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Michel Terpins And His Fast And Furious Drive For Excellence

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Racers who are experiencing extreme hardships succeed the more. These athletes will thrive and extend their limits when faced with difficulties. It is these hardships that shape the racers today. It is their authentic relationship and dirty connection with the ground that can help them succeed in their chosen racing endeavor.

More practical are the athletes today who can withstand the racing challenges and use the lessons in the race to make their performance better. One of the great racers today who can integrate the hardships into a learning experience is Michel Terpins, the racer behind the grand Sertoes Rally.

In the last Sertoes Rally, three states comprise the tournament, and these countries are Mato Grosso do Sul, Goias and Mato Grosso. These countries are the places that the competition of Michel Terpins came from in the match. Michel Terpins is the pilot in the team, and he’s partnered with Maykel Justo (#322), who is also a regular member of the grand Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Both of them will put the competition to dust as they compete for a whole 3,300-kilometer race for the goal. This event got held in the Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia

Michel Terpins’ racing skills will so be put in the perforce of luck as he tries to navigate off-road tracks and complicated trajectories as they ride the T-rex prototype category developed by the engineers and specialists in MEM Motorsport for the second time of the year now. This edition will then make Terpins perform even more remarkable as the car has gotten several modifications already for improved performance.

Sertoes is one of the most awaited events of the year that will see a lot of exciting, thrilling and one of a kind racing experience both to the audience and riders. Anything can happen in this event, and with the help of Michel Terpins’ popularity, more can come from the outstanding game.

With the robust car that Terpins has, and with the impressive machinery that comes with the V8 engine that it has, Terpins is expected to be confident in the race. Terpins also admits that it is an honor to join in the race that gives the greatest glory in his racing career.

National Steel Car Milestones Under Chief Executive Officer Gregory Aziz

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With an experience that spans over a century in both engineering and manufacturing of railcars, National Steel Car, under the stewardship of Greg James Aziz has earned a reputation in North America as a leader in tank car manufacturing and railroad freight. For this, NSC is trusted and known for building the highest quality railcars and consistently delivering on time.


Greg James Aziz, the National Steel Car CEO stresses that the focus of the Company is customer loyalty—which demands the building of a strong corporate foundation based on understanding, partnership, and trust. Whether you are a new partner or a returning satisfied customer seeking the expansion of your railcar fleet, NSC stands ready to meet the challenge and build the type of railcars you need for your success.


National Steel Car Supports Harmonized Flammable Liquid Regulations


National Steel Car was one of the first companies to express its support and commitment to the harmonized regulations in regard to the next generation of safer and stronger rail tank cars used in transporting flammable liquids in North America.


According to Gregory J Aziz, being one of the largest rail manufacturers in North America, they commend and welcome the leadership provided by Minister Lisa Raitt and Anthony Foxx, US States Secretary of Transportation on this important safety issue. Recent railroad accidents in the United States and Canada have brought to the fore the importance of ensuring that the rail system in North America is as safe as it can possibly be.


NSC to Manufacture 700 Railcars for Canpotex


National Steel Car has been selected by Canpotex to manufacture specially designed 700 new railcars to transport potash in Saskatchewan to coastal ports. This investment by Canpotex for the additional cars has been valued at $70 million.


The largest mineral export in Canada is potash and currently, Canpotex ships over 10 million tonnes annually. Canpotex has since 1999 invested in excess of $500 million with NSC to build over 7,000 railcars. Railcars at Canpotex are custom designed by National Steel Car in Canada to ensure they meet the specific potash properties‎.




The cornerstone of National Steel Car, according to James Aziz is people. NSC is immensely proud of what has been achieved together. Today, NSC is more values-driven, innovative, diverse, and dynamic than ever before. The railcar Company that is based in Hamilton, Ontario has a deep and strong sense of purpose, true to its core values. Get More Information Here.

Quite A Man – Gregory Aziz

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Gregory James Aziz is a man that is stationed in Hamilton, ON. He is the CEO and the President of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is the leader of railcars – the engineering and manufacturing of them. Gregory Aziz is proud to head this fantastic company, and wants to continue to keep its lead well into the future.


Having a major in economics from the University of Western Ontario, Greg has been a successful man. He was born in London, and he worked in a variety of investment banking endeavors, which enabled him to purchase National Steel Car. For over 18 years, this is the only North American company to hold certification in ISO 9001:2008, which is a huge honor.


Gregory J. Aziz works diligently to create a cooperative environment for his entire staff. They work as a team, and they enjoy what they do. Their excellence and professionalism allow them to deal fantastically with both customers and suppliers alike. They have great rapport with both of these factions in their industries.


As the head of National Steel Car, Greg encourages philanthropy. He is an avid giver to the Hamilton community. Some of the charities that he and the company help are the Salvation Army, the United Way and the food bank. Greg and his wife are involved and sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is a huge even in Canada, which engages many visitors to take part. They are involved in their community, and they love to meet and get to know the people. Click Here for more information.


With the high abilities of the over 2,000 team members, Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car will continue to excel well into the future. They are dedicated and committed to offering their customers the highest levels of manufacturing and achievements. Everything that is done by National Steel Car is completed with excellence, and they are well known for this achievement. Since they will continue to do extreme amounts of work in their industry, they will always have the customer base that exists, as well as add even more interested buyers to their fold. As they progress into higher levels of advancement, their future looks as bright as can be.



Role Played By Gregory Aziz in Transforming National Steel Car

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George James Aziz is the current chief executive officer of National Steel Car, a major player in the railroad freight and tank car manufacturing industry. The Canadian-born corporate guru has played a significant role in establishing the firm as the largest railcar manufacturing company in the world. Under its stewardship, National Steel Car has been transformed into a force to reckon with in the industry.


Before Gregory became the firm’s CEO, it was on the verge of collapse. Upon his appointment, he put in place a strong leadership structure that mainly focused on streamlining operations. His input and experience have gone a long way in turning around the company’s fortunes, thus re-establishing it as a major player in the competitive industry. In his first few months at the helm, the number of employees grew from a paltry 500 to 3,000. Besides this, the firm’s production capacity grew from 3,500 railcars per year to 12,500.


What Distinguishes Greg Aziz?


Throughout his corporate career, Mr. Aziz has carved a niche for himself by formulating sound business models that are adaptable to the needs of the market. His early success at National Steel Car is attributed to his dedication towards improving the firm’s welfare in terms of manufacturing and engineering excellence. This, in turn, improved business efficiency and ultimately the company’s profits.  See Here for more information.

During his stint, National Steel Car has been recognized for using the latest technologies in its production processes. For over 18 years, the firm has consistently been awarded prestigious certifications such as TTX SECO and 90001:2008. This alone attest to the sound management that is provided by its leadership.


Gregory’s Education Background and Family Life


Greg studied at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and spent a significant part of his childhood and early adult life helping out in the family’s food processing firm. After graduation, he shifted to New York to pursue his corporate ambitions. He worked at notable investment companies and banks.


James Aziz has been part of National Steel Car’s success story since 1994. He initiated the firm’s acquisition by Hamilton National Industries from Dofasco. Since then, he has been a cornerstone in the firm’s achievements. Greg is married to Irene, and together, they have two children. Apart from his corporate duties, Mr. Aziz sponsors sporting activities. For instance, he sponsored the 2009 edition of the Anglestone Tournament besides being the patron of National Steel Car’s equestrian team.


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José Henrique Borghi Provides Excellent Advertising Service

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José Henrique Borghi is a highly recommended advertising consultant and business professional. José Henrique Borghi has one of the most prominent ad agencies in Brazil. His advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, has been catering to a wide variety of clients for years and has produced great results.

Choosing an advertising agency in Brazil shouldn’t be a daunting task. There are many ad agencies that render a vast range of marketing and advertising services to entrepreneurs, corporations and marketers but you need a company that has a proven track record. That’s where José Henrique Borghi and his ad agency, Mullen Lowe, come in.

As a full-service advertising agency, Mullen Lowe has the resources to meet all aspects of a company’s advertising needs. The advertising specialists at Mullen Lowe are professionals who are committed to working cooperatively to set up and implement each advertising campaign from inception to execution.

