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Role Played By Gregory Aziz in Transforming National Steel Car

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George James Aziz is the current chief executive officer of National Steel Car, a major player in the railroad freight and tank car manufacturing industry. The Canadian-born corporate guru has played a significant role in establishing the firm as the largest railcar manufacturing company in the world. Under its stewardship, National Steel Car has been transformed into a force to reckon with in the industry.


Before Gregory became the firm’s CEO, it was on the verge of collapse. Upon his appointment, he put in place a strong leadership structure that mainly focused on streamlining operations. His input and experience have gone a long way in turning around the company’s fortunes, thus re-establishing it as a major player in the competitive industry. In his first few months at the helm, the number of employees grew from a paltry 500 to 3,000. Besides this, the firm’s production capacity grew from 3,500 railcars per year to 12,500.


What Distinguishes Greg Aziz?


Throughout his corporate career, Mr. Aziz has carved a niche for himself by formulating sound business models that are adaptable to the needs of the market. His early success at National Steel Car is attributed to his dedication towards improving the firm’s welfare in terms of manufacturing and engineering excellence. This, in turn, improved business efficiency and ultimately the company’s profits.  See Here for more information.

During his stint, National Steel Car has been recognized for using the latest technologies in its production processes. For over 18 years, the firm has consistently been awarded prestigious certifications such as TTX SECO and 90001:2008. This alone attest to the sound management that is provided by its leadership.


Gregory’s Education Background and Family Life


Greg studied at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and spent a significant part of his childhood and early adult life helping out in the family’s food processing firm. After graduation, he shifted to New York to pursue his corporate ambitions. He worked at notable investment companies and banks.


James Aziz has been part of National Steel Car’s success story since 1994. He initiated the firm’s acquisition by Hamilton National Industries from Dofasco. Since then, he has been a cornerstone in the firm’s achievements. Greg is married to Irene, and together, they have two children. Apart from his corporate duties, Mr. Aziz sponsors sporting activities. For instance, he sponsored the 2009 edition of the Anglestone Tournament besides being the patron of National Steel Car’s equestrian team.


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Gregory J. Aziz Brings New Innovation to National Steel Car

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National Steel Car has more than a hundred years’ involvement in the generation and designing of railroad cargo autos. In spite of the fact that the organization was established in 1912 as Dofasco, its notoriety has kept on being steady consistently. Greg Aziz acquired the Canadian rail auto organization from Dofasco in 1994 and made it much more noteworthy as an American establishment.


The organization has reliably met the developing needs of the rail street industry consistently. The outlines and fabricate of the cargo autos have possessed the capacity to meet the developing principles of the world’s rail street industry.


The organization has possessed the capacity to demonstrate its steadiness through reliably having the capacity to open its entryways during the time from Sunday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 p; National Steel Car never shuts its entryways. The consistency is in an offered to address the issues and necessities of their demographic. The railroad organization accepts significantly in its workers and capable labor. Without the persevering and expert work compel, the organization would not have achieved where it is today.


Because of their quality, rail and cargo autos Company have possessed the capacity to hold the honor from TTX SECO for more than ten years. The organization’s strength over the North American railroad industry can be seen transparently. As of late the organization included stringent measures in the fabricate of rail street tank autos to guarantee that they are sufficiently secure to transport burnable fluids securely and proficiently.


The National Steel Car’s group of 2,000 individuals has possessed the capacity to constantly hold the strong point of assembling and designing the best railroad autos. The organization’s destinations have been the controlling rule of pushing it to higher statures. A portion of the destinations incorporate; regarding customs, playing out their best while concentrating on quality and perfection, having a reason, progressing during that time with assurance and continually leading the pack. More Information Here.


About Gregory J. Aziz


Greg Aziz is the head of National Steel Car which is one of the main organizations in the railroad business. Mr. Aziz was brought up in the Ontario region of London.


After he finished his instruction at Western University, he joined his family’s crisp sustenance business. From that point onward, he worked in the managing an account speculation industry. It is after this that he could buy the rail street organization in 1994. He has possessed the capacity to develop National Steel Car colossally throughout the years. The organization’s customer base incorporates prestigious organizations from everywhere throughout the world.


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Looking into the Life and Career of Anthony Petrello

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In the oil industry, prominence an expertise are topics that cannot be addressed without mentioning the name Nabors Limited. Tony, as he is referred to by those who are familiar with him, is the current chief executive officer of this leader in the oil industry. Nabors limited which was established in the year 1968 has registered tremendous growth. It is the head in the provision of gas and geothermal operations across the United States of America. The excellence it has achieved as a result of the innovation in its services.

Anthony Petrello earned this position out of hard work. He joined the organization in the year 1991. In the very year, he was given the position of director of the board. He rose up the leadership ladders to become the chief operating officer. He held this position for ten years before being promoted to the office of the deputy chairperson in the year 2003. Anthony Petrello first held the position of president and CEO of Nabors in the year 2012. As the CEO, Anthony Petrello is mandated to oversee all the operations of the company. He also is responsible for providing strategic planning initiatives.

Anthony Petrello has played a significant role in scaling the success of Nabors. Before joining the organization, he had worked in several other companies. He, for instance, worked for 12 years at the Baker and McKenzie law firm. While here, he handled issues regarding corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. After high school. Anthony Petrello enrolled at the Harvard University for his degree in law. He later undertook an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Yale in the following: click here.

