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Sussex Healthcare Audiology And Its Executive Background

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There are so many audiology services out there today, but few out there seem to be able to compare with how impressive the services from Sussex Audiology can offer. It may even be accurate to say that the audiology services of Sussex are at par with the best in the world. If you want to learn more about their services and how the company is able to offer the hearing services that everyone needs, then you might like to read this article. We would also touch some of the issues that you may not be able to hear from other websites that talk about Sussex Healthcare. Shall we continue?

The Services

The audiology services being offered by Sussex Audiology center comes from the most reliable experts in the world. One of these experts includes Dr. Angela Kaiser Hansen who graduated in 1988 from the renowned Saint Francis Xavier. She then went on to get a Masters of Audiology in 1990. She also went on to work for The Moncton Hospital in 1990 and remained working there for several years. That said, it’s not inaccurate to say that the services being offered by Sussex could only be the best. In fact, if you or your loved ones who are seniors need the superior hearing services and assistance today, then Sussex would be the place to go to.

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The Certification

Sussex is one of United Kingdom’s best audiology services, and it is right now one of the few services that are able to get the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. This makes Sussex one of the few companies today that you can easily trust with the needs of your loved ones. It should also be relevant to say here that the customers of Sussex Healthcare Audiology services are more than happy to get the quality perks from Sussex. It should also be noted here that with Sussex Audiology’s prime locations in different quality spots, it would be easier for people who need their services to acquire their offers.

Also, it should be noted here that because the hearing services offered by Sussex range a variety of options, you most likely can get all the help you need for your hearing needs from Sussex.

Talkspace: A Place to Talk about their Psychological Problems

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Talkspace is a website that wants to talk about psychological disorders as a way to help people with their own psychological quirks.

One blog on this website was written by Ashley Laderst about the stigma surrounding depression.

What is depression? Depression is when a person feels very low about himself/herself. They don’t they are good enough for anything and they often feel that they are a burden to others. A person with depression could have low energy and seems to be tired all the time. They may not have many friends because they don’t feel that are good enough to have friends. Depression is one of the reasons that people kill themselves because they think that are not worthy enough to live.

Stigma means something that disgraces people and thus, it is not worthy to talk about. There is a stigma surrounding depression and Laderer feel that she knows people have stigma about depression. She thinks that normal people think people with depression are lesser people. They are not worthy enough to deal with or talk about. She does not feel that this stigma will not go away anytime soon.

People are not the only ones that have a stigma against depression. The media has the stigma has shown from the backlash regarding the TV show called 13 Reason Why, a show about depression and suicide. She think that people misunderstood and could not deal honestly with t he subject matter.

She feels that the stereotypes and misunderstandings of depression would go away if people studies and understood depression more.

Another article is about one of the therapists that is part of this website. This article is part of their “Meet our Therapists” sedries where they meet and interview the therapists that participate in this website.

The name of the therapist is Alicia Winkle. She is licensed professional counselor (LPC) from Alabama. She has worked for Talkspace for 2 years and has been a therapist for 5 years.

The first question that they ask her is about why she is a therapist. Her answer is that she always wanted to be in the helping field. She had originally been studying to be a nurse. She changed her mind after having psychological issues and went to get a Master’s in Community Counseling.

The second question is about why she joined this website. She thought it was interesting to help people while they stayed at home.

The third question is about what made her proud about working at Talkspace. She liked her clients making progress and hearing them say “thank you” for helping them.

The interview then goes on for many more questions that a person can see on the website.

How does Talkspace work? A person talks to a therapist who will match the client up with their primary therapist. The primary therapist is a qualified person in the therapy field and he or she sets up their first appointment with the client. At the first appointment, the therapist and the client only talk to each other virtually. The therapist and the client could be anywhere even on a subway train. What matters is that they have a phone or computer to talk virtually with each other.

Talkspace has been mentioned on such media outlets as HuffPost, CNN, The Today show and Business Leader.

Talkspace can help a person if they give it a chance.