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SoftBank Group Corp Acquires Fortress Investments Group at 3.3 Billion

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SoftBank Group Corp., SBG is now the sole owners of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company spent close to $3.3 billion in full payment for their purchases in cash. SoftBank Group Corp. is now entirely in charge of all the shares of Fortress inclusive of all their different headquarters. Before the acquisition, the two companies had drafted various agreements about the transactions and different conditions that they buyers had to meet. The company will even be handing over their shareholders to SoftBank Group Corp. They also presented them with all their receipts for different regulations that governed their operations.

Following the acquisition, outstanding shares that belong to Fortress Class A will now have a value of $8.08 for every stock. The new management will now continue with such similar operations according to transaction procedures written in a Definitive Proxy by Fortress. They also have the opportunity to access other documents such as Merger Agreements.

The common stocks that Fortress offers to the general public will soon exit the list of the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, the acquisition will lead to the transfer of financial results from Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank Group. These financial statements will now reflect in the business performance of the new management.

However, Fortress Investment Group will continue with its other operations as an independent subsidiary of SoftBank. The company will put up their head offices in New York. The corporate leaders at Fortress such as Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Pete Briger will continue to steer the branch in their standard positions of leadership. The reason why SoftBank resolved to this strategy is that they want to keep building the business models, business culture, excellent leadership and even their brands instead of eroding the foundation of Fortress.

The SoftBank Group will continue to provide Information Revolution with heightened technology to their clients across the globe. The company also has branches which specialise in offering telecommunications, intelligent robotics, internet services, Internet of Things, clean energy technology needs and much more. The firm also has an affiliate, the SoftBank Vision Fund. With this, they get to fuel investments all over the world for various businesses and technological ventures. Their first trial had a capital commitment of more than USD 93 billion.

Similarly, SoftBank will keep thriving in global investments just like Fortress Investment Group LLC. Fortress left a record of $36.1 billion as the total value of their assets hence making them the best company in the industry. The company has a notable performance in managing investments in real estate, private and public capital equities and much more. Some of the staff in their leadership team includes Peter Lionel Briger Jr who serves with Wesley R Edens as the Chairmen, Randal Alan Nardone who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. David Nichols Brooks as the Secretary, Vice President and General Counsel of the firm, The treasurer, Daniel Neal Bass and Gordon E Runte as the Managing Director and the other leaders are confident that SoftBank will carry on with their excellent work.  Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

End Citizens United Seeks To Raise $35 Million For 2018 Midterms Elections

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End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee (PAC), is dedicated to fight against unlimited spending in American elections. The agency is planning to raise huge resources ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. The group, which raised $25 million for the 2016 elections, intends to increase the amount by $10 million to ensure that more Democrats are elected into Congress. They have already raised $4 million in their endorsement of Georgia-based Jon Ossoff, who is in the race to occupy a Republican House position in Atlanta. The seat was formerly occupied by Tom Price, the current Health and Human Services Secretary. End Citizens United is campaigning to raise $500,000 for the 30-year-old first time politician. Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United’s executive director, said that the $4 million raised during the first quarter of the year was received from 60,000 traditional contributors and 40,000 first time donors. She added that they are looking forward to electing candidates whose agenda is to enhance financial reforms in the American election.

The group’s donors are tired of dark money in politics. Wealthy individuals and special groups inject big money in elections with the objective of shifting the power to their advantage. The PAC’s supporters are also displeased with President Trump’s win. To this end, they are planning to oppose his agenda and nominees, including Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Tiffany Muller, who has demonstrated a strong leadership for End Citizens United, acquired her political power while serving as the deputy political director of the campaign arm of the Senate Democrats. Under her leadership, the group ranked among the leading Democratic groups spending in 2016 elections despite their donation limit of 5,000 per person. In addition, End Citizens United partnered with over twenty groups to urge Republican Senators not to vote for Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for the position of Secretary of Education. This information was originally mentioned on USA Today.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United refers to the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision on Citizens United, which paved way for unlimited spending by unions and corporations in elections. It also gave rise to numerous super PACs. With the American landscape turning chaotic, End Citizens United aims to bring back order by fighting for accountability and transparency in political spending. They also work to support and protect the people who are being attacked by the billionaires. End Citizens United was established in 2015. Grassroots donors funds its operations.

