Austin’s McWilliams Has Made Her Mark on Washington and her Home State

Andrea McWilliams is the kind of lobbyist and political fundraiser that you would not want to cross in the political arena. A Chief of Staff at the age of 21, the Austin, Texas native has continually honed her skills since then as a clever negotiator and a very strong advocate and fighter in the face of adversity. Andrea McWilliams has been recognized with several awards including the “Woman of Distinction” prize in Texas and is known as the most powerful female lobbyist in the entire state.


Raised just steps from the Texas Capitol, politics has been part and parcel of Andrea McWilliams’ life since birth. Her talent took her quickly up the ladder when she became a Chief of Staff barely out of her teens. She worked for Public Strategies, Inc., a world famous public relations company, before founding McWilliams with her husband, a firm of government affairs consultants. Several years ago Andrea McWilliams was part of the “40 under 40” list of influential lobbyists and businesswomen.


She and her husband are an interesting pair who have three children and live in Old Enfield, an area of Austin known for its charming historic homes. What makes them such a dynamic couple is that Andrea McWilliams is a Democrat while her husband is a Republican, making their consulting firm very well represented beyond partisan lines. It gives their clients well-rounded representation and expertise.


Not only does Andrea McWilliams have quite a record in Congress, passing multi-million dollar incentives to further develop her home state, she is also quite a philanthropist. The Girl Scouts honored her with an award because of her support of their organization, and she is also a longtime member of St. David’s Toast of the Town Committee and an inaugural member of the Long Center’s Notable Women.

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