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The Trio Behind Fabletics Growth and Success

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As soon as the general population began to increase their demand for affordable athletic wear, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler partnered with Kate to begin Fabletics to fill in this gap. It was estimated that the expenditure for active wear was going to double by 2010 with the amount of money being spent in the United States for active wear.

This was a feasible investment for the trio and they began investing it. Adam and Don started Fabletics. When Fabletics entered the market in 2013, the consumers were hungry for their products. They were among the few companies to enter the market and be able to dominate. They managed this through providing a different option for consumers to choose from that was affordable and offered quality. Learn more about Adam Goldenberg: and

Fabletics provides unique and innovative products that suit their clientele. Don and Adam took their time to choose a perfect fit to partner with who was a competitive choice to represent women. They made it their goal to enhance the empowerment of women through their brand. They noted that women were short of standardized quality and a variety to choose from. It was very costly for women to find something colorful and of good quality for active wear.

The common wear was a free size, unattractive and relatively expensive. This gap was felt by Adam and Don who already owned Tech Fashion Group. They were willing to pick up the women’s cry as a challenge and provide women active wear for the United States and the World as a whole. Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC


When Kate came on board, it was evident that she understood women’s needs by the ideas she brought on board. The combination of fashion and fitness was amazing. She put every woman into consideration including their shapes, preference in colors and height. Fabletics brand catered to all these women while inspiring them to keep physically fit and seek a healthy lifestyle.

Fabletics stands for every woman’s empowerment and inspiring them to embrace their bodies as they are. They created a presence on social media that was unmissable and a brand identity that was unique and the top of its game. Fabletics to date has stayed true to the needs of clients. They provide affordable and quality products for the clients. The Company is very keen on customer responses and reviews.

They assess their market performance through these reviews. Fabletics grades its success by empowering women not just by the revenue they get as a return on their sales. The trio is very happy with the success path Fabletics has taken.