Anthony Petrello Drives Excellence In Leadership And Charity

Tony Petrello made history when he became one of the best-paid CEOs in the world. He is the man behind Nabors Industries, one of the largest oil and gas-drilling contractors. The firm operates from Houston, Texas, and it is registered in Hamilton, Bermuda.

The renowned CEO recently hosted Broadway heartthrob Tommy Tune at his home. The guests included the board member of the Miller Outdoor Theater and their close friends.

The Broadway celebrity is a Houston resident and attended a local high school. He lit up Petrello’s house. Piano players and appetizing catering team assisted him.

In case you didn’t know, he has won numerous industry awards for leading roles in popular shows such as Grand Hotel and Seesaw among numerous others. He was ecstatic to receive such a warm welcome from the home crowd.

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Giving passionately

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are both passionate about giving. Their heart lies with the local Houston community. Together, they have donated more than $7 million to programs supporting medical research.

The philanthropists are dedicated to supporting research in neurological disorders in children. Their inspiration to support the research is right at home. Their daughter has a neurological condition.

The couple supports research into new treatments that can help young Carena live a happy and joyous life. His personal experience fueled his giving. He hopes that his efforts will empower doctors to find relief from such debilitating conditions.

He works closely with the Texas Children’s Hospital, a health facility driving the health and well-being of children. Similarly, he supports the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

He donates his resources and time to the two organizations. He also participates in the organizations’ fundraising campaigns.

Despite coming from a humble background, Tony Petrello is a generous giver. He appreciates the difficulty of getting a good education. He knows it is the only way of improving the lives of your family when you are from such a background.

He earned a full scholarship in college, which helped him advance his studies. A graduate of Yale, he went back to his former university and created a scholarship.

It focuses on bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It enables them to obtain the education they require to scale the heights of success in life.


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