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Vinod Gupta: Entrepreneurship Pursuits

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Vinod Gupta is one of the self-made successful people in the business world today. He was born in 1946 in India. He is a proud entrepreneur and business who has influenced various companies on success. Vinod was a chief executive officer of InfoGroup under which he acquired multiple companies in the information technology sector. Vinod Gupta is currently CEO of Everest Group.


Everest Group is an investment firm that provides capital for the sake of database technology startups as well as developing those businesses that are struggling in the market world. Their focus and emphasis are on information technology for improving businesses. Vinod Gupta is proud of being counted among the individuals who have earnestly provided employment opportunities to underserved communities. His hiring practices have made him mentioned by Bill Clinton who is the former president of United States. Vinod has a significant commitment towards extensive resource provided through some charitable organizations as well as funding various schools in entire India. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.


Vinod Gupta is a graduate of the University of Nebraska. After graduating, he was an employee at Commodore Corporation that was in charge of manufacturing the mobile homes. As he shares in an interview, this is where Vinod’s entire idea of InfoGroup and Everest Group originated. While at Commodore Corporation, Vinod Gupta was involved in the role of an analyst in marketing research. He was given the responsibility of consolidating a list of mobile home dealers that were within the United States. Vinod Gupta did not hesitate. While doing his tasks, Vinod discovered that it was challenging to get such a list. See This Page for more information.


That is when he thought about time-saving advantages for businesses that would require such records. He quickly began creating a database and invested in doing direct mail marketing on the target businesses that would need such a list. After compiling that list, he began receiving orders from a different company. That is how the American Business Information was birthed.


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NewsWatch TV Releases Keyboard Review

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Sometimes, it can be frustrating working with an old keyboard that doesn’t work very well but now you can kiss those worries goodbye thanks to the new contour ultimate workstation. This new keyboard comes complete with a rolling mouse and a digital left-click function to keep you focused and on track.

The keyboard itself is completely wireless so you never have to worry about untangling any wires or chords. This ergonomic workstation is designed to help you complete your work quickly and more efficiently. Contour design is a company whose products enable you to be as productive as possible. Their tracking technology adapts to your work style to enable you to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

It also doesn’t require an on/off switch due to its power saving technology. They also have legs which enable you to work at whatever angle you desire. They’ve even recently come out with an even more advanced version known as the roller mouse free 3.

This new design replaces the roller mouse red with a roller mouse free 3 which makes the entire workstation completely wireless. So you can work from wherever in the world you want. The roller mouse is designed to be completely compatible with the balanced keyboard which makes the ultimate workstation the best way to complete your work. So if you’re tired of stressful keyboards, make the switch today.

Newswatch is an American TV series that’s been on the air since March of 1990. Their content consists primarily of consumer news, mobile app reviews and public service announcements. Last year, they were awarded the 2017 Marcom award in recognition of their television show and, in 2016, they received a Silver Telly award and were nominated for another. Since their debut, they have released over 1,229 episodes and counting.

Agora Financial Offers Neutral Advice That can Help Anyone Invest Their Money So It’s Working for Them

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Agora Financial offers its customers advice as well as analytics to back up this advice that help people to find the financial success they have been seeking. People all over the globe are turning to this company to get the help they need with their financial planning, and they are learning that building a solid portfolio is much easier than they once thought it was. Agora Financial has received the highest of ratings and has been working with a wide range of clients for many years. With access to plenty of resources and knowledge, the company employs a team of experts that understand the fundamentals and more complicated sides of the financial planning world.

Agora Financial understands that professionals of all ages might have some extra money on-hand if they are not wasting it on things they do not need. One of the best things that a person can do with this extra money is to invest it in the stock of a solid company or other places where it will be safe and grow. A lot of people do not get into investing, because they are worried that they simply don’t know enough. The great thing about having companies like Agora Financial around is that you don’t need to understand all of the intricacies of investing. Instead, you can rely on the trusted investment advisors from the company to give you the correct information that will guide you on where to invest your money.