Apart from his career life, Anthony Petrello is benevolent. He is a member of the board at Texas Children Home and has donated funds to this hospital. He strongly advocates for research to help children with Neurological disorders. He is a resident of Houston, Texas.

Susan McGalla: One Of The Most Powerful Women In Business Today

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Several women have made it to the zenith of their professions in different fields. Though, majority still do not know how as well as what they can do to get there. Presently, inequality, unequal pay, and few women in boardrooms are issues of the past although drawbacks still exist. Governments and non-governmental organizations have made a great effort to counter such challenges and ensure men and women have an equal chance. Despite that, there are women that have proved they are up to the task. With their strong personality that enables them to carry out different roles, such women are advancing in the careers. They are making big steps in the corporate world, leading companies, and managing their own businesses.


For instance, the corporate world has had powerful women. Many more are on the rise. Initially, the business industry was once a no-go zone for women owing to the dominance of men. Today, that has changed considerably. Susan McGalla and other business women have created a name for themselves. Additionally, they are exceptional role models that are always willing to assist other women to rise to the top of their careers. They have innate skills that are necessary factors in the premier level management positions they have. Women like her are excellent at networking, which is essential in the business world. They are also easy to trust.


As a thriving business woman, Susan McGalla knows the trick to climbing the ladder and maintaining that position. For her, it is all about hard work, confidence, passion, and versatility. They are the critical traits that lead to excellent results in life. She knows that nothing comes easy. Therefore, it is up to each individual to recognize their powerful traits and potential and capitalize on them. She knew she was endowed with greatness and she took the chance to unlock her potential.


About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the proprietor of Pittsburgh based P3 Executive consulting LLC. In addition, she is Pittsburgh Steelers’ director of strategic planning and growth. McGalla is well experienced in the retail and clothing industry. That is in marketing, product merchandising, branding, and talent management. She started her profession at Joseph Horne Company. Subsequently, McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters. Due to her incredible work, she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the entire organization. McGalla later moved from the firm on her own terms to start a private consultancy for the retail and financial investment sectors. Currently, McGalla is a consulting expert.

Flavio maluf: Innovative Leadership In Environmental Business Practices

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Flavio Maluf is the current president of the Brazilian-based Eucatex, an innovative company that has been around for generations. Under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex is currently continuing its reputation for their use of unique materials such as Eucalyptus to create environmentally friendly home goods like tiles, paints, and thin high and medium density fiberboard. Eucatex exports products to various countries outside of Brazil while developing manufacturing protocols which continue to serve as an example of environmental sustainable business practices.


Flavio Maluf has done a great deal to advance his company’s growth and image as an eco-friendly leader in the manufacturing realm. Founded in 1951, Eucatex has always been a pioneer on the forefront of environmental business practices even at a time when regulations were practically nonexistent, the company took steps to mitigate environmental damage by creating safe products while still managing to produce a sizable profit. In addition, Eucatex owns its own recycling plant enabling it to avoid landfills and further pollution.


Flavio Maluf has been extremely skilled at keeping Eucatex in the black while remaining true to its ecologically based business model. Using today’s technologically advanced platforms, he has created a voice for himself and his business. Maluf is a graduate of the prestigious FAAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil and served as president of Grand Food prior to his current position. Through his SlideShare presentations, Maluf serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide. His blog is a well sought out resource for those in the business community looking for advice on anything from how to best interview to overall sucess in the work environment.


Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex in 1987. After becoming president a decade later, Maluf started modernizing the business through expansion and mass exportation to close to 37 countries throughout the world. Subsequently, he grew his market by a staggering 30% recording substantial profits in the process.


Under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has become a recognized model for producing environmentally friendly products resulting in numerous certifications offering proof of their commitment to the environment through responsible handling and choice of materials. This makes Eucatex and its captain, Flavio Maluf, champions at the crossroads of business and environmental protection.









A Glimpse into the Life of Adam Milstein

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Adam recently held a revealing interview. He is a real estate mogul who is worth knowing about. Adam Milstein got the idea to start Hager Pacific Properties when he came for his higher education. He attended USC and got an MBA in entrepreneurship. While in university, he was offered numerous job opportunities. However, he realized that the recruiters did not value knowledge or life experience. He decided that he should become a real estate broker. After three successful years, he decided that he should invest some cash in real estate.


What His Typical Day looks like?


According to him, knowing what a day holds is quite tough if you are a businessman. However, he has found that getting involving in philanthropy can help to make a job quite satisfying. When he has an idea, he usually pushes it until it comes to life. He also does follow-ups to ensure that his efforts do not go to waste.


Trends that he finds Exciting


One of the things that he finds exciting is that supply always lags behind demand in real estate. He recommends that fellow entrepreneurs understand the issues themselves instead of relying on others. Besides that, Adam advises other not to be too hasty about being successful. Besides that, he advises against investing everything you have in a single venture.


When asked about the best $100 he ever spent, he said that it was having dinner with his family. Adam is clearly a man who values family.


About Adam Milstein


Adam is a native of Israel who served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He is a philanthropist, a community leader and an investor in real estate. He is also the National Chairman and the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. Besides that, he is also on the board of numerous organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, AIPAC National Council, and many others. Adam is also a promoter of Jewish culture in America. Together with his wife, they have an organization that provides books written in Hebrew on a monthly basis. The books promote Jewish values. Their books reach over 15, 000 Jewish-American families in the US.