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Dr. Johanan Rand’s Innovative Approach to Medicine

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHT) is used to subside the symptoms of menopause. The treatment involves using hormones that are molecularly identical to endogenous hormones. The idea is to provide the body with the hormones it is ceasing to create to lessen the effects of menopause.

Most women are already aware of the effects of menopause on their bodies. Women are made aware of the fact that they will one day go through this process at a very young age. When the body begins to produce less of the hormones that it is use to, it makes women vulnerable to diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

It is a proven fact that a combination of Estrogen and Progesterone can protect women from diseases that come along with older age. Women who participate in BHT are healthier for much longer than those who do not.

Synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones are not to be confused with one another. Patients should never inject their body with synthetic hormones (Newjerseybio-identicaldoctor). Our bodies thrive for what they had before, real hormones and bioidentical hormones are real hormones. They are identical in molecular structure and are perceived by the body as the naturally occurring hormones that were previously created by your body.

Dr. Johanan Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in Jew Jersey and only uses bioidentical hormones in his therapies. He was educated in the medical field at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York.

Johanan Rand is against the medication approach to dealing with disorders and diseases. Rand is aware that there are real options for approaching some of the most common causes of death like heart disease and cancer. Johanan Rand believe that this solution is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

Dr. Rand is involved in Age Management Group and A4M society and is currently attaining his Masters Degree in Anti-aging Medicine.

As well as BHT, Rand is also experienced in traditional medicine. Dr. Rand has treated patients with anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections and nerve blockers to relieve chronic pain.

Jeunesse Global Creates Alcohol-Free Antioxidant Drink

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Researchers have long known that alcohol, in general, and red wine, in particular, held certain benefits for the heart and circulatory system, when consumed in moderation. But, paradoxically, it has also been known that the risks associated with even small quantities of alcohol can easily prove to be severe enough to offset any benefits. It is for this reason that, even though doctors know that consuming moderate amounts of red wine is ultimately good for overall health, they cannot recommend that people who do not currently drink begin doing so.


This has led to a number of companies and private research firms to attempt to derive the same benefits that one gets from moderate red wine consumption in a product that does not contain any alcohol. One of the supplements that researchers have learned of in this quest is called resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant is found prominently in red wine, and many researchers have found, in highly replicated studies, that it has all of the same protective properties for the heart and circulatory system as consumption of red wine alone.


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Now, Jeunesse has created a health drink that contains more resveratrol that multiple servings of red wine. And the drink is 100-percent alcohol free. This focus on beauty and health is what has long driven the company to create some of the most exciting products on the market today.


Called Reserve, the drink is able to provide all of the health benefits of actual red wine consumption without the negative effects of alcohol consumption. The drink is not just healthy, either. Many users are saying that it is one of the best-tasting health supplement drinks that they have ever tried. With five different so-called super-fruits, Reserve is able to deliver a heavyweight punch of daily nutrition that has never before been packed into a single drink.




The beneficial compounds found in Reserve are too numerous to list. But all of them have scientifically proven benefits, including sharply reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke, maintaining high levels of energy and staving off some of the worst effects of the aging process. (Check out’s Jeunesse Global to learn more about the company)


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Conquering Cancer Through The Cancer Treatment Centres of America

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Recently, Cancer Treatment Centres of America in Partnership with All Script and NantHealth came up with a custom oncology treatment platform. Using this platform, eviti, a NantHealth medical decision support system will be able to access all relevant clinical records from All scripts.

When the platform is fully set-up in place, it will be able to provide custom treatment to every single patient depending on the specific illness state. It will also be able to compare different treatment options for various patients putting into account the cost of each one of them. The platform will go a long way in combating cancer and helping cancer patients.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, the United States of America, Cancer Treatment Centres of America, is a network of hospitals comprising of 5 hospitals serving cancer patients. Offering interactive approach to cancer patients, Cancer Treatment Centres America provides services like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The network of hospitals also provides immunotherapy all in a bid to treat and give the best care to cancer patients.

CTCA was established in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson after his mother died of cancer. Richard Stephenson was not satisfied with the services his mother had received before passing on. The first hospital opened under the network was at Midwestern Regional Medical Centre in Zion, Illinois. It was also at Illinois that the network’s first headquarters was located until it was moved to Boca Raton, Florida in 2015.

