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The Impact Of Influential Ryan Seacrest In The Entertainment And The Community

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Ryan Seacrest is one of the characters in the entertainment industry, known as the American idol host and radio show host, who cannot be left out of the list when it comes to naming those people who have a significant influence on this industry. His life history shows that he did not come from one of the best family background meaning that his success was as a result of a lot of hard work and commitment in his career. He had the interest in entertainment since he was a young man and he made sure that he maintains his consistency in this interest because he had big dreams that one day that it will make him one of the most recognized persons in the world. He served for many years as a host in the American Idol, and when the time came for FOX to cancel it, he did not just wander around asking where he could get another employment opportunity.

He used to involve himself with essential people who are a critical factor when it comes to business. He had friends who influenced him positively and gave him a definite challenge that has kept him moving till today. One of his essential friends in his life is Kelly Ripa who gave him the opportunity to be a host at ABC on her talk live show and changed the name of the show to Live with Kelly and Ryan show.

Besides, Ryan Seacrest is also a business-oriented person as mentioned on his Facebook account. He owns some business ventures. One of the investments is the New Distinction Menswear Company. The idea for this company came after observing the gap that existed in the market when it comes to fashion for men.

He also invented a polished Skin Care for men in collaboration with one of his longtime friend Doctor lancer who had attended to him severally. You can see his pictures on his Instagram profile. He saw that in the market, there are a lot of companies that produce skin care products of ladies and he saw an opportunity to provide the same products for men to enjoy too. This is one of his most successful ventures in the business. He has many more experiments such as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is one of his primary ways of giving back to the community.

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Founder of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani Succeeds in Real Estate

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Ranked as the fourth richest Arab on earth by Forbes 2018 rankings, Hussain SajwanI is the founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties, a real estate development company. On the Forbes 2017 Global list, DAMAC Properties was ranked as the first.

Background information

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner was born around 1952/1953 in the United Arabs Emirates. He obtained a scholarship to study in the US. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He first worked as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, a branch of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). He then started his own business after a short while and began a catering venture in 1982.

The Catering Business

The catering business has grown into a market leader called Global Logistics Services. It manages over 200 projects and serves over 150,000 meals in a day in various markets across the Middle East, CIS, and Africa.

DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani launched his first property development project, in 1996, building hotels in Dubai. In 2002 he founded DAMAC Properties. DAMAC broke ground on several huge luxury estate projects in Dubai between 2002 and 2005. It quickly became an essential part of Dubai’s thriving reputation as an international hot spot and architectural marvel. DAMAC went global in 2005 with developments in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Unfortunately, the global real estate market fell in 2008, and DAMAC almost went down with it. Luckily, Hussain Sajwani Sajwani had seen it coming, and through his ingenious leadership, they managed to withstand those tumultuous times, return to their previous stature and ultimately surpass it. DAMAC built many luxury properties in Dubai and late 2013, it listed on the London Stock Exchange. This made it the first Middle Eastern company to do so.


DAMAC has increased in global profile for glamorous residence with the building of two massive gated communities: DAMAC Hills and Akoya Oxygen. A Trump-branded golf course stands out at DAMAC Hills with a second scheduled to open to open sometime this year.

The Outline

According to Bloomberg, DAMAC is presently redeveloping Oman’s Port Sultan Qaboos waterfront and building in the Maldives a resort. It is partnering with famous brands such as Bugatti. They are working on several properties in Jordan, Qatar and the U.K.

Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner is an active philanthropist who as given to many charitable organizations including the Emirates Red Crescent. He wrote a check for AED 2,000,000 for an initiative founded by the Ruler of Dubai. (Source: Facebook)

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Atlanta’s Successful Infertility Doctor, Jim Toner

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Jim Toner is an accomplished endocrinologist with many years of expertise in his medical career. An endocrinologist is merely a medical practitioner specialized in fertility and reproduction.

On graduation from high school, Jim Toner joined St. Joseph’s College based in Philadelphia and attained a bachelor’s in psychology. He later attended the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine where he went through a medical scientists training initiative.

He earned his Ph.D. from the same institution in 1985. After graduation, he went to Jones Institute and pursued his Residential Fellowship and was later approved as a medical doctor.

He is specialized in fertility and infertility in his patients. He kicked off his medical career in the same field at the Jones Institute situated in Norfolk. While working here, Tim was enriched with the profound experience that propelled him in his medical career.