Agora Financial knows that it is not the best idea for people to put their money in the bank as an investment strategy, because the bank does not offer the kinds of returns that people need to be comfortable in their retirement. Too many people rely on their social security, alone, to take care of them in their retirement, but why not ensure that you have enough by investing for yourself ahead of time? Agora Financial has worked with and helped more than one million investors, and many of them are regular, everyday people. The investors at Agora Financial are independent and not tied to any specific company or enterprise, and this means they can offer neutral advice that is truly aimed to help the clients who come to them for help.

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Alex Pall Of Chain Smokers Talks About The Chainsmokers Transition To Singing And Artistic Life

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Like most other electronic music producers, the Chainsmokers duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started off as the faceless beat crafters. But they are slowly moving into the artistic limelight by singing and featuring in their music videos. Having first featured in their radio-banger track, “Closer”, Alex Pall argues that the DJ duo are slowly finding a balance between crafting beats and singing.

He also adds that they only aim at giving the electronic music a deeper meaning and add life to their music by providing a face that their audiences can relate and find an attachment with and not just the beats. The Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” hitmaker is, however, quick to mention that coming to this decision hasn’t been easy.

What informed the decision to build an artistic identity?

Alex Pall mentions that in most cases, electronic DJs work with song composers who craft content and vocalists who bring them to life. This essentially means that they often have no attachment to the content they release to the public seeing that it is a more of collaboration. However, Alex argues that while they also employ the services of songwriters, they always sit down with them and guide their content.

He further adds that their songs are particularly inspired by their real lives and that they have even had to write some songs themselves. This attachment, therefore, played a significant role in informing the decision to have their audience not only identify with the beats but also the individuals to whom the content of the song relates to.

The impact of their lives on their music

In answering the question of how their lives have shaped their careers as well as the decision to feature in their songs, Alex Pall talks about how he came to meet Taggart. He mentions that while he has always had an interest in music, he only actualized his ambitions in college. He practiced DJ-ing while at school for different events around New York City and seeing its potential decided to contract a manager. His manager would later introduce him to another college student and aspiring DJ from Maine, Andrew Taggart, with whom they would go on to form the Chainsmokers DJ duo.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s Hormone Alternative

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There are a lot of anti-aging gimmicks on the market. It isn’t that surprising to see this, because aging is the one problem that will affect everyone sooner or later. While we all know that we cannot stop the effects of aging, we also hope to delay its effects as long as possible. Products and pills of all sorts are out there, claiming that you will live to be a hundred if you use their products. And many of them are just hype.

Of course, not all of the anti-aging stuff is a scam. Medical science has definitely made some advances in this area, and some of it is available to the public. Antioxidants are considered to have anti-aging properties, as are various herbal products and over the counter medications. But what Dr. Johanan Rand offers is a whole new approach entirely…one based mainly upon the role that hormones play in the aging of the body (

As the body ages, it naturally develops certain hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. These account for a lot of the problems of aging, especially stress, as there tends to be an excessive amount of a hormone called Cortisol. Dr. Rand concentrates on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. So, let me explain what that is: It simply means that the patient is given hormone supplements in order to restore the balance. However, Dr. Rand does not believe in artificial hormones, as they have been linked to numerous health problems and cannot truly be considered safe. As such, he uses only natural, bio-identical hormones in his therapy.

These hormonal supplements are combined with an exercise program intended to stimulate the body and help the hormones to bring about results more quickly. A nutritional program is also a part of the therapy program. Dr. Rand has found that proper nutrition and exercise greatly stimulate the effects of the natural hormones. Patients also naturally tend to lose weight as part of this program. Obviously, the exercise and proper diet play a role in that, but it is also a fact that hormonal imbalances tend to cause weight gain by affecting metabolism as a person gets older.

The effects of this program speak for themselves. If you are interested in this kind of therapy, this is a good place to check.


