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Goettl Expands Its Las Vegas Market Share

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The Goettl Air Conditioning brand is currently continuing its aggressive return to the Las Vegas market after spending almost a decade outside the market of one of the largest cities in Nevada. Under the leadership of owner Ken Goodrich the Goettl Air Conditioning company is looking to return to the home city of the owner and CEO who cut his own teeth repairing Goettl brand units across Las Vegas; in a bid to reenter the market in an effective way Goettl has merged with a number of leading Las Vegas based air conditioning and plumbing companies with established business contracts in place.

Two of the latest Las Vegas based companies to merge into the Goettl family have been Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air whose owners gave numerous reasons why the merger with Goettl made sense for themselves and their employees. The addition of both companies adds around 20 employees and 15 trucks to the Goettl company, and allows the brand historically headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona to add existing customers in the residential and commercial sectors to its ever growing list of companies. One of the partners in Las Vegas Air explained to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he felt the merger provided his employees with a level of security and benefits he would normally be unable to provide.

Adam and Gust Goettl were born in Austria and made their way to Springfield, Ohio in the 1920s and made their name developing heating elements used to defrost frozen pipes during harsh northern winters. After arriving in Arizona during the Great Depression the brothers switched their attention to developing cooling units that were unavailable in the region during the 1930s and quickly found themselves the owners of around 100 patents.

The development of the Goettl brand has continued at a fast rate since ken Goodrich took control in 2013 and has looked to return the company to Las Vegas as he feels this is the true home of the brand. Recently awards and recognition have flowed towards Goettl with the brand named as one of the top companies in Arizona in terms of reputation.