Avaaz – A Global Voice For Change

Have you ever felt helpless to effect our world in a positive way? Avaaz, meaning ‘voice’ translated from Persian, is an organization founded by Ricken Patel in 2007. Mr. Patel, after spending years in the field witnessing first hand how activism can help the world, decided that activists needed a platform to orchestrate movements and bring people with ideas together. He created and currently directs Avaaz – an online network where activists can become involved with global campaigns for change. Avaaz implements its goal of providing a forum for people to affect change within important sociological issues such as climate control, corruption, civil unrest, and animal rights, by utilizing the most current technology. Currently their web platform is broadcast in 15 different languages; helping to bring change to all corners of the globe by uniting practical ideologists together online.

Avaaz gives individuals the opportunity to bring important issues to the public’s attention and to gain other people’s reactions to these issues by allowing its supporters to start petitions right on their website. Avaaz currently lists its supporters at over 44 million worldwide in 194 different countries. To this date, they report an astounding 339 million actions taken by their members across the world. With these numbers, Avaaz has proven that it’s voice for change is highly influential.

Avaaz also utilizes member influence to choose which actions have the most unwavering support at any given time. Members are asked to complete polls to tally reinforcement for one movement or another. In this way, Avaaz gives much control to its millions of members across the globe. Never before have individuals with passion for issues they believe in, had such a platform to reach others with similar mindsets. Avaaz continues everyday to bring change and balance to the world riddled with injustice and nonacceptance.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

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