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Eric Lefkofsky’s Digital Medicine Advancements

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Eric Lefkofsky is well known as the co-founder of Groupon, but many aren’t aware that he has a hand in the advancement of medical technology. Although his background in data wouldn’t initially be viewed as medical in nature, he definitely has applied a great deal of time and effort to the cause in respect to cancer research. Eric’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and it left him devastated as a husband. Not one to leave it up to conventional medicine and treatment, he sought to completely revamp the process in which data and information is collected.

The result of the aforementioned events led to the formation of Tempus, a company that specializes in precision based medicine. When molecular data is part of the conversation, Eric Lefkofsky knows how important artificial intelligence and data mining is when it comes to streamlining many processes. Another great benefit from this endeavor is the fact that Tempus has not only revolutionized data collection in regard to cancer treatment, but other disease research as well.

Eric established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with his wife Liz, and the goal of the foundation is to enhance the live of the many affected by the disease. They are also members of the Giving Pledge with a promise to donate more than half of their wealth to the cause. All in all Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus will transform the way cancer care is applied and delivered, while also giving back to communities and those affected by the experience of dealing with the disease as well.

Many will benefit from the research and time that has been put in to change not only the medical data aspect of cancer research, but also how many view cancer as well. Sadly too many people see it as a death sentence and many factors are to blame. Mr. Lefkofsky actively seeks to lessen the stress of such a rampant disease by streamlining the medical records as well as researching gene and molecular data.


The Winning Blueprint of Anesthesiology Success

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Anesthesiology is one of life’s most practical services. Without this powerful medication, medical procedures would literally become nightmares. Anesthesia aids the body by calming it down. This allows medical personnel to perform the required treatments for giving the patients the best possible outcome. There is one place that does this better than most and it’s known as Capital Anesthesiology Association and it is revolutionizing the industry with it’s extraordinary services. CAA is in a class of it’s own and it has super succeeded all expectations.

CAA has grown dramatically since it’s inception back in 1973. With up to 80 physicians and 130 certified registered nurses, this is one of the largest independent practices in the nation whom specialize in the art of anesthesiology. Many of the field’s finest clinical professionals grace the hallways on a daily basis. Certain Level 1 Trauma Centers, High Acuity Hospitals, and Ambulatory Surgical Centers all benefit from these high quality services.

This means for patients is that they’ll receive the very best of care in the most comfortable environments.The administrative staff matches the brilliance of the clinical staff as well. These highly trained professionals can and will support all clients/patients through the billing process. No more frustration from having to deal with insurance carriers here, which allow patients the opportunity to rest and recuperate. Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the top of the apex thanks to it’s progressive movements and positive way of thinking.


The Accomplishments of Margaret Gill as the Head of Memorial University Medical Centre

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Margaret Gill has been serving as the boss of Memorial Health since 2005. Gill is skilled in management, leadership, finance, and clinical research. Memorial University Medical Centre is an academic health center with a 604-bed capacity. This facility serves counties in South California and southeast Georgia. Gill has an MBA from the prominent Saint Leo University. She is also a proud graduate of Florida State University.

Gill’s career history

She began working at this organization as the CFO, but she later became the chief operating officer. In 2011, Gill secured the president position at the company. Before joining Memorial University Medical Centre, Gill worked at Tenet South Florida Health System as a chief financial officer for five years. While working at Tenet, she managed health centers in Miami, Hialeah, and Gables, Florida. She was named the outstanding CFO three years in a row. At Memorial University Medical Centre, Gill is in charge of supervising the senior executive officers.

Gill launches the Pathways to Excellence project

Mid last year, Maggie Gill realized that Memorial University Medical Centre (MUMC) was not making sufficient revenue. In light of these shortcomings, she unveiled Pathways to Excellence, an initiative aimed at investing over $20 million in the hospital. These funds are expected to reflect in 6 to 18 months and help with the planning for future projects. She also unveiled the management team that will be working with Pathways to Excellence to retool the hospital’s healthcare system.

Gill plans to exit Memorial Health

Early this year, Gill announced his plan to exit Memorial University Medical Centre to pursue other professional opportunities. According to Harry Haslam, one of the hospital’s board members, Gill did not disclose when she plans to leave. When Gill became the president of this organization in 2011, she oversaw the restructuring of the hospital, which resulted in increased profits. Throughout her tenure at this facility, she facilitated negotiations with Novant Health, an MUMC’s partner. Gill plans to gradually hand over her office to her predecessor and stick around as long as the board needs her to.