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Dr. David Samadi: The Da Vinci surgery specialist for prostate cancer

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Dr. David Samadi is a renowned urologist. He is the leader of Urology and CEO of Robotic Surgery of Urology. He works at Lenox Hill Hospital. He was born in Iran. Samadi specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy. When he was 15 years, he and his brother fled Iranian community to Belgium. He studied in Belgium and London. They later moved to America where he studied biochemistry at Stony Brook School of Medicine. He graduated with honors. He then did his master degree from S.U.N.Y., New York. He finished his practice in Urology at Montefiore Medical Center and later completed proctology practice in Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Samadi learned robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

Dr. David Samadi has done over 7000 robotic prostate surgeries. He is a certified urologist and face of men’s health. He is a lecturer and a trainer using the Da Vinci robotic surgical procedure. The procedure is an innovation that magnifies the surgical advancement and gives high precision to surgeons. Samadi has worked with Forbes Magazine, Cable News 12 and Connecticut’s cable news channel. He is the author of journals like the World Journal of Urology, Journal of Robotic Surgery, Urologic Oncology among others. He is also a member of American Urologic Association and the American Medical Association. In 2009, Dr. David Samadi was named among the Best Doctors in New York magazine.

Samadi says that the only way to prevent prostate cancer is to get checked and to know one’s blood test. If a man is above 45, he should be screened to check for cancer. A PSA test and prostate test should use for every patient. If the tests show abnormal modifications, one should make time to visit a specialist like Dr. Samadi. Not all prostate cancers need removal of the nodule. There are other ways it can be treated without surgery. According to Dr. Samadi, it is better to perform surgery instead of radiation since the Da Vinci robot is more precise hence obliterating cancer. Patients can recover quickly after the operation and can be able to resume their daily activities.

The Da Vinci surgical procedure is a game changer in the field of medicine. IT is the most advanced surgery tool invent so far. The method has some few side effects. These are; blood loss, wound infections if not covered well and as well as pain after the surgery. Small incisions are made during the procedure so that the prostate nerves can be saved.

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The Food President-David McDonald

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He has been successful in the food industry where he has achieved a lot. David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa, after his High school, he joined Iowa University where he studied Bachelors of Science and specialized in Animal Science. He was lucky enough to be appointed as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute before being appointed as the project manager of OSI Group. Mr. McDonald is always committed to his endeavors and within a short period of time, he climbed the career ladder at OSI Group to the position of the firm’s President.

David McDonald has been serving in the food company for more than 30 years and he has helped the organization rise to higher heights as it is considered to be one of the premier international food processing firms in the world which delivers exceptional services to their clients. The nature of the company has helped Mr. David to gain experience as well as knowledge on how to handle a supply team that can keep up with the change of the international market. During his tenure, David has seen OSI Group expand their portfolio and even market. He has witnessed the acquisition of Baho Foods which is a Dutch company and also the launch of a new meat processing plant in China which deals mainly with poultry meat.

During an interview, David McDonald was asked several questions about his life and OSI Group, some of the questions included; how they make money in OSI, David said they are among the largest food processing organizations in the world and they make money by delivering their products to their customers who include; chain restaurant all over the world. David further said to keep up with competition, they have developed a culture of involving both their partners and their customers in their decision making, and they take the challenges of their customers serious to not only meet their demand but to also surpass their expectation. When David was asked what makes him successful he said that he attributes his success to his firm’s ability to create a solid partnership.

David is proud of all the achievements OSI Group has made, However, he said he cannot brag because it has taken more than an individual to be successful. McDonald loves what he does and he is committed to continuing meeting needs of their customers through innovation. David currently serves as a Board of Director of the North America Meat Institute.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Continue Battle Against Joe Arpaio

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One of the most bizarre actions of President Donald Trump, despite all of the strange tweets and speeches, is the pardoning of former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Donald Trump teased the pardon at an Arizona rally, so every knew it was coming. Only a few months after Arpaio’s conviction came through, Donald Trump pardoned him.

If you do not know who Joe Arpaio is, then you probably don’t know Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey either. These three Arizona residents were all featured in the headlines in 2007 when Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin co-owned the Phoenix New Times, leading efforts to expose Sheriff Joe’s questionable behavior. They wrote about Joe Arpaio’s hidden assets, his controversial arrests, and other topics. Joe Arpaio, in an attempt to put the negative publicity to rest, arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

This wasn’t the only controversial arrest in 2007; Joe Arpaio also arrested a tourist who was visiting from Mexico. Joe Arpaio admitted that the illegal arrest was a result of racial profiling and was ordered to no longer participate in immigration law.

