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Goettl Explains Ways To Save Money While Keeping Your Home Cool

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The team at Goettl has revealed some tips to saving money on homeowners energy expenses, particularly where it comes to air conditioning. Among their top 10 ti[ps are weatherizing your home as a leaky home is much more expensive to keep cool than a home with a tighter exterior will help to keep the cool air in. They also say to keep your unit in the shade because otherwise it has to work much harder to cool hotter air.

Another good tip that Goettl offered was to make sure your thermostat is not in a place where it is exposed to the sunlight. The sun shining on the thermostat will make it believe that the home is hotter than it actually is, resulting in higher energy bills as the system tries to over cool the home. They also recommend keeping the air conditioning system at 78 degrees as each degree lower than that results in 8% more energy being expended.

Maintaining your air condition system will also result in long-term and short-term savings. This includes replacing air filters once a month. Goettl says that if you have an old system you should consider replacing it with a new air conditioning unit. Air conditioners are less expensive than ever and their way more energy efficient than ones made even a decade ago. For more details visit Indeed.

Goettl has been in business for almost 80 years. It had been started as a family business but over the course of the years it was bought and sold by a number of companies. One of these companies in the decade that made up the 2000’s let the company languish. It was an out of state company that was primarily only interested in making money and not customer service.

It was in 2013 that Ken Goodrich bought Goettl. He has decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry. He turned the company around by focusing on customer service and making a positive impact in the communities in which his company operates. He has contributed to starting industry training programs, for example, from which he hires many of the technicians that now work for Goettl. You can follow their Twitter account

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