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Recruitment Drive by The Wessex Institute

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Administers are desperately needed by the Wessex Institute for their Chilworth branch. Their affiliate, the University of Southampton, is recruiting college educated administrators to oversee their new health project.

Candidates must be able to think on their feet since quickly changing deadlines are common. They must be able to communicate clearly between researchers, clients, and other staff. If you are a quick thinker under pressure, this part-time position may be a fit for you. £19,485 per year is being offered on a part-time basis.

The Wessex Institute of Technology is one of the most famous research groups in Europe. They help raise funding for many of the projects around Europe through partner universities. They also produce scientific papers with the publication of popular scientific journals.

With their contacts, they have led many projects to deliver research objectives for private and public entities. Their efforts in Chilworth are to provide public health concerns to light for the British government.

John Goullet the It Wiz.

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John Goullet has made a name for himself as an IT tech staff professional and a renowned entrepreneur. He started out his career as a simple IT consultant in the early 90’s before transiting to IT staffing. As he worked, John Goullet gained a great understanding of the evolving market trends and applied this knowledge to found Info Technologies. The company was found valuable in providing IT staffing solutions all over the US and just five years along the line was worth a little over 30 million dollars. John began his route to the IT world after completing a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College in 1983.

Further demonstration of John as not only a Guru in IT but also an entrepreneur was clear as he took a step further to merge Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. This brought forth Diversant LLC. John assumed a position as the Principal of Diversant where he actively takes charge of coming up with strategies to overcome various challenges in the ever-changing IT world. John’s guidance together with other top executives has taken the company to be leaders in the industry and the force behind Diversant’s success. John’s outstanding performance has led to Diversant being one of the biggest African-American owned company in the US and the company receiving certification as a Minority-Owned business, which happens to be top in the market.

IdeaMensch recently interviewed John where he relayed the source of his ideas and how he brings his ideas to life. He reiterated that his idea for Diversant and IT staffing came to him 24 years ago and that it’s the fact that so many before him had succeeded that gave him the will to pursue his idea. He also described his daily routine that starts with an hour at the gym and then from 8 am to 6 pm in the office. He stated that production paranoia is an attribute that makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. The interview covered various aspects of his life. It is worth going over for any young aspiring entrepreneur. It contains some of the secrets and tips that can make your quest exhilarating. for more.