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Sheldon Lavin Continues His Legendary Career With OSI Group:

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Sheldon Lavin is a legend in the food industry. He is the longtime Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of OSI Group, LLC. The company is one of the top 100 food companies in America and a global leader in food processing and custom food solutions for the retail and foodservice sectors. Sheldon has an educational background in finance, business and accounting that he gained at Roosevelt University, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. Sheldon first became associated with OSI Group while helping the original family owners to arrange financing for a planned expansion. The Kowlschowsky family was so impressed with Sheldon that they brought him into the company on a permanent basis. Ever since joining OSI Group, Sheldon has stuck to that mantra of expansion and has guided the organization on well thought out expansions across North America, Asia, Europe and South America. As a result of his leadership, OSI Group today operates 80 facilities in 17 countries globally.

Sheldon’s achievements at OSI Group were recognized in 2016 by India’s Vision World Academy. The academy annually presents its Global Visionary Award to individuals who have achieved great things through their perseverance. Sheldon Lavin was the proud recipient of this prestigious award, a true testament to his long and successful entrepreneurial career. It was part of an award-winning year for OSI Group as the company also took home the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in recognition of the company’s commitment to being environmentally sustainable. OSI Group received a 5-Star rating from the council in order to qualify for the prestigious award.

2016 also saw big moves for OSI Group in terms of European expansion. Two major European food companies, Baho Food and Flagship Europe were acquired by OSI Group as a huge boost to the company’s portfolio. Flagship has been rebranded as Creative Foods Europe. OSI Group also invested a large amount of money into the processing facility in Todelo, Spain in order to upgrade the production line at the facility. The additions to the production line have seen a doubling in the amount of processed chicken the facility is able to produce per year. Production has increased from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. These acquisitions and upgrades are all a part of OSI Group’s commitment to providing its customers with the top-notch customer service that they have come to expect from the big company that continues to pride itself on its family values.

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OSI Industries Acquires Baho Food, Tyson Plant

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OSI Industries made a major move to strengthen its North American and United States presence with the acquisition of a massive former Tyson Foods plant. The plant is several thousand square feet large and formerly was one of Tyson’s largest producer and distributor of poultry products and meat products in the North East. The Tyson Food plant is located on the South Side of Chicago and employed nearly 2,000 people, many of which had been with the company for decades. The area where the plant is located is moderately depressed and good jobs with great benefits are often hard to come by. This would have been a devastating announcement for thousands of employees in Chicago’s Southside area. However, OSI saw what incredible value that plant had, along with the Tyson name. OSI Group swept in at the last minute and purchased the plant, allowing the majority of the employees to keep their jobs. Similar to how OSI Industries operates, the Tyson house has several smaller sub-companies, many of which are some of the top names in meat and poultry in North America and beyond. OSI acquired the plant for $7.4 million and will retain the majority of the employees.

OSI Industries also recently grew its global portfolio with the purchase of Baho Food. The Dutch company is a household name in the Netherlands. However, it also has a massive European reach and continues to grow on an annual basis. Both of these facts have made Baho Food an incredibly attractive acquisition for OSI Group. Similar to OSI Industries, Baho Food prides itself on offering the highest quality of value added protein sources, such as poultry, meat, sausage and a variety of custom meats.

OSI Industries has been named as one of the top companies that is privately held and distributes value added protein products in all of the United States. The company has also been singled out as one of the top producers of meats and poultry due to the fact that is has many custom offerings. OSI Industries works with a variety of industries, from restaurants to even fine dining locations. The company has an entire division that focuses solely on meeting with these restaurants and retailers to create custom meat products that can then be distributed in everywhere from restaurant chains to grocery stores. This is essential for businesses as the consumer’s needs continue to evolve seasonally and as trends in dining needs vary.

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Sheldon Lavin is the managing chairman and CEO of OSI Group. OSI Group is an American meat processing company which is private. It services both retail and food services industries and has its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin is a degree holder in Accounting and Finance. He entered the meat processing industry about 47 years ago. Before his entry into the industry, Lavin was into investment banking. He first joined OSI Group as a financial consultant then known as Otto and Sons but later on became a partner. Lavin was able to expand its operations into Asia, South America, and Europe.