José Henrique Borghi takes the time to evaluate his clients’ advertising and marketing needs and then develops effective strategies to take their business to the next level. He has great expertise in many different marketing and advertising services and is well known for rendering top notch services to clients from all walks of life. Learn more about him:

You’ll need to decide whether your target audience is national or local, or a mixture. Always keep in mind that a local business owner might benefit tremendously from national advertising or promotions, particularly if the organization or entrepreneur is looking to expand into other territories.

If you are looking for the best advertising agency for your needs, then check out José Henrique Borghi right away. He is passionate about getting the best possible results for his clients and he will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the services he and his team provides.


Jason Hope is on Board with Technology

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Not many people at the moment know Jason Hope by name. But this guy knows a thing or two about all things Internet. He is known in the circles of people who love technology. Writing and commenting on the newest technology is not everyone’s cup of tea but Jason Hope loves it. He has a good nose about the latest trends, and he can predict where the technology field will go to next. The Internet of Things is all about the different devices connecting to one another and creating a network of shared data.

A couple of years ago the trend was the latest application on the smartphones and tablets. Today everything is about the smart technology and connecting daily-use things such as lights, kitchen gadgets. The idea about a ”smart” house was only a dream, but it is slowly turning into reality with the help of technology. And Jason Hope loves learning and writing about it. It impacts the way people interact, and it even influences way people conduct business.

The Internet of Things will allow companies invest in technology and it will pay off. It seems like a massive investment, but the possible ability to predict business trends and market shifts, as well as the advancement of technology, is critical. Corporations will gladly invest the kind of money to gain the upper hand in the harsh business environment. The supply and demand are still in control of the way companies think, so having an advantage in any area of business means more revenue.

Jason Hope thinks that the smart technology way will be the only way to go and shortly, it will be impossible to not have at least some technological solution for the everyday business needs. So the companies will become more competitive than ever.

People love the idea of being able to turn their lights on and off, monitor their pets and even who is at the door via smartphone apps and another technology advancement. The research and innovation are still going strong because there are always more solutions to offer clients. At the moment the trend is all about ecologically friendly, easy to use smart technology around the house and the business.

It was all about hardware a little while ago, but there are now is software aimed at businesses. It helps to track shipping from one place to another and provides time and efficiency data to the company. This kind of tracking allows businesses to save money and make money by investing the principal areas. One of these key sectors is new technology aimed at firms that are ready to move on and step into the 21st century with their investment decisions.

Jason Hope is on board as well.

Jason Hope Info:

The Trio Behind Fabletics Growth and Success

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As soon as the general population began to increase their demand for affordable athletic wear, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler partnered with Kate to begin Fabletics to fill in this gap. It was estimated that the expenditure for active wear was going to double by 2010 with the amount of money being spent in the United States for active wear.

This was a feasible investment for the trio and they began investing it. Adam and Don started Fabletics. When Fabletics entered the market in 2013, the consumers were hungry for their products. They were among the few companies to enter the market and be able to dominate. They managed this through providing a different option for consumers to choose from that was affordable and offered quality. Learn more about Adam Goldenberg: and

Fabletics provides unique and innovative products that suit their clientele. Don and Adam took their time to choose a perfect fit to partner with who was a competitive choice to represent women. They made it their goal to enhance the empowerment of women through their brand. They noted that women were short of standardized quality and a variety to choose from. It was very costly for women to find something colorful and of good quality for active wear.

The common wear was a free size, unattractive and relatively expensive. This gap was felt by Adam and Don who already owned Tech Fashion Group. They were willing to pick up the women’s cry as a challenge and provide women active wear for the United States and the World as a whole. Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC


When Kate came on board, it was evident that she understood women’s needs by the ideas she brought on board. The combination of fashion and fitness was amazing. She put every woman into consideration including their shapes, preference in colors and height. Fabletics brand catered to all these women while inspiring them to keep physically fit and seek a healthy lifestyle.

Fabletics stands for every woman’s empowerment and inspiring them to embrace their bodies as they are. They created a presence on social media that was unmissable and a brand identity that was unique and the top of its game. Fabletics to date has stayed true to the needs of clients. They provide affordable and quality products for the clients. The Company is very keen on customer responses and reviews.

They assess their market performance through these reviews. Fabletics grades its success by empowering women not just by the revenue they get as a return on their sales. The trio is very happy with the success path Fabletics has taken.

How Gregory Aziz Steers the National Steel Car

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Gregory James Aziz is one of Canada’s most successful cooperate executives. He was born in Ontario back in the year 1949 and was schooled in the same Canadian province. He went to Ridley College before embarking on rigorous studies in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He must have had excellent tutors in the human resource minors that are constituent of the economics major. If not, he must have gone to greater lengths than other students to learn one or two extra things about sporting and managing talent in any field of commerce or production that he would later come to manage or direct.

Greg, as his peers and colleagues fondly refer the iconic industrialist, joined the food wholesale business after schooling. His family must have been extremely proud of him when he began making changes to the family-based business which flourished during the entire 16 years he played an integral part in organizing the operations of the wholesale business. He made an impact in the business and led it to grow from a local food wholesale enterprise to a regional supplier of fresh foods which it imported from Europe, and Southern and Central America.

Greg James Aziz invested part of the profits that the business made supplying the United States and Eastern Canada with fresh food in several banking opportunities. The sufficiently endowed economic mind was successful and he used the investment returns to acquire the National Steel car from Dofasco. He made the purchase in the year 1994 when the company could only manage to manufacture 3,500 units in a year. In only five years, James Aziz grew National Steel Car to a manufacturing capacity of 12,000 units.

As the Chief Executive Office, Chairperson and President of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz has always laid emphasis on three guiding principles for the regional leader in innovative engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. He believes that all the working fraternity at the company is critical for the company’s continued manufacturing and engineering excellence. He believes in cultivating his human resources who make the most out of the capital available to National Steel Car.

The company has an unwavering commitment to always over perform its clientele’s expectations. The President emphasizes in the aggressive expansion of its market niche to do better than it already is as a regional and global leader in the design and production of railroad freight cars. He attributes his desire to further expand the company to his desire to create more and more jobs for his ever growing personnel. He believes that of all the charitable causes the company sponsors, the best way it gives back to the community of Ontario is through the 3,000 jobs it has created for the community.


Imagine Fantasy Football Rankings on a New Level

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Martavis Bryant was a fourth round draft pick in the 2014 NFL Draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bryant should’ve made a spectacular debut during the 2016 season, instead, he disappointed Fantasy Football owners when he failed a drug test. This wasn’t the first time either. He also failed a drug test back in 2015 during the pre-season game. In addition to being suspended four games; he sprained his knee and was kept out of another game.

Bryant has only played 24 of 54 games in the last 3 seasons due to suspensions and injuries.

Bryant isn’t someone I would pick in a fantasy football rankings, he’s what’s known as a sleeper. It’s best to pick running backs before wide receivers, RB’s tend to get drafted early on in the fantasy football rankings. Quarterbacks are usually picked last sometimes not until the sixth round of the draft. By doing this you won’t lose points in the fantasy football rankings.


Integrity – George SOros

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George Soros is a highly, skilled man with a lot of money and a lot of energy. He uses both of these qualities to help other people that are not as well off. For his philanthropy work, he is widely known and respected. He has not always had a life like this before. When he was younger, he and his family were mistreated. They were a Jewish family that had seen a lot of tears. Even through their tears, they could always help others that need them. To this day, he continues to do this.

How His Open Society Foundation Came To Be

Back in 1970, George Soros decided to open a Hedge Fund. The name that he gave to his Hedge Fund was Soros Fund Management. This fund gave him plenty of money that he didn’t have before, and with it he opened up his Open Society Foundation. It is through his foundation that he is able to give so much to people and organizations around the world in the hopes that the people that are oppressed can come out of it and lead healthier and happier lives.

Termed A Threat And A Terrorist In The Atlantic

The Atlantic published an article that eludes to George Soros being a threat to capitalism. In the article, it also gives note to President Trump considering him a terrorist. The allegations are not stopping George Soros from doing what he always wanted to do – help others.

George Soros Carries On

During the upheavals of the article, George Soros takes refuge in knowing what he is doing is right. His philanthropy has helped people in need. He has given scholarships for people to attend law school so that they can help others too. When George Soros helps, he looks for those that are oppressed and held back. There are people like drug addicts and sex workers that have been turned around and live decent lives now because of him. These people are eternally grateful, and they give back to the society now. In all ways, George Soros’s work has helped, not hurt the world.