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SoftBank Group Corp Acquires Fortress Investments Group at 3.3 Billion

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SoftBank Group Corp., SBG is now the sole owners of Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company spent close to $3.3 billion in full payment for their purchases in cash. SoftBank Group Corp. is now entirely in charge of all the shares of Fortress inclusive of all their different headquarters. Before the acquisition, the two companies had drafted various agreements about the transactions and different conditions that they buyers had to meet. The company will even be handing over their shareholders to SoftBank Group Corp. They also presented them with all their receipts for different regulations that governed their operations.

Following the acquisition, outstanding shares that belong to Fortress Class A will now have a value of $8.08 for every stock. The new management will now continue with such similar operations according to transaction procedures written in a Definitive Proxy by Fortress. They also have the opportunity to access other documents such as Merger Agreements.

The common stocks that Fortress offers to the general public will soon exit the list of the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, the acquisition will lead to the transfer of financial results from Fortress Investment Group to SoftBank Group. These financial statements will now reflect in the business performance of the new management.

However, Fortress Investment Group will continue with its other operations as an independent subsidiary of SoftBank. The company will put up their head offices in New York. The corporate leaders at Fortress such as Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Pete Briger will continue to steer the branch in their standard positions of leadership. The reason why SoftBank resolved to this strategy is that they want to keep building the business models, business culture, excellent leadership and even their brands instead of eroding the foundation of Fortress.

The SoftBank Group will continue to provide Information Revolution with heightened technology to their clients across the globe. The company also has branches which specialise in offering telecommunications, intelligent robotics, internet services, Internet of Things, clean energy technology needs and much more. The firm also has an affiliate, the SoftBank Vision Fund. With this, they get to fuel investments all over the world for various businesses and technological ventures. Their first trial had a capital commitment of more than USD 93 billion.

Similarly, SoftBank will keep thriving in global investments just like Fortress Investment Group LLC. Fortress left a record of $36.1 billion as the total value of their assets hence making them the best company in the industry. The company has a notable performance in managing investments in real estate, private and public capital equities and much more. Some of the staff in their leadership team includes Peter Lionel Briger Jr who serves with Wesley R Edens as the Chairmen, Randal Alan Nardone who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. David Nichols Brooks as the Secretary, Vice President and General Counsel of the firm, The treasurer, Daniel Neal Bass and Gordon E Runte as the Managing Director and the other leaders are confident that SoftBank will carry on with their excellent work.  Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Peter Briger Stands Tall While Working With Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm and has been a trendsetter in the industry from the moment of its inception. Never was this fact more evident than in 2007 when the company when its initial public offering made it the first publicly traded large-scale firm concentrating on private equity management listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fortress today is a global investment firm that operates globally and is in control of over $43 billion while providing services for 1,750 clients. Fortress has made its headquarters in the city of New York and employs more than 900 people.

Fortress achieved another historic first in 2017, ten year after becoming the first publicly traded private equity firm on NYSE. This time, the company became the first alternative investment firm to be purchased by another company.

The purchase of Fortress by Softbank Group Corporation was executed at a price tag of $3.3 billion and allowed the leadership of Fortress to remain intact. Softbank which is a Japanese business organization that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan also allowed Fortress to maintain its headquarters in New York City.

Softbank is looking to leverage its acquisition of Fortress to put itself in a position to be a leader in the still-developing industry of information technology. Softbank has added Fortress to a portfolio that already includes advanced telecommunication, the Internet of things, clean energy technology, and other tech endeavors.

Fortress Investment Group boasts of an impressive group of principals responsible for the operation of the company. These three men are Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, who both work out of New York, and Peter Briger, based in the city of San Francisco.

Peter Briger worked for 15 years with Goldman, Sachs, including time spent as a partner with the firm, before joining the ranks of Fortress in 2002. Briger is responsible for the operation of the credit decision at Fortress and is a member of the Forbes 400, a list that recognizes the efforts of global business professionals.

Peter Briger received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University before going on to the Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University to earn an MBA.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise Briger gained during his tenure at Goldman, Sachs has served him well while working with Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger has been listed in the past on the Forbes Billionaire List.

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Robert Deignan Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

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Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for over 20 years that attributing to his expertise and vast knowledge in that filed. He graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a B.S. in Business Management. Since all his dream and desires were to become a successful business person and worked hard to fulfill his dream. Being driven by his passion, he ventured into technology business and be committed to serving his customers better.

