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Jorge Moll: Generosity for the Public

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There is an old saying which states that to give is better than to receive. For most people, they will think of the passage as a normal quotation from the Bible or any other religious book. But for the scientists, the thousand year old phrase might somewhat hold a scientific secret that is waiting to be uncovered. Jorge Moll, a prominent Brazilian neuroscientist, is trying to uncover the secret of “helper’s high”, a phenomenon described by those who are giving frequently. The phenomenon is described as the warm feeling inside the body felt after performing a generous act. Jorge Moll believes that this phenomenon has something to do with the missing link between the activities inside the brain and morality.

After they have invited a group of neuroscientists and subjects, Jorge Moll proceeded with the experiment which he believes will change the landscape of neuroscience forever. The subjects were taken inside an empty room inside the laboratory, and Jorge Moll instructed them to think about a generous act at first. Then, they would have to shift their thoughts to being selfish and self-centered. He also added that the people who will be under this experiment would have to be measured by an apparatus connected to the machine that will be used to identify the activities happening inside the brain. Jorge Moll have already started the experiment, and most people are being blindfolded as they perform the experiment (Inspirery).

The experiment ended up successfully. After the results has been released, Jorge Moll came into a conclusion that those who were thinking about being generous is more likely to have an active brain activity, and this activity would result in the opening of a small area in the frontal side of the brain, and it releases the hormones which would feel pleasurable to those who would experience it. Jorge Moll, because of his excitement, immediately published the result of their study. They are thankful to everyone who have participated during the experiment, and according to the medical staff of Jorge Moll, they would choose to return to his clinic because of the expertise that he managed to develop.