The other four hospitals in the network were opened between 2005 and 2012. South Western Regional Medical Centre in, Oklahoma, South-eastern Regional Medical Centre in Georgia and Western Regional Medical Centre in Arizona are some of these hospitals.
Cancer Treatment Centres of America has truly made a mark in the medical field especially when dealing with cancer patients. Among many other awards, CTCA has won the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and the Magnet.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Is Helping Tame the Prevalence of Cancer and Subsequent Skyrocketing Expenditure on Healthcare

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Healthcare charges in the United States have gone too high in the recent years compared to 1990s and before. Records show that $933 billion more was spent on healthcare in 2013 compared to 1996. Part of this figure could be attributed to an increase in population, but the effect of rising medical costs cannot be ignored. Aging is also a factor that contributes to increased doctor visits and a consequent increase in healthcare expenditure.

The JAMA Report

JAMA recently published a report on the analysis of expenditures related to healthcare. One peculiar thing about the report was that Americans were not seen to have changed the frequency in which they sought for medical services over the years. This means that besides the increase in population and the long life expectancy in America, the other prominent healthcare expenditure driver is increased charges. Gerard Anderson of the Bloomberg School of Public Health argued that prices shape the spending curve; the higher the cost, the higher the expenditure will be. Although Gerard took no active role in the 2013 research, he was part of a similar undertaking in 2003. He has been consistent since then that it is the prices that escalate spending, with the recent survey vindicating his claim.

Joseph Dieleman is of the opinion that different diseases come with various costs. Joseph, one of the senior professionals in the study, gave an example of diabetes whereby about $44 billion out of $64 billion was spent on pharmaceuticals. That said, it is clear that prevalence of diabetes has had a substantial impact on Americans’ expenditure. Another major finding in research was that even though the duration of patients’ hospital stay has reduced significantly, the cost associated with it has remained stagnant. Joseph Dieleman explained that this was an effect of the increase in daily hospital charges.
The Role of Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of several firms including Tempus. The 48 years old native of Michigan has been on the front line in trying to find solutions to cancer-related problems. As the CEO of Tempus, Eric has played a key role in ensuring that clinical data on cancer patients is available for physicians’ future use.

Tempus was established only a couple of years back, and to this end, the firm is doing a wonderful job. Eric has led the company in getting partnership deals with institutions like the University of Michigan- his alma mater, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, and Cleveland Clinic among others. His passion towards helping cancer patients is driven by a personal experience with a cancer patient.

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Two Is Better Than One: Dr. Walden Talks Motherhood And IVF

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When Dr. Walden took a step back to reflect on her accomplishments, she realized something was missing. While she has always been close to her family, Walden admits that she hadn’t put much thought into starting her own. Always career driven goal oriented, Walden says that her early years were spent focusing on her career. Becoming a plastic surgeon was virtually her only priority, nothing else seemed to deserve much of her time until she had achieved that goal.

After completing a nearly eight-year stint at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, and building Walden’s own successful practice, Dr. Walden felt she was ready to start a family. Feeling her time was running out, and with no true prospects for marriage, she began looking into IUI, or intrauterine insemination. As a cosmetic surgeon, Walden admits that she is accustomed to seeing immediate results after performing procedures on patients, which made it difficult to wait out the process of finding out its success.

When IUI was unsuccessful, she began to explore other options. Determined to become a mother, and share her love and success with someone else, Walden decided to try in vitro fertilization. With just a 22% chance of success, the odds of achieving a fertilization seemed slim, yet Walden was undeterred. After just three cycles of IVF, Dr. Walden discovered that she had more than just one bun baking.

Now the mother of twin boys Houston and Rex, Walden shared that her journey to motherhood was filled with challenges and setbacks, but as most mothers would say-it as worth it.

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Lifeline Screening Benefits of Going for Health Screening

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It is essential for the people to go for regular health checkups to ensure that they can maintain their health and lead a healthy life. Regular health screenings promise to reduce the risk of being diagnosed with something serious as in most of the cases, the symptoms are detected earlier on so that the people can take appropriate corrective measures. Even the doctors today prescribe going for health screenings at least once a year as it helps in keeping a close watch on how our body is performing and if any areas might need medical attention.

