locally-brewed Canadian draft beer while assisting clients to give them the best chance of room to spread their beer-selling wings.

As of 2017 Eli’s own micro-brewery, Steamworks, has enjoyed a steady stream of customers while also taking home the gold from multiple competitions and contests. Steamworks’ most recent win comes from the 2017 U.S. Beer Competition. With so much success, you’d think Eli would retire. But no – he continues to comb the world for the best-tasting craft beers and building his own Canadian craft beer empire. Head to the historic downtown district Gaston in Vancouver, Canada, in order to treat your tastebuds to the smooth, refreshing taste of Eli Gershkovitch’s personally-brewed beers.

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jeremy Goldstein Advises Corporations Against Misusing EPS

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New York attorney Jeremy Goldstein recently spoke to the New York Inquirer about the benefits of employment incentives and how companies should come to compromise when it comes to them. Large corporations can struggle with how to balance the need to make their employees happy as well as their investors. Jeremy spoke about how metrics like Earnings Per Share, or EPS, can be manipulated by company management to cater to one group or another. However, Jeremy believes that there at things that can be put in place to avoid this. He says that studies have shown that if a corporation includes the EPS in the pay structure for their employees then they see more success as a company.


This makes sense because if employees can see their hard work increasing their bottom line then that are more like to work harder. However, because of shareholders this strategy can allow the executives to use the EPS number to gain an advantage. This leveraging of the EPS is at best and immoral practice and at worst an illegal one. That is where Jeremy Godstein comes in and gives corporations advice on how to create a compromise between the two that will create a more positive workplace while matching the EPS with the actual performance of the company This keeps the management accountable and creates a win-win for all involved, while staying within all moral and legal guidelines. This respectable and reasonable growth will create a more economical sustainable business in the long run.


Jeremy Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Chicago. He then went onto received his Juris Doctorate from the New York University School of Law. He has been practicing corporate and employment law in New York City for nearly 4 years and has over 15 years of practice altogether. Jeremy worked as an associate of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz in NYC for 14 years prior to starting Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein is an active member of the community, volunteering for a number on non-profits in the NYC area. He has served as the Director of the Fountain House for the past decade. The Fountain House creates housing, education, and job training for those suffering from mental health issues in New York City.