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Wengie’s gift wrapping ideas

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Wengie has a number of examples on how to create a unique looking gift wrapped package including using a Dixey cup, markers and gift stamps, and a potato. A Dixey cup can be used to gift a small present such as jewelry, candy, or a small bottle of perfume. Begin by cutting off the rim of a Dixey cup and then obtaining some glitter tape. Take the glitter tape and line the rim with a couple of lines of the tape. Place the gift into the cup and then use a hole punch to create a hole for the gift tag. Use a piece of yarn or string and tie it to a gift tag for an original looking gift package.


Try a gift package that looks like one just removed it from the mailbox for an original look. Wrap your gift in brown paper which once can pull from an ordinary paper sack. Use multiple color Sharpie pens to outline the package in blue and red squares to create a first class mail look. Add a return address label as well as the senders address to the package. Add four or five postage stamps and one will have a gift that appears to be pulled right out of the mail. Make shift stamps can be created to design a gift package. Cut up a potato into a square, triangle, and semi-circle shape. Takes the potato stamps and dab them into an ink pad and stamp the package. Wengie uses the triangle and semi-circle potato stamps to make ice cream cones as a designer idea on her gift packages.