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Dr. Johanan Rand’s Hormone Alternative

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There are a lot of anti-aging gimmicks on the market. It isn’t that surprising to see this, because aging is the one problem that will affect everyone sooner or later. While we all know that we cannot stop the effects of aging, we also hope to delay its effects as long as possible. Products and pills of all sorts are out there, claiming that you will live to be a hundred if you use their products. And many of them are just hype.

Of course, not all of the anti-aging stuff is a scam. Medical science has definitely made some advances in this area, and some of it is available to the public. Antioxidants are considered to have anti-aging properties, as are various herbal products and over the counter medications. But what Dr. Johanan Rand offers is a whole new approach entirely…one based mainly upon the role that hormones play in the aging of the body (

As the body ages, it naturally develops certain hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. These account for a lot of the problems of aging, especially stress, as there tends to be an excessive amount of a hormone called Cortisol. Dr. Rand concentrates on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. So, let me explain what that is: It simply means that the patient is given hormone supplements in order to restore the balance. However, Dr. Rand does not believe in artificial hormones, as they have been linked to numerous health problems and cannot truly be considered safe. As such, he uses only natural, bio-identical hormones in his therapy.

These hormonal supplements are combined with an exercise program intended to stimulate the body and help the hormones to bring about results more quickly. A nutritional program is also a part of the therapy program. Dr. Rand has found that proper nutrition and exercise greatly stimulate the effects of the natural hormones. Patients also naturally tend to lose weight as part of this program. Obviously, the exercise and proper diet play a role in that, but it is also a fact that hormonal imbalances tend to cause weight gain by affecting metabolism as a person gets older.

The effects of this program speak for themselves. If you are interested in this kind of therapy, this is a good place to check.