For this reason, he worked at Fanlink and later as the Executive Vice President at iS3 Inc. which is a software company. The iS3 Inc. offer services in various technological needs to the customers, and it is from there that Robert Deignan gained skills and experience that he incorporated into ATS Digital Services, LLC where he is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. The ATS Company is well equipped since it offers all the services about the technological issues.

Robert Deignan hired employees that are well conversant with technology to provide services that align with the demands and expectations of the clients. The ATS Company is reputable and reliable due to the quality of solutions that it renders to people and Robert has enabled it to stand out as an outstanding company. Due to its incredible technological services, it is imperative that you get to consider this company for all the services pertaining to your tablet and any other technology system. The staff members serving at ATS Digital company handles all the clients’ issues well and in the right manner to get the job accomplished right.

It is imperative to understand that technology is dynamic and ATS Digital Company keeps updating its systems so that it can fit the desires of the customers. Thus, as a customer to ATS, you will have an assurance of getting satisfactory services that will make you happy. Robert Deignan Company is leading in the technology market and most preferred by the clients for its reliable and reputable services. Besides his career life, he has some personal interests as well. He likes most boat riding and fishing, and during his free time, Robert spent his time in Florida.

The Food President-David McDonald

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He has been successful in the food industry where he has achieved a lot. David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa, after his High school, he joined Iowa University where he studied Bachelors of Science and specialized in Animal Science. He was lucky enough to be appointed as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute before being appointed as the project manager of OSI Group. Mr. McDonald is always committed to his endeavors and within a short period of time, he climbed the career ladder at OSI Group to the position of the firm’s President.

David McDonald has been serving in the food company for more than 30 years and he has helped the organization rise to higher heights as it is considered to be one of the premier international food processing firms in the world which delivers exceptional services to their clients. The nature of the company has helped Mr. David to gain experience as well as knowledge on how to handle a supply team that can keep up with the change of the international market. During his tenure, David has seen OSI Group expand their portfolio and even market. He has witnessed the acquisition of Baho Foods which is a Dutch company and also the launch of a new meat processing plant in China which deals mainly with poultry meat.

During an interview, David McDonald was asked several questions about his life and OSI Group, some of the questions included; how they make money in OSI, David said they are among the largest food processing organizations in the world and they make money by delivering their products to their customers who include; chain restaurant all over the world. David further said to keep up with competition, they have developed a culture of involving both their partners and their customers in their decision making, and they take the challenges of their customers serious to not only meet their demand but to also surpass their expectation. When David was asked what makes him successful he said that he attributes his success to his firm’s ability to create a solid partnership.

David is proud of all the achievements OSI Group has made, However, he said he cannot brag because it has taken more than an individual to be successful. McDonald loves what he does and he is committed to continuing meeting needs of their customers through innovation. David currently serves as a Board of Director of the North America Meat Institute.

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OSI Industries Acquires Baho Food, Tyson Plant

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OSI Industries made a major move to strengthen its North American and United States presence with the acquisition of a massive former Tyson Foods plant. The plant is several thousand square feet large and formerly was one of Tyson’s largest producer and distributor of poultry products and meat products in the North East. The Tyson Food plant is located on the South Side of Chicago and employed nearly 2,000 people, many of which had been with the company for decades. The area where the plant is located is moderately depressed and good jobs with great benefits are often hard to come by. This would have been a devastating announcement for thousands of employees in Chicago’s Southside area. However, OSI saw what incredible value that plant had, along with the Tyson name. OSI Group swept in at the last minute and purchased the plant, allowing the majority of the employees to keep their jobs. Similar to how OSI Industries operates, the Tyson house has several smaller sub-companies, many of which are some of the top names in meat and poultry in North America and beyond. OSI acquired the plant for $7.4 million and will retain the majority of the employees.

OSI Industries also recently grew its global portfolio with the purchase of Baho Food. The Dutch company is a household name in the Netherlands. However, it also has a massive European reach and continues to grow on an annual basis. Both of these facts have made Baho Food an incredibly attractive acquisition for OSI Group. Similar to OSI Industries, Baho Food prides itself on offering the highest quality of value added protein sources, such as poultry, meat, sausage and a variety of custom meats.

OSI Industries has been named as one of the top companies that is privately held and distributes value added protein products in all of the United States. The company has also been singled out as one of the top producers of meats and poultry due to the fact that is has many custom offerings. OSI Industries works with a variety of industries, from restaurants to even fine dining locations. The company has an entire division that focuses solely on meeting with these restaurants and retailers to create custom meat products that can then be distributed in everywhere from restaurant chains to grocery stores. This is essential for businesses as the consumer’s needs continue to evolve seasonally and as trends in dining needs vary.