Southridge Capital Takes Its Lead From Its Innovative CEO Stephen Hicks:

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Since its 1996 founding, Southridge Capital has helped growing companies to the tune of $1.8 billion. This includes the financing of 250 plus businesses that were looking to grow. The company also excels in its advisory role. Southridge Capital takes great pride in making sure the no stone is left unturned in its analysis of the financials of the businesses it works with. The company also provides services in the realm of acquisitions and corporate mergers and has a proven track record in matching up companies that are good fits for one another. Southridge Capital is also a leader in the area of services for legal settlements. In this regard, the firm puts an emphasis on assisting businesses in the settlement of litigation.


One of the best services that Southridge Capital provides to its wide array of clients is the simple act or making them aware of all the options that are available to them in terms of acquiring financing for the purpose of growth. The firm also offers its clients equity purchase agreements that allow them to raise funds based on their own goals. To see more you can visit



CEO Stephen Hicks is joined by an outstanding staff on his executive team, each member bringing a wealth of experience to Southridge. The team at Southridge Capital includes Chief Financial Officer and Controller Narine Persaud, Director of Research Laurence Ditkoff and Chief Operating Officer Henry Sargent.


Southridge has also developed an impressive reputation for philanthropic giving over its history. Community leadership based on the values of volunteering is a high priority at Southridge and the company supports many nonprofits across the United States. Stephen Hicks has routinely emphasized that giving support to worthy causes is at the heart of the sort of social responsibility that Southridge Capital strives to encourage.


About Southridge Capital:

Structured finance and advisory services firm Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 and works to find creative financial answers for a wide variety of different clients who a wide range of needs. The outfit is led by a highly qualified and experienced team of executives that are led by Chief Executive Officer and founder Stephen Hicks.


Speaking recently with, Stephen Hicks opened up about some of the recent developments at Southridge Capital. Stephen talked about how the firm recently acquired New York-based hedge fund Double Alpha Group. Stephen Hicks emphasizes that Double Alpha is a fund that excels at the navigation of a large range of different conditions in the market and fits perfectly with Southridge’s program.You can checkout their website to know more.



Waiakea Water: The key to adding quality to life

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Our bodies communicate to us in many ways. We can only know when the body is communicating to us when we give it the attention it needs. Some of the ways through which the body communicates are by being irritable, feeling lousy, or feeling tired and without energy. If you get any of these signs, then know that your body is trying to put across a message. Probably, your body wants to tell you that it is overburdened and needs urgent attention. Ignore these signs and within no time they will develop into serious degenerative diseases that will haunt you for life.

Taking your body back into the healthy-functioning state is pretty simple, fast and inexpensive. Your body may be too acidic and you need to regulate your PH with Waiakea water. Unlike most other bottled water brands, Waiakea water is organically sourced and with a natural alkaline pH of 8.8. Waiakea water contains organic components that act as strong anti-oxidants. They play a vital role in detoxifying the body. Waiakea Water, therefore, helps to clean up our body systems thus ridding the body of diseases.

Sourced from Mauna Loa volcano

Waiakea Water isn’t the typical bottled water. It is the first naturally occurring alkaline water sourced from the Hawaiian volcanic mountain, the Mauna Loa Volcano. The water undergoes a unique filtration process as it passes through a porous volcanic rock covering a distance of up to 14,000 feet.

As it goes down the porous rock, the water is filtered to get rid of impurities and also absorbs some essential minerals such as silica. When it is tapped, Waiakea water contains more than the recommended dose of silica which has immense health benefits to the body.

Health benefits of taking Waiakea water

Waiakea water is soft and has a pleasant taste. Therefore, taking the daily recommended intake of eight glasses of water is an easy task. Besides being a natural anti-oxidant, taking naturally alkaline water such as Waiakea has many other health benefits. Studies have established that taking enough of naturally occurring alkaline water can alleviate symptoms of acid reflux experienced in some people.

