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Jeunesse Global Affordable Anti-aging

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Jeunesse Global is a premier company in the cosmetic industry with the main objective of offering products that impact the lives of the youth. Its management acknowledges the fact that every individual deserves the chance to lead a healthy and enjoyable youthful life. The company is also engaged in the provision of affordable products and services to its consumers through a direct selling program. Their product offerings are collectively referred to as Youth Enhancement System, or simply Y.E.S System and includes a diverse range of products, including supplements and skincare commodities.


Luminesce is one of the product offerings at Jeunesse Global. It is an essential skin care product that reduces aging by restoring your skin’s vitality and radiance. PM Essential is another brand that incorporates a variety of nutrients and blends which curbs premature aging while providing a restful sleep. Besides the anti-aging property, PM Essential is also an energy booster. It promotes your mood and helps you maintain a positive attitude all along.


The NV brand is composed of APT-200, an element that helps in skin nourishment and restoration. NEVO energizer is a product of different fruit juices and will offer you proper energy supply. The energy drink is completely natural and devoid of artificial flavors, colors and even sweeteners.


Jeunesse Global’s collection of products are not only limited to the anti-aging, beautification and energizing Champaign. They also come in handy as far as your overall body health is concerned. For instance, their MIND brand utilizes formulas from Eastern medicine to enhance your memory. The product is a conglomerate of dietary supplements alongside proven proteins extracted from silkworm cocoons.


The company also features the ZENI BODI, with essential supplements capable of curbing your appetite, promoting muscle building and burning of excess fats. Jeunesse’s other product offerings includes the FINITI, Naara, RESERVE and instantly ageless.


Overall, the company strives at providing products that will enhance your general health and quality of life. The most interesting fact is that the products cater for all your beauty and revitalized look and are all-inclusive in terms of age, gender, social strata and income levels. Jeunesse Global was established in 2009 Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The founders were early retirees with a desire to lead a long and healthy youthful life.

The Beauty Of Lime Crime’s New Products Is So Good, It’s Almost Edible

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Beautiful people can be deceiving and controversial. It is this beauty that everyone aspires to, even with such repercussions. If you’re one of the people who need to get the right type of beauty in your body, then maybe Lime Crime is the brand that can help you achieve that.

If you’re also one of these people who always need to have some accessory to beautify yourself, then the products of Lime would such be an essential to your daily regimen. Right now, the Pocket Candy Palettes from the cult-favorite company and brand will bring a smile to all of its users. With a design that mimics the early 90’s, achieving that dreamy look will no longer be difficult.

The palettes would sell at $34, but you can still get the whole bundle for only $90. There would be little reason to resist buying the Lime products today. I mean, just look at the Pocket Candy Pallete in Bubblegum. Lime’s palette make-up looks so cute that it’s almost edible. You can almost be tempted to eat the color palettes if they were edible.

These new palettes are just some of the great additions to the list of products that Lime offers for everybody. There’s still a lot of matte lipsticks, hi-lite make-up types and diamond crushers that Lime offers for all, but it is these new products that still stand out today and that make the brand one of the most sought-after beauty products company in the market.

It is the mission of the company to revolutionize the way makeup helps people accentuate their beauty. It is also their mission to do this mission with some pizzaz and some great kick-ass tricks.

You also don’t have to find the best because Lime already has it. With the new go-to color that it offers, you surely don’t have to bother looking for expensive make-up just to achieve that fresh look that any girl or eccentric boy desires.

It also helps that Lime is a brand strong enough to withstand a global market. With the challenges of online shopping, Lime is ambitious to gain more footing in the international market. Fortunately, it’s not a problem for LimeCrime.