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Fortress Investment Group Profits From Strategic Risk Adjusted Returns

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Fortress Investment Group generates enormous profits from strategic risk-adjusted returns on various alternative asset categories to provide tremendous value for its institutional and individual clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the most successful and profitable alternative asset investment firms in the world. The leadership within Fortress Investment Group has provided the foundation, expertise, and knowledge that spans over three decades within global alternative asset investment. With the leadership of Wes Edens, Co-Founder, Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Peter L Briger Jr, Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer And Randall Nardone, Co-Founder and Principal. Fortress has a wealth of knowledge within its executive team that provided the foundation and guidance to propel the company too lucrative profits within the asset alternative asset investment industry.

Fortress Investment Group specializes in credit, real estate, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles that are underperforming, distressed, and illiquid capital investments in particular. They also invest heavily in various infrastructure and other commercial real estate opportunities on a global scale. Within their credit investments, they specialize in undervalued distressed and illiquid assets, commercial real estate and other loans and special situations worldwide. The credit business is run by Peter Briger who provides a vast expertise from Goldman Sachs where he was a partner and managing director and created extremely high rates of return with various committees within that organization. He arrived at Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and quickly began to expand the credit portfolio of Fortress to create extremely high rates of return on extremely lucrative credit investment opportunities.

Fortress also specializes in private equity Investments, which is an expert in transforming businesses to create long-term profitable income streams by leveraging expertise and analysis of various opportunities around the globe. The private equity business is run by Wes Edens who provides a shrewd intellectual approach to investing that enables him to create opportunities out of investment vehicles that would possibly be overlooked by other less astute investment managers. The private equity business seeks to provide long-term profits and huge returns on investment by leveraging opportunities that are ripe for explosive returns in the long run. The executive team at Fortress Investment Group provides opportunities to profit within the firm from risk-adjusted returns various alternative asset categories and creates opportunities for the business to thrive and excel into the future on a strong foundation of positive returns on investment.

In fact, there’s an art to investing in distressed and underperforming assets and Fortress Investment Group has established the right staff and investment managers to provide the intellectual capital needed to strategically evaluate various opportunities within that investment arena and capitalize on those opportunities. They have developed a streamlined approach to investing that has proven to reap tremendous returns on investment and establish the necessary profits to solidify the organization as one of the leaders and pioneers within the alternative asset investment industry. Fortress Investment Group provides its investors with an opportunity to capitalize on the experience and knowledge of its investment team to analyze and capitalize on risk-adjusted opportunities to generate astronomical returns on investment.

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Sahm Adrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Tries To Expose Kodaks Exploits

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Sahm Adrangi has stated clearly that he is unimpressed with the latest efforts being made at Eastman Kodak, which is a printing and photo company that has been in operation for quite a long time, and at one time was the biggest contender in the market. Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital has recently called out Kodak for their questionable stock price changes, reaching almost a 200 percent increase. This turns out to be hundreds of millions of dollars in profit in a just small amount of time. Kerrisdale has been observing the activity of Kodak and the large share values obtained by the Kodak board representatives. All of this happened right after Kodak made the announcement of its involvement in cryptocurrency.

Kerrisdale has reported that Kodak and a cryptocurrency group were partnering up in order to sort out a few copyright violation issues. Unfortunately for Kodak, this new move might not help them at all with their current problems. Hardly any publicity has been generated under Kodak’s new allegiance with a cryptocurrency group, which will ultimately cause Kodak’s revival to fail. Sahm Adrangi also warns people to be wary of not only Kodak, but Kodak’s partner’s as well. These crypto groups have been found to be unreliable, especially with the volatile crypto market that is currently in place. On an even worse note, Kerrisdale has plainly stated that KodakOne is a total scam business and is a last-ditch effort to gain their assets back.

Kerrisdale was started up back in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi, and he currently resides as the company’s CEO. Sahm has unique principles in place at Kerrisdale and takes communication very seriously when it comes to making investments. Much of the experience Sahm gained to started off his investing career came from Yale University, where Sahm studied Economics. After graduating and finding his way into the industry, Sahm ended up working with several prestigious investment firms, including Longacre Fund Management, Deutsche Bank, and even Chanin Capital Partners. Sahm is dedicated to pushing out the shady business practices and suspicious moves made by company’s these days. This is why Kerrisdale continues to issues reports on various companies and their actions as a way to alert all investors out there.