The Principle of Fortress Investment Group- Peter Briger

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Peter Briger has a reputation as a competent and dedicated leader in all the years he has worked on his career in both finance and investment. Briger currently serves as the president and co-chairperson of Fortress Investment Group. He received various appointments at the group, including president and principle and the head of credit and real estate. Briger became a director for Fortress Investment Group in November 2006. In 2009, he was named the Group’s co-chairperson and later in December 2017, he became the Co-CEO of the company. Since then, Peter Briger has served diligently in both capacities. Peter Briger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ivy League’s Princeton University. He also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

Since 2002 when Peter Briger became a member of Fortress Investment group, he has overgrown the business, and he currently manages the credit business in the Group. Briger has also concentrated on underestimated and distressed assets and illiquid credit investments. The Forbes Magazine has ranked Peter Briger on the 307th position with a combined net worth of over $1.5 billion. He also serves as a member of the Spearhead’s Advisory Board. Briger has served as a director at The University of Princeton Company. In 1996, Briger became a partner at Goldman Sachs after working for the organization for a cool 15 years. During his career at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger served as a co-head for an Asian corporation that concentrated in Real Estate development, a Fixed-debt company co-head and the co-head for a trading and loan sales.

Briger has also served in an international financial company as a debt distress manager. He has also served as an Advisory Board Member for the Linketone Limited Company. Some executives from Wells Fargo made a trip to Fortress Investment Group in New York to discuss the possibilities of venturing into the cryptocurrency market. It is worthy of note that Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the United States. Briger was given the responsibility to discuss the interest and fascination of Fortress Investment Group in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Briger said that the cryptocurrency market is a goldmine that any progressive company should take advantage of. He added that with bitcoin, companies could offer a safe, accountable and transparent medium of money and value transfer to their consumers from around the globe. Briger also added that Fortress Investment Group together with Wells Fargo could provide an American-based bitcoin exchange.

Wes Edens Has A Billion Dollar Mindset And A Track Record Of Success

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Longtime observers of the private equity sector are probably well aware of Wes Edens by now. As an Oregon State graduate and a former member of the Lehman Brothers (as well as the BlackRock Asset Investors group), he has accrued a great deal of experience over the years. These experiences have provided him with the springboard necessary to achieve bigger and better things. If there is one common denominator that has held true over the course of his career, it is his ability to know where the market is headed before anyone else.After working with Lehman Brothers and the BlackRock Asset Investors Group, he co-founded the Fortress Investment Group and developed a well earned reputation as a contrarian gambler who was willing to make decisions that were not universally approved.These contrarian bets would soon position the company to become one of the most important asset managers in the world.

By the time Wes Edens stepped away from the company to pursue his next objective, Fortress Investment Group was managing tens of billions in assets worldwide.Wes Edens was able to use these past experiences as a training ground for what would come next. When Herb Kohl decided that it was time for him to sell the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, Edens and ownership partner Marc Lasry submitted the winning bid. The team was purchased for $550 million and within a couple of years, Edens and Lasry had increased its value to over $1 billion.He was not content to rest on these laurels, though. Edens is now looking to make a name for himself in the e-sports world and has already made major inroads in this regard.

After purchasing his own League of Legends team, Wes Edens was nowhere near close to satisfied.It was not enough to own a team, He decided to create an entire league and FlyQuest is already blazing a trail for other would be e-sports mavens to follow. In addition to establishing these ventures, he has also made sure that the Bucks are well positioned to take advantage of the console gaming boom that is bringing more and more young fans to the NBA.Now that the NBA is establishing a league for professional NBA 2K players, the Bucks at the forefront of this movement…thanks to Wes Edens. They are one of 16 teams who has already established their own NBA 2K franchise and if Edens’ track record is any indicator? The Bucks are ready to become the class of the league, both on the court and off.

Equities First Holdings news on GC report

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The main aim of every business organization is to serve the needs of its clients. The customer is paramount to any successful business. So, most successful businesses are those that put extra effort in winning the hearts of their customers with outstanding products and services. A business needs to keep customers while at the same time adding new ones to its clients’ database. These facts are well known to Al Christy, the founder of Equities First Holdings. He is a financial expert who recognized the challenges that were facing the world’s financial industry and decided to come up with a solution that would address the problems. There were numerous individuals and professional investors who were facing a dire need for financing. Al Christy initiated Equities First Holdings so that these people could access loans secured against shares in publicly traded companies. These loans attract low-interest rates which are an added advantage to the client since they will be able to repay the loan with ease.