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Milan Kordestani: Determined And Persistent Even At 19

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Milan Kordestani is many things, including

  • a writer
  • an athlete
  • a business owner
  • a college student

Even though Milan wears many pants at only 19 years old, he excels at everything he does.

This is because he has a passion for all that he does.

Born in Stanford, California in the year 1999, Milan relocated to London, England in 2009 after his parents divorced.

He moved back to California in 2017 where he finished high school at Sacred Heart Preparatory.

A student at Colorado College, Milan works for the Huffington Post, writing articles on the topics of mental health, politics, and agriculture.

When he isn’t writing, he is working hard on his farm, Milan Farms.

Milan Farms is a completely organic farm that grows saffron, mint, and eggs.

Proud to say that he humanely raises cage-free chickens, Milan sells his eggs to buyers all over the west coast.

He sells his saffron and mint all over the world, however, allowing Milan Farms to be an international business.

Even though he is only 19, Milan is very diligent when it comes to finding better, innovative ways to run his business.

For instance, he is currently experimenting with growing his saffron hydroponically.

He is seeing success while in these experimentation stages but wants to conduct a bit more research on the process before allowing 100% of his saffron to be completely grown on microfiber sponges.

When the young entrepreneur isn’t writing for the Huffington Post or working his growing business, he is atop a horse.

Milan has been riding horses since the age of 10. His first experience on a horse, however, was less than stellar because the horse went wild and threw him off.

Instead of becoming frightened or crying, however, Milan chased the horse, caught up with it, and climbed right back on it.

He was determined to ride the horse.

In an interview that his father, Omid Kordestani, was asked to do, Omid brags on his son, calling Milan’s determination and persistence “surprising.”

The encounter with the horse, however, would only be the world’s first glimpse into how determined Milan Kordestani could be.