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The Summer Months Need Not See Huge Energy Bills For Cooling Explains Goettl

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The Summer months can be fun and exciting, but for residents in environments that witness extreme heat the cost of cooling a property can be daunting, but the Goettl brand of HVAC technicians have recently explained how to lower utility bills and keep cool in their “Goettl Tells All” article.

Among the tips provided by the HVAC brand in this article are the need to examine a property as the Summer approaches and make sure it is fully prepared to repel exterior heat and trap cooled air within; this can be achieved in a series of ways, including the use of caulk and weather strips to seal cracks and gaps in a property that can allow the free flow of air in and out of a building.

The HVAC system in any property should also be given a tuneup at least twice a year to make sure the system in running efficiently in a way that will lower utility costs during the warmest months of the year. Another easy to check aspect of the HVAC system are air filters that can become clogged over time and allow dust, pollen, and other contaminates into a property with the cooling system working harder to keep the property cool.

After purchasing the Goettl brand in 2013, Ken Goodrich has worked hard to restore the culture of excellent customer service at the company that has always been its major tradition. The strategy of ensuring the community is at the heart of every aspect of the work of Goettl has paid off with a 500 percent growth level since 2013 and annual revenues that have risen to over $50 million per annum; but profits are not the be all and end all to Ken Goodrich who has also placed volunteer work at the heart of the work Goettl is completing each and every year.