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ClassDojo Entrepreneur

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Edtech startups are growing exponentially in use by parents, teachers, students, principals, to promote communication and empowerment. These adaptive learning tools like littleBits, Nearpod, and Classcraft are becoming the educational niche to improve student learning, to build and strengthen character, plus these devices are receiving millions of dollars in funding.

One such tool is Class Dojo, an online communication platform that is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Class Dojo helps to create a communication community between teachers and parents by keeping them informed about their children’s progress and development.

Students also receive positive Dojo Points based on their classroom conduct to encourage their progress. The Class Dojo app is provided free and can be used on all types of mobile and computers devices, as well as on classroom whiteboards and projectors.

Class Dojo helps teachers set up their profiles through a website. Teachers are prompted to establish six classroom values where they can choose from helping others, on task, participating, perseverance, teamwork, and working hard. Other Class DoJo features for teachers includes sending a text or email to parents, teachers can generate reports, view attendance reports, track points, post photos and messages.

Parents have access to Class Dojo through the website or by downloading the Android apps or iOS. Parents have access to their child’s progress, as well as the ability to send and receive messages and notifications from and to the teachers.

Class Dojo student profiles are assigned a character associated with their profile. Students have access to their Dojo Points denoting their progress. The Class Dojo website provides users with learning videos many of which are designed to teach students lessons about things like teamwork and perseverance.

The company that designed Class Dojo guarantees privacy and safety for all users and the information received on the website is not disseminated anywhere else. Class Dojo products are compliant with FERPA and COPPA. The Class Dojo’s website denotes that this management system is used by 2 in 3 U.S. schools and has about 35 million users in 180 countries.