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Equities First Holdings in Australia.

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In response to the scarcity of financier companies in the market, Christy Jr. decided to start an organization which will act as an alternative source of finance to the business peoples and investors; He called the company Equity First Holdings (EFH). EFH began its activities in Indianapolis, Indiana in the year 2002. Christy worked in another finance company where he acquired the necessary knowledge which he used to start and run the company.Equities first holdings Provide loan to its clients which comes with low-interest rates; thus they encourage individuals investors and business peoples to come in search of their assistance.

Since the beginning of the company, they have been able to complete over 700 transactions which are worthy of more than $1.4 billion. The company has been expanding their services to other parts of the world opening offices in more than five countries including China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and others.In Australia, the leading company office is in Sydney, but they also run other two satellite offices in Melbourne and Perth. Equities First Holdings announced an agreement where they will work together with an Australian company called Environmental Clean Technologies Limited where they will be providing funds for major projects of the company in India.

The Principle of Fortress Investment Group- Peter Briger

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Peter Briger has a reputation as a competent and dedicated leader in all the years he has worked on his career in both finance and investment. Briger currently serves as the president and co-chairperson of Fortress Investment Group. He received various appointments at the group, including president and principle and the head of credit and real estate. Briger became a director for Fortress Investment Group in November 2006. In 2009, he was named the Group’s co-chairperson and later in December 2017, he became the Co-CEO of the company. Since then, Peter Briger has served diligently in both capacities. Peter Briger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ivy League’s Princeton University. He also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

Since 2002 when Peter Briger became a member of Fortress Investment group, he has overgrown the business, and he currently manages the credit business in the Group. Briger has also concentrated on underestimated and distressed assets and illiquid credit investments. The Forbes Magazine has ranked Peter Briger on the 307th position with a combined net worth of over $1.5 billion. He also serves as a member of the Spearhead’s Advisory Board. Briger has served as a director at The University of Princeton Company. In 1996, Briger became a partner at Goldman Sachs after working for the organization for a cool 15 years. During his career at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger served as a co-head for an Asian corporation that concentrated in Real Estate development, a Fixed-debt company co-head and the co-head for a trading and loan sales.

Briger has also served in an international financial company as a debt distress manager. He has also served as an Advisory Board Member for the Linketone Limited Company. Some executives from Wells Fargo made a trip to Fortress Investment Group in New York to discuss the possibilities of venturing into the cryptocurrency market. It is worthy of note that Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the United States. Briger was given the responsibility to discuss the interest and fascination of Fortress Investment Group in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Briger said that the cryptocurrency market is a goldmine that any progressive company should take advantage of. He added that with bitcoin, companies could offer a safe, accountable and transparent medium of money and value transfer to their consumers from around the globe. Briger also added that Fortress Investment Group together with Wells Fargo could provide an American-based bitcoin exchange.

Peter Briger Gives Fortress Investment Group a Better Experience

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Since taking over as the principal of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has helped the company grow more than they did in the past. He learned about all the things that would help him become better at what he did and that’s part of the way he runs the business. The principal position gives him a chance to try new things and also allows him to make positive choices for the company. While he doesn’t necessarily run Fortress Investment Group, he plays a big part in the way they operate so he can do more to make it a better company. No matter what Peter Briger does, the customers always come first. He sees clients as a way of making Fortress Investment Group better. If he can give the clients the help they need, he’ll make things better for the company.

Happy clients will continue coming back and Peter Briger will see how positive things can get while they’re doing business. Peter Briger always tries showing people how things will get better no matter what issues they face or what they’re doing on their own. It’s his way of promoting positive experiences for everyone who is a big part of the business.As the principal, Peter Briger spends a lot of time finding new ways for Fortress Investment Group to get better. He knows what it means to help and knows there are ways for people to see positive improvements that happen in the company.

If Peter Briger can continue making things easier for everyone, he’ll show them what it means to be successful. There are times when people have to see how hard Peter Briger works, he knows there are things they can use to get better. Peter Briger brings a lot to the table and isn’t afraid to take risks to make Fortress Investment Group better.Since Peter Briger wants his clients to see how hard he works on different things, Peter Briger does what he can to show them how everything will continue getting better. He also does a good job of making things easier for all his clients. While Peter Briger knew there were times where he’d have to make difficult decisions, he also knew what would happen if the risks panned out. While he took these risks, he always made sure everything was going to work well for him and for the future of Fortress Investment Group.


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Randal Nardone, Fortress investment firm co-founder, received his J.D from University of Boston College of Law, and his bachelor’s degree in arts Biology and English major from Connecticut University. He together with Wesley R. Edens founded the Fortress investment in the year 1998.He was appointed as its CEO in the year 2013 August and also serves as the Chief Operating Officer Director and Principal of the firm since the year 1999 November. Besides serving in fortress firm, he also serves in the Ncs LLC as the president, Springleaf financial LLC as the chairman and president from the year 2010, secretary and vice president in the Newcastle Investment LLC and Eurocastle investment firm as the director since 2007. He is also a nonexecutive principal in the Alea Group Bermuda limited since 2008, Director at Florida East Coast Corporation since the year 2010. He also has several afflictions among them being Drive Shark, University of Boston, GAGFAH S.A, fortress fund MM II LLC among others.

Randal Nardone has many years of experience while working with several firms following his studies completion. Before co-founding fortress investment, he worked as UBS managing director from 1997 May to 1998 May. He was also the principal of the Blackrock Financial Corporation and also served as a partner in the Thatcher Profit and wood firm. He worked as secretary and COO of IMPAC holdings Inc. and also as portfolio manager of the RIC Coinvestment LP since 1999. Since the year 2002 September to 2016, he served New Castle corporation vice president. In 2004 he was appointed as the director of the Aircastle limited and SeaCube leasing limited from 2007 June to 2008 January. Before he became the president of Springleaf financial LLC, he was the firm’s director since the year 2006. He was also the Brookdale Senior corporation director from the year 2011 January to 2014 June. In 2010 he was allotted the SPA Bank director.

Fortress investment is a worldwide investment firm based in the New York and specializes in private and institutional assets management across real and credit estate, private equity strategies, and permanent investment capital. The company lately announced its acquisition by the SoftBank group, a firm based in Japan. SoftBank Group acquired Fortress group at a price of $3.3 B to work in union with the Japanese firm technology project. SoftBank further paid 8.08 % as shares to all Class A Fortress shareholders and also 39% premium to the Fortress group closing price. Randal Nardone and the other executive leaders of the Fortress group assured its clients that the firm will continue working in New York and will be operating autonomously within SoftBank. With funds he receives annual compensation in the fortress investment of a total of $13.4 M, annual compensation and dividends he acquires as a shareholder amounting to $ 42 million and other monies from the several firms he is affiliated with, Randal Nardone appeared in the Forbes Billionaires list and ranked 557. Learn More.

Benefits of Agora Financial Company

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Agora Financial is a private organization which manufactures both print and email publications, writing materials such as books and newsletters and holds international meetings to educate people on financial management and the latest marketing strategies. The team of subsidiaries of the Agora Inc. includes The Agora Network which houses Agora Financial and Agora Entertainment. The founder of Agora Financial is known as Bill Bonner. He established the company in 1979, and it is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Bill is a known author of books such as Empire of Debt and it later based a movie known as I.O.U.S.A. The success of the film is accredited to Addison Wig who is the executive producer of Agora Financial as he was the executive producer and one of the writers of the short film.

The film talks about the United States national debt thus providing lessons on financial management which has helped to eradicate poverty in the society.The organization’s main work is to create awareness of the current money making areas, for example, mining and technology to help investors during decision making through financial writings such as the Daily Reckoning. Agora Financial established a society known as the Richebacher to complete the work of a famous economist called Kurt Richebacher.The staff of Agora Financial Company contains a team of experts to cover all the necessary emerging issues.

For example, an editor of the company called Bryon King was assigned to write two financial newsletters on the matter of oil mining because he was once an oil industry analyst in Mexico. This increased the accuracy of publications as it provided detailed information for the financial investors in the market.Agora Financial made it a tradition from 1999 to hold an annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium which is considered as the annual biggest event of the company, and it is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. The importance of the symposium is that it creates a platform for all the greatest economists to interact and gain information on the latest financial issues through meetings and debates and it is characterized by a certain theme.

Paul Mampilly’s Significant Contributions To America’s Investments

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Templeton Foundation set an investment competition for investors with a startup of $ 50 million. Paul Mampilly was invited to take part in the contest which occurred during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. Despite the crisis, Mampilly won the challenge by generating a return increase to the investment to $ 88 million. However, Paul left Wall Street to spend time with his family and but he is still an investor.

Paul Mampilly, former hedge fund manager, and an American investor is the founder and senior editor of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and Profits Unlimited at Banyan Hill. He became part of the firm in 2016 and specialized in technology, investments, unique opportunities and small-cap stocks. He uses his skills from Wall Street to lead his subscribers into high-end stocks helping every citizen regardless of their background.

His newsletter mainly surround stocks that are primed to shoot tremendously. He researches the stocks for about 30 to 40 hours. Moreover, Paul follows markets globally to track stocks using his portfolio tracker. Mampilly uses LinkedIn to remain updated in the industry. His work consists of news that is easy to understand by providing charts, stating how a particular stock could be of significance.

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Paul believes in the Internet of Things Mega and millennial mega trends. He recommends other entrepreneurs to be consistent in daily routines for productivity. Paul Mampilly spends a lot on purchasing books. He advises people to be part of a team and set priorities right.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University and started his career journey in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust on Wall Street. He worked working as an assistant Portfolio manager at Wall Street. He then moved to Deutsche Bank and ING where he served in higher positions.

Kinetics Asset Management firm worth $ 6 billion in 2016 appointed Paul Mampilly to take charge of their hedge fund. The company’s assets grew to $ 25 billion an average of 26 % annual returns. The achievement led kinetics to be named “World’s Best” hedge funds by Barron’s. Paul is passionate about helping people improve their investments.


Andrew Rolfe; Philanthropist and Financial Leader

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The Ubuntu Education fund was able to raise £600,000 at a charity fund gala that was held in London. Andrew Rolfe organized the gala. The funds will be directed towards helping underprivileged children. The funds will go towards the expansion of the Port Elizabeth campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund and the renovation of the pediatric clinic. They were able to surpass the target of six hundred thousand pounds by £3000. The gala was attended by popular philanthropist and celebrities in London. Rolfe welcomed the guests. They were treated to a performance of Xhosa chorales. Sinesipho Rabidyani captured the audience with a scintillating story about the Ubuntu Education Fund that had impacted her.

Sinesipho said that she dreaded going home each day because her father had a drinking problem. Sinesipho studied hard and was accepted as an Ubuntu Fund scholar. Her story inspired people to donate generously at the charity gala. This allowed them to meet their goal. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Rolfe studied Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at Oxford University before attaining a Master’s in Art from the university. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Andrew joined PepsiCo as the vice president after completing his MBA. Rolfe served in this role for five years. He left to join Pret A Manger as the chief executive officer and the chair of the board. Rolfe is credited with transforming Pret A Manger into an international retailer. He worked at the company until 2004. He was later appointed the President of Gap International. He was involved with helping the brand to expand internationally and to implement growth strategies. Rolfe was the president of the company for two years.

Rolfe has been the managing director of Towerbrook Capital Partners since the start of 2006. He is also the Head of US Private Equity at the firm. He was appointed the Director of J. Jill Inc. in May 2015. He is the director of several companies including True Religion Apparel, Kaporal Jeans, the Jimmy Choo Group, and Wilton Industries.