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Rocketship Education Shakes Up The Teacher Selection Process

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The end of the summer brings on the start of a new school year. Kids are filled with the excitement and anticipation of making new friends, and parents look forward to new experience and opportunities for growth. Typically, parents, teachers, and students only have a small window of opportunity to meet before classes start, but a new charter school with roots in San Jose, California is making changes to the way new relationships are formed.

A construction site in the Southeast part of Washington may be hard to picture as a promising school for the early learner, but parents of future students can already give guided tours with their eyes closed. Rocketship education focuses heavily on parental and community involvement and is taking a new approach to the teacher hiring process. Parents of Rocketship students routinely participate interview prospective teachers in addition to their interviews with school staff and officials. The interviews give parents and teachers the chance to exchange questions, set expectations, and determine if they are a good fit for one another.

Rocketship Education plans to open at least eight schools in the Washington D.C. area. School principal, Josh Pacos says that feedback from parents is greatly appreciated, and has often helped some candidates receive an offer.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools. Founded in 2007 but John Danner and Preston Smith, the network aims to serve students from low-income backgrounds. Rocketships belief is that all children deserve the right to quality education. Each student is recognized as an individual, receiving a unique education plan. By working closely with parents and the community, they hope to bridge the gap between quality education and success for the early learner. The compassionate team of education enthusiasts has expanded the network from one small makeshift classroom in a church basement to a powerful network of sixteen charter schools.