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Jeffry Schneider – A True Renaissance Man

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Ascendant Capital is an innovative and groundbreaking Investment firm that has its roots in Austin, TX focusing on alternative investments and asset management. The mastermind behind this incredibly successful firm is none other than Jeffry Schneider. After years working for a variety of highly prestigious firms includes Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Axiom Capital Management he founded Ascendant Capital in 2009 and in the past 8 years has firmly established the firm as a leader in the industry.

It’s astounding success stems from Jeffry Schneider’s modern approach to investing that centers around education and diversification of funds through a variety of industries including real estate, tech companies and auto dealerships. Along with the help of his hand picked team, Ascendant Capital has raised over a billion dollars and is now projected to raise 6 billion over the next 12 months.

Much more than just a man with a head for business, Jeffry also promotes a healthy a well-rounded lifestyle to his employees. In this, he leads in example having competed in a number of Iron man competitions around the World over the years. He is also an advocate of a healthy diet and is outspoken in its effects upon the body and brain. In addition to his focus on holistic health he has a passion for travel and is often drawn to remote destinations such as Thailand, Saint Crux and Budapest.

A true Renaissance man, Jeffry Schneider is not only a leader in the Investment industry but also sets the standard for personal lifestyle and customer relations.

Maggie Gill: Financial Professional

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There aren’t many female professional in the medical field operating high-level positions. Those that do run entire hospitals are truly professional. Many find a hospital they’re comfortable at and begin working their way to the top. Maggie Gill was different. Maggie is a Florida-based financial professional who has worked all over Florida. She has many years of experience running multiple departments of medical facilities. After graduating from Florida State University, with a bachelor’s degree, she attended Saint Leo University. There, she earned an MBA before moving on to Wharton School.

After leaving Wharton, she joined the medical field as a financial officer. The first facility she worked at was Tenet South Florida Health. She was so effective at Tenet that she won Tenet’s Outstanding CFO award multiple times. Eventually, she earned tenure working with Tenet. She then began working Palmetto General Hospital. After that, she worked at North Shore Medical Center. Finally, she worked at Coral Gables Hospital.

Maggie was an expert at operating the financial aspects of the hospitals she worked at. She began shining so brightly that Memorial University Medical Center wanted her to work in its financial department. In 2004, Maggie was named vice president of finance/managed care at Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). A year later, she was named Chief Operating Officer. It would be a while before her next promotion, but she was more than qualified. In 2011, Memorial Health named her president and chief executive officer.

Maggie takes great pride in her role as a leader. She’s responsible for providing all vice presidents, senior vice presidents, and physician leaders with instruction and company guidance. She also handles all the many relations between physicians, government, internal audits, and Memorial Health University Physicians. She also works closely with many of Memorial Health’s programs and institutes.

Recently, the Georgia Hospital Association hosted its 87th Annual Membership Meeting. Leaders from all from hospitals over the state gather to network. The goal of the GHA is to advance the health of humanity by providing a better health care system. Maggie is a pride member of the GHA. Some of her ideas provoked such a fire in many of her fellow members. The organization has visited Memorial Health to see firsthand how effective Maggie’s leadership is. She impressed some of the most experienced hospital leaders in the country.