On 20th February 2016, Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award. The Global Visionary Award is an award rewarded to visionaries in various fields. It is awarded by the India Vision World Academy, aiming to inspire people to follow in the footsteps of the visionaries who have achieved in different areas. Sheldon was awarded for his persistence which saw OSI Group become a multi-billion international company from a small private food company.

OSI Group has been able to acquire various companies to increase its expansion and growth. One of the most known deals is the inclusion of the Baho Foods in August 2016. Baho is a Netherlands-based company which deals with the production of convenience foods and meat. The acquisition of Boha has enabled OSI Group to get into the European market since it has an established market in Europe. Apart from Baho Foods, another addition was Flagship Europe.

In his interview with Global Icon, Sheldon states that he joined financial consulting as his academic background is in accounting and finance. He started in the meat processing industry when the Kolschowsky family built the first meat processing company in West Chicago. His vision for OSI as he began was to grow the company to a world-class food processing enterprise. According to Sheldon, innovation has always been in his DNA. The employees as OSI work and live as one big family. The family culture has enabled them to achieve a lot in the meat processing industry.

Under Sheldon’s leadership, OSI Group has received several awards. It was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2016 for the risk management strategies. The company was also rewarded an environmental award in November 2016.

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David McDonald Has Led The OSI Group To Global Success

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David McDonald learned to appreciate agriculture when he was very young. He spent his childhood on a farm in Iowa. After he had worked on the farm for many years he decided he wanted to improve the industry’s operations. His parents were far from wealthy but determined the best way to help their son in accomplishing his goals was to provide him with a good education. In 1987 David McDonald began attending the Iowa State University in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the field of animal science.

David McDonald attended the university until his studies were completed and he had earned his degree. In 1991 he joined OSI Industries based out of Chicago. His integrity and hard work enabled him to rise through the leadership of the company’s ranks. He eventually became the President and Operations Officer for OSI Industries. His outstanding achievements and exceptional leadership led to the honor of being presented with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. David McDonald has become one of the most well respected members in his industry.

The OSI Group is the leading supplier of proteins including beef patties, sausage links, sandwiches and pizza in the world. They have facilities located in seventeen countries and eight operational factories in China alone. David McDonald has plans to ensure the OSI Group becomes China’s biggest poultry producer. This is why in 2012 a joint venture was established between the OSI Group and the DOYOO Group. During the same year the Henan province witnessed the launch of a new, mega processing plant. David McDonald is working for both profitability and sustainability.

David McDonald’s guidance has also led the OSI Group to numerous additional and profitable endeavors. In 2012 the company expanded a beef processing factory in Poland, built a facility to process frozen foods in India and began a modern feed mill so necessary for the Shandong providence. The capacity of the feed mill is nearly 600000 metric tons. There were also projects taking place in Hungary and Geneva.

The strategy employed to expand the European market resulted in the 2016 acquisition of Baho Food. David McDonald felt this acquisition was significant and a compliment to the products already in existence. This acquisition also increased the demand for their products. David McDonald has the ability to stay current with global trends and coordinate the efforts of the local operations and the global logistics team.

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Beneful Products Can Be Bought In Bulk At Walmart

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Walmart sells almost every flavor and variety of Purina Beneful products. This includes wet and dry dog food for dogs. Some of the flavors include real beef, real chicken, and real salmon with the healthy weight option. Beneful products Ingredients may vary slightly by flavor but for the most part the prices remain the same. A small 3.5 pound bag is sold for $5.48 while a 15.5 pound bag is $14.98. You can go even larger and purchase a 31.1 pound bag for $26.98 or buy in bulk and get th 40 pound bag for $33.98. It seems that buying a bag that has more pounds gives you the better deal.

Wet dog food is also a popular variety among many people who purchase food for their dogs. At Walmart, you can find wet dry dog food sold in containers ranging from three to ten ounces. They package the Beneful products this way because it’s more convenient for customers who have small dogs to purchase the three ounce cans and for larger dog owners to buy the ten ounce cans. A 27 pack of three ounce cans can be purchased for $14.98 while a larger six pack of 10 ounce cans costs $10.58 to learn more click here

BenefulWalmart offers some of the best deals when it comes to Purina Beneful products. As of right now, there aren’t any coupons available online.