If you feel that your body is housing the symptoms of any disease or if you are feeling uneasiness in the past few days for some reason, it is best to consult with your doctor and take few tests. Going for health screenings is a part of the preventive precautionary measures that everyone should go for these days. It helps in eliminating so many health risks and ensures that diseases are detected at an early stage, which helps the doctors to start the treatment early and get useful results.

In many cases, it has been noted that people who have ignored or neglected health screenings for long have had to suffer the negative consequences it brings along. It becomes almost impossible after a certain stage to treat some of the terminal diseases known today, including some forms of cancer and STDs. If you discard some of the symptoms that have been persisting for long, you might have to face the consequences later on, which might not be something you would like. The best way out is to go for health screening, and if you are in the United States or the United Kingdom, Lifeline Screening offers a comprehensive range of health screenings choices. Lifeline Screening offers health screening for just about every disease and provides accurate results due to the advanced testing mechanism and techniques the company uses.

If you are going for screening, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and have a light meal four to five hours before the screening, and nothing right before the screening is to be done. Some of the tests, such as for Diabetes, may need a minimum of 12-hour fasting. Make sure not to drink alcohol before the screening or have any supplements before the screening. Make sure that you do not put on any form of lotion, oil or moisturizer on your body before the screening.

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Life Line Screening Gives Tips On Maintaining A Better Health

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Preventive health care has come a long way. Life Line Screening is a company that offers preventive health services. The type of services they offer are finger-stick blood tests, EKG, and ultrasound. The tests they perform covers various health conditions like liver issues, heart conditions, internal organ issues, and so much more. The services are affordable and confidential.

Tips for improving healthcare service can also help make positive changes in a patient’s life. Stress is a number one cause of so many health related conditions. Chronic stress can weigh on a person’s health until their health begins to fail them. By reducing the chronic stress in a person’s day to day schedule, it can reduce their blood pressure, improve sleep conditions and the quality of sleep they receive, and cause their overall health to get better.

There are ways to reduce stress. Try meditating. Get in a quiet place and just sit back and relax. Life Line Screening let go of the things that trouble you. If meditation isn’t for you then you can try soaking in a hot bath. Or go out and do something fun. All these suggestions can help lower your stress levels.

Exercise is another way to improving your health. By doing at least 30 minutes a day, your cardiovascular health improve. Blood flow increases to every area of the body. Oxygen levels rise. This is important because we survive with oxygen. When oxygen is running low, it causes a whole host of symptoms. Exercise also increases the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol.

To gain a better handle on your health, it is always best to write down symptoms you may be experiencing before you go to your doctor’s visit. By doing this, you will be able to cover everything that needs to be covered at your doctor’s visit. Often times we forget everything we want to ask the doctor. Which is why it is best to make health company a list before your appointment time.

Life Line is a great program that millions of people utilize. Their in-depth testing gives patients insight on their current health status so that treatments can begin as early as possible.

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The Preventative Health Screening Company, Life Line Screening

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It is a dedicated health screening company that provides the knowledge that will keep people healthy with regular screenings that are preventive. Lives will be easier since no curing costs will be incurred in healing diseases hence an affordable and fuller life. Partnership with doctors is their strategy, and it gives early detection of health conditions. This will result in a high quality of life.

Screening is community-based and is done during events with the Life Line doctors who are trained professionals. The tests are done in neighborhoods all over the USA in places of worship, senior centers, and corporate offices.

In an ideamensch interview with the Chief Medical Office, Dr. Andrew Manganaro had his view and contribution of the company to the society. He was born in Brooklyn New York and attended New York University School of Medicine as a scholar getting an M.D. He has Philosophy and Biology graduate. He has a vast experience in medicine of 35 years in private practice, focusing on cardiac, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and as of now he is with the Life Line Screening.

He came up with the company when he had seen many cases presented to him that were very preventable. The patients were not aware of the asymptomatic diseases that they had. On his typical day, he maintains quality assurance in the company service delivery. He oversees the departments in the Life Line Screening; Clinical Department needs to be efficient, and he ensures that all physicians are certified, and he also oversees the research efforts in the company.

The ideas on his mind come from the hard work that he does, also get some from his active and talented team. He is excited from the fact that there is a growing awareness in the scientific world that it is crucial for people to know if they have asymptomatic diseases to avert progression of the disease.

Persistence and hard work are what has kept Life Line  company running, and he likes reassessing the mistakes that he has done to ensure that he has learned from them. The strategy that he uses in his business is keeping up with the trends in the scientific world. He brainstorms to see how he can add up some ideas in the advancement of medicine.

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Troy McQuagge Receives Recognition as the CEO of the Year

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The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge has been named as the Gold Winner in the Prestigious One Planet Awards. Mr. McQuagge obtained top position in the CEO of the year category. The global premier awards program exists to honor business and professional excellence in all the industries from all parts of the world. All the companies from any part of the globe, either profit or not-for-profit, and of all sizes, including new startups may offer their candidacy and more information click here.

Upon joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, Mr. McQuagge exhibited the determination of bringing positive transformation to the company. His very first focus was to rebuild its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He experienced tremendous success in re-equipping the distribution agency, something that significantly contributed to his appointment as the CEO and President of the USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2014. Under his leadership, the group has experienced novel growth, profits and other types of success amidst the highly competitive market for individual health insurance.

While responding to the news regarding his win, Mr. Troy McQuagge confirmed that it is indeed an honor to receive peer recognition in the industry the company operates. However, he quickly added that the award belongs to every member of USHEALTH Group Inc. According to Mr. McQuagge, the award is a testimony of the firm’s continuous commitment to offer practical solutions as far as ensuring the affordability of health care is concerned. The news explaining Mr. McQuagge win was published on PRWEB.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. He became a member of the United Insurance Companies Inc.’s Student Insurance Division in 1995, and two years later, he became the president of UGA – an insurance agency of UICI. The fact that he steered the agency in the right direction became evident thanks to the numerous single-year sales records.

In 2006, UICI was acquired by private equity investors leading to a change in its corporate name to HealthMarkets. At the “new” company, Mr. Troy McQuagge was given the responsibility of leading all the sales and marketing efforts of the firm’s self-employed group. While serving as the HealthMarket’s president, the company’s agency marketing group recorded annual premium sales of more than $1 billion. Due to this achievement, AMG was recognized by Selling Power Magazine, as well as Stevie Awards as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year and follow on his Twitter.

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The Development of Innovative Healthcare Solutions By USHEALTH Group

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USHEALTH Group Inc. is the parent company for some subsidiaries that are committed to furnishing all its clients with a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made health plans to cover specific needs.The firm is situated in Fort Worth, Texas and has more than 50 years of combined health insurance expertise with over 15 million clients served. USHEALTH is a physician-owned entity that is committed to creating an enabling environment for healthcare providers to concentrate on service provision and the complete wellbeing of their patients. This is exacted through administering affordable, flexible, innovative, and secure health plans for its clients and their family members.USHEALTH aims at instituting a premier health insurance system that offers exceptional service and value to its agents, customer, stakeholders, and staff. This will translate into better insurance packages that bring about financial protection from difficulties caused by unanticipated injury and illness.

The firm is focused on innovative health care packages that utilize the talents of its staff and their competitively profitable products to ensure unmatched customer service and experiences. Some of its well-known subsidiaries include the National Foundation Life Insurance, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, and USHEALTH Advisors, the sales and distribution department of USHEALTH Group.The current CEO of USHEALTH is Troy McQuagge, an experienced entrepreneur and corporate executive in the insurance industry. Under his leadership, the firm has enjoyed significant success and growth in the extremely competitive market for health insurance. He has transformed USHEALTH into an entity committed to resolving the problem of affordability to innovative healthcare coverage.

USHEALTH Group provides a wide range of insurance products including Accident, Critical Illness, Dental and Vision plans, Income Protection, Short-term Accident Disability Income, Specified Disease, and Term Life Insurance. With this variety of products, USHEALTH has the innate capacity to reach out to a larger demographic with individually customized plans to suit different needs.Through the insurance services it provides, USHEALTH’s purpose is to become one of America’s most trusted selection. This motivation is what has pushed them to develop a wide array of superior covers that will serve a wider population. These covers provide an opportunity for the firm to expand, even as the healthcare needs of the American population continue to grow.

USHEALTH avails its various healthcare solutions to individuals from all walks of life including business owners and their staff, families, entrepreneurs, and many others.In a market distinguished with low customer loyalty and massive client turnover, the firm puts heavy emphasis on building long lasting client relationships, consumer choice, needs, and exemplary customer service. This provided the basis for USHEALTH Group to be named as one of the Top 50 North American Call Centers in 2013.

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