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The Chainsmokers, State Of Things

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are people who came into the music business with a long history of electronic dance music which shaped the way that they played each of their shows alongside a different singer who added their spin on how the music was to be interpreted. They have records upon records of their electronic dance music which carries a certain vibe to it when people listen out for all of the new releases that come out via internet. The playlists that they practice and perform contain the elements very similar to a romantic novel or a daring adventure. It is truly inspiring to hear them and their overall sound scape as they help the masses who listen to their music to escape just for a while. The lesser known things about Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart is that they came from humble beginnings where Alex’s mom was a stay home mom and his dad was an art dealer which probably helped to inspire Alex in his thoughts about going in that direction in life as a career. Andrew came from the state of Maine and his education in a community college was most pertaining to music business. They both knew what they were getting into but they just did not know yet how things were to come to be. That is when they finally met in New York City where Alex Pall was in need of another talented Disc Jockey to continue to pursue the path of the artist. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have journeyed together in partnership and friendship to exact the reflections that are currently taking place in the world today. From Roses to Closer they covered a lot of intimate and romantic subjects many electronic dance artists do not venture into for the sake of maintaining the norms of what electronic dance music “should” sound like. The Chainsmokers however go to unknown territory with their music, especially with the new release of Sick Boy that has the crowds going wild. Yes, it has taken a darker turn for the truth but it is what Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart describe as the current state of things as of recent.

Welcome to the dark side The Chainsmokers

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When you think of an EDM, pop, indie style crossover who comes to mind? Well, if you have good taste you would probably think of The Chainsmokers, an American music and DJ duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Just by listening to the radio you have probably heard a few of their songs like “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay, or “Closer” featuring Halsey.


These songs, along with the majority of their music takes on a bright tone and catchy beat, but recently The Chainsmokers have decided to dive into something a little darker. They have recently launched a new single called “Sick Boy” which represents their transition into a darker tone. When asked about their new single they have mentioned that their music typically reflects what’s going on with society at the time, and in their opinions’, society has been in a dark place. (Learn about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


Taggart also mentioned that the darkness in their new single also comes from a place of frustration and anger from feeling like people think they know him when they don’t, stemming from what others say about him, something a lot of us come to struggle with at some point in our lives. Taggart also goes on to say “‘Sick Boy’ and the next couple songs are addressing what it feels like to be alive right now and as someone in our generation, and I think people relate to it in their own type of way.” I know I can personally relate. Go To This Page for more information.


The Chainsmokers are in the works of pushing more and more music out there. They typically pump music out at a relatively quick pace. I can’t wait to hear what other dark music they put out there. It is always great to test different styles and grow as a musician. Keep up the good work Chainsmokers!