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A Colorful Affair, Lime Crime Launches New Unicorn Hair

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The Lime Crime brand is all about painting oneself with a unique color pallet, and their new Unicorn Hair dye is no exception to this colorful rule. This semi-permanent, vegan and cruelty-free hair dye comes in rainbow worthy shades that has beauty bloggers, hair stylists, and product lovers taking notice.

Why is everyone going so crazy over the Unicorn Hair line? This isn’t the first time Lime Crime has released hair color, earlier this year Lime Crime introduce the line with thirteen shades and received loads of praise and adoration for it. It was so popular they had a hard time keeping some of the colors in stock. This new, highly anticipated, release adds eight awesome colors to the mix that are bound to be as equally in demand and highly sought after. Some of the new colors are available as tints and offer a softer, more subtle color, and some are full coverage offering a high intensity shot of bold color. Whichever color, or colors, you try, Unicorn Hair will have people turning their heads to check out yours!

The fabulous new lineup of colors includes the following tints: Moonchild (a pastel purple), Kawaii (a pale violet), Cloud (a pretty blue), and Mint Ice (a cool mint). Each of these colors will result in a pretty, sheer pastel appearance to your tresses.

New full coverage colors are: Valentine (a brilliant red), Aesthetic (a deep mauve) and Bubblegum Rose (a pop of pink). When you rock these colored locks your hair will appear bright and vivid.

Each color of conditioning Unicorn Hair works best on newly bleached hair and is made to do a slow, subtle fade, making not only the colors spectacular, but the product performance spectacular as well.

CEO, Doe Deere, loves her new line and is thrilled to offer her unicorns these hair colors that were three years in the making. You will be thrilled with them too! The excitement over the new shades is contagious. The vegetable based dyes are fitting for every unicorn, and will reflect your magically delightful, colorful side.


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