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Jeff Herman Fights For The Rights Of Sexual Abuse Victims

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Jeff Herman is a trial attorney and advocates for survivors of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and rape. He is experienced, skilled, passionate and aggressive. For this reason he is interested in the efforts of Sarah Powers-Barnhard from Team USA volleyball and actor Corey Feldman to push the Republicans in the Senate to pass the Child Victims Act. New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators is a coalition with a lot of support in their efforts to pass this act during the current legislative session. Corey Feldman is hoping his endorsement will draw attention to the New York legislation and put pressure on the individuals attempting to keep the Child Victims Act off the Senate floor.

Jeff Herman has devoted his entire practice to representing sexual abuse victims. During his distinguished career more than one thousand brave women, children and men have benefited from his representation. Corey Feldman is fighting a similar battle. He feels childhood abuse takes the light away from the child. He is trying to help the victims of childhood abuse. Brad Hoylman, D-Manhattan is sponsoring the Senate bill. This would eliminate the civil and criminal statutes of limitations in cases regarding child sexual abuse in the state of New York. There would additionally be a window of one year for civil action lawsuits a maximum of fifty years old.

Jeff Herman has been fighting sexual abuse for twenty years. He has a national practice and is a leader and pioneer regarding childhood sexual abuse. He is the champion who fights for his clients and the managing partner and founder of Herman Law. He is affected by the civil lawsuit statute of limitations because it is limited to five years after the crime has been committed. Unless the person belongs to institutions including schools or churches they only have one year to sue. The five year window is only applicable for criminal cases.

There have been several versions of the Child Victims Act passed in the last few years. The Quinnipiac Poll shared by the Senate Democrats reveals 90.6 of New Yorkers have given their support to the new bill.

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Thor Halvorssen on the Ladies in White

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As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen takes great pride in putting on his Oslo Freedom Forum each year. This meeting allows journalists from around the world to hear stories from human rights supporters. One of the things that he is most proud of is the presentation of the Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent each year. In 2013, the award was presented to The Ladies in White from Cuba. This group continues to fight to get their message heard about conditions in their homeland.

This group was founded in 2003 by family members of people being held by the repressive Fidel Castro regime. Most of those in jail were arrested during Cuba’s Black Spring for collaborating with foreign journalists and for illegal organization. Each Sunday, the women attend mass together dressed in white. They walk the streets of the city after services. White was chosen because it symbolizes peace. The ladies have been punched. They have had hot tar thrown on them. Yet, they continue to try to get their message out.

More than 50 of the Ladies in White were arrested just hours before President Barack Obama came to Cuba. Berta Soler was arrested eight times during the month that Obama visited. In all, the Cuban government arrested 1,416 protesters during March 2016. The government also arrested at least 1,100 protesters during each month leading up to the president’s meeting with Raul Castro.

Human rights advocates in Cuba say that another contributing factor is that Easter was celebrated during this period. People are not free in Cuba to practice their faith. Maikel Armenteros Orama and Osney Quintana García were arrested just for displaying an anti-government sign.

Human rights advocates say that there continues to be many problems in Cuba. They say that while the government has largely stopped using long-term imprisonments as a way to hush them, they are arrested more frequently now. Many have been arrested for writing or saying things against the government. The government often will not let international monitors in to see supporters held in prison.

Thor Halvorssen says that he hopes that United States lawmakers will continue to examine the situation closely before normalizing ties with the country. for more.