Atlanta’s Successful Infertility Doctor, Jim Toner

Jim Toner is an accomplished endocrinologist with many years of expertise in his medical career. An endocrinologist is merely a medical practitioner specialized in fertility and reproduction.

On graduation from high school, Jim Toner joined St. Joseph’s College based in Philadelphia and attained a bachelor’s in psychology. He later attended the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine where he went through a medical scientists training initiative.

He earned his Ph.D. from the same institution in 1985. After graduation, he went to Jones Institute and pursued his Residential Fellowship and was later approved as a medical doctor.

He is specialized in fertility and infertility in his patients. He kicked off his medical career in the same field at the Jones Institute situated in Norfolk. While working here, Tim was enriched with the profound experience that propelled him in his medical career.

Tim was also involved in leadership roles at the Jones Institute; he served as the director of the Third Party Reproductive Program and a member of the board of directors of the Fellowship Program.

In the year 2000, Dr. Tim Joner joined the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Nevertheless, he retained his position as the director of the Third Party Reproduction Program. His commitment and passion for medicine have made him the great doctor he is today.

His extensive research in medicine especially infertility has made him a prominent and highly reputable infertility practitioner. He has written and published over 21 chapters, 80 articles and 100 abstracts.

All these articles contain vital information concerning fertility health. Most of them have been used by other doctors in enhancing their work. With over 20 years spent in medicine, Jim has gained extensive experience and skills in the career.

He is renowned for his research and works on ovarian reserve and its effect on infertility. He is held in high regard by both his patients and medical colleagues. Jim has been recognized in significant awards for his exceptional work. He has won the First Prize Paper award many times.

According to, Jim Toner’s degree in psychology has been an invaluable tool for him in his career. It helps him connect and relate to his patients at a personal level. In fact, most of them come to the facility depressed due to their miscarriages or infertility.

However, the good doctor takes them through the whole process mentally. This makes him one of the best infertility doctors in Atlanta. Dr. Jim Toner is highly dedicated and committed to contributing to fertility medicine.

The patients who have been treated or serviced by him talk and praise him for his experience, quality of service delivery and hospitality. He indeed hopes to many who had lost their faith in childbirth. For more info, checkout Dr. Toner on Facebook.

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