Adam Milstein Speaks about anti-Semitism

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Adam Milstein has become a frequent contributor to the Jewish News Syndicate where he has written a number of articles. The latest article by Adam Milstein was published on seventh February 2018, and it touches on vicious anti-Semitism. According to Adam Milstein, anti-Semitism is now on the rise and is also affecting the radical left. Mr. Milstein also said that anti-Semitism had become a cornerstone of several radical Muslim movements that have been on the rise for the last few years. Mr. Milstein wrote that together with the radical right, Radical Muslim movements together with the radical left form the three well-known sources of the so-called anti-Semitism. However, they all originate from different traditions, but this has not prevented the three from sharing ideas. They continue to share tactics, and this ensures that racism, bigotry and hatred is on the rise. For instance, Mr. Milstein noted that a combination of radical leftists and radical Muslim at work is being witnessed in North America. However, this was only being experienced in Europe and the Middle East in the past. Some of the issues that Adam Milstein touched on were abhorred feminism, abuse of human rights as well as executing gays and stoning women.

On a normal day, these are things that the far left should oppose. However, they have been blindfolded by other issues which make them support anti-Semitism. The far lefts are people who are opposed to freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism as well as hatred for Western influence around the World. Mr. Milstein has built a name for himself as a philanthropist and real estate investor. He is also a managing partner at a company that he established many years ago. The firm is known as Hager Pacific Properties. In the field of Philanthropy, Adam Milstein is involved with an organization known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He has three children from his marriage with Gila Milstein. The two met while serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. At the moment, Adam Milstein lives in the State of California at a place known as Encino. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces back in 1971.


The RealReal To Open Store In New York

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Founder and CEO of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright is leading the way of one of the fastest growing start ups on the online consignment stores. A few of them popped up about six years ago and some of them are no longer in business. The RealReal has been profitable and raise about $123 million from venture funding. They expect continued growth and are headed toward their goal of $500 million in merchandise this year. Most of this growth is projected to come from their mobile app.

Julie Wainwright credits their success to focusing on luxury items. The system The RealReal uses to ensure that the consignment products they take in, identifies each item as authentic before it get shipped out the door. They have built a system of trust with their customers and it’s paying off.

The RealReal is excited to announce the next step in their business plan. This year in New York, they will open their first brick and mortar store. They will carry, apparel and accessories. Customers will be able to browse these gently used luxury items fist hand.

The growth of the company is exciting. When Wainwright sat down to answer some questions, her responses were surprising. About twenty percent of their customer base are men. They are shopping for Rolex watches and clothing. Women favor Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes. Clothing is their top seller in dollar amounts.

Millennials make up a third of the companies customer base. The RealReal has made it a practice to track what their buying. Julie Wainwright has met with the most popular brands and insist she is their company’s gateway drug for new customers. Wainwright states they can predict trends and know what the next hot item is. The RealReal has expanded their business by meeting their customers needs and selling jewelry. They have hired gemologist and have several offices across the country to appraise and value jewelry. As a company they are hoping to keep this circular economy growing with possible partnerships with large brands in the future.



Making Money with the Help of Market America

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Making money from the comforts of home can be a lot more difficult than you might think. Not only do you need something reliable, but you need a job from home that is going to bring in the amount of money that you both want and need. Unfortunately, a lot of at-home jobs don’t offer stability to those who are involved and because of this, people are forced to work outside of the home despite not being able to. If you’re a busy mom or someone with a disability who cannot leave the house, working for a company like Market America is a wonderful start to a lifelong career.

Market America works by allowing you to choose a product you’re going to be selling to the public from your very own site. To begin your journey with Market America, you’ll visit their site, create an account and choose a product that you want to sell. Market America’s products are put through very strict quality assurance testing, so you can feel good about the products you’re selling to the public. Once you choose the product you’d like to sell from Market America, you will purchase a website package and sell the items of your choosing. The beauty about Market America is that you are acting like the middle man and will have nothing to do with purchasing the items or shipping them out to your customers. All of this is done by the company’s team and you are solely responsible for creating, maintaining your site and selling products.

Not only will you be able to do all of this work from the comfort of home, but you can bring in quite a pretty penny in the process. In fact, many people working for this company have brought in thousands of dollars and have been able to supplement or even replace their prior income. This is an essential company to choose when you need a reliable at-home job that won’t cause you to spend hours a day on a computer or on the phone with clients who are buying your online products.