Arpaio ignored these orders, claiming confusion, but the judge didn’t buy his excuse. Arpaio was charged with criminal contempt of court, the crime he would later be pardoned for.

Joe Arpaio has also the tax payers of Maricopa County a fortune. The incident with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin cost the tax payers nearly 4 million dollars; When Mr. Melendres, the Mexican tourist was arrested, tax payers footed a 70 million dollar restitution.

These illegal arrests are minuscule compared to some of the other actions of Arpaio. Arpaio also opened a concentration camp, ordered the torture of inmates, and intimidated political opponents. Citizens of Maricopa County found relief when Joe Arpaio was voted out of office a few years ago. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey took their 3.7 million dollar settlement and opened The Frontera Fund. This charitable organization works to correct the near limitless damage of Joe Arpaio.

The Frontera Fund works closely with the Hispanic community, by assisting other charities in fundraising, to make amends for the actions of Arpaio. Mr. Melendres was not the only instance of a minority being targeted by Arpaio; Arpaio’s focus has been on the immigrant community for a very long time, tormented and arresting them.

Although Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sold the Phoenix New Times around the same time they created The Frontera Fund, they weren’t able to stay out of the publication business for very long. In 2017, Front Page Confidential was created. This online newspaper covers content dealing with politics but also covers civil rights, migrant rights, and even features pop culture occasionally.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are doing what they can to correct and prevent Joe Arpaio’s damage. This is no easy task, Joe Arpaio was Sheriff for 24 years, and during this time was able to commit a long list of injustices.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”: Penn’s take on the Problems in the U.S.

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In the spring of 2018, Sean Penn released his novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” As he told Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine, he has stepped away from film and has worked on this as a new medium for his views. Penn told Noah that the book looks into the “dark nature of humans” and their fascination with fascism; to Vogue he mentions that his book runs on a parallel plain the #METOO movement. As discussed by Trevor Noah, the book is hard to describe and is many ways a strange story with no formal plot or structure. Penn says that the book talks of how the U.S. tries to export democracy and at times can create fascism in its place. He feels that this issue is now occurring in the U.S. as well. The book tells the story of Bob Honey, an angry and pessimistic American. When not angrily throwing parties at his house, he goes on mallet wielding sprees, killing senior citizens whom he feel stand in the way of progress.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff seems to be a metaphor for the current state of events, as Bob witnesses the U.S. election of 2016, and even writes an angry letter to the President of the U.S., telling him that the job is real, but he isn’t fit for it. Penn claims that Bob is supposed to resemble the person who is compelled to serve their country, but lacks a purpose or direction. This in many ways could explain why Bob goes on mallet wielding sprees, feeling that he is doing a service to society.

Other than discussing the book in the interviews, Penn also mentions how his own experiences reflect in the book. He talks of his service towards Haiti victims, and how Trump’s comments angered him. He also discusses his unlikely friendship with Hugo Chavez, and his disgust for the war on drugs, and why the interview with El Chapo was necessary. As Penn told Vogue, it seems he has lost his intention to work in film, but he found a new medium in writing.


Who is David Giertz?

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In looking at an article on David Giertz on Release Fact, we can learn about the deficit in the lives of most American’s, being that they haven’t saved up enough money for retirement. The article goes on to talk of how those who retire early and live long lives rarely have enough saved up to live even a few years without working. In the article, Giertz goes on to comment on how those who are of retirement age, go on to pull out their social security imbursements far too early, leading to a cut down of the total amount of money the U.S. social security program pays out to them. Furthermore, Giertz goes on to highlight the various things done wrong by most Americans in attempting to save, which is mostly the aspect of starting to save too late. He then talks about the limits placed on contributions to Roth IRA’s based on individual income levels.

In taking a closer look at Giertz, we can see that he specializes as a financial advisor, and has more than 30 years of experience working as so. He also holds the regard which comes with being registered with FINRA as a broker. In addition to his 30 years of experience, Giertz has been with the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation for over 15 years. As of 2013, Giertz went on to become the senior vice president of the Nationwide insurance, financial distribution and sales department, which is based out of Dublin, Ohio. Before his work with Nationwide, Giertz worked with Citicorp Investment from 1991-1999, as well as at Financial Horizons Security Corporation from 1989-1993. Giertz has various accreditations pertaining to being a broker through the state securities law exam, the principal and supervisory exam, and general industry and products exam.

In looking at an article on Norcal News, we can see advice from David Giertz on creating a sound retirement plan. The article goes on to talk of how the components of a sound retirement plan include saving money, creating a budget, and taking into account insurance. It then goes on to mention how on the other hand. A retirement strategy must also include allotting spending some of the accumulated savings for daily needs and extra activities.

Sheldon Lavin Continues His Legendary Career With OSI Group:

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Sheldon Lavin is a legend in the food industry. He is the longtime Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of OSI Group, LLC. The company is one of the top 100 food companies in America and a global leader in food processing and custom food solutions for the retail and foodservice sectors. Sheldon has an educational background in finance, business and accounting that he gained at Roosevelt University, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. Sheldon first became associated with OSI Group while helping the original family owners to arrange financing for a planned expansion. The Kowlschowsky family was so impressed with Sheldon that they brought him into the company on a permanent basis. Ever since joining OSI Group, Sheldon has stuck to that mantra of expansion and has guided the organization on well thought out expansions across North America, Asia, Europe and South America. As a result of his leadership, OSI Group today operates 80 facilities in 17 countries globally.

Sheldon’s achievements at OSI Group were recognized in 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. The academy annually presents its Global Visionary Award to individuals who have achieved great things through their perseverance. Sheldon Lavin was the proud recipient of this prestigious award, a true testament to his long and successful entrepreneurial career. It was part of an award-winning year for OSI Group as the company also took home the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in recognition of the company’s commitment to being environmentally sustainable. OSI Group received a 5-Star rating from the council in order to qualify for the prestigious award.

2016 also saw big moves for OSI Group in terms of European expansion. Two major European food companies, Baho Food and Flagship Europe were acquired by OSI Group as a huge boost to the company’s portfolio. Flagship has been rebranded as Creative Foods Europe. OSI Group also invested a large amount of money into the processing facility in Todelo, Spain in order to upgrade the production line at the facility. The additions to the production line have seen a doubling in the amount of processed chicken the facility is able to produce per year. Production has increased from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. These acquisitions and upgrades are all a part of OSI Group’s commitment to providing its customers with the top-notch customer service that they have come to expect from the big company that continues to pride itself on its family values.

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Least Known things about Nick Vertucci

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Succeeding in the real estate business is never obvious. It takes one’s incredible determination and courage to withstand some of the waves and mishaps experienced in this field. This is what Nick Vertucci decided to do after losing his father when he was 10 years old. He had to overcome this indescribable loss and prove his resiliency. Financial challenges forced Nick to live in a van when he was only 18 years old. However, his determination to succeed in business was more than the discouragements he went through. At 28 years, Nick Vertucci has started his own company to teach the potential real estate investors on how they could succeed in this industry.

Today, Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of the Nick Vertucci Companies, which equips interested investors with the skills needed to overcome the profession’s constraints. He understood that many people didn’t do well in real estate because they started wrongly, but because there are certain things they hadn’t known. He says that people can generate huge profits in the real estate industry if only they know how to avoid the pitfalls and constraints that come. This is what influenced him to start his Real Estate Academy in the year 2013.

The main objective to establish this academy was to teach investors the tactics and strategies they needed to realize their financial success. His team comprises competent mentors who know how to handle the challenges investors face in this sector. They advise the investors on how to carry out property preparations, property renovations, closing deals at good prices and securing the right deals. Nick’s academy has sponsors who ensure the deals of the students are properly protected on a monthly basis.

Nick is a great source of inspiration when it comes to real estate investment. He tells potential investors that they have to first see the finished goal before they start it. He says that envisioning the final product is important before you work on the initial idea. He also says that you need to believe in the vision you have in the real estate industry. Nick also indicates that you need to map the vision and execute it since this is the only way to achieve one’s dreams.

OSI Industries Acquires Baho Food, Tyson Plant

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OSI Industries made a major move to strengthen its North American and United States presence with the acquisition of a massive former Tyson Foods plant. The plant is several thousand square feet large and formerly was one of Tyson’s largest producer and distributor of poultry products and meat products in the North East. The Tyson Food plant is located on the South Side of Chicago and employed nearly 2,000 people, many of which had been with the company for decades. The area where the plant is located is moderately depressed and good jobs with great benefits are often hard to come by. This would have been a devastating announcement for thousands of employees in Chicago’s Southside area. However, OSI saw what incredible value that plant had, along with the Tyson name. OSI Group swept in at the last minute and purchased the plant, allowing the majority of the employees to keep their jobs. Similar to how OSI Industries operates, the Tyson house has several smaller sub-companies, many of which are some of the top names in meat and poultry in North America and beyond. OSI acquired the plant for $7.4 million and will retain the majority of the employees.

