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The Creative Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman

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Glen Wakeman is an experienced businessman who has travelled the world. His passion in business began when during his studied at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania where he joined for a bachelor’s degree in science economics and finance. On completion, Glen Wakeman joined the University of Chicago for a Master’s in Business Administration. He has ventured in several activities over the years including startups, new marketing, acquisitions, downsizing and mergers, among others ( As an employee at General Electric Capital, where he began his career, he worked in more than thirty-two countries while living in more than six countries. He began as just an employee but later gained several positions including general director. Glen wakeman also helped start up various businesses under General Electric capital investments, where he was the Chief Operations manager, such as Consolidated Financial Insurance Group.

In addition, Glen Wakeman began his company that helped the entrepreneurs to express their ideas and turn them into actual businesses. His idea began when he found out that most business people had failures at just the beginning of the businesses. Therefore, he decided to begin a simple software platform that would help many structure their businesses. He is the chief executive officer and the cofounder of the Launchpad Holdings. Additionally, Glen Wakeman believes in teamwork, which has enabled him to have a lucrative business. He ensures that all people in the company build trust among themselves and that. They work together to create a greater working environment.

Furthermore, he believes that sharing of ideas with others allow you to grow in thinking and also it enables the idea to stick in mind. Glen Wakeman also believes that, knowing the reason for the idea allows one to create a sound plan. As an entrepreneur, he advices that curiosity is the best thing that, helps people create ideas and bring them to life. In conclusion, Glen Wakeman advices that the strategy that has enabled him grow in his entrepreneurship is the yarning to expand his business associations.