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Adam Milstein Speaks about anti-Semitism

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Adam Milstein has become a frequent contributor to the Jewish News Syndicate where he has written a number of articles. The latest article by Adam Milstein was published on seventh February 2018, and it touches on vicious anti-Semitism. According to Adam Milstein, anti-Semitism is now on the rise and is also affecting the radical left. Mr. Milstein also said that anti-Semitism had become a cornerstone of several radical Muslim movements that have been on the rise for the last few years. Mr. Milstein wrote that together with the radical right, Radical Muslim movements together with the radical left form the three well-known sources of the so-called anti-Semitism. However, they all originate from different traditions, but this has not prevented the three from sharing ideas. They continue to share tactics, and this ensures that racism, bigotry and hatred is on the rise. For instance, Mr. Milstein noted that a combination of radical leftists and radical Muslim at work is being witnessed in North America. However, this was only being experienced in Europe and the Middle East in the past. Some of the issues that Adam Milstein touched on were abhorred feminism, abuse of human rights as well as executing gays and stoning women.

On a normal day, these are things that the far left should oppose. However, they have been blindfolded by other issues which make them support anti-Semitism. The far lefts are people who are opposed to freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism as well as hatred for Western influence around the World. Mr. Milstein has built a name for himself as a philanthropist and real estate investor. He is also a managing partner at a company that he established many years ago. The firm is known as Hager Pacific Properties. In the field of Philanthropy, Adam Milstein is involved with an organization known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He has three children from his marriage with Gila Milstein. The two met while serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. At the moment, Adam Milstein lives in the State of California at a place known as Encino. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces back in 1971.


How Law Career Impacts Tony Petrello’s Contribution to Nabors Industries

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Tony Petrello has been successful in all the businesses that he has been part off all his life. The most visible of them all is Nabors Industries. He has been the chief executive officer of the drilling company since 2011. Nabors Industries offers oil and natural gas drilling services. Tony Petrello also had a successful career working for Baker & McKenzie law firm. In the four years that he served in the law firm, Tony Petrello attracted many clients due to his good understanding and interpretation of the law to the satisfaction of his clients. He was elevated to a position of the managing partner of the firm located in New York.

Tony had a brilliant understanding of corporate taxation, thorny issues for many companies in the United States. Tony was loved by his clients since he could break down what looked like complex cases by clients into as simple language that they could comprehend. As a lawyer, Tony Petrello never turned away a client. He took every case that was presented to him and tried his best to see that the case was successfully resolved.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries after he was poached by the managers of the drilling company from his law firm. Nabors Industries were clients at Baker & McKenzie law firm. They were impressed by Petrello’s ability to break down issues. They saw him as a good asset for their company. His ability to grasp complex matters was one of its kind. He would use this ability to handle issues that he faced at Nabors.

The role that Tony Petrello was playing at the law firm as the corporate taxation litigation would help Nabors in its attempts to comply with taxation regulations. Taxation is a huge problem for companies in the United States and most of them usually plunge into the wrong side of the law. Tony Petrello is looking to apply his experience and team building capabilities to come up with a working strategy that would see the global drilling company make it new levels of growth. Tony believes in incorporating every member of the company to achieve the set-out goals.

Tony attributes the success seen at Nabors drilling during his tenure to his splendid leadership skills that motivate every employee of the company to give the best that’s possible. It is for this reason also that the company has been able to stay on top of its competitors and has been performing very well even at times of economic recess.

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