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Lawrence Bender’s Vision As Producer Is Important To Martial Arts Movie Lovers

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The Kill Bill series is an innovative and imaginative collaborative effort between director Quentin Tarantino, and veteran producer Lawrence Bender. Kill Bill is an entertaining and powerful fusion of martial arts genre movies of the past, and gritty melodramas that are favorites with younger modern audiences.

The Kill Bill series is a bit like the storyline found on virtual and video game story lines, but the lives of the characters featured quickly become much more. The main female character is blessed, and cursed, with the knowledge and skill of ancient martial arts masters. She is betrayed by a love interest who is also the key figure in a ritualistic series of rites of gang ascension in a powerful hierarchy of mysterious warriors.

As she gets closer and closer to finding answers to her personal problems, the main character battles various trained martial arts masters in duels to the death. These duals are accompanied with exciting soundtracks and visual effects that are quite uncommon in modern films. The result is a series of battle scene spectacles that are satisfying for lovers of vintage martial movies, and viewers who are looking for the on-screen emergence of a surprising anti-hero.

Lawrence Bender provided key oversight of the Kill Bill projects. This veteran of movie production allowed certain liberties by directors and actors that resulted in a martial arts movie series that will remain in the minds of watchers for years to come. Lawrence Bender allowed extremely rare measures for the Kill Bill movie series, and the outcome was a project that has become immensely popular for martial arts movie fans.

Lawrence Bender is an esteemed member of the Council of Foreign Relations of the Pacific Board. His movie production efforts are always accompanied with high-profile humanitarian efforts. Along with producing movies, Mr. Bender is active in raising awareness and funds for international wildlife campaigns, and social awareness projects that are geared toward environmental stability and industry efficacy.