With its grassroots membership, the group demonstrates political power on the issue of spending in American politics and plans to make it a national priority. They intend to achieve their objective of reversing the court’s decision by electing Democratic candidates, who are traditional supporters of financial reform. To lead by example, the group has submitted its most recent filing with the Federal Elections Commission as a means of enhancing and upholding transparency. This information was originally published on End Citizens United’s website.



How Mike Baur facilitates the growth of Startups

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Mike Baur is Swiss entrepreneur, who founded Swiss Startup Factory. He has been serving in the banking industry for more than 20 years, and this has allowed him to gain experience in the field. His company has been dedicated to supporting the growth of startups that deal with technology. The enterprise is currently located in Zurich, Switzerland, and it has been on the market since 2014. It has been dedicated to offering funds and motivation to the new innovative businesses from the time that they are established until they maneuver into the corporate world. He has invested a lot of resources in innovative enterprises that are owned by the youth in Switzerland, and therefore, he understands more about startups. Mike was first hired as an intern in a private bank and some of the organizations that he has worked for include Clariden and Sallfort.


Swiss Startup Factory is regarded as a top innovative enterprise that operates in the country. It has facilitated the growth of many creative ideas into profitable businesses that maneuver in the corporate world. The firm examines many ideas and determines the ones that can make significant returns. It coaches, motivates, and provides funding to businesses so that they can accomplish their objectives. Swiss Startup Factory has assisted many innovations to develop into leading corporations in various markets.


Mike has been raising funds by reaching out to private investors who would like to support emerging technology-based businesses. The company primarily depends on money from business leaders, and it is the first business of its kind that has been created in Switzerland. Baur was able to develop good relationships with various people for the two decades that he was in the banking sector, and this has enabled him to access funds easily. The private investors assist the Swiss Startup Factory’s clients by offering them everything that they would need for them to penetrate the international markets. The firm runs a three-month acceleration program that helps the startups to be successful.


Mr. Baur’s competence has been facilitated by his education. He currently holds an MBA and an executive MBA, which he was awarded at the University of Rochester and the University of Bern. Mike’s career as a banking professional was successful. He rose through the ranks, and he was a board member of one of the top private banks in Switzerland. Baur has made personal investments on the startups, and he fully understands how to make them prosperous.


Michael Hartweg Gives Up Leonteq To Join Mike Baur

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Leonteq is a derivatives specialist that has been losing a surprising number of people in the last few years. One of its most recent dropouts was Michael Hartweg, a huge name in the financial and technological world.


This specialist decided to quit the company that he helped found to join Mike Baur and his Swiss Start Up Factory. Just what does this mean and what kind of impact could it have on the business scene?


What Is Hartweg’s New Role?

Hartweg quit Leonteq to become an investor in Swiss Start Up Factory. The idea here is that he will no longer be functioning in a day-to-day aspect with a company, but will instead coach companies within this unique startup.


Hartweg, who had quit his operative role at Leonteq years ago and sold his shares, is looking to make an impact in a new role.


Essentially, he will help those working with Swiss Start Up Factory learn how to properly run a business and how to expand their fintech industrial presence. He will carefully invest in various startups within the factory and earmark ones that have potential.


From there, he’ll discuss the businesses with investors, evaluate their progress, and gauge their development. The idea is that he will help identify startups that have the best chance of success and do what he can to help them reach that goal.


Just Why Did He Do This?

Hartweg sees a lot of potential in this little up-and-coming business, started by Mike Baur as a way of supporting entrepreneurs in the digital technology field. As this field expands and more people continue to invest in it in a large way, advice and guidance is often needed.


Swiss Start Up Factory will work a bit like a talent show, finding intriguing startups and helping them succeed.


Swiss Start Up Factory provides that for him by creating a unique environment in which he can exercise his skills. This is especially true with the new accelerator program the company is launching.


This is designed to focus on various fin-tech accelerator groups to help expand the possibilities of this subset of the industry. Hopefully, Hartweg and Baur can succeed in their goal and create a whole new world of intriguing startups.