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Jeunesse Global Creates Alcohol-Free Antioxidant Drink

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Researchers have long known that alcohol, in general, and red wine, in particular, held certain benefits for the heart and circulatory system, when consumed in moderation. But, paradoxically, it has also been known that the risks associated with even small quantities of alcohol can easily prove to be severe enough to offset any benefits. It is for this reason that, even though doctors know that consuming moderate amounts of red wine is ultimately good for overall health, they cannot recommend that people who do not currently drink begin doing so.


This has led to a number of companies and private research firms to attempt to derive the same benefits that one gets from moderate red wine consumption in a product that does not contain any alcohol. One of the supplements that researchers have learned of in this quest is called resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant is found prominently in red wine, and many researchers have found, in highly replicated studies, that it has all of the same protective properties for the heart and circulatory system as consumption of red wine alone.


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Now, Jeunesse has created a health drink that contains more resveratrol that multiple servings of red wine. And the drink is 100-percent alcohol free. This focus on beauty and health is what has long driven the company to create some of the most exciting products on the market today.


Called Reserve, the drink is able to provide all of the health benefits of actual red wine consumption without the negative effects of alcohol consumption. The drink is not just healthy, either. Many users are saying that it is one of the best-tasting health supplement drinks that they have ever tried. With five different so-called super-fruits, Reserve is able to deliver a heavyweight punch of daily nutrition that has never before been packed into a single drink.




The beneficial compounds found in Reserve are too numerous to list. But all of them have scientifically proven benefits, including sharply reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke, maintaining high levels of energy and staving off some of the worst effects of the aging process. (Check out’s Jeunesse Global to learn more about the company)


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User Lime Crime Dye For Long Lasting Color Effects

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If you are a fan of coloring your hair and looking for something that has a unique touch, Lime Crime would be an ideal choice for you in such case. Bu if you already knew about Lime Crime, you know that it isn’t just formulas for a cosmetic range that are rainbow-hued, it is more than that. Doe Deere, the founder, has been wearing cotton candy strands for many years.



In case you are still charmed by fantasy-inspired, “Unicorn” rainbow beauty products, another brand has throttled the market with its arrival. This time, it isn’t unicorn horn-shaped brush or iridescent highlighter but something permanent: hair dye from Lime Crime. It has thirteen differed shades such as dreamy and wild as you would imagine.



Years in the making, hair dyes by Lime Crime are made specifically from vegan ingredients and do not contain bleach nor ammonia. Each color comes with tint formulas and in full coverage. Tints can last between eight and ten washes whereas the full coverage normally between ten and twelve washes. Plus, each dye jar is a super affordable and can purchase in US$16.



After few years of development, Lime Crime would be launching Unicorn Hair and it will a range of thirteen semi-permanent hair dyes that anyone can use according go their choice and preference? The colors for hair dyes range from stone gray to baby pink and feature fun names such as Salad (a light green) and Leeloo to mention its vivid orange look which pays a compliment to the character of Milla Jovovich in a Hollywood movie The Fifth Element.



The formulas are also cruelty-free and vegan. So, anyone who prefers to use the thing that does not contain any meat, products by Lime Crime can be an exceptional choice for them. Even more fascinating is the fact that you can pick from two diverse formulas: tint and full coverage. While completely coverage is designed to add rich, deep pigment to strands, tint must be used to produce a pastel glaze with platinum blonds.



As with all rainbow color that is available in the semi-permanent form, the life of Lime Crime dye job will depend on your care for your hair. However, if you are a cautious person, it’ll likely last up to more than a month.


Lime Crime – Unicorn Hair Re-Imagined

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The company Lime Crime recently launched a new line of semi-permanent dyes called “Unicorn Hair“. They offer up a variety of thirteen colors, with cute and catchy buzz-word names like: “Sext”, “Dirty Mermaid”, and “Anime”. According to the company’s website, with proper care the 100% vegan and cruelty-free dyes will last up to six weeks before requiring reapplication, which is fairly typical for semi-permanent dyes. The dyes come in two different types, ‘full coverage’, which is ideal for vibrant colors on light bleached/platinum hair, and ‘tints’ which will create a pastel color on light blonde hair. It is suggested that the product be applied to medium to light blonde hair for the best results.


At sixteen dollars per 6.76 fluid ounce bottle, they’re a bit pricey for what they are, especially when compared to similar products on the market. The site recommends using 2 jars for thinner past-the-shoulder length hair and 2-3 jars for thicker hair of the same length. All told, that costs the consumer around $32-$48 per application. Though it is somewhat expensive, it’s still significantly less than going to a salon and far less damaging to the hair. 


One of the draws of these products is that when they’re applied to evenly bleached/lightened hair, they will fade gracefully over time. Even if the initial desired result is a bright and vibrant color, most users will be happy to see the color fade to a more pastel tone as time passes, and it’s easy to re-apply when desired. The application process is simple and straight-forward: Apply in one inch strips with an applicator brush from root to tip on clean, dry hair and process for up to two hours for a more vibrant result or as short as thirty minutes for a more pastel shade. There are no harsh chemicals and it won’t bleed onto your pillow case or clothing, making it relatively mess-free. Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime seems like a great way to keep your hair on-trend with no damage and a variety of color options.

Unicorn Hair Dye by Lime Crime

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 Lime Crime is line of makeup and beauty products. It was launched in October of 2008 by Doe Deere. Deere created Lime Crime to feature bright, neon, or unsual colors after she realized that there was not a lot of brightly colored makeup on the market. Lime Crime’s beauty products are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Lime Crime has launched two different lines of lipstick: one called Unicorn Lipstick, and a line of liquid lipstick, called Velvetins. Recently, Lime Crime launched a line of hair dye, called Unicorn Hair Dye.


Unicorn Hair Dye is a line of semi-permament hair dye and comes in a variety of bright colors, which fits perfectly into the ongoing trend of Lime Crime. There are two types of dye: full coverage dye and tint dye. The difference between the two is that full coverage dye has more pigment and creates a more vivid look, while tint dye will produce more of a pastel color. Unicorn hair dye is semi-permanent, meaning that it will gradually wash out over time. Just like it’s makeup counterparts, Unicorn Hair Dye is certified 100% vegan and cruelty free.


Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere, has been a lover of makeup and beauty for as long as she can remember. She believes that makeup is a form of self-expression and freedom. She believes that beauty is not defined by looks or nature, but by what feels right in the moment. Her continuously growing success with Lime Crime proves that people all around the world feel the same.