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Stream Energy is Empowering Its Women

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Stream is a top-rated direct selling company that is headquartered in Dallas. The firm is known to many as a seller and a leading provider of connected life services. Not long ago, Stream Energy held its annual Women of Power Retreat. This is the fourth time the organization has held the prestigious event. According to the news published at Stream Energy website, the event took place at the firm’s home offices in Dallas. Stream Energy relocated to Dallas not long ago. The decision to relocate came up because of the company growth that has been experienced in the recent times.


A vocal group hosted the recently concluded event in the institution. The Stream Women of Power Group was started several years ago, and it specializes in recognizing and at the same time supporting influential women who are working at the company. The women ground was founded in the year 2010 by Renee J, the chief financial officer of the large company. Under the leadership of Renee, the Stream Women of Power has managed to inspire, encourage, motivate and mentor many women in the organization. Stream Energy has managed to do well in the tight markets because the women working there have been able to create sustainable businesses.


Stream Energy has assisted its women to achieve success as a team. According to Renee, the organization values women leaders, and this is why it is focusing on making sure that the women shine with a lot of confidence so that they can inspire other young people in the American society. The prestigious event was attended by women from all walks of life. The company sponsored the whole event, and it assured the women of its support in the future. See This Article for additional information


During this year’s annual ceremony, there were essential topics that had to be discussed. The women spoke about some of the ways they can connect and at the end of the day empower each other in their endeavors. The invited speakers emphasized the importance of working as a team so that the company can become more successful in the unpredicted markets. The women were also taught about personal branding techniques.

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