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Understanding Forex Trading with Greg Secker

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Greg Secker is a successful businessman, philanthropist and a prominent speaker from UK. He owns several firms such as SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital and The Greg Secker Foundation. The entrepreneur is recognized for his entrepreneurial skills and expertise in foreign trade. Greg has attracted media attention for hosting global education programs on financial trading. He has authored several books such as Financial Freedom Through Forex among others.

Greg Secker’s Career

Mr. Secker started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he served as a trading tech expert in mid 1990s. He helped the firm to create effective trading systems. In 1998, Greg Secker received an innovation award after developing an online platform for Forex trading, the Virtual Trading Desk. In 2000, he was working at Mellon Financial Corporation serving as the VP. Three years later, he resigned from the firm and began to focus on foreign trading on full-time basis from his home. From his home, Greg Secker started to inform traders on various trading strategies, where he later formed Knowledge to Action Group.

In 2008, Knowledge to Action Group hosted several global Forex trading seminars in Ghana, New Zealand, Philippines and Australia. During the National Business Awards in 2009, the firm reached the final in growth and innovative category. In the last 13 years, about 200,000 traders have attended his workshops and seminars held in different parts of the world. These traders are educated on various Forex trading strategies including the stock and currency markets.

In 2010, Greg Secker was a finalist in the London Excellence Awards, and his firm Learn to Trade was ranked 49th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards. Learn to Trade received the Best Educator award for two consecutive years. Greg is a prominent speaker who is called by different media to give his expert opinion about Forex trading. He is also invited to address different forums on trade alongside other prominent personalities like Anthony Robins, Sir Richard Branson and others. Greg is committed to changing lives of other people in different parts of the world through The Greg Secker Foundation.