OSI Industries also recently grew its global portfolio with the purchase of Baho Food. The Dutch company is a household name in the Netherlands. However, it also has a massive European reach and continues to grow on an annual basis. Both of these facts have made Baho Food an incredibly attractive acquisition for OSI Group. Similar to OSI Industries, Baho Food prides itself on offering the highest quality of value added protein sources, such as poultry, meat, sausage and a variety of custom meats.

OSI Industries has been named as one of the top companies that is privately held and distributes value added protein products in all of the United States. The company has also been singled out as one of the top producers of meats and poultry due to the fact that is has many custom offerings. OSI Industries works with a variety of industries, from restaurants to even fine dining locations. The company has an entire division that focuses solely on meeting with these restaurants and retailers to create custom meat products that can then be distributed in everywhere from restaurant chains to grocery stores. This is essential for businesses as the consumer’s needs continue to evolve seasonally and as trends in dining needs vary.

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Desiree Perez Shows Her Worth as a Leader in Entertainment

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Desiree Perez knows a lot about empowering women because she has reach some great milestones herself as the head in leadership at Roc Nation entertainment. Desiree Perez is growing her resume as a fierce negotiator and a powerful business woman that gets things done.

Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, has been a longtime friend of Desiree Perez, and she has helped him cement his place in the business industry. She has done so much to help Carter bring forth a plethora of different businesses that have been very profitable. Roc Nation Sports is where the athletes are signing up for big contracts. Roc Nation entertainment is where budding artists come to build a fan base and connect with music lovers.

The great thing about this label is that there’s someone in place for someone that is looking out for the underdogs and newcomers that are coming up in this industry. This person that is looking out for all this undiscovered talent is Desiree Perez. She is the one that is in charge of taking these artists and this company forth. It makes a lot of sense for her to create the type of environment that is going to benefit all of those that were trying to build a career with a lot of longevity. It goes without saying that this is someone that knows all the ropes when it comes to building contracts that can help people that want to reach the top.

It is certain that the music industry is filled with a lot of talent, but Desiree Perez is someone that knows how to create a whole new platform where people are getting better contracts and deals that can help them cement a better long-term career. Desiree Perez is vital to the Roc Nation roster of artists.

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Randal Nardone, Fortress investment firm co-founder, received his J.D from University of Boston College of Law, and his bachelor’s degree in arts Biology and English major from Connecticut University. He together with Wesley R. Edens founded the Fortress investment in the year 1998.He was appointed as its CEO in the year 2013 August and also serves as the Chief Operating Officer Director and Principal of the firm since the year 1999 November. Besides serving in fortress firm, he also serves in the Ncs LLC as the president, Springleaf financial LLC as the chairman and president from the year 2010, secretary and vice president in the Newcastle Investment LLC and Eurocastle investment firm as the director since 2007. He is also a nonexecutive principal in the Alea Group Bermuda limited since 2008, Director at Florida East Coast Corporation since the year 2010. He also has several afflictions among them being Drive Shark, University of Boston, GAGFAH S.A, fortress fund MM II LLC among others.

Randal Nardone has many years of experience while working with several firms following his studies completion. Before co-founding fortress investment, he worked as UBS managing director from 1997 May to 1998 May. He was also the principal of the Blackrock Financial Corporation and also served as a partner in the Thatcher Profit and wood firm. He worked as secretary and COO of IMPAC holdings Inc. and also as portfolio manager of the RIC Coinvestment LP since 1999. Since the year 2002 September to 2016, he served New Castle corporation vice president. In 2004 he was appointed as the director of the Aircastle limited and SeaCube leasing limited from 2007 June to 2008 January. Before he became the president of Springleaf financial LLC, he was the firm’s director since the year 2006. He was also the Brookdale Senior corporation director from the year 2011 January to 2014 June. In 2010 he was allotted the SPA Bank director.

Fortress investment is a worldwide investment firm based in the New York and specializes in private and institutional assets management across real and credit estate, private equity strategies, and permanent investment capital. The company lately announced its acquisition by the SoftBank group, a firm based in Japan. SoftBank Group acquired Fortress group at a price of $3.3 B to work in union with the Japanese firm technology project. SoftBank further paid 8.08 % as shares to all Class A Fortress shareholders and also 39% premium to the Fortress group closing price. Randal Nardone and the other executive leaders of the Fortress group assured its clients that the firm will continue working in New York and will be operating autonomously within SoftBank. With funds he receives annual compensation in the fortress investment of a total of $13.4 M, annual compensation and dividends he acquires as a shareholder amounting to $ 42 million and other monies from the several firms he is affiliated with, Randal Nardone appeared in the Forbes Billionaires list and ranked 557. Learn More.