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Agora Financial: Uncovering Market Trends for the non-Financial savvy reader

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Agora Financial is a publishing company that helps readers spot market trends before they hit the main stream media. Thanks to the help of specialists in major sectors such as geology, hedge fund management, banking, and journalism, readers can spot trends quickly and avoid wealth stealers that give bad advice with the only intention of lining their pockets with client money. Agora Financial predicted housing market downturns, oil price hikes, and biotechnology advancements before they became widely known in the mainstream media so subscribers of the publication had advanced knowledge of these events and were therefore protected from or took advantage of the market cycles that occurred as a result of the events.

Located in Baltimore, Agora financial provides economic commentary via a multi platform approach including print and online publications, ebooks, film, and international conferences. The publication’s editors have been recognized by leading brands including the Economist, The Wall Street Journal CNBC, Reuters, and many others.

Led by executive publisher Addison Wiggings, Agora pushes the boundaries in the coverage of events where others have laughed off or are too afraid to go near. As a result, Agora is always ahead of the mainstream media in regards to market insight-a key boon to readers that would like to where exactly to invest their hard earned capital.

Agora Financial is also quick on the social media side, constantly posting news updates and articles on Twitter and Facebook where followers can find them easily and take action as soon as possible. With a publication like Agora Financial, readers outside of the conventional investing industries don’t have to worry about not being in the know when they have a publication that does the hard work of uncovering early market trends for them.

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The Richard Blair Solution to Financial Planning

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Richard Blair is someone that has made it possible for more people to build wealth with the company that he created call Wealth Solutions. This is the type of financial planner that can help others sort out their financial planning. It can be difficult for a person to start a financial plan and really see any great returns if they do not have someone that has the experience to help them. In many ways to financial planner is the best resources for helping people discover things that they would otherwise have no idea existed.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions can help people find their financial planning sweet spot. He helps people diversify through stocks and other assets that can improve their portfolio. People that are interested in investing should definitely take a look at what Richard Blair has to offer before they build a portfolio. He can give a lot of insight to those people that may have always wanted to invest but may have been scared to consider what was out there.


Richard Blair is definitely the type of investor that people can benefit from because he has a range of experience that spans over two decades. It is safe to say that he knows the ropes when it comes to building a successful investment plan. He has been able to do this for many people that come to him for help, and his success is based largely on the abundant number of certifications that he has.


There is a lot of appreciation for the work that he has done overtime, and his investment experience and his degree in finance gives him a great deal of knowledge on different investment strategies. He has been able to take what investors provide in diversified portfolios in a way that most none experienced investors would have never thought of.


Investing can be a real challenge, but it also can be fun and profitable if you have someone in your corner to help you make better decisions. This is essentially what Richard Blair does. He helps those that come to him for counseling. Blair provides a way for the investors that are going to make long-term investment decisions. He gives them the comfort that they need to invest without actually losing their cool. He helps investors see that there is never a sure-fire investment, but hey helps people make better choices for growth. Learn more: