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Beneful Products Can Be Bought In Bulk At Walmart

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Walmart sells almost every flavor and variety of Purina Beneful products. This includes wet and dry dog food for dogs. Some of the flavors include real beef, real chicken, and real salmon with the healthy weight option. Beneful products Ingredients may vary slightly by flavor but for the most part the prices remain the same. A small 3.5 pound bag is sold for $5.48 while a 15.5 pound bag is $14.98. You can go even larger and purchase a 31.1 pound bag for $26.98 or buy in bulk and get th 40 pound bag for $33.98. It seems that buying a bag that has more pounds gives you the better deal.

Wet dog food is also a popular variety among many people who purchase food for their dogs. At Walmart, you can find wet dry dog food sold in containers ranging from three to ten ounces. They package the Beneful products this way because it’s more convenient for customers who have small dogs to purchase the three ounce cans and for larger dog owners to buy the ten ounce cans. A 27 pack of three ounce cans can be purchased for $14.98 while a larger six pack of 10 ounce cans costs $10.58 to learn more click hereĀ

BenefulWalmart offers some of the best deals when it comes to Purina Beneful products. As of right now, there aren’t any coupons available online.

Beneful Dog Food Collection Found At Target

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Target has a good selection of dog food to pick from. One of the brands you may recognize on the shelf is Beneful. The variety that can be found ranges from dry kibble, canned food, to treats.Beneful dry dog food is very popular. Target carries a wide selection including the original, healthy weight, playful life, incredibites, and healthy puppy. The Beneful originals 3.5 pound bag will cost $5.99, the 15.5 pound bag costs $13.99, and the 31.1 pound bag is $26.99. Target carries those three sizes for the healthy weight formula as well. The playful life only comes in the 15.5 pound bag for $13.99. Healthy puppy is only available in two sizes, 6.3 pounds for $9.79 and 15.5 pounds for $13.99. For the smaller breeds, Incredibites comes in a 3.5 pound bag for $5.99 and a 15.5 pound bag for $12.99.

Target also carries some of the canned food. Incredibites wet food comes in a variety pack containing 12 cans and 3 flavors your dog will love. Each can is 3 ounces and the pack costs $7.49. Beneful prepared meals are 10 ounce food cans for the larger dogs. Target carries a variety pack that contains 3 flavors and 6 cans for the low price of $10.59. The Beneful Medleys Sampler Pack has 12 3 ounce cans provided in 3 different flavors for the price of $7.49.

When your pup needs a treat, Beneful has that covered as well. From tender to crunchy, your dog will find a favorite flavor. Their Baked Delights come in fun shapes and the price varies from flavor and shape. Beneful also makes dental treats to help control plaque and bad breath with the Healthy Smile line. Again, the price varies by size. Beneful also has new treats, Break-N-Bites that come in tender and crunchy. They are great for training and cost $6.99 per bag.When looking for Beneful to cover your dog food and treat needs, Target has a great selection for a good price.