Adam Milstein’s Works that saw him Become one of the most Influential Jews

The Jerusalem Post recently published an article that ranked the top 50 most influential people in the Jewish Community. Adam Milstein was mentioned in the list. Other individuals on the list are prominent leaders in the Israeli community. It includes acting government politicians and other activists. The list is broad and even includes the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Adam Milstein was ranked 39 in the list. It went on to note that Adam Milstein has actively participated in work that helps Jewish causes. He has strived to help the Jewish community even though he lives in the United States.

His selection was also because of his work in the Council of Israeli-Americans. He assisted the foundation in its work over the past year. He has received a wide acclaim for starting several meaningful projects and embracing an active philanthropic lifestyle. Most of the donations were possible through the Milstein Family Foundation. Mr. Milstein has a goal to strengthen the state of Israel and the Jewish people at large. He has assisted in the growth of the IAC over the past years. The organization now has ten regional councils with volunteers from 27 states within the United States. Mr. Milstein has taught leadership skills to the Jewish community.

Apart from his philanthropic endeavors, Adam is a famous businessman that owns several properties. He is the CEO and founder of Hager Pacific Properties. It is one of the most profitable real estate firms within the United States. The company specializes in managing, developing, leasing and selling property. Mr. Milstein oversees the daily operation of the business. He sits at board meetings and is part of the company’s top decision organ.

Adam Milstein’s skills in the real estate business started when he was in Israel. His mother was a part-time real estate developer. Adam Milstein saw the real estate market as a highly lucrative venture. Before getting into real estate, he served in the military for several years. He participated in a war that saw Israel defeat Egypt. After serving in the army, he furthered his education and later decided to move to the United States.

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