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Norka’s Success Goes Beyond the Billboard Bash

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State Farm presented the Billboard Bash that brought together all members of the music industry. They all came together to celebrate their success in music and attend to special performances from Elvis Crespo, Magan, and Dr. Juan. The event, whose host was Guard & TV Crash of Mun2, included performances by Norka Luque, Santaye, Grupo Treo, and Jossie Cordoba who were the evening guests that made up dances.

These exclusive performances followed the set of singer Palencia Horacio. The salsa group N’Klabe performed many songs in the night at the Miami Brach night club. The executive director, Leila Cobo, Latin Programing & Content at Billboard presented numerous awards to the top achievers in the industry. Universal and Sony were among the top achievers this year. Some of the attendees of the event included Sesac Latina, Tomy Page, and the Vice President Relations J.J. the Vice President Talent & Media Relations mun2/Telemundo.

Seroussi, the receiver of one of the most significant awards in the meeting, invited the Sony team on the stage. They were thanked by all those that support the label. The night came to a close with the Megan Electrifying Showcase. Crespo also performed in the evening. Rum Ron Atlantico and Pepsi were the official sponsors of the event.

Martinez Luque got unconditional support from her parents as a child. She began to grow in music and formal education simultaneously through the exclusive help of her parents. Martinez Luque loved music. When she was a child, she could not sleep before music was played. For this reason, her parents noted her talent and decided to nature it. While she pursued her academic education, she attended flamenco, piano, ballads, and ballet lessons.

When she graduated from high school, Norka went to France to study Business Administration. She also received a degree in Fashion and Marketing. Norka kept on being connected with her dream. She kept on thinking about her dream every time she was alone. Narka decided to join a local band to keep her dream burning. She acceded to the Bad Moon Rising and sang as a soloist. For more than four years away, she decided to come back to America. Norka met the light of her dreams. Emilio Estefan, the legendary music producer, met with Norka in a meeting. Norka was so excited. She showed her the material she had been working.