Tim was also involved in leadership roles at the Jones Institute; he served as the director of the Third Party Reproductive Program and a member of the board of directors of the Fellowship Program.

In the year 2000, Dr. Tim Joner joined the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Nevertheless, he retained his position as the director of the Third Party Reproduction Program. His commitment and passion for medicine have made him the great doctor he is today.

His extensive research in medicine especially infertility has made him a prominent and highly reputable infertility practitioner. He has written and published over 21 chapters, 80 articles and 100 abstracts.

All these articles contain vital information concerning fertility health. Most of them have been used by other doctors in enhancing their work. With over 20 years spent in medicine, Jim has gained extensive experience and skills in the career.

He is renowned for his research and works on ovarian reserve and its effect on infertility. He is held in high regard by both his patients and medical colleagues. Jim has been recognized in significant awards for his exceptional work. He has won the First Prize Paper award many times.

According to, Jim Toner’s degree in psychology has been an invaluable tool for him in his career. It helps him connect and relate to his patients at a personal level. In fact, most of them come to the facility depressed due to their miscarriages or infertility.

However, the good doctor takes them through the whole process mentally. This makes him one of the best infertility doctors in Atlanta. Dr. Jim Toner is highly dedicated and committed to contributing to fertility medicine.

The patients who have been treated or serviced by him talk and praise him for his experience, quality of service delivery and hospitality. He indeed hopes to many who had lost their faith in childbirth. For more info, checkout Dr. Toner on Facebook.

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Robert Deignan Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services

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Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for over 20 years that attributing to his expertise and vast knowledge in that filed. He graduated from Purdue University in 1995 with a B.S. in Business Management. Since all his dream and desires were to become a successful business person and worked hard to fulfill his dream. Being driven by his passion, he ventured into technology business and be committed to serving his customers better.

For this reason, he worked at Fanlink and later as the Executive Vice President at iS3 Inc. which is a software company. The iS3 Inc. offer services in various technological needs to the customers, and it is from there that Robert Deignan gained skills and experience that he incorporated into ATS Digital Services, LLC where he is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. The ATS Company is well equipped since it offers all the services about the technological issues.

Robert Deignan hired employees that are well conversant with technology to provide services that align with the demands and expectations of the clients. The ATS Company is reputable and reliable due to the quality of solutions that it renders to people and Robert has enabled it to stand out as an outstanding company. Due to its incredible technological services, it is imperative that you get to consider this company for all the services pertaining to your tablet and any other technology system. The staff members serving at ATS Digital company handles all the clients’ issues well and in the right manner to get the job accomplished right.

It is imperative to understand that technology is dynamic and ATS Digital Company keeps updating its systems so that it can fit the desires of the customers. Thus, as a customer to ATS, you will have an assurance of getting satisfactory services that will make you happy. Robert Deignan Company is leading in the technology market and most preferred by the clients for its reliable and reputable services. Besides his career life, he has some personal interests as well. He likes most boat riding and fishing, and during his free time, Robert spent his time in Florida.

Jordan Lindsey Provides Reasons for the Growing Demand for Bitcoins in the Coming Years

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The value of Bitcoin rose dramatically last year and reached its highest levels in years. But during the end of 2018, the value of Bitcoin dropped again, and it led to panic in the market. But, soon the price rebounded and again reached the $11,000 mark. It has been predicted that the value of Bitcoin will keep rising and it will reach its highest levels within a matter of a few years. While many people are skeptical, there is no doubt that Bitcoin has a great future and its usage is set to increase.

For the past few months, the demand for Bitcoins has increased, and it has led to some scaling issues. But, there are experts who are working on finding a way, and it is not far when the solution would be found. Once that happens, the transaction fees of using Bitcoin will also decrease. It will make it much easier to use Bitcoins, and the demand for it will grow further. Thus, it does not come as a surprise why people are looking to invest in Bitcoin even though the prices are increasing. In the coming years, Bitcoins will provide high returns to investors. Jordan Lindsey is one of the top investor and entrepreneur who has already made quite a profit from it.

Jordan Lindsey worked as an advisor for Energia Global and also has experience working with Prive Information Services. It was during those times that he learned about the new trading trends and gained extensive knowledge on the trading market. He also spent a lot of time learning more about investment opportunities before others so that his clients could benefit from it. Even though he has not had any technical educational background on the subject, he learned by doing. He believes that one can only learn about trading by practicing it and not in the classroom.

Jordan Lindsey also believes that Bitcoin will become one of the top currencies that would in use in the future. Thus, he advises people to invest in Bitcoin when the prices are low as they will reach high levels within the coming years.

O2Pur Leading the Movement in Culture Transition to Electronic Cigs

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E cigarettes are growing more and more popular as the days go by. The vaping trend is becoming increasingly more famous are people are switching. Here is a list of some of the benefits of using E cigarettes versus traditional cigarettes.

Trustworthy and customer first companies like O2Pur commit to a price for an E cigarette considerably more cost efficient than traditional cigarettes. The cost of traditional cigarettes have only exceedingly increased more and more as time has gone by.

Individuals eager to change have the ability to purchase a starter kit. One of the companies providing the starter kids is O2Pur, which comes with different flavors and styles to suit many different preferences. This is better than traditional cigarettes since you would have to purchase individual packs to have the same amount of variety that you do have when you purchase an E cigarette pack.

Another benefit of E cigarettes is that they are rechargeable. Everyone knows the use of the traditional cigarette that leaves you with that nasty cigarette butt. They end up either tossed into the trash or end up tossed into the street. With the convenience of it being reusable adds another level up depth to its cost efficiency.

O2Pur has some of the best E cigarettes and that have a very short charge time and extremely long battery length. Alongside battery length is their ability to add modifications to each E cigarette. Adding these modifications allow every user to make their experience suited to their preferences.

O2Pur has many user reviews that are hard to argue that this truly an extremely reputable organization. When looking at their user reviews on their website, previous clients give information to potential customers what they would expect from their experience with this company. When dealing with this company you join a movement that will continue to provide top of the line products. This company is continually showing progress in that production of more capable E cigarettes. These new devices will cost less have an easier user interaction and last longer without the need for charging. Joining the movement will be something done without any regrets in the future and many rewards from the company to come.

Sahm Adrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Tries To Expose Kodaks Exploits

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Sahm Adrangi has stated clearly that he is unimpressed with the latest efforts being made at Eastman Kodak, which is a printing and photo company that has been in operation for quite a long time, and at one time was the biggest contender in the market. Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital has recently called out Kodak for their questionable stock price changes, reaching almost a 200 percent increase. This turns out to be hundreds of millions of dollars in profit in a just small amount of time. Kerrisdale has been observing the activity of Kodak and the large share values obtained by the Kodak board representatives. All of this happened right after Kodak made the announcement of its involvement in cryptocurrency.

Kerrisdale has reported that Kodak and a cryptocurrency group were partnering up in order to sort out a few copyright violation issues. Unfortunately for Kodak, this new move might not help them at all with their current problems. Hardly any publicity has been generated under Kodak’s new allegiance with a cryptocurrency group, which will ultimately cause Kodak’s revival to fail. Sahm Adrangi also warns people to be wary of not only Kodak, but Kodak’s partner’s as well. These crypto groups have been found to be unreliable, especially with the volatile crypto market that is currently in place. On an even worse note, Kerrisdale has plainly stated that KodakOne is a total scam business and is a last-ditch effort to gain their assets back.

Kerrisdale was started up back in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi, and he currently resides as the company’s CEO. Sahm has unique principles in place at Kerrisdale and takes communication very seriously when it comes to making investments. Much of the experience Sahm gained to started off his investing career came from Yale University, where Sahm studied Economics. After graduating and finding his way into the industry, Sahm ended up working with several prestigious investment firms, including Longacre Fund Management, Deutsche Bank, and even Chanin Capital Partners. Sahm is dedicated to pushing out the shady business practices and suspicious moves made by company’s these days. This is why Kerrisdale continues to issues reports on various companies and their actions as a way to alert all investors out there.

Todd Lubar Overcame All Odds to Be Successful

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Todd Lubar is one of the most well known businessmen in Maryland. He has been an entrepreneur since he was a young child, selling lemonade and hot chocolate and shoveling driveways while his friends were playing outside. Since then, Todd Lubar has been involved in many entrepreneurial ventures in a wide range of industries. He is now the CEO of TDL Global Ventures, a well known firm that helps out other businesses.

Todd Lubar said in an interview that part of his success has to do with the way he treats his employees. He tries to make sure that everyone feels like they are on the same level and that they are equally valued and appreciated. He believes that positive motivation is important for motivating your team and getting them to do more. He believes that it is important to work hard to create an atmosphere that is conducive to success. He wants all of his employees to feel like they are in a warm and caring environment. He believes that it is important to build trust with your employees so that there is open communication between them and other team members, as well as between them and management. Check out their page for more.

Todd Lubar says that there is a link between your personal life and your professional life. If you want to be organized and successful at work, you have to have your personal life reflect that. If your car and home are messy and full of trash, you can not expect your habits to change so easily at work. You need to work hard on yourself and make yourself a better person. Todd says that you always have to find a balance between your personal life and your professional life. He tries to help all of his employees find this balance and maintain it. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Todd says that he faced many challenges along the way to being an entrepreneur who is successful. Doors have closed in his face, but he managed to persevere. That is why he made it his mission to help out others as well. You can visit their website

Learn about Investor Shervin Pishevar

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Shervin Pishevar is an angel investor, venture capitalist, published researcher, multiple entrepreneurs, incubation expert, and start-up advisor. Today, Shervin is the Cofounder of two successful ventures, which are Hyperloop Technologies and Sherpa Capital. Sherpa Ventures is a capital firm based in Francisco, and Shervin also works there as the Managing director.

From the love of innovation and technology, Shervin Pishevar has founded several technological- related companies since his early years in the career, explaining his love for technology entrepreneurship. Between 1997 and 2001 Shervin was the CEO of WebOS, which he has founded. He also cofounded Seges Capital and Application Corporation in 2001. From 2001 to 2004, Shervin Pishevar served as the President, Head of Products, Sales, and business development, as well as the Cofounder of Inside Interactive. Shervin also worked with Webs, Inc. as the company’s COO and Founding president between 2005 to 2011.

Shervin Pishevar joined Menlo Ventures in 2011, as the Venture Advisor and managing director. He was really helpful in the Menlo Talent Fund launch, which happened in 2011. The seed fund was worth $20 million. In his position in Menlo, Shervin was able to work closely with teams from Machine Zone, Uber, Warby Parker, Tumblr, and Fab. He had under his management over $4 billion.

Over the years Shervin Pishevar has made a lot of investments to more than 60 companies in different sectors.

Shervin is a member of the Global Entrepreneur Council in the UN Foundation. He is also in the Comscore’s Advisory board. In 2012, Shervin was honored as an “Outstanding American by Choice.” BY Homeland Security Department in 2008. In many state department delegations, Shervin has been appointed Entrepreneurial Ambassador to Russia and the Middle East. In the Obama’s Entrepreneurial Summit in Algeria in 2008, Shervin was the keynote speaker. He also assisted in the creation of the Technology and Innovation plan, by being part of the policy working group. Go Here for related Information.

Shervin Pishevar is an alumnus of University of California, Berkley, where he acquired a bachelors degree in Arts. He is the author of numerous U.S. patents while his research has been published in Neuroscience Letters and JAMA. Since 2015, Shervin has been serving in the board of J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship.

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Dr. Mark McKenna succeeds in his career

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Dr. Mark McKenna is known in the world of entrepreneurship and also known as a successful medical doctor who has helped a lot of patients to recover. He attended Tulane University where he studied medicine acquiring the skills to treat patients. Though he later ventured into business, he is still a passionate doctor who loves his profession.
Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of ShapeMed which began in 2007. The organization concerns wellness as well as the aesthetic practice of medicine and is based in Atlanta. He has managed the organization well, and as a result of his stunning performance, the agency received Black Diamond certification.

Black Diamond Certification

It is a certification that acknowledges people with outstanding performance when it comes to the field of medical aesthetics. The accreditation is recognition of those who have demonstrated excellent care to different patients and also the innovation they have introduced in the field of medicine. Therefore, it is an accomplishment that cannot be overlooked.

In July this year, Dr.Mark McKenna launched OVME. The company is based on technology and its operations; it has changed the healthcare field. Dr. Mark McKenna is also the founder of another group known as the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. It is a business that finances and builds real estate activities. It is through Dr. Mark McKenna that the organizations have grown their current state.

He talked of his success in an interview with Ideasmensch. It is through the interview that he said OVME is a company that he began because of being experienced in business. He asserts that he is successful in doing things because he sets specific smart goals that he must achieve after pursuing them. He believes that is why he has been successful even today. He acknowledges the importance of meditation before setting your goals because the process will enable you to achieve your personal goals. He also cites that he loves reading a lot and as a result, he can understand the stock market well, and that is why he can make right moves when it comes to investments. Dr. Mark McKenna has continued to inspire many entrepreneurs to keep working hard to achieve their dreams.

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