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Wengie Recap: Late Morning Routine Hacks

Published / by Logan / 1 Comment on Wengie Recap: Late Morning Routine Hacks

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie gives viewers “life hack” ideas for when you are late to work or school in the morning. She shows how to get ready to leave in just 15 minutes.


Her first idea is to drink lemon water. This helps detox your body and make you feel more awake. Next, Wengie suggests framing your favorite motivational quote and putting it in your bathroom to see when you are getting ready. This will give you a more positive attitude when you are in a rush.


Next, Wengie suggests using dry shampoo to make hair look fresh and using a blow dryer to blast away the white bits. Then she shows how to make a fool-proof high ponytail. First tie the top half of your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head, then tie the rest of your hair to it with another hair tie. Wengie’s next hack is to roll up an outfit you will always be comfortable wearing and place it in the corner of your closet so you can grab it on rushed mornings. It can even include socks, underwear, and accessories.


Wengie’s next hack is to make smoothie bags ahead of time and keep them in the freezer. Then just throw them in the blender and you have an on-the-go breakfast in minutes. She then suggests making your sandwich for lunch the day before. Just put parchment paper between the fillings and the bread to keep it from getting soggy. She also suggests cutting round sandwich fillings in half, then putting the straight edge against the edge of the bread so your whole sandwich has meat on it.


Wengie then suggests packing your bag the night before. Finally, she suggests sticking a checklist to your door so you never forget essentials like your keys, phone, or lunch.