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Paul Mampilly’s Significant Contributions To America’s Investments

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Templeton Foundation set an investment competition for investors with a startup of $ 50 million. Paul Mampilly was invited to take part in the contest which occurred during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. Despite the crisis, Mampilly won the challenge by generating a return increase to the investment to $ 88 million. However, Paul left Wall Street to spend time with his family and but he is still an investor.

Paul Mampilly, former hedge fund manager, and an American investor is the founder and senior editor of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and Profits Unlimited at Banyan Hill. He became part of the firm in 2016 and specialized in technology, investments, unique opportunities and small-cap stocks. He uses his skills from Wall Street to lead his subscribers into high-end stocks helping every citizen regardless of their background.

His newsletter mainly surround stocks that are primed to shoot tremendously. He researches the stocks for about 30 to 40 hours. Moreover, Paul follows markets globally to track stocks using his portfolio tracker. Mampilly uses LinkedIn to remain updated in the industry. His work consists of news that is easy to understand by providing charts, stating how a particular stock could be of significance.

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Paul believes in the Internet of Things Mega and millennial mega trends. He recommends other entrepreneurs to be consistent in daily routines for productivity. Paul Mampilly spends a lot on purchasing books. He advises people to be part of a team and set priorities right.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University and started his career journey in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust on Wall Street. He worked working as an assistant Portfolio manager at Wall Street. He then moved to Deutsche Bank and ING where he served in higher positions.

Kinetics Asset Management firm worth $ 6 billion in 2016 appointed Paul Mampilly to take charge of their hedge fund. The company’s assets grew to $ 25 billion an average of 26 % annual returns. The achievement led kinetics to be named “World’s Best” hedge funds by Barron’s. Paul is passionate about helping people improve their investments.


Andrew Rolfe; Philanthropist and Financial Leader

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The Ubuntu Education fund was able to raise £600,000 at a charity fund gala that was held in London. Andrew Rolfe organized the gala. The funds will be directed towards helping underprivileged children. The funds will go towards the expansion of the Port Elizabeth campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund and the renovation of the pediatric clinic. They were able to surpass the target of six hundred thousand pounds by £3000. The gala was attended by popular philanthropist and celebrities in London. Rolfe welcomed the guests. They were treated to a performance of Xhosa chorales. Sinesipho Rabidyani captured the audience with a scintillating story about the Ubuntu Education Fund that had impacted her.

Sinesipho said that she dreaded going home each day because her father had a drinking problem. Sinesipho studied hard and was accepted as an Ubuntu Fund scholar. Her story inspired people to donate generously at the charity gala. This allowed them to meet their goal. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Rolfe studied Politics, Economics, and Philosophy at Oxford University before attaining a Master’s in Art from the university. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Andrew joined PepsiCo as the vice president after completing his MBA. Rolfe served in this role for five years. He left to join Pret A Manger as the chief executive officer and the chair of the board. Rolfe is credited with transforming Pret A Manger into an international retailer. He worked at the company until 2004. He was later appointed the President of Gap International. He was involved with helping the brand to expand internationally and to implement growth strategies. Rolfe was the president of the company for two years.

Rolfe has been the managing director of Towerbrook Capital Partners since the start of 2006. He is also the Head of US Private Equity at the firm. He was appointed the Director of J. Jill Inc. in May 2015. He is the director of several companies including True Religion Apparel, Kaporal Jeans, the Jimmy Choo Group